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23 มิถุนายน 2018

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Greek PM's Syriza party votes to hold emergency congress in September
Shelling in Heorhiivka
Shelling heard in Dzherzhinsk, Horlivka
Mariinka is under shelling with MLRS Grad and howitzers
Jewish man attacked, beaten by 20 men in Zurich making the Hitler salute and shouting anti-Semitic slogans, PD investigating.
Donetsk Airport Terminal several days ago
Fresh magazine "Russian House". Mosgovoy - Russian Che Gevara
Several branches of Rosneft and Russian state banks added to the US sanction list today. List of sanctioned. Indivuals: BULYUTIN(Kalashnikov), KLYUYEV(Yanukovych),Kolbin(Gunvor), Kurchenko(Yanukovych), Omelchenko(Kalashnikov), Paananen(SET Petrochemicals), ROTENBERG(Putin), Semenova, Stavytsky(Yanukovych), Usachev, Yanukovych Oleksandr(Yanukovych). Companies:Airfix Aviationa, Ipp Oil Products Limited, Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod Jsc Baikal,Open Joint Stock Company "Kontsern Izhmash", Langvik Capital Ltd, Company Mako Holding, SET Petrochemicals Oy, Southport Management Services Limited, Port Of Yevpatoria, Port Of Feodosia, Kerch Sea Port, Seaport Of Sevastopol, Yalta Sea Port, State Shipping Company Kerch Sea Ferry, Bank Belveb, Vankorneft, Development Corporation Of North Caucasus, EXIAR, Eximbank Of Russia, Far East And Baikal Region Development Fund, Federal Center For Project Finance, Globexbank, Kraslesinvest, Neft-aktiv Llc, Achinsk Refinery, Angarsk Petrochemical Company, Kuybyshev Refinery, Novokuybyshev Refinery, Orenburgneft, Rn Holding, Russian Regional Development Bank, Samotlorneftegaz, Syzran Refinery, Pjsc Verkhnechonskneftegaz, Resad Llc, Komsomolsk Refinery, RN-yuganskneftegaz Llc, Rose Group Limited, Rosneft Finance S.a, Rosneft Trade Limited, Rosneft Trading S.a., Russian Direct Investment Fund Management Company, SME Bank, Sviaz-bank, VEB Asia Limited, VEB Capital, VEB Engineering Llc, VEB Leasing .
U.S imposed new sanctions against Russia Federation and ex-government of Ukraine
In the rear came the paddy wagon. Apparently police will surround and detain everyone
Riot police at the site of protest-auction in Moscow
Something hit on the outskirts of Donetsk in Karlivka direction
Alyohina in uniform of riot police at auction rally in Moscow
Picket in Rostov-on-don in support of Kolchenko and Sentsov
IMF says it will not join new Greece bailout right now
Volleys in Donetsk
Military echelon in Rostov-on-Don
Haircut on Ukraine debt included in latest creditors' proposal
Avakov has forbidden the police to catch recruits
Russia refused to accept dismantled in Vilnius Soviet statues
Reactive Flamethrower Schmel, captured in Mariinka
SBU detained the Lieutenant Colonel of militia on a bribe in Kyiv
Patrol arrested a drunken colleague who put up a fight in a cafe
Latvia begins talks with US on deployment of heavy weaponry
The suspect in the forgery of EIT the official was put under house arrest
The IMF refused to grant Greece a third aid package
18 customs officers were detained for helping Ukrainian smugglers In Hungary
The crews of military transport aircraft An-26 has completed the landing of commandos In Vinnytsia region
The case of Savchenko moved in Rostov-on-Don
The murder of Buzina: protection of suspects accuses intelligence agencies
TK79 Now at stand 66 -Warsaw airport due to suspicious hand baggage of two passengers
Picket near entrance to Central elections commission in Moscow
The EU expressed disappointment to veto of Russia on resolution on MH17
The constitutional Court will announce the verdict on decentralization on Friday
Traffic jam due to road repairs in Crimea
Avakov calls for the transfer of the army to a contract basis
Scotland Yard: the Ex-FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned by Lugovoi and Kovtun
A farmer from the Kursk region promised to burn the harvest
Snipers of Riot police on duty in Donetsk, Rostov region cause of court on Savchenko
Poroshenko has signed the law on the recalculation military pensions
[email protected]_SMM still have not received access to many places of UA-RUS border in Luhansk region
The process according to Savchenko was suspended - will consider petition for transfer of the court in Moscow
The deputies of France for three years banned entry to Ukraine for a visit to the occupied Crimea
End of Nadiya Savchenko's hearing for today. She's expected to be brought back to police van shortly.
