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21 กันยายน 2018

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Moldova pres. elections: pro-Russia candidate Igor Dodon's share of the vote has just decreased to below 50% ( 86,74% votes counted)
Moldova Presidential elections, 80.49% of total votes counted.
Early results suggest Georgia's ruling party will have a constitutional majority- a clear setback in democratic development #gvote16
Young Calais migrants pray in 'Jungle' church before demolition
48,29% processed votes: Igor Dodon- 53,46%, Maia Sandu- 32,9% in the Presidential elections of Moldova
Preliminary results in Moldova election show pro-Russia presidential candidate leading with just over 54% - AP
31,52% processed votes: Igor Dodon- 55.47%, Maia Sandu- 30.29% in the Presidential elections of Moldova
Restaurateur, ex-commando, paparazzo suspects in Nice kidnap plot
Medevac APC Saxon after near-by hit by 82mm mortar
Icelanders vote for stability as Pirates fall short of expectations
Runners dressed as zombies participate in @Greenpeace "Nuclear Running Dead" race in Miranda de Ebro, Spain to protest nuclear energy
Italian earthquakes could go on for weeks in domino effect says
Three Irish riders finish in World Cup top 10
Retail sector suffers, as supermarkets see turnover slump almost 8 percent
Various changes under consideration as regards property taxation next year
Closing time, 9PM: 48,91% presence at the Presidential elections of Moldova
Romanians demonstrate a year after nightclub blaze tragedy
Iceland's PM to resign after party loses over half its seats as voters link them to financial crash, corruption:
Death of former Putin aide in D.C. hotel room is ruled accidental
Clashes between pro-Russian activists and Right sector in Odesa today. Several detained
Explosion near Malta international airport
Stakhanov: Artillery shelling starts
Moldova elections ended
Video shows huge explosion that is thought to have come from a fireworks factory around Gudja, a village near Malta International Airport
The two Akula-class submarines and 1 Kilo-class submarine from the Northern fleet have joined the battlegroup of Russian naval vessels.
2 wounded yesterday, 4 wounded today at Mechnikova hospital in Dnipro
Kiselev: "When Ukraine's Tymoshenko lost election to Yanukovych, she went to prison. It could happen again to another blonde: Clinton."
Kiselev defends his previous statement that Russia could turn US into "radioactive dust", but denies he meant this aggressively.
Ukraine military intelligence emblem is owl driving sword into Russia. Owls hunt bats, symbol of Russia military intelligence
She survived the holocaust — and years later, she’s getting her citizenship so she can vote for Hillary Clinton
Several Russian citizens deported from Serbia for the preparation of terrorist attacks in neighboring Montenegro.
Geo voters aren't enthusiastic about parl elex runoffs. Turnout fell significantly in all districts, except Marneuli and Mtskheta #Gvote16
Moldova elections, turnout over 40%, need 33% for legit elections
Lavrov arrives in Athens for talks on Tuesday
Medvedev to Putin: income 13,5 trillions RUB, expenses 16 trillions, so deficit only 3%
EU and Canada sign delayed CETA free trade deal agreement
Football: Gareth Bale extends Real Madrid contract to 2022
Moldova votes in tug-of-war choice between Russia, EU supporters
A stronger quake than the Aug. 24 tremor that killed 300 has hit Italy - no deaths reported
Bank of England expected to keep interest rates on hold at 0.25% following better-than-expected economic growth
The Government is planning a major overhaul of disability benefits assessment
Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and family moved to safe location after arms cache found near residence
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
On 29 oct An ammo depot blew up at 39, Potyomkina, Pervomaysk. R-330 Zhitel destroyed by explosion
Bangladesh have beaten England by 108 runs in the second Test in Dhaka to earn a 1-1 draw in the two-match series
The Latest: Priests in Italy advised to hold Mass outdoors.
John Kerry to receive Tipperary Peace Prize in person today
UKIP leadership candidate @paulnuttallukip sticks by his statement that freedom of movement spreads Jihad
Photo: Collapsed structures in central Italy after strong earthquake
Moldova electing president for 1st time in 20 years
Serbia: Cache of weapons found near premier's family home
Netanyahu anounces Sunday he will travel in next 3 months to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Singapore and Australia. No PM ever been to last 3 states
Apparently only 48% of Brits have put their clocks back an hour. The other 52% have put them back sixty years.
IS claims responsibility for fatal stabbing in Hamburg
Pirate Party Books Election Victory in Iceland
Metro lines in Rome closed as officials check for damage on the tracks following large
Nigel Farage could be in line for a peerage if UKIP is offered seats in the House of Lords
Major 6.6 quake hits central Italy, no immediate reports of casualties
Today elections in Moldova
Basilica of St. Benedict and town hall of Norcia, Italy, damage in the today's quake.
Pro-legalization activists and anti-drugs activists clashed in Kyiv
A 6.6 earthquake has hit central and southern Italy just days after tremors saw hundreds forced from their homes
Italian residents estimate shaking lasted for 20-30nseconds in Italy
No reports yet of casualties, but multiple buildings reduced to rubble by the powerful 108km-deep quake in central Italy
New earthquake in Central Italy. Epicentre the Norcia, a strong 6.5. The historical San Benedetto Cathedral collapsed
Major seismic tremor in Italy, felt in Rome
Earthquake in Italy - Early impact estimation. Modified Mercalli Intensity: 7.1/10
Red star is today's Mw6.5, white ones are August and Oct 26 quakes, Via @INGVterremoti web page
Ussita Italy mayor: 90% of buildings destroyed in earthquake
Pictures of damagen Italy Earthquake
Aftermath pics from Arquata del Tronto are horrifying
US B-52, France Dassault Rafale,US EA-6B Prowler, Denmark F-16 receive fuel from a US KC-10 near Iraq preparing for Mosul
Monks and nuns praying with people in the main square in Norcia, devastated by today's quake
Earthquake of magnitude 6.6 - 6km N of Norcia, Italy
8AM: 1,8% voting presence at the Presidential elections of Moldova
53 ceasefire violations at Donbas yesterday
Polish man charged with trafficking Polish women into Ireland for 'sexual exploitation'
Riot Police charge the Mafiao Democracia demo in Madrid.
Spain's Mariano Rajoy wins confidence vote ending political deadlock
Spain's conservative Rajoy voted back in power, ending crisis
Donetsk - battle in airport - Pisky area.
Bahrain prevents family of dissident from flying to London to join him UK
Sarah Brown receives honorary degree for public service
Bangladesh's Mehedi claims five wickets to leave England struggling
4 people injured after knife attack in Frankfurt station
European Commission says EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement sets 'new standard for global trade'
Brother and sister killed in suspected arson attack named by police
German minister ups rhetoric against takeovers ahead of China trip
Three axis now on fire in Aleppo amid rebel launched offinsive on Al-Zahraa , 3000 Apt. now launched on Menyan are (new aleppo entrance)
Irish Government 'poaching our investors' says North's Arlene Foster
Drone footage shows fire damage to 'oldest hotel'
Muscovites queue in the cold on Lubyanka Square to read out the names of Stalin's victims. Very moving and powerful.
1 Ukrainian military killed, 7 wounded in fighting at Donbas
Refugee camp by Paris metro swells as Calais Jungle closes
Muscovites lining up in the snow to read the names of the victims of Soviet terror. Russia labeled the organizers "foreign agents."
Video shows US preparing MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile systems for transport from Germany to Romania
Russian aircraft group seems to be refueled and going to Easter Med
55 ceasefire violations at Donbas
4AM: Heavy shelling in Toretsk, - hits inside city
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