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21 กันยายน 2018

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Horlivka, Zaytseve: small arms fire started
Meeting between Poroshenko and U.S. Seс of Commerce:Ukraine is open for American investments
Fighting in Pisky intensified, small arms, flashes. Possible tank
Russian forces attacking Ukrainian positions near Shyrokyne with 82, 120mm mortars
Russian militants now urging to take shelter in Donetsk, cause "coming artillery shelling"
Rally in support of democracy in Brazil taking place in London #BrasilContraOGolpe
Yasinuvata, March 30: Russian military equipment on the street. Presumably new MLRS Uragan
Red flares over Donetsk airport, incoming shelling north to airport
Poroshenko: @VP told me that U.S. will allocate another $335M for Ukrainian security
Poroshenko: agreed with @VP the need to extend sanctions against Russia until full implementation of Minsk agreements by Moscow
"Reactive" launches from Azotny, Donetsk. 20 missiles
Fighting in the area of Hranitne
Reportedly 122mm artillery attack from Spartak on Avdiivka
Incoming shelling in Avdiivka
Attack in the area of Kyrylivka checkpoint
On the South of Donetsk region heavy shelling
Another 4 hits in Pavlopil
Artillery attack in area Hnutove-Talakivka
Avdiivka: South side makes serious noise. Shooting, grenade launchers and smth heavy(incomings). Most probably at Butovka shaft
Fighting in the are of Pisky, Opytne
Incoming shelling in Makiivka at Vostochny
Incoming shelling in Makiivka at Vostochny
In Vodyane near Mariupol 1 house was hit by shelling
Explosions in the area of Shyrokyne
Russian air-borne troops arrived to Brest for drills, 400 personnel, 100 vehicles
Georgia’s President Wants Security Guarantees for Eastern Partnership Countries
Yakovlevka-Mineralne more landings
Small shops demolition in Kyiv
A Russian lawmaker submits a bill that would impose fines for inaccurate weather reports.
EU expands sanctions against North Korea to match U.N. move
Latest from OSCE SMM: sharp increase in the number of ceasefire violations in Donetsk reg.
In Debaltseve heard fighting from direction of Kalynivka(N-W)
Avdiivka-Yasinuvata: heavy fighting with artillery
Makiivka: Something burning in the area of Vostochny
Donetsk. Reports of "Pyons" and MLRS shelling
Heavy shelling: Yasinuvata, Makiivka, North of Donetsk, Avdiivka
MLRS launches heard in Hartsyz'k
Avdiivka: several powerful landings, probably at Industrial area
Donetsk, Schetynina street: booms and launches
Poland President @AndrzejDuda met prof. Zbigniew Brzeziński @zbig in DC
Poroshenko in DC: Slams Russia, justifies its embassy in Kyiv
Poroshenko in DC: Slams Russia, justifies its embassy in Kyiv
Police in France deploy teargas against protesters marching against labor "reforms." Rennes
Trump’s New Russia Adviser Has Deep Ties to Kremlin’s Gazprom
37 ceasefire violations today before 6 pm. by Russian forces. Over 300 projectiles were fired on Ukrainian positions
Consequences of morning attack in Zaitseve
Clashes during protest against French labour reforms in Nantes
Russian militant with MANPADS in Horlivka
In Parliament was arrested judge who had shot at NABU
Police clash with protesters demonstrating against labour law reforms in Paris
Of the 6 wealthiest Ukrainians only President @poroshenko increased his fortune last year according to "Forbes"
Police raided a sit-down restaurant and arrested 167 mafia members in Ekaterinburg
Donald Trump refuses to rule out using nuclear weapons in attack on Europe
Zakharova: ISIS ideology was to mine monuments of Palmyra, and in Poland ideology to demolish monuments to our soldiers
Zakharova: the Responsibility for the inevitable consequences of the elimination of Soviet monuments for the relations Russia-Poland will be on Poland
Zakharova: A meeting of the CIS Council of Foreign Ministers to be held in Moscow on April 8
Zakharova: Poroshenko reiterates the preconditions of the organization of the elections in the Donbass. This is contrary to the Minsk agreements
A Russian biznesman from St. Petersburg provided upscale properties in Moscow to multiple women connected to Putin.
Reuters: Grigory Baevsky sold or transferred real-estate to Putin's women
Falcon Flames hackers changed content on website of "DNR MFA"
Russian security council on migration
Pres Obama also calling for US and Russia to negotiate further reductions in their nuclear stockpiles, though Russia is a Summit no-show.