Wildfires on Olkhon island in Russia
Aksenov fears of terrorist attacks on the Kerch ferry
The walls of city hospital No. 3 in Sevastopol
[email protected] has visited Slavyansk
Rally with a demand to release political prisoner Savchenko near the Russian Embassy in Riga
Russian aircraft intercepted over the Baltic sea last week by RAF Typhoons.
Tanks in Donetsk
First Deputy Chairman of the centre of knowledge evaluation suspect in the forgery of EIT
Tap water in Makiivka
Russia Black Sea fleet has received the newest small-size missile ship "Green Dol"
The queue for cheep bread in Donetsk
Hug at @uacrisis: SMM still face daily restrictions, with checkpoint personnel on both sides regularly delaying or denying access
Netherlands and Australia criticizes Russia for its veto in the security Council
More locust devastation in southern Russia
Gazprom was forbidden to sell gas at gas stations In Germany
RF explained the reasons of veto by the Tribunal on MH17: Moscow allegedly tried to "prevent a split" in the UN Security Council
Railway in Debaltseve
Militants will amnesty more than 2 thousand prisoners – Tuka
[email protected] held met with ATO head in Kramatorsk
For the last 24 hours no KIA. 4 soldiers were wounded, - ATO spokesman
The Polish foreign Ministry: mass asylum to Ukrainians would have led to disaster
Ammunition was seized the military at a checkpoint in the Dnipropetrovsk region
Belgian farmers protesting in Liege over low milk, meat prices. Say they're heading to Germany
The "DNR" started selling of SIM-card of mobile operator "Phoenix"
Germany will allocate one million euros for demining of Donbass
Police and bailiffs seized one of the buildings of Goszagransobstvennost in Paris, where MIA "Russia Today" located
SBU arrested a corrupt employee of SBU, who demanded money from businessmen
Deputy Defense minister of RF Antonov: Russia will respond to U.S. missile defense with adequate military-technical measures
Police: Shelling of Dzerzhinsk is a terrorist attack
Tsipras says Syriza faces a big dilemma. Greece
Missile formation of the Baltic Fleet’s Coastal Troops holds an exercise in the Kaliningrad Region
Leader of "Right sector" in Zaporizhya was kidnapped and beaten
The defense Ministry of RF summoned military NATO on open competition in form of war games
Finland is preparing for the occupation of the Aland Islands by "green men"
Lawyers of Savchenko came to the court in bullet-proof vests
Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia: Rus is not in isolation because AMI drills involves representatives from all regions of the world
In the reserve "Chersonese Tavrichesky" protesting against the appointment of a priest as a manager
The war for amber in the Rivne region: wounded policemen and arrested the most violent
Regiment of the airborne troops can be deployed in Occupied Crimea
The plan "Thunder" is introduced In Khmelnytsky region – searching a prisoner-the fugitive
Yatsenyuk announced the beginning of a plan B regarding investigations at Boeing
Detainees under Schast'e Russian special forces Alexandrov and Erofeev were transferred from hospital to jail
Fighters of ATO memorize faces of separatists by playing cards
The Ministry of culture invites everyone to join in the creation of a "White list" of foreign artists-friends of Ukraine
The bus drove the truck in In Simferopol, there are victims
SBU detained militants and the informant of "DNR"
The Prosecutor General's office opened a case against the French deputies, who visited Crimea
The representatives of the embassies of the Netherlands, the UK and Ukraine were to the courthouse where the case of Savchenko is heard
Russian fighters now wear similar to Ukrainian "pixel" uniform
"Pink snails" on protest at Kyiv city hall
Kyiv and Moscow are negotiating the possible exchange of Nadiya Savchenko on Russian GRU fighters- Mark Feigin
Another protest with tires - Belgian farmers demand higher prices for their products
During "amber" clashes in Dubrovytsia: wounded two policemen, detained 12
During amber clashes in Dubrovytsia: wounded two policemen, detained 12
Cameron called for alternative versions of the Tribunal regarding the Boeing
Zhebrivsky in conversation with @GeoffPyatt has asked weapons from U.S.
SBU has detained soldiers, who sold weapons
[email protected] with Pavlo Zhebrivskiy in Kramatorsk
Nadiya Savchenko was transferred from Novocherkassk in Donetsk, Rostov region.
