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24 กันยายน 2018

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Dead Russian whistleblower in Magnitsky case, Alexander Perepilichnyy, was involved in Deutsche Bank mirror trades
3rd night violent protests in Paris over death of #shaoyoliu
Terrorist threat level in Ukraine is high. - SSU.
Another soldier was killed today as result of sniper fire in Luhans'ke
Ukrainian soldier was killed as result of shelling of Popasna with 120mm mortars
Missing helicopter search under way at Caernarfon Bay
Senate intelligence leaders pledge bipartisan Russia probe
USArmy: 497th CSSB Equipment Arrived in Gdansk, Poland yesterday. Onward movement to destinations in Poland and Lithuania.
Poland eyes frigates from Australia, submarines
Over 3000m2 of grass is burning at Osokorky in Kyiv
Grass fire, 3 hectares - Emergency Services. Firefighters on scene.
Ukraine: Large scale fire has erupted tonight near Kyiv. Started near Svyatishche Lake.
Helicopter goes missing over the Irish Sea with 5 people on board
Vigil for #shaoyoliu shot dead at his home in Paris by police
[email protected]: "Russia is going to act in it's self-interest, not in America's interest."
[email protected]: Some reports, and we've got to get to the bottom of this, that there were upwards of 1,000 paid internet Russia
Minsk talks today: everyone agreed on ceasefire since 1 April
GOP chairman: Russia probe "one of the biggest investigations" I've seen
GOP lawmaker: Senate should lead Russia investigation after Nunes controversy
Heavy fire at Osokorky, Kyiv. Emergency service says wildfire
Debaltseve: non-stop 120mm shelling
Judge Andrew Napolitano returns to Fox defending claim Obama asked British to spy on Trump
Mariupol: It's very loud. Hnutove direction. Heavy (122-152mm)
Lithuanian Foreign Minister threatened Belarus with sanctions if they take new political prisoners
[email protected] on Russia probe: Putin's goal is a weaker U.S.-weaker economically, weaker globally and that should be a concern to all Americans
Putin cruising to easy reelection despite protests, cold economy
#HellenicAirForce-led, multinational exercise INIOHOS 2017 at Andravida Air Base, Greece. Day 3
Grass fire at fields in Sokilnyky
Biolohoscha L'viv -burning peats
300 Russian military personnel with several Iskander-M moved to Leningrad Oblast for exercises
Liberal Serbia'n presidential candidate Sasa Jankovic at a Belgrade rally ahead of Sunday's election. Seselj looms on billboard behind.
Blackout again in Avdiivka cause of shelling, - powerlines were damaged
DNR group militants training with MANPADS
1,832 appointments in govt departments allegedly secured through fake caste certificates, over 1200 of them in financial institutions: Govt
India planning to enter into Social Security Agreements with China, Russia; holding informal consultations on similar pact with the US: Govt
Lavrov says Ukrainian president wants Minsk agreements 'dead'
Medvedev and Putin together in the Arctic today
EU Parliament says EU cannot accept hard border between Northern Ireland and Irish Republic
EU Parliament's Brexit negotiator says EU cannot accept that Britain would start bilateral trade talks before leaving bloc
No deal on rights of EU citizens in Britain and vice versa means no deal at all - EU Parliament president
U.K. Court Dismisses Ukraine's Defense In Case Of $3 Billion Debt To Russia
Belarusian security forces have detained, beaten, or harassed more than 100 journalists since February.
German MP @jensspahn calls Brexit "mother of all negotiations": These will probably be most complex negotiations that world has ever seen
Merkel rejects May's call for parallel talks on EU-UK ties
MFA spox: attack on Polish consulate is a part of hybrid war
Merkel after UK triggered Article 50: Will work hard for as little impact as possible for EU citizens that live in Britain brexitday
Merkel urges 'fair and constructive' Brexit negotiations, says Germany and EU27 didn't want Britain to leave, but respect voters' decision
Protest in L'viv region should last until 10pm, protesters were ordered to resist police with fore
L'viv region: SBU seized instructions from organizers of protesters
SBU exposed provocation at border in L'viv region
Merkel urges 'fair and constructive' Brexit negotiations
German FM @sigmargabriel says 'intolerable' if Turkey secret service spied on German politicians. Germany prosecutor investigating.
