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15 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Supply convoy delivered printers, sealed by FSB to Horlivka
Hundreds of Syrian refugees coming from Budapest now boarding trains in Vienna Austria on their way to Germany.
State Dept Dep Spox: We deplore violence outside Ukraine's parliament that reportedly resulted in at least 1 death & dozens of injuries
Members of Svoboda party demand to free participants of todays clashes
Last train tonight to Vienna/Munich out of Budapest Keleti, anxious passengers, crush at front "everybody move back!"
Map of the goldtrain forest area that has been closed down for civilians
Rehearsal of military parade in Tiraspol, Transnistria
Transnistria preparing for celebration of "25 years of republic"
Hybrid army: RU cossacks exercise at a RU military base, wear DNR insignia
Today in Stakhanov Стаханов: Painted over BMP-1. Possibly a whole column
Peskov: violence at the walls of Rada is absolutely unacceptable
OSCE UAV spots R-330ZH Zhytel mobile jamming station near Tel'manove
Memorial near Rada dedicated to killed fighter of National Guard
Poroshenko Held a meeting with security officials. The perpetrators of the riots outside the Parliament must be held accountable
Many fire brigades at Moscow-City
Legida gathering in Leipzig
There was a fire at the tower of the skyscraper "Federation" in "Moscow-city"
"Refugees welcome" march in Leipzig.
US deployed Predator drones to Latvia this weekend to reassure @NATO allies
Poroshenko: someone wants to advertise their party with killing of Ukrainian defenders in Kyiv
Poroshenko: someone wants to advertise their party with killing of Ukrainian defenders in Kyiv
Sea Breeze 2015 Land Component opening ceremony in Shyrokyi Lan,
Sea Breeze 2015 Land Component opening ceremony in Shyrokyi Lan,
3 men aged 18 have been arrested, after a man was stabbed at Notting Hill Carnival
Denis Pushilin: Events in Kyiv is a logical development of communications of the authorities with radicals
Jeremy Corbyn is a threat to our national security, says George Osborne
Rally in Slovyansk
Notting Hill Carnival
RUAF Su-27 activity in the Gulf of Finland
[email protected] Biden: the United States strongly supports a constitutional amendments aimed at decentralization of power in Ukraine
In Domodedovo detained German Sterligov
The guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook in Odesa
Svoboda pickets Holosiivskyi police Department. Street Holosiivska is blocked
Portugal offers health boost for Chernobyl children
In State Duma of RF said that "Poroshenko is unable to control situiation"
The FSB ordered the construction of a fence with barbed wire on the border with Donetsk region, Ukraine
Swedish air force monitored Russian jets spotted off Sweden's east coast
Yatsenyuk demanded life imprisonment for terrorist that killed national guardsman
Aerial video of clashes near Rada
Aerial video of clashes near Rada
Avakov: detained Gumenyuk Igor Vladimirovich. Said that he is from Svoboda and fighter of "Sich" on vacation. Had grenade "safety pin"
Avakov: Tyahnybok is to blame for today's explosion. RGO hand grenade was used
Greek police fire stun grenade at migrants on Macedonian border
Avakov: among the wounded 20 people from the ATO
Italy's Eni considers stakeholders in its gas field discovery off Egypt
UK pledges $769 mln to revamp nuclear base
Body found in missing Maidstone triathlete search
Hungarian train with 300-400 migrants stopped at Austrian border
Concert pianist killed in her Manchester home
Plotnitsky said that the events in Kyiv is a result of "war of the oligarchs"
Avakov: soldier wounded by shrapnel, not bullet. It was mistake
Policeman helmet
Priest and police near Parliament
The President of Transnistria Yevgeny Shevchuk marries the Minister of foreign Affairs Nina Shtanksi
Gerashenko: 1 soldier of National Guard died in hospital cause of gunshot wound. Debrin Igor, 25 yo from Kherson region
"Right Sector" gathers near Monument to Gen. Vatutin. About 70 people already came
Clashes of protesters with police officers near hotel Kyiv
French journalist was hit in the head with stone
Poroshenko will address nation on today's events at Rada
Near the metro station Arsenalna partiallylimited traffic
Explosive device apparently more than stun grenade. Caused shrapnel damage to parliament second floor window
Hanna Hopko is 1 of 5 Samopomich MPs booted from party following vote supporting changes to constitution today.