Seven countries joined the EU sanctions against the Crimea
Two people were killed in the shelling of Dzerzhynsk
Soldiers of "Shidniy korpus" back from Mariupol to Kharkiv
Militants moved 7 tanks from Bezimenne to Sakhanka, closer to Shyrokyne - Tymchuk
Latvia has started negotiations with the USA about placing heavy military equipment on its territory
In Chita increased air pollution
SAM S300 destroyed a cruise missile conventional enemy in the sky of Buryatia during drills
This is high security ahead of Savchenko preliminary hearings in the Russian city of Donetsk.
About 2 thousand Russians went in Syria, Iraq and ISIS
Tanks, mortars, machine guns in the battle in Stanytsia Luhanska
Brazilian government has officially cancelled participation in a bilateral space treaty with Ukraine
UK in UNSC: res was about securing justice for 298 people onboard MH17. Russian veto disrespects victims & families
Lithuania will support further efforts to pursue accountability for MH17 downing, with or without Russia's cooperation
Meeting of @SaakashviliM with the people in Ovidiopol
11 votes in favor, 1 against mh17. Resolution Not adopted
Activity of Russian army on Sevastopol -Bahchisaray increased
UNSC observes a minute of silence to honour the 298 victims of flight MH17
MLRS shelling of Krasnogorovka
Poroshenko: High cost of direct invasion obvious to Russia
Convoy of trucks with soldiers on high speed on Petrovsky St in the direction of Mariinka
Echelon of IFVs in Taganrog
Shelling in Horlivka
French air force official in La Reunion says too soon to say if debris found off Saint Andre is related to MH370
The Italian delegation officially announced his intention to visit Crimea
Russia suspended from basketball by FIBA for infighting
Egyptian electrocuted trying to sneak onto Paris-London train: legal source
Iran to open a Peugot factory in Azerbaijan
Trial of Savchenko - tomorrow
Migrants picked up in the Mediterranean sit next to the coffins of others who died trying to cross the sea Messina
Militants are shelling Pisky
Putin signed a decree on the elimination of banned products from the EU
Igor Guzhva left the company Vesri and also resigned the chief editor of a daily newspaper @vesti
13 million francs in the accounts of judges of the Higher economic court were arrested
Russian-language TV channel kept instigating war, spread hatred and propaganda in LT, UK media watchdog confirmed
Consequences of rain in Feodosia
Russian media published the text of a draft resolution on the Tribunal for MH17
Head of SBU urges the Russian military not to go to war in the Donbass
Lithuanian and US troops chatting at the Rapid Trident exercises in western Ukraine
Detained Russian officer reported SBU number of military of Russia in Donbass - 2 000
Medics struggle to cope with number of injured migrants
The General Prosecutor's office announced the indictment of complicity in illegal detention of Savchenko to 6 Russian officials
The accounts of relatives of the detainee at the Donbass Russian mayor are "cleaned"
Ambassador @GeoffPyatt met with leaders of the Crimean Tatars and reaffirmed support of their community
16 unidentified soldiers were buried in Dnipropetrovsk
ISBU intercepted conversation of militants after the detention of the Russian major
ISBU intercepted conversation of militants after the detention of the Russian major
All planes currently blocked at Rom's Fiumicino Airport, forest fire
Foreign Ministry accuses Russia in the torture of illegally detained citizens
The raiders at the gas station in Ekaterinburg shot worker
Papers of major General of the armed forces of RF. ID of "DNR" issued in the name Ovsyannikov. Ovsyannikova-maiden name of the wife of Starkov
Forest fire beside Rom's Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport - Italy
34th Russian army supply convoy will arrive in Donbass July 30
Latvia wants to punish a sports trainer for a photo with the militant of "LNR"
Tactical intercepts & air-to-air training btwn US & Bulgarian jets during Exercise Thracian Star
OSCE SMM : Relatively calm situation noted at/around the Donetsk airport; some monitoring restricted
BA274, Las Vegas-London, diverted to Montreal earlier after a threat against the aircraft
Entrepreneurs in Yalta staged a "funeral" of the market
Transdniestria leader hails Russian peacekeepers
The pedestal of Lenin was removed in Slavyansk
Poroshenko: the number of deaths in the Donbass closer to 9 thousand
A famous Ukrainian surgeon killed In accident near Kyiv - media
Briefing of head of SBU Grytsak on captured Russian Mayor Starkov
Map where exactly did the almost 110,000 asylum seekers coming to Greece by boat in 2015 arrive
Russians hackers used Twitter, photos to reach U.S. computers: report
Kharkiv Rymarska street is closed, because of bomb threat
France sends 120 extra police to secure Eurotunnel
British Airways flight forced to land after 'bomb threat'
Navalny, Kasparov, Udaltsov and Yashin facing a criminal case
[email protected]: We strongly support President @poroshenko initiative for a 15 km withdrawal of heavy weapons
In Moscow will be created a government of Ukraine in exile. Azarov as PM
Five soldiers of 128th Transcarpathian brigade wounded in Stanitsa Luhanska
The railway station of Luhansk today
Putin in conversation with the PM of the Netherlands said that the establishment of the court on crash of MH17 is inappropriate
"Your experience of the ATO is very important for us",- the commander of U.S. air forces in Europe Gen. Frank Gorenc
А new Ukrainian military transport aircraft An 178
In Crimea create "working groups" of students and unemployed persons to harvest fruits
UEFA President Michel Platini has announced he will stand for the FIFA presidency
@GeoffPyatt: Ukraine implements the Minsk agreement. Russia and its agents do not. Us is quite clear.
