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16 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Kotzias in an official visit in Skopje with meetings with the state leadership and the political parties
Putin: the situation on the Korean Peninsula is teetering on the brink of a major conflict
OSCE Office in Armenia closed: OSCE Yerevan office confirmed that it worked on August 31 the last day
Putin says pressure on Pyongyang' is "road to nowhere"
UK summons North Korean ambassador over missile launch
Shootout in Kharkiv, at least 1 badly wounded
Shootout in Kharkiv, at least 1 badly wounded
US Department of State: we alert U.S. citizens to the continued threat of terrorist attacks throughout Europe
Erdoğan holds phone calls with Saudi King, Kuwaiti Emir, Azerbaijani and Bangladeshi presidents on Rohingya crisis
Moldova has deported another Russian delegation on the way to Transnistria
Sen. Bob Corker applauds Trump administration for closing Russian diplomatic posts
Zaev-Kotzias: If Macedonia(FYROM) moves forward that will beneficial for the whole region Macedonia
Consulate of Russia in San Francisco said that the decision to shutdown them is an unfriendly step
"We want to move forward towards better relations," with Russia, says @PressSec despite tit-for-tat consulate closures.
Military convoy at St.Petersburg by-pass road
Military convoy at St.Petersburg by-pass road
Military convoy today in Samara region of Russia
Military convoy today in Samara region of Russia
Russian military convoy next to Kherson region in occupied Crimea
New Russian ambassador Antonov lands in Washington, starts quoting Lenin on "hysterical impulses" vs "iron battalions of the proletariat".
OSCE find 86 Russian tanks and Russian led forces again obstructing and threating to shoot down OSCE drone
Tillerson called Lavrov today to inform him of the decision, also told him US had met Russia's requirements to slash US embassy personnel
Politico: The four countries are split down the middle when it comes to relations with Germany, France and Brussels
Russia's Lavrov, in call with Tillerson, expressed regret about 'tension escalation' over U.S. move to close Russian consulate
Waste and tire fire at Kurzemes Avenue in Riga Latvia
Russian senator Andrei Klimov calls US decision to shut Russian Consulate in San Francisco "loutish behaviour" and predicts retaliation.
The US closes Russia's consulate in San Francisco
Full State Dept. statement on closing Russia consulate and annexes in SF, DC and NYC: "In the spirit of parity invoked by the Russians "
State Dept spox: Russia ordered to close San Francisco consulate and diplomatic annexes in Washington and New York by Sept. 2
Hungary: We built a wall and the EU should pay for it
Min. Waszczykowski took part in the ministers meeting of countries of V4 and Eastern Partnership in Budapest
Charlie Hebdo cover depicts Texas flood drowning neo-Nazis
Tusk: On 1 September we celebrate the full entry of our EU-Ukraine Association Agreement
The foreign Minister of Poland Waszczykowski at a meeting with Klimkin:Enhancing security is a key challenge for the Eastern Europe region
Part of the Telegram messages of suspect Jimmy F., broadcast by Dutch @NOS yesterday.
Ukrainian diplomat was summoned in Belarus about Zerkal' comment that Bel-Ukraine partnership is "only on words"
Putin to Oliver says a military aircraft was near MH17 even though the Russian Mod denied that.
Other friends of F. who are @SyriaGeneral-members, confirmed that F. tried to find out more about suspected ISIS member Ayoub and win his confidence by claiming he was álso planning a terrorist attack.
Putin cites Carlos the Air Controller when talking to Oliver Stone about MH17
Student Jimmy (22) was arrested on August 23 after Dutch were tipped by Spanish about possible terrorist attack at @AllahLas concert.
Rotterdam's terror suspect claims to be a @SyriaGeneral-member who wanted to lure militants and infiltrate network.
Commander of the Western Military District has arrived in Karelia to check the combat readiness of the troops in the region.
FSB cordoned off the temple of Ukraine Orthodox Church in Simferopol
Debt of Belarus has reached a historic high
Russia, ships of Baltic Fleet on check of combat readiness in the framework of a large-scale exercise in the Kaliningrad region.