Damaged An-26 in Rostov-on-Don
Checkpoint in Zolote closed hours after official opening due to security threats
ISIS threatening Germany in campaign launched on social medias. German chancellor’s office and Cologne airport
Horlivka, Besarabka shelling aftermath. So, several provocative mortar rounds
Ukrainian Intel: Russian officer Marshin was wounded in friendlyfire incident near Novoazovs'k
Despite war crimes acquittal, Serbia Radical Party's Vojislav Šešelj was rather subdued at today's press conference
Swedish police dispatch bomb squad to Landvetter airport after two suspicious packages found
All those who have policies of foreceful change of int'l borders have received a blank check by ICTY, said Croatia FM Kovac
Representative of Bosniak war victims in Bosnia hopes appeal will see Seselj ultimately convicted
No explosion - just bomb team dispatched at LV Airport Sweden
Russian Air Force IL76 RA78762 TTF9074 from Moscow
Senior Obama official: Nord Stream 2 and Brexit may weaken EU energy security
Azerbaijani writer Akram Aylisli detained by police at Baku airport
NATO and Ukraine agreed Partnership Goals in the framework of Alliance Planning and Review Process
Police arrested over 10 of the defenders of the city Park "Dubki"
#refugeesGr collect firewood to cook+for warm up,Greek border,Idomeni
SBU has confirmed the detention of it's employee by FSB
Military An-26 caught fire during takeoff in Rostov-on-don. Completely burned down the starboard engine, cut off the screw with gear.
Germany Raises Its Security Level Due To ISIS Threats For Attacks On Chancellor Merkel And The Bonn, Cologne Airport
Ukraine lost 20% of its economy over conflict in Donbas. - Poroshenko.
Germany calls on Turkey to ‘share common EU values’ over satirical video of Erdoğan
Šešelj apparently says he plans to seek 14 million euros from the Hague in damages for the years he spent there
MFA Kosovo: Seselj verdict by @ICTYnews is an utter failure of international justice. The man has caused pain, death and mayhem to thousands. Shocked.
500 migrants in first return from Greece to Turkey planned Monday: EU source
At least 200 mortar mines hit Ukrainian positions near Horlivka this morning. There are casualties - ATO HQ
Horlivka, block5, truck w/troops
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Military exercises of UA servicemen “Spring Thunder” continue all over Ukraine
The Hague War Crime Tribunal (ICTY) has acquitted Serb ultranationalist Vojislav Šešelj of all charges for war crimes today.
Serbian ultra-nationalist Vojislav Seselj cleared of war crimes and crimes against humanity over 1990s Balkan wars
Šešelj Acquitted on all nine counts of the indictment. Seselj "is now a free man"
UN war crimes court acquits Serbia Radical leader Šešelj of all nine charges and declares him 'a free man'
Seselj cleared of murder, torture, plunder, wanton destruction and causing devastation
Odessa. Rally near prosecutor's office
ATO HQ: Militants pushed 152mm howitzers to front-line and shelling Yasinuvata and Ukrainian positions in Avdiivka
Russia’s FSB says it has detained and will deport a Ukrainian spy who CIA and SBU sent to Russia in attempt to get him recruited by the FSB.
Russian militant and anti-personnel mine PMN-2 at Donbass
Zolote checkpoint opened in Luhansk region
At least 1 Ukrainian soldier killed in shelling in Zaitseve this morning
RUAF strategic air force sw net up with voice traffic
Grenade exploded in Chernyhiv shop last night
ATO Press Center today reports Ru forces are shelling with 82 and 120 mortars civilian areas in Mayorska & Zaitseve
Arrested #ParisAttacks suspect Salah Abdeslam "wants to cooperate" with French authorities, says Belgian lawyer
12 US F-15C Eagles deploy to Europe in support of Operation #AtlanticResolve
Zaitseve, Mayorsk auto market, Nikitovka. All under heavy shelling since morning
Russian sappers depart for Palmyra demining mission
2 are dead after an explosion at a shipyard in the Ruhrort district of Duisburg
4 saboteurs were captured in attempt to infiltrate Ukrainian army unit in Chernyhiv region
Explosion at port in Duisburg, Germany
Horlivka, Hol'mivsky after morning shelling
Russian forces attacked Ukrainian positions 49 times yesterday
The current political crisis solution is likely to be found this week. - The President in Washington
Delegation from Ukraine, headed by Pres Petro Poroshenko, arrives for Nuclear Security Summit.
Washington DC: expecting @poroshenko arrival
ISIS has claimed responsibility for 2 attacks in Dagestan in the last 2 days. Claim for today
Reported clashes between Syrian, Afghan migrants at Piraeus port. One person hospitalized, multiple people injured. Greece
In claim for Sirtych suicide bombing, ISIS threatened "harvesting of the Russians and their agents will continue".