The opening of the monument of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky in Lviv
Forces of ATO repulsed the assault on a strong point near Schast'e
Peskov: there is no order on the admission of the opposition to elections
Militants of "DNR" will patrol Shyrokine together with the Ukrainian militia
Russian tank army to be formed near Moscow by wintertime
Lawyers of Yanukovych complained that Prosecutor General's Office doesn't want to see him through the screen
Russia security boss: ISIS recruits come from over 100 nations
Militants once again shelled the checkpoint "Marinka"
The Fifth wave of mobilization in Ukraine is 70% complete
The police force has uncovered a bomb shelter in Kiyv, which converted into a casino
NATO Information Center in Romania celebrates 5 years
At 22: 00 Kyiv time UNSC will begin meeting on MH17
Man dies as migrants try to storm Eurotunnel terminal at Calais
Meeting of the Mayor of Odessa Trukhanov with the Governor of Istanbul Shahin
Montenegro citizens said goodbye to Ambassador of Russia in response to his advice on NATO
Opposition party PARNAS to be removed from elections in the Magadan region of Russia
LifeNews: Boeing was blown up from the inside
ATO spokesperson: Militants` presence from Yasynuvata to Oleksandrivka remains highly-concentrated
Russia not allowed batch of pork to Crimea
Air Policing jets in international airspace above the Baltic Sea near LV border identified RU AF 3xAn-26, Il-76, 4xMiG-31, 4xSu-24
The cause of the forest fires in the Chernobyl zone was arson
Poroshenko will go on a working trip to Lviv region on Wednesday
Oleg Sentsov at today's hearing
Monument to Lenin has dismantled in Rubizhne
The Central Bank of Russia has suspended the purchase of a currency due to falling ruble
2,000 migrants tried to enter Channel Tunnel in France
Eurotunnel says blocked over 37,000 migrants since January
NBU introduces into circulation the commemorative coin "Kyiv Prince Volodymyr"
Italy supported the idea of establishing of a Tribunal for Boeing
Three smugglers were detained and were sent to the military In Transcarpathia
SBU detained the truck with building materials, meat and vegetables for militants
Hollande invites Iran's Rouhani to visit France
Pipeline is again broken after a night of shelling in the Stanitsa Lugansk
The court has arrested 110 million of Yanukovich son for fraud on Artemovsk winery
Training of Ukrainian army with Fagot
Chechen leader @AkhmedZakayev in London hospital
[email protected]: We need 1240 missiles Javelin, instead of 1240 nuclear warheads from which we declined in 1994
In Kyiv died priest, previously wounded by unknown
Poroshenko: "If we do not stop Russia aggression, that means global security doesn’t exist."
At least one dead as 1,500 migrants try to storm Eurotunnel in the French port town of Calais
Today the UN Security Council will consider a resolution on the Tribunal for crashed MH17
80 attacks on Ukraine positions in the 24 hours. Around 100 Russians attacked Shchastya but were repelled - ATO
Gerard Depardieu was denied to entry in Ukraine
SBU has opened a 7 criminal cases on the fact of events in Mukacheve
Gazprom spent 2.4 trillion rubles on unclaimed projects
The UN will allocate $800 million for displaced persons in Dnipropetrovsk region
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