RMF24: Small UAV (not hobbyist drone) with Russian writing crashed near Ketrzyn, Poland
Russian police foiled IS terror attacks in Moscow on 1 Sept. One suspected was going to commit stabbing attack, another - suicide bombing
Ukraine readies for record pilgrimage of 40,000 Jews to Uman – media
EU's chief Brexit negotiator says position papers sent to him by the UK show "a sort of nostalgia" for the "benefits of the single market"
"We have a duty to taxpayers to interrogate it" - @DavidDavisMP on financial settlement. "There are significant differences to be bridged"
The UK's position is "substantially more flexible and pragmatic" than the EU's, says Brexit Secretary @DavidDavisMP
"There must be a desire to deliver best outcome for people of EU/UK," says @DavidDavisMP outlining citizens' rights in Brexit negotiations
In contrast to Michel Barnier's statement, UK's Brexit Secretary @DavidDavisMP says 'concrete progress' has been made in talks
"Time is pressing" - EU's chief Brexit negotiator reiterates that lack of progress so far will mean work in other areas cannot be done
EU's Barnier says 'no progress' on main Brexit points
[email protected] "How can we build trust and start discussing a future parthership. We need to address together these issues seriously and rigorously"
Brexit Secretary David Davis says there has been "concrete progress" in talks but "there is still some way to go"
'We did not make any decisive progress on principal subjects, but the discussion on Ireland was fruitful' says @MichelBarnier
Michel Barnier says Brexit negotiators are still "quite far" away from being in a position to begin talks on future trade arrangements
In recent weeks, several polling institutes released their data on attitudes towards the EU in the V4 states
"I am concerned. Time is passing quickly": EU negotiator @MichelBarnier says time is running out for Brexit negotiations
EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier says no "decisive progress" has been made in talks but discussion on Ireland has been "fruitful"
Moscow activists held signs on Tverskaya in support of Crimeans Vladimir Balukh and Oleg Sentsov, jailed for supporting Ukraine.
TASS: Peskov: Russia can't leave hostile steps by the US towards it without a response.
North Korea "has become a global threat" with its missile tests, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe says during news conference with @theresa may
UK, Japan to 'increase pace of sanctions' against North Korea: May
Abe talking about the depth of relationship between UK and Japan. On Brexit we want to have "minimisation of impact"
Indian PM says there is agreement from Japan to work towards an EU style free trade deal for UK after Brexit
"We condemn N.Korea in strongest terms possible," says @theresa may on missile launch, at press conference with Japan's PM Shinzō Abe
Colonel Motuzyanyk: Yesterday, a truck delivered to occupied Donetsk 3 tons of building materials donated by foreign charitable foundation
Police officer stabbed in Stockholm, Sweden, attacker arrested
ATO spox: In Kyiv region, border guards held shootings competitions
Colonel Motuzyanyk: In Lviv region, UA airborne units undergo intensive drills according to NATO standards
ATO spox: Recently, in the Donetsk sector close to the contact line, SSU officers found 2 caches with arms equipped by “DPR” militants
Colonel Motuzyanyk: Mariupol sector: militants opened fire in Lebedynske, Vodiane and Shyrokyne; in Lebedynske – opened fire with a mortar
ATO spox: Twice, enemy fired with machine guns at UA positions in Zaytseve
Colonel Motuzyanyk: Donetsk sector: yesterday, militants opened fire occasionally near Avdiivka using small arms
ATO spokesperson: In the Luhansk sector, no single cease-fire violation occurred yesterday
Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Over the previous day, UA Armed Forces did not incur any casualties
Police officer stabbed in Stockholm, Sweden, attacker is in the loose, major manhunt underway
FDI is an important base of our economic relations and India specially welcomes Swiss investors: Indian PM Narendra Modi
We can be a relevant and a reliable partner in programs like Skill India, Digital India, Clean India, Startup India and Smart cities: Swiss President
WSJ: former adviser to Trump led in different countries the projects related to Deripaska, in the political interests of Russia
We will launch Swiss-Indian friendship activities; we came here with 30 representatives of business society: President of Swiss Confederation
If Poland fails EU will use all means to restore rule of law. That includes art. 7 of Lisbon treaty to suspend membership says @TimmermansEU
President enacted the NSDC decision on the protection from cyber attacks
Polish government does not respect EU commission said @TimmermansEU 'Call me stupid and attack me, I will be open for dialogue with Poland'
Delhi: PM Modi and President of the Swiss Confederation Doris Leuthard at India-Swiss Business Engagement in Hyderabad House
Polish MEP's reject @TimmermansEU views. 'Poland follows rule of law', 'EU wants to crush Poland' 'Reform of judiciary is okay and just'
US embassy in Moscow says it can't interview visa apeopleicants via Skype. All Russians must come in person. 1,000 interviews being held/day.
Polish MEP Czarnecki asks EU Commission to respect Poland's wishes and constitution. 'We do not want to go back to Marxism'
Without rule of law Poland cannot be full member of internal EU market, warned EU Commissioner Timmermans
Next week EU Commission will discuss polish message. We dont want to punish Poland but to guide, said Timmermans
Rule of law in Poland in danger warns EU Commissioner Timmermans. Poland refuses to coop. Judges not independant
2 trains collided in Smentovo Poland
President of the Swiss Confederation Doris Leuthard meets Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in Delhi
Visegrad 4 foreign ministers meeting now kicking off in Budapest. Later they will be joined by Eastern Partnership ministers.
19 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. No casualties
Rescue operation underway at Bhindi Bazar building collapse site, 30 to 35 people feared trapped
Hope can give pending negotiations on trade and partnership agreements new impetus. Will try to have new investment protection agreement: President Leuthard
Visit will boost Indo-Swiss ties, we have a friendship since 70-years: Swiss President Doris Leuthard at Rashtrapati Bhavan
President of the Swiss Confederation Doris Leuthard to begin her 3-day visit to India
Azerbaijan: Mekhman Aliev left in custody
New Russian ambassador to U.S. calls for resumed military contacts
Zerkal' (@MFA Ukraine): Belarus on words behaves like a partner but acts the other way
Car hit people at bus stop in Krasnodar after collision with another car. 1 dead, 5 wounded
Polish parliamentarians paid tribute to the memory of victims of Stalinist repression in Minsk.
