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24 กันยายน 2018

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Russian military echelon on 26/06/2016
Russian military echelon on 26/06/2016
Donetsk: salvos from Durna Balka to Krasnohorivka and Pisky
Poland - Portugal 1-1 (3-5)
Rain aftermath in Rostov na Donu
Lisichansk: hearing of fighting at Bakhmutka road
Horlivka: artillery shelling Svitlodarsk
#POR fan on the field of Stade Velodrome, Marseille
#POLPOR Stade Velodrome: one fan got on field. Security removed him
Brawl at tribunes of Stade Vélodrome. Poland 1 - 1 Portugal. 5 minutes to penalties
Fighting in the area of Mayorsk-Zaitseve
Rostov-on-Don: both floods and fire
Smoke/explosions seen in Dokuchaevsk
Flooding after heavy rain in Rostov-on-Don
Emergency situation is declared in Rostov on Don
Rostov submerged as a result of heavy rain
Flood in Rostov
Flood at Rostov-On-Don
In Burgas, Bulgaria, locals have attacked Ukrainians and Lithuanians that were protesting against Russia
Russian UAV "Forpost" (Searcher II) near Savur-Mohyla - August 15, 2014
Iceland Authorizes Return of US Troops Amid Russian Threat
#euro2016 Some troubles before Pol vs. Por in Marseille 30.06.2016
Mironivsky: everything shaking
Svitlodarsk: Fighting started
Debaltseve: hits heard, no connection
US Ambassador to Ukraine @GeoffPyatt welcoming Uber to Ukraine
Avdiivka, Butovka - booms periodically
János Lázár, Minister of Prime Minister's Office claims on "" this time he would not vote for EU, blaming the migration crisis for Brexit.
Fuel station after the serbian border in Hungary full with abandoned cars - locals assuming, they are left behind by human trafficers.
Police amassing to protect monument to soviet commander Schors in Kyiv
Russian MFA's Zakharova: "It was American diplomat who attacked a policeman, also he is a spy."
Portuguese fans before game with Poland in Marseille
Poles before game with Portugal in Old Port of Marseille
Brexit vote has 'deteriorated' Britain's economic outlook: Carney
US Tanks, Bradleys back in Baltics, Central and Southeastern Europe
EU said to approve eu150bn liquidity guarantees for Italy banks
Akhmed Chatayev, Chechen Suspected in Istanbul Airport Attack, Once Held by Georgia, Wanted by Russia
Donbas: Russian "Diesel" unit at firing range
TSN: 3 killed, 15 wounded. Ukrainian army was under attack with mortars, tanks and artillery
TSN: 3 killed, 15 wounded. Ukrainian army was under attack with mortars, tanks and artillery
Russian fighter jets held interception drills in Rostov region
Ambassador Lute: Increased defense spending among NATO Allies remains high priority; 1st session at NATOSummit will review progress on it
City of Dnipro said goodbye to killed Vasyl Slipak
Liquidity support applies only to solvent Italian banks – Commission spokeswoman
More than 1.9 million IDPs in Ukraine today's says @Yatsenyuk_AP #acukraine
At @AtlanticCouncil @Yatsenyuk_AP: I am not worried but scared (about situation in Europe) and domino effect #ACUkraine
Poland - Portugal today at Marseille's Velodrome. 1st Quarter-finals
"We are the only country in Europe fighting against a well equipped...Russian army"- @Yatsenyuk_AP
[email protected] Carrier Strike Group returns from strike operations from the Mediterranean Sea in support of OIR June 28
.@TheCVN69 Carrier Strike Group returns from strike operations from the Mediterranean Sea in support of OIR June 28
[email protected]_AP: we had too options, bad and worse, Minsk or not #ACUkraine
Ukraine won't accept changes to Association agreement – Foreign Minister
Ukraine and Bulgaria condemn NordStream2 construction – @Poroshenko and @BoykoBorissov
OSCE captures the peaks of violence in Shyrokyne, Svytlodarsk and Debaltseve
Ukraine and Bulgaria to cooperate in space sphere and youth policy
[email protected] releases underwater photos of migrant boat that sank, killing ~700, in April 2015
OSCE_SMM: Queues in Olenivka, South of Donetsk
Corbyn compares Israel to ISIS
Supporting NATO's Assurance Measures and Allies' security. Polish troops in Baltic States
Hug: Worrying reports of spike in daytime violence in Svitlodarsk-Debaltseve area. Yest 160 explosions in just 2hrs.Power out in Svitlodarsk
NATO is the only mechanism for international security - the President of Ukraine in Sofia
SBU detained the militant in Mayorsk
Shoigu dismiss 50 senior officers of the Baltic fleet
Civilists protesting against cutting trees in Liget park in Budapest. Government planned museum area constructions supposed to begin in recent days. Tree-protesters on ground since more than 100 days
Uber finally launches in Kyiv
Putin: Turkey apologized to Russia, and now the parties will gradually establish a relationship
At least 10 people drowned in the Mediterranean after inflatable dinghy began to sink: Italian coastguard
Former admiral of Ukraine appointed as the head of Russia's Baltic Fleet
"12 policemen ... with dogs... kicked and beat us with electric sticks until we ran away from the Hungary border.”