Khreschatyk metro station is closed in Kyiv due to bomb threat
In Lviv region the police detained 80 people who blocked the road near the border
Belarus poll: only 27.3% of Belarusians would vote for president Lukashenka
Germany is "well-prepared for process and will benable to position itself on all questions that arise," says Merkel spokeswoman on Brexit
Top U.S. Military Commander in Europe Calls For Lethal Weaponry For Ukraine
Germany MFA: New law addressing representatives of anticorruption NGO's in Ukraine is a step in the wrong direction.
GOP @RepCharlieDent tells us he thinks the Senate Intel committee should take over Russia investigation.
Border communities against Brexit march on Stormont. Oppose Brexit. Unite Ireland.
Putin arrived at the Franz Joseph Land
French President Francois Hollande says Brexit "will be painful for the British"
Poland to close all consulates in Ukraine temporary
Belarus President heads to Turkmenistan, to spend 3 days.
"Let us stay friends, dear Brits! We need one another, even after Brexit. You stay our neighbor, and the EU stays yours", says German FM
Mumbai Police issues advisory that there may be aerial attack by gliders, drones etc; bans use of any flying object from 31 March-29 April
Belgian PM Charles Michel vows to "defend European values" in the coming Brexit negotiations
UK triggers Article 50 clause to leave the European Union
Theresa May says "there is no turning back" as she triggers #Article50 to begin the Brexit process
"We already miss you. Thank you and goodbye" - @eucopresident reacts to Article 50 being triggered by UK
146 migrants feared missing after boat capsizes in Med: UN agency
[email protected]: UK's notification letter marks the start of an "orderly process" of withdrawal
[email protected]: "EU law will continue to apply to and within the European Union"
'No reason to pretend this is a happy day': EU's Tusk
[email protected] Tusk: "But there is paradoxically something positive in Brexit," it has made the 27 more united and determined
[email protected]_may: "And now that the decision to leave has been made and the process is underway, it is time to come together"
[email protected]_may: "There should be no reason that we could not agree on a new special partnership between the UK and the EU"
[email protected]_may: "Our vote to leave the EU was no rejection of the values that we share as fellow Europeans"
[email protected]_may: "It's in the interest of both the UK and the EU that there is as little disruption as possible"
[email protected]_may: "We will negotiate as one United Kingdom," taking account of the interest of every region
[email protected]_may: "We will deliver certainty wherever possible"
[email protected]_may: "We will do all we can to help the European Union prosper and succeed"
[email protected]_may: "While we are leaving the institutions of Europe, we are not leaving Europe"
[email protected]_may: "Perhaps now more than ever, the world needs the liberal and democratic values of Europe"
[email protected]_may: "I want us to be friends with our European partners, but also a country that reaches beyond the borders of Europe"
[email protected]_may: "I want the UK to emerge from this period stronger, more united and fairer"
British PM @theresa_may speaks to the House of Commons: "This is an historic moment and there is no going back"
Theresa May formally triggers Article 50 beginning Brexit process
Despite Brexit, Britain still partner in NATO, Europe: Germany
Article 50 letter formally delivered
Prime Minister Theresa May has triggered Article 50 to begin the formal two-year negotiating process for the UK to leave the European Union
EU's Tusk has received #Article50 letter from UK
Greenpeace demands that the governor of St. Petersburg stops a dangerous experiment to launch a floating nuclear power station.
President of Ukraine Poroshenko had phone call with President of Poland Duda
Radio Svoboda: Accounts of Committee to Prevent Torture seized.
Theresa May has arrived in the House of Commons, to cheers from British legislators, prior to delivering a Brexit trigger speech.