"Circle of silence" in Warsaw. Protest against violence
Lorry driver who hit two pedestrians in the centre of Moscow arrested, authorities deny he drove decapturely into a crowd.
Yesterday and today, 40 warships and support vessels have left ports on the Kola Peninsula.
Nawaz Sharif lands at Heathrow airport. His supporters gather on park lane to welcome him
Truck rammed into the pedestrians in central Moscow. 2 wounded
Belarusian twittersphere responded with humour to fictional Veyshnoria of #Zapad2017: parody accounts followed immediately
In Orsha, Belarus, footage of multiple military units on the move to #Zapad2017 exercises
Pantsir-SM SAM about to be towed away from the Patriot Park in Kubinka today post Army-2017 forum
The Vienna court denied Spain's request of Firtash extradition
The Kremlin demonstrates the ability to conduct a continental war in Europe - Turchynov
NATO criticizes Russia for not allowing formal observers to monitor massive Zapad 2017 military exercises, says Russia violating Vienna Doc
Ukraine and Poland are watching Zapad-2017 closely
Ukraine and Poland are watching Zapad-2017 closely
China: Leaders of Egypt, Guinea, Mexico, Tajikistan and Thailand are participating in the Brix Summit
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs denies the signing of an agreement between Egypt and Germany to settle the refugees
SBU accused Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska in destruction of the industrial complex of Zaporizhia aluminum plant
The Russian Embassy sent a note to Ukraine over the detention of the reporter of Russian 1st channel
In Transcarpathia, the security service stopped the activity of a group that organized the smuggling of drugs to the EU
Ukraine and Poland has agreed on contingency plans for unexpected events raising from #Zapad2017
[email protected] may has been accused of pursuing a "cut and paste"
SBU deports Russian reporter from Ukraine for anti-Ukraine actions
Leader of breakaway Transnistria said he would mobilise 10,000s militiamen in case if Moldova attempts takeover
AndersFogh Rasmussen: Worrying Ukraine comments by @JunckerEU yday. Pushing away those seeking a European future undermines EU power to transform neighbourhood.
Kremlin says got Trump adviser email about tower project but ignored it
Firing from TOS-1A "Solntsepyok" heavy flamethrower system at a range in the Leningrad region, Russia
Firing from TOS-1A Solntsepyok heavy flamethrower system at a range in the Leningrad region, Russia
MFA Pavlo Klimkin: plan to discuss the case of the missing citizen of Ukraine Pavel Hryb with my Belarusian counterpart Makey tomorrow in Budapest
Armenia may buy Russia|n S-350 Vityaz SAM.
The journalist of "the first channel" in Kyiv, was detained by the SBU
The Russian foreign Ministry Urged Kyiv to fulfill tthe commitments to "school" truce
It's propaganda
Russian Media: journalist of 1st Channel Anna Kurbatova was kidnapped in Kyiv
Asipovichy, Belarus where Russian military hardware are unloaded and troops gathering
It's propaganda
"Russia 24" is reporting that their reporters came under shelling near Donetsk
Russia's opposition leader @Navalny disclosed another secret residence of president Putin near Vyborg
Russia isn't cutting military spending, it's hiding it. Actual spending likely 2.5x more than $35bn reported to UN
Lavrov: German security services can't provide a single fact about Russia interfering in the election.
Turchynov: next year Ukraine to spend at least 5% of it's GDP for defense
Train loaded with several 'Tor' air defence missile systems spotted in Yeysk
ATO spokesperson: Luhansk sector: two enemy cease-fire violations in Krymske
Sameh Shoukry arrives in Cairo after a tour of Germany, Belarus and Romania
An Irish newspaper criticizes the government's defense of the Muslim Brotherhood's Ibrahim Halawa, who is suspected of terrorism and has been imprisoned in Egypt since 2013
The massive reservists training are helding in Ukraine
9 twisters reported near Sochi
Qatari Foreign Minister: We seek to strengthen bilateral relations with Russia in various fields
Qatari Foreign Minister: Emir of Qatar stressed the importance of Qatari-Russian relations
Waterspouts, snow and mudslides reported near Sochi
Theresa May urged China to pressure North Korea to stop missile tests
Tank drills of "2nd army corpus" in Luhansk region
Tank drills of 2nd army corpus in Luhansk region
Exercise #BayonetShield to begin this week, 600+ Soldiers across the Baltics.
Report: The Canadian embassy in Berlin was evacuated after a bomb threat
In Moscow businessman Umar Dzhabrailov was detained for shooting at the Four Seasons hotel
Firefighting plane of Ukrainian EMERCOM left for Georgia to help with wildfires
21 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. No casualties
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