Putin: Russia sincerely wants to resolve the crisis in Ukraine
Putin: Russia not impose its will to anyone
Protesting civils at the Museum for Transportation trying to prevent cutting of trees
"I have concluded that person cannot be me." Boris Johnson announces he will not enter Conservative leadership race
Boris Johnson says he's not running
Kremlin has no data that Russian national was among Istanbul airport suicide bombers
Boris Johnson announces he will stand for Conservative leadership and prime minister
Boris Johnson announces he will stand for Conservative leadership and prime minister
Corbyn: "Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel than our Muslim friends are for the self-styled Islamic State"
Bulgaria will never recognize occupation of Crimea and Donbas. Crimea is Ukraine – @BgPresidency
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, 1 Ukrainian serviceman and 1 soldier of Right Sector KIA, 11 UA soldiers – WIA
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: Most strained mil situation – in Maryinka, Dokuchayevsk, Starohnativka, at the frontline Taramchuk – Shyrokyne
ATO spox: Yesterday militants` attack on UA positions near Luhanske was in vain – UA servicemen repelled them back
Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan will meet before September.
Operational Environment in E. Ukraine as of June 30, 2016, 00:00
British Home Secretary Theresa May to run for Conservative Party leadership
Uber launches in Ukraine
TURKEY: European Union source says the EU has agreed to open a new negotiating chapter with Turkey on its bid for membership
Turkish TV channels are saying Istanbul airport attackers were likely ISIS members from Russia and former Soviet Union
Putin's approval rating increased to 81%
SBU to detained "sappers": you were shelled by own artillery, what do you think about it - We are dissapointed
[email protected] has started his visit to Bulgaria
During day heared incoming and rigle gun fire in Yasynuvata
Russia to move another 10k military personnel to its western border, replaces cmdr of Baltic fleet
Vice-Admiral of the naval forces of Ukraine will trial in absentia for treason
Report that one of Istanbul bombers in Chechen origin Osman Vadinov. Came to Turkey from Raqqa
Amendments to the Constitution in part of justice officially published in Ukraine
The United States supports privatization and reforms in the energy sector of Ukraine to fight against corruption
Russia: 2 killed as An-2 crashed in Saratov region of Russia
NABU signed agreement on cooperation with FBI
Ukrzaliznytsia has resumed freight transportation in the occupied Donbass
USAF RC-135V 64-14844 DERMA42 departed Mildenhall at 0447z - Polish eastern border and southern Baltic Sea mission
InformNapalm geolocated 5 Russian tanks T-72 near Schastye
66 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
Just arrived at the court in Szeged, trial of refugees accused of mass riot about to begin Hungary
Russian bombs dropped on Idlib countryside with clear captions
Explosions in the area of Troitske
Outgoing shelling from Stakhanov from area of meat factory
RAF Typhoons escort British and USMC F-35Bs arriving in the UK for the first time
Turkey refused to allow RIA reporter to enter country
The F35 has touched down in the UK #F35toUK
[email protected] arrives in the UK, will star at @airtattoo
First UK F35 arrived in RAF Fairford
Investigators have extracted data from EgyptAir recorder, consistent with earlier reports of smoke from lavatory, avionics bay
Dokuchaevsk: heavy fighting
British Defence Operational Shooting Competition, Bisley UK
OSCE: We haven't got any notification on sapper works near Shirokine as Russian side claimed
Maryinka: escalation on the frontline
Maryinka: escalation on the frontline
Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Romania, and Northern Cyprus conclude Exercise Al Nour 2016 at Konya AFB
Russia, Turkey most likely to restore cooperation on Syria: Russian FM Lavrov
All flags at NATO HQ at half-mast in solidarity with Turkey
Putin extends Western food embargo to end of 2017
The contact group will meet in Minsk in two weeks