Spokesman of @EU_Commission: @JunckerEU spoke to Theresa May on the phone yesterday
British PM May arrived at the House of Commons ahead of the triggering of #Article50 which will officially start the Brexit
In Crimea, security forces detained the activist Belal Adilov
Interfax: Moscow city court rules that in absentia arrest of Voronenkov, murdered in Kyiv, is legal.
Theresa May phoned Merkel and @eucopresident ahead of 'divorce letter': Agreed to negotiate in constructive spirit, ensuring orderly Brexit
Col. Lysenko: Mortar men from separate 1st tank brigade of the UAF successfully finished tactical military exercises
Alexei Navalny's Foundation for Fighting Corruption staff work on a hotline to help people who were arrested on March 26
British ambassador arrives at Tusk Tower to hand over Brexit letter
EU blocks LSE-Deutsche Boerse mega-merger: statement
FSB exposed Hizb ut-Tahrir cell in Moscow
Iniohos flyby
The Central European University (CEU) in Budapest will host a forum today to discuss Orban government attempt to shut down university.
Poland MFA has summoned @UKRinPL ambasador. @PLinUkraine embassy in Kyiv will also send a protest note to @MFA_Ukraine.
Putin increased the number of Russian army to 1.9 million (with same soldiers number)
SBU: Provocations against Poland in Ukraine benefit only Russia
Brexit letter on its way in a Jaguar. Head of UKRep Sir Tim Barrow hand-delivers article 50 letter to @eucopresident Donald Tusk
2 dead as result of grenade explosion in Myrnograd( Dymytrov)
In Lutsk Poland consulate was shelled with grenade launcher
Poland denies reports of withdrawal from Eurocorps
Tusk: At 13.20 today, UK Brexit notification letter (article 50) will be handed to me by Ambassador Tim Barrow
OSCE SMM: Armed man opens fire near SMM in Kozatske
FM Klimkin condemned attack on Polish consulate in Lutsk
France’s former Socialist PM Valls says will vote for centrist candidate Macron in presidential election
German SPD closing on Merkel's conservatives, AfD at lowest since Nov 2015 - poll
Magnitude 7.0 quake strikes in Far Eastern Russia - USGS
61 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 3 soldiers were wounded
Donetsk: damage at Chapaeva street
Joint exercise between Russia and Tajikistan in Khatlon Region of Tajikistan
Joint exercise between Russia and Tajikistan in Khatlon Region of Tajikistan
Teargas was shot during RT's live broadcast from the scene in Paris’ 19th district
US senate approves Montenegro joining NATO
Russia signs bilateral agreements with Iran as Putin hosts Rouhani for first official visit to Moscow
Tillerson to press NATO on defense spending: official
Heavy artillery is working north to Debal'tseve
Russian man pleads guilty to installing malware on tens of thousands of computers servers to net millions in revenue, per @TheJusticeDept
Weapons and ammunition found in mosque at Xanthi, in far northeastern Greece near Turkey: reports
[email protected]: Sally Yates was not blocked from testifying to Congress about Russia
Balakliya today
Tusk calls to PM @theresa_may ahead of tomorrow's Brexit letter
[email protected] First equipment from USA-led eFP battlegroup arrived already by train at Orzysz
Serbia's papers went big on Vucic's visit to Russia. Putin wished him success in Sunday's presidential election.
Ukrainian border guards found a little lion, which being attempt to smuggle abroad
Scottish parliament votes on a 2nd referendum on leaving the UK
MSPs have backed Nicola Sturgeon's call for a second referendum on Scottish independence by 69 votes to 59.
Poland to withdraw from Eurocorps force: official
"Nuclear weapons ban is just not realistic" adds @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti, points to DPRK violations, Russia "aggressively" modernizing
30 attacks on Ukrainian positions today, 2 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded
Despite concerns, Germany approves sale of nuclear fuel elements to reactors in Belgium
PM May to fire the starting gun on Brexit
Qatar sees Brexit as chance to supply UK more gas - minister
[email protected] says House Intelligence Chairman Nunes should not recuse himself from Russia investigation
Syrian Kurds protesting in Berlin against the PYD, calling European politicians to classify it as a terror organization.