Avakov: already 30 people detained. "Grenade launcher" is also captured. Police found one more F-1 hand grenade
Tensions in the area of Mariinsky park
MIA: up to 100 policemen wounded, 10 critically. Now situation is calm
Attacker on police near Rada was detained
One policeman died - Klitschko
National Guard reporting of 50 wounded
Femen staged a rally in Calais in support of migrants
Crime-scene near Verkhovna Rada
Video of explosion in Kyiv
Video of explosion in Kyiv
Arrests near Rada
About 20 Ukrainian national guardians injured, 2 are in serious condition
Operator of TSN news Dima Bolshakov wounded in leg
The wounded toll increases. 20+. Ambulances arriving at Rada
It was a hand grenade, captain of the national guard confirmed
Wounded policemen and medics near Rada
Reports of up to 15 wounded policemen
Rada violence
At least 5 policemen wounded in explosion
Possible grenade was thrown into police. There are wounded
The militants ordered uniforms of Ukrainian army for provocations on September 1
Explosions and smoke near Rada
Russia building temporary bridge to Tuzla as part of Kerch bridge
Clashes near the Parliament: There is detained
Fresh claims emerged linking Putin to shady Spanish property deals arranged by Russia mafia boss
Two U.S. F-22 fighter jets arrive in Poland as part of European training mission
Woman attack riot police
Clashes near Rada. Protesters trying to break police cordone
Smoke bombs at Rada
The national guard takes off buses, near Rada
The security service of Ukraine has banned entry to Ukraine for 16 Russian journalists and cultural figures
Rada voted for changes to the Constitution - 265 votes
Tymoshenko speech
German football fans welcome refugees and invite hundreds to watch match
Col. Lysenko: Two arms arsenals in Luhansk region uncovered: grenade launchers, small arms, ammo & 7 Grad rockets
Man shot dead by police in north London
No KIAs, 5 Ukrainian servicemen wounded over last 24 hours – ATO Spokesperson
In the state Duma of RF joint drills of Ukraine and the USA were equated to providing lethal weapons
Parliamentary debating
In the Starobelsk district of Luhansk region found a big cache of arms and ammunition
Rada session opened
Chief of General Staff: Shyrokyne has no military value
Tymchuk: Russian forces forming new attack groups
Rally near Rada
Parubiy said that the Rada session will open at 12.00
F-22 Raptor has landed in Łask'
Shoigu threatened to organize Russian fortified area in Arctic
Rada is blocked by "Radical Party"
Zero attacks in Mariupol sector yesterday. Militants rotating their troops - Sector M spox
The Russians believe that the United States is a country of immoral racist criminals, in which not a drop of human warmth
Most of protesters are from Svoboda party
RUAF VHF comms in Gulf of Finland - many units
US F-22 Raptor today in Łask
Russia says new war-based Norwegian TV show has increased tension between the two countries
Austria clamps down on border, jams Hungary motorway
Lyovochkina: the opposition bloc will vote unanimously for constitutional reform
"Right sector" blocked the government quarter in Kyiv
Another supply convoy of RF on the way to Ukraine
SBU exposed in Kharkiv the conversion center, which served for the terrorists
Rally and police near Rada
RF Northern Fleet naval aviators train at Crimea's NITKA complex
USSDonaldCook VBSS team trains with RomanianNavy aboard ROSSebastian in the BlackSea
Military observers of Ukraine and the USA will fly over Russia
Russian Nationalist Barkashov is angry over Bezler
Paratroopers from An-26, Ismail. Drills
Russian base in Rozdol'ne
Kobzon arrived in Donetsk and called not to let Western stars, politicians and activists into Russia.
EU ministers to meet for urgent migrant talks
Ukraine SBU discovered 2 large weapons cache near the village of Bahmutivka
Course of "young fighter " in Odesa
Flooded zoo of Ussuriysk; some animals drowned in the cells
Five killed in road accident near Krasnodar
5 Russian jets over Ukraine-Russia border near Izvarine
Big gathering in Park Shcherbakova in Donetsk
US paratroopers and NATO Allies jump from a C-130 Hercules during exercise Swift Response 15.
Donetsk residents hold rally in Kyiv "Donbas is Ukraine"
Plane crash during an airshow in Friesach - Kärnten in Austria, the pilot was killed
Emergency EU migration talks convened for September 14
One killed, three injured in Stockholm suburb shooting
Russian air show MAKS2015: Jets, helicopters vs Formula, sports cars
Russian air show MAKS2015: Jets, helicopters vs Formula, sports cars
The Italians discovered the largest gas field in the Mediterranean sea
Lysenko: Russian occupation forces plan to bomb schools on Tuesday, ask for Putin's MC forces to invade
In Crimea detained the murderer of two Crimean Tatars
Russian Yantar' would be in a pretty good spot to observe tomorrow's launch of a Navy Comsat
The stork in the center of Kharkiv
Wounded in Maryinka 5mo baby died in the hospital in Dnipropetrovsk
Power company cuts hot water supply to Russian defense facilities in Severodvinsk on 16 mln ruble debt
Protesters stormed and captured house of pro-Russian MP Kivalov
Rally at house of pro-Russian MP Kivalov in Odesa
Last day of Max-2015 airshow in Russia
New delivery of US Apache combat helicopters &other military gear 2 Iraq
Teenage refugee dies in shootout btw suspected smugglers & Greek police
Russia has cancelled its only LGBT film festival "The Moscow Premiere "
Maps of goldtrain tunnel
The chief of staff does not exclude offensive of the Ukrainian army in the Donbas:
Belarus protesters yesterday on the Maidan in Kyiv
"REFUGEES WELCOME". Banners draped in Germany's football stadiums
Horlivka celebrating miner's Day
In Crimea killed Sovient and Russian actor Andrew Voinovsky
Horlivka. T-72B tank with Russia H2200 Rail transport markers hidden in the forest
Ales Cherkashyn, volunteer fighter from Belarus will be buried on 1 September
In Avdiivka there is a threat of the militants offensive – Muzhenko
FSB kidnapped 3 Ukrainian fishers in Sumy region and tried to recruit three them
Russian MP Kobzon sang in Lugansk yesterday, in Donetsk today
Russian terrorists shelling positions of Ukrainian troops from yard of civil house
Russian terrorists shelling positions of Ukrainian troops from yard of civil house
Igor Plotnitsky's official column car has a Russian registration plate from Belgorod Oblast.
Russian "hybrid" forces war games in occupied Luhansk
Russian hybrid forces war games in occupied Luhansk
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