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19 สิงหาคม 2018

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DUI Russian council on the car with diplomatic plates was stopped near Kyiv by traffic police
US says it "regrets" Russian decision on embassy staff, weighs response
Evo Morales denounces Russia sanctions, calls US a 'Threat'
Thousands rushed from a music festival in Barcelona after a fire broke out on the stage.
[email protected]: "@POTUS has made it very clear that very soon he will sign the [Russia] sanctions."
[email protected]_MoD get Belarusian invitation to observe part of #Zapad17
Clashes at North-West of Horlivka
Clashes with artillery in Northern Donetsk, S-E Avdiivka
Moldova protesters demand mixed system be abrogated, urge EU, US apply sanctions on Democrats, Socialists
Various military vehicles including 'Msta-S' howitzers spotted today in Voronezh Oblast near the border with Ukraine
Clashes near Kalynove
John Podesta to @ThisWeekABX: Trump's new chief of staff must "protect" special counsel's Russia investigation
Russian lawmaker on state TV: "America is afraid of Russia, because we're stronger. We're the first-class and they're second-class citizens."
RussiaTV on US sanctions: it's not about what we did, but about America's control over Ukraine's gas transportation
Putin says Russia is able to impose additional measures against U.S. but he is against such moves
755 US diplomats must leave Russia, President Putin announces
Explosive device hit Plaza France at Francisco de Miranda. Several policemen wounded
Moment when security forces attacked protesters at France square in Altamira
Putin signed a law banning anonymizers, proxy servers and VPNs
Russian dep. foreign minister to @ThisWeekABC: "Symmetric and asymmetric" options being considered in retaliation for US sanctions bill.
Britain Strips More than 100 Islamic State Fighters of Citizenship
Opening ceremony of the #Noblepartner'17
Protest of "Unionists" in Chisinau today
Video of torpedoes launches at Navy day in Sevastopol
Video of torpedoes launches at Navy day in Sevastopol
Russian Navy day in Sevastopol
Russian Navy day in Sevastopol
NKR accuses Azerbaijan of 180 bombardments per week
Soldiers across Europe attend the opening ceremony of #NoblePartner in Georgia
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Locals in Voronezh, Russia, say all the BTRs, armoured vehicles, MBTs arrived are heading to Luhansk, Ukraine.
#NoblePartner opening ceremony in Georgia
U.S. handed over $22M worth equipment for military center in Ukraine
Konstanz, Germany: Shooting is believed to be gang related and not terror, one person died and 3 were seriously injured, gunman was shot dead by police
Tactical submarine group approaching
Transport ship Admiral Shabalin
Heading over the Black Sea at 40,000ft US Navy C-20G
Anti-submarine ship Vice Admiral Kulakov
2 killed, 4 injured in a shooting in a nightclub in Konstanz Germany. 34 y.o. gunman killed in shootout with police. Unknown Motives yet.
Germany Konstanz - Suspect is a 34-year-old male, police do not release identity. Ongoing investigation. No motive yet.
One killed, 3 severely wounded in shooting incident at a night club in German city of Konstanz - local police
Germany Konstanz - Shooting in nightclub. 1 killed, 3 injured. Attacker shot and seriously injured. -
Naval Parade today in St.Petersburg
Russian Navy day in occupied Sevastopol, Crimea
"I congratulate you on the Day of the Navy": Putin on the boat bypassed the parade of ships on the Neva river
Power generation firms in Europe, Asia,Middle East are immediately at risk from the type of attack seen in Ukraine
At around 04:30 local time in Konstanz, Germany shots were fired at a nightclub
Putin pardons two women jailed for text-messaging during Russia-Georgia war
14 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 11 times Ukrainian army returned fire. 1 soldier was killed. 7 wounded
Wikileaks: Special Prosecutor Robert Muelller flew to Moscow and gave the FSB 10 grams of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) in 2009
Video of the main stage of Tomorrowland Barcelona in flames. Evacuation of 20,000 people.
Armenian soldier found dead at combat positions
Arrival of @bomberscat to the incident at Tomorrowland
Arrival of @bomberscat to the incident at Tomorrowland
Evacuation at the Tomorrowland festival in Barcelona cause of a fire at the main stage
Gasoline crisis in Donetsk - big queues of cars
Russian deputy PM Rogozin outlined what sanctions will be made against Moldova for his banning entry.
Madrid: Solidarity with the 215 people detained in the protests against Trump at #J20
Battle heard to the north of Donetsk, heavy machinegun screechings
Bolivian President Morales: US sanctions against Russia contradict international law. Bolivia rejects them.
The American people want to see Russia take steps to improve relations and hope there will be cooperation between our countries.
Military echelon on 28 July in Moscow region
Military echelon in Voronezh region on 29 July
M1 Abrams tanks matching "Number 14" spotted today between Nowy Sącz and Krosno, Poland near the border with Ukraine
Sec. Tillerson: Sanctions bill represents "strong will of the American people to see Russia take steps to improve relations" with US.
@SpeakerRyan: This week, Congress passed one of the most expansive sanctions packages in history to tighten the screws on Iran, Russia, and North Korea.
Storm damage near Kryvyi Rih
Ukrainian CAVOK air transport aircraft An-74 crashed in São Tomé and Príncipe in Central Africa
Pro-IS Telegram Channel Encourages Attacks in St. Petersburg on Navy Day
Tornado hit Kryvyi Rih
Tornado hit Kryvyi Rih
Video of Tornado in Kryvyi Rih on 28 July
Video of Tornado in Kryvyi Rih on 28 July
EU launches legal action against Poland over court reform: official
Russian Black Sea fleet ships and aviation taking part in rescue operation of Anda ship
Hamburg: @tagesspiegel reported that the suspect was known to German authorities as an Islamist
According to investigators, citizen of Ukraine Alexey Sisonovich planned to arrange a terrorist attack at the railway station in Kamensk-sahtinskiy
Poroshenko awarded Ukrainian pilot Olexandr Akopov who managed to land his plane in Istanbul airport despite damage caused by storm
Video of tornado in Kryvyi Rih
Video of tornado in Kryvyi Rih
China, Russia responsible for North Korea nuclear threat: Tillerson
Riot police detained 16 members of the Revolutionary workers ' party in the Great career of Lyubertsy in the Moscow region
Togo-flag general cargo vessel Anda capsized near Crimea, the fate of the six crew members unknown
4.1M Earthquake hit Kryvyi Rih at 6am today - artificial, explosion works at Yuvileyna mine
19 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 11 times army has returned fire
Swarms of locusts are trapping people indoors in Kazakhstan and parts of Russia.
Sec. of State Rex Tillerson says China and Russia "bear unique and special responsibility" for North Korea ballistic missile program.
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