The trilateral contact group to discuss the creation of a subgroup to regain Kyiv control over the Ukrainian-Russian state border
The case of Nemtsiv murder finished and sent to the court
Flashflood in Donetsk after yesterday rain
US/UK F35Bs prepare to take off for trans-Atlantic trip to RIAT/Farnborough air shows, h/t @MCASBeaufortSC
Svitlodarsk UA positions: "We have the real full-scale war hear near Svitlodarsk and Lohvynove"
House Speaker Paul Ryan urges new trade deal with the UK
Donetsk: Russian forces on the move
54 Ukrainian brigade: reports of 11 wounded
Fighting in the area of Vuhlehirs'k - Svitlodarsk
Most EU member states rejected talks with Scotland at summit
Spanish PM opposes EU talks with Scotland after Brexit
New EU summit September 16 in Bratislava to discuss Brexit: Tusk
Putin says lifting travel restrictions to Turkey, also orders to start normalizing trade with #Turkey again
Svitlodarsk: No electricity in entire Svitlodarsk, single projectiles hit closer and closer
PM says "it is not in UK's interests" for Jeremy Corbyn to remain as leader of Labour Party saying: "For heaven's sake man, go" during PMQs
"For heaven's sake man, go!" says Cameron to Corbyn #PMQs
Russia should be involved in exploration of Iraq's oil - ambassador in Baghdad
It's propaganda
Russian terrorist Bezler panics spreading rumors on Ukrainian offensive near Debaltseve
Crabb called for an Advisory Council of the four Uk nations ahead of triggering Article 50
Contact group started Minsk talks
Russian militants accounts reporting on some Ukrainian tanks+infrantry activity near Debaltseve
13 foreigners among the 36 people killed in the #AtaturkAttack. From Saudi, Iran, Irak, China, Ukraine, Tunisia, Uzbekistan
Finnish FM Soini: "Given this govt's balance of power, there will be no EU referendum in Finland"
NABU came to ATO prosecutor Kulik
No KIA, but 4 WIA among UA servicemen in the warzone in southeast Ukraine over the last 24h - official
ATO spox: UA mil intel reports, 2 trucks with ammo, 1 with spare parts for mil equipment and 7 tanks with fuel arrived from RU to militants
ATO spox: Ukrainian troops delivered charity aid to children in Severodonetsk, Luhansk region
Death Toll From Istanbul Attack Reaches 40. Media Publishes Names And Citizenship
Turkish presidential sources: Putin and Erdogan had a very productive and positive conversation
Kremlin spokesman: President Putin “expresses condolences to the Turkish people” over the Istanbul airport attack
Russian President Putin is talking to Turkish President Erdogan on phone now: Kremlin
Several Ukrainians wounded, 1 reportedly killed in fighting near Debaltseve
Debaltseve: Ukrainian troops cleared one militants position
Reports of fighting in the area of Debal'tseve
Heavy explosions reported in Yenakieve from the area Vuhlehirs'k - Svitlodarsk
Among the 36 people killed in the airport attack in Istanbul yesterday are one Ukranian and one Iranian citizen
[email protected]: The Ukraine conflict is slowly re-escalating.The human rights situation in Crimea has worsened.
Consequences of shelling in Trudovskie of Donetsk
Jeff Monson in occupied Lugansk
5:30AM Salvos towards Popasna.
In Kharkiv detained ex-MP of Communist party in case of separatism
RU @rentvchannel: "In Federation Council of RF, terrorist attack in Istanbul is regarded as a "warning" for Turkey"
MigrationCrisis: At dawn Responder spotted this wooden boat with 500+ people on board mostly from Eritrea
Police in UK arrest 3 after racist outburst on tram
Russian Navy's New Improved Kilo Class Sub, 3rd of the BSF, Stary Oskol heading north on the Bosphorus.
Vasyl Slipak, a Ukrainian opera singer who quitted French opera theater to fight for Ukraine, has been killed in eastern Ukraine
Imp.Kilo submarine for Russian BSF, Stary Oskol passed through Istanbul this morning. TCG Tekirdağ trails.
1 Ukrainian woman confirmed dead in Istanbul attack
BSF rescue towtug Professor Nikolay Muru SB45 transits Bosphorus and returns to the BlackSea after 117 days
ATO HQ: 51 attacks at Donbas yesterday
Shell hit house at Lenina street in Dokuchaevsk
[email protected] Soldiers, @NATO and partner nations gather in Ukraine for RapidTrident 16
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