Kyiv. Heavy police presence after grenade attack on MP's car
Reports an RGD-5 grenade thrown, several cars damaged, Parasiuk in car at time, checked by medics
AtlanticCouncil: Today @prezydentpl joined us for a conv. on NATO, Europe, Refugees and more
Police advise residents to stay away from building after fire at club in Halmerend
Battle in the area Pavlopil'- Pyshchevyk
Report: Vladimir Parasiuk car hit with grenade. No injury so far, 4 cars damaged
Romanian intel service: "we have recent info about attacks on transport infrastructure in an European country"
Shyrokyne. Shelling renewed
MP Parasyuk car blown up in Kyiv
"Poroshenko suggested I shouldn't write about Shokin, Kononenko, called them part of his family"- journo/MP Leshchenko reveals
Poroshenko enacted decision of the security Council on sanctions to the persons involved in illegal acts in relation to Savchenko, Sentsov and Kolchenko
Rally in support of fired prosecutor Sakvarelidze today in Odessa
Russia: Barents sea, Missile ship 'Passat' conducted combat artillery fire at sea from 76 and 30mm systems.
France says will provide its total support to Libyan PM after "courageous" arrival in Tripoli
120mm mortar shelling in Shyrokine
International commission on demarcation finds Kosovo-Montenegro agreement "according to law and international standards"
Polish President (kind of) responding to Trump: "It is in the interest of the U.S. to have security in Europe."
PM Modi at the 13th India-EU summit's signing ceremony in Brussels (Belgium) #ModiInBrussels
Ukrainian energy giant DTEK indirectly doesn't deny participation in meeting at Moscow
25 ceasefire violations during day at Donbass
Protesters raise "F*ck the borders!" banner during OpenTheBorders protest in Athens, Greece
BELGIUM: Brussels airport will remain closed at least until tomorrow afternoon
Trump is assembling a team of advisors who have also worked for Putin’s cronies
UK Foreign Office Secretary @PHammondMP - "Russia a threat to everyone on world stage"
"I hope I become a journalist to send the voice of my people to the world."
Video of special operation of anti-corruption bureau in Odessa
Video of special operation of anti-corruption bureau in Odessa
Exercising dispersed war ops at Vidsel. Gripen on shorttrack
Amb of FRA to Ukr.: Impressed by the remarkable work of French engeeners of Novarka consortium building the Arch in Tchernobyl.
US to station armored brigade in eastern Europe from 2017: Pentagon
Belarus leader Lukashenko says "West should develop its economy and not to involve politics"
Explosion in apartment block in Yasnogorsk, Russia
RUAF Il-76 78778 Orenburg-Mozdok
Russian militants at Avdiivka industrial area
Russian militants at Avdiivka industrial area
Militants: 2 warriors killed by sniper fire in Petrovsky district of Donetsk
Consequences of explosion in Dagestan
Consequences of explosion in Dagestan
Senior US defence visit highlights Belarus's predicament, squeezed between busily remilitarising Russia and NATO.
Another blast in Dagestan. In Tabasaran district of Dagestan blew up a police car. There are dead
As Putin skips Obama's nuclear summit, US officials accuse Russia of wanting to scuttle arms control deals
U.S. will send an armored brigade combat team to Eastern Europe to reassure allies threatened by Russia
Russian military truck in Donetsk
It's old informationVideo from February
[Old video]Explosion at checkpoint in Dagestan
Hollande drops a proposal to strip convicted terrorists of citizenship, other anti-terrorism reforms
Brussels(Belgium): PM Narendra Modi pays tribute to victims of the Malbeek Metro station blast
UNHCR : If Europe were to welcome same % of refugees as Lebanon in comparison to its population, it would have to take in 100mln refugees
#Hollande: "I decided to close the constitutional debate."
A Car Burned Out In Front Of The Russian Foreign Ministry In Moscow.
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: hotspots: Zaytseve and Avdiyivka. Militants fired at UA positions over 250 mortar mines and 152-mm cannon shells
ATO spokesperson: Enemy snipers were active near Shchastya, Luhansk region
The car bomb detonated at a checkpoint in Dagestan: explosion killed the police officer
France to end military operation in Central African Republic in 2016
Ukraine - Netherlands Busines Forum in full swing in The Hague with Ministers @n_jaresko and Ploumen
Russian shadow government of Donbass
Russian border guards were attacked with firecrackers at Milove village
Russia: ISIS Wilayat Kavkaz claimed a double IED attack. 10 killed, 3 wounded RU soldiers near Kaspiysk/Dagestan
Trump: I don't want to tell Putin what I'm thinking... Don't worry about Ukraine. Ukraine's going to be fine.
Secret document exposes Putins shadow government for Donbass [email protected]
Germany's @BILD newspaper says "Putin's shadow government for Donbass exposed"
Su-25 crashed in Primorye region of Russian. Pilot ejected
Su-25 crashed at Russian Far East
68 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions yesterday, Ukr. forces returned fire 20 times
Migrant-smuggling prices in Athens start at around €1,000
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