Nagorno Karabakh: Artak Rafaelyan (born in 1997) was killed at a military outpost located in eastern direction of the line of contact.
The court ordered the Sochi rabbi to leave Russia
"Russia will continue to press against the int'l norms," warns @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti "We need to demonstrate strength"
Alexander Lukashenko called Putin "brother"
German prosecutors launch probe into Turkey spy claims
France's Macron confident of winning parliamentary majority
Russia "see a use for nuclear tactical capabilities with in what we would consider a conventional conflict. very alarming" - Gen Scaparrotti
Putin and Rouhani press-conference in Moscow, Zarif and Lavrov sit in first row and shaking hands
Russia modernizing their forces across all categories-both hybrid/cyber and conventional, per @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti
Trump administration sought to block Sally Yates from testifying to Congress on Russia
"He's trying to have influence on the cheap"-HASC ranking member Rep. Adam Smith on Russia President Putin
In Volgodonsk, a strong wind dumped a 25-meter monument
Russian President Putin, Iranian President Rouhani to hold presser
Dmitry Medvedev has met with Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov
In Yekaterinburg, Russia, public transport workers joined a protest demanding higher wager
Near Makhachkala, Dagestan, 300 long-haul truck drivers protest against road toll charge
Two protesting truck drivers were detained in Tula
Poland-Ukraine-Lithuania interparliament assembly with @prezydentpl
Protesters singing- There are thousands in the streets of Cayenne
Russian President Putin welcomes his Iranian counterpart Rouhani in Moscow, discussing trade, economic and investment ties.
Carlos the Jackal gets life sentence for 1974 Paris attack
Civilians returned to Balakliya
Civilians returned to Balakliya
Putin spox Dmitry Peskov on Jared Kushner's meeting with CEO of sanctioned Russian bank: "It was ordinary business."
US Pentagon officials see a resurgent Russian military expanding into Afghanistan and Libya
Klympush-Tsintsadze: NATO is not a panacea, this is the possibility to change the Ukrainian army
RFERL's @SvobodaRadio service journalists attacked in southern Russia
Moscow is looking for the murderer of the chief of the repair and construction department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Clashes in Paris over the killing of a Chinese man by police leave 3 officers injured; 35 arrested
Mustaghni says discussions are ongoing on participation of Afghanistan's representative in Moscow meeting
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Over the last day of hostilities, two Ukrainian soldiers were KIA, 5 were wounded and injured.
[email protected] announces next meeting of the NATO-Russia Council on 30 March at NATO HQ in Brussels
Police are still guarding the offices of Navalny's Foundation for Fighting Corruption, and computers were taken from there
German official accuses Turkey of 'unacceptable' spying
Report: Russia calls US Black Sea naval patrols potential threat
China summons French diplomat after Chinese person shot dead
London's mayor @SadiqKhan in Brussels: "It's in nobody's interest for London to be punished to leave the EU."
Russia expects Washington, Seoul and Tokyo to include it in talks on North Korea - Kosachev
Death of ShaoyoLiu: Beijing asks Paris to protect its nationals.
A 200-pound gold coin worth more than $1 million was stolen from a museum in Germany
British officials have demanded tech firms give security services greater access to smartphone communications
Trump demands Intel panel probe Clinton Foundation ties to Russian uranium deal
Iran says Russia can use military bases 'on case by case basis'
Levada poll: 67% believes Putin is guilty in corruption in Russia
Israel Air Force is taking part in Iniohos 2017 alongside crews from Greece US, Italy and United Arab Emirates
Paris - clashes happened after police killed Chinese father-of-five.
U.S. Senate Advances Approval of Montenegro's Bid To Join NATO
58 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers KIA, 5 WIA
Greece: “The Greek armed forces are ready to answer any provocation,” Panos Kammenos, minister of Defense
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