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19 กันยายน 2018

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Possible MLRS Grad at Svitlodarsk Bulge
Windows are shaking in Mariupol, some locals taped their windows today in anticipation of fightings. Ukraine
Ukraine: 152mm Artillery at work in Makiivka, Donetsk.
UK Foreign Office clarifies impact of US immigration order on UK nationals, following conversations with US government
Foreign Office: UK citizens with dual nationality are exempt from the U.S. travel ban unless they fly to America from a blacklisted country
Russia's state TV: "Theresa May attempted to utter something about Ukraine, but received no response [from Trump]."
Fighting in Donetsk this evening
Clashes of police with suspected militants in Dagestan
Merkel reminded Trump of Geneva Convention's refugee policy: reports
Artillery working from Azotny, Donetsk
March to commemorate Heroes of Krut in Pavlograd
Russia's Foreign Min. spokeswoman Maria Zakharova launched a competition to caricature Boris Johnson furious at her being invited to London.
Rally in memory of Heroes of Krut in Kharkiv
Police in Germany say the bodies of 6 teenagers found in a garden house.
Artillery salvos near Stakhanov
[email protected]_Farage: "[@POTUS] is honoring his pledge to the American people."
4 Ukrainian soldiers reportedly killed in Russian forces attack on Avdiivka, attack repelled
Near the Marine station of Sevastopol found the dummy bomb
President Trump and Putin discussed fighting terrorism, but barely mentioned Russia's annexation of Crimea
Sen. McConnell opposed to lifting sanctions against Russia: "If anything we ought to be looking at increasing them"
Russia's chief propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov rushing to defend Trump from "immoral" media.
Iran has summoned Swiss ambassador, who is representing US interests in Tehran, to protest US travel ban
UK Defence Secretary: "The values of freedom and democracy cannot be traded. Britain... standing firm with our Ukrainian friends."
UK to send Royal Navy warship to Ukraine
Russian K-612-O nuclear detonation detection vehicle
New Italian trial set for Berlusconi in a corruption case
Angela Merkel says the war on terror does not justify prejudices against followers of any religion
Germany's Schaeuble admits 'mistakes' in refugee policy
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says President Trump's immigration policy 'cannot be justified'
Netherlands: Geert Wilders, whose party leads polling for upcoming election, says immigration should be banned from 'any Islamic country'
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine January 29, 2017, 00:00 EET
London's Mayor says Trump's ban on refugees and visitors from certain countries is 'shameful and cruel'
Violent clashes at Avdiivka: artillery are being used in full force
Donetsk water filter station is damaged again
Blackout in Avdiivka
Finland: Chief of defense @CharlesLindberg: Attack would come as a surprise like in Crimea.
5 wounded in cylinder explosion in Kharkiv region
Artillery pounding Avdiivka
3 suspected militants killed in Khasavyurt, Dagestan by Russian security forces
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
DNR's Khodakovsky says commander of brigade was killed in action this morning
Morning in Dokuchaevsk: clashes with artillery, far
Fighting audible in Donetsk this morning
Khodakovsky of DNR says groups' reserves are on battle alert, at least 11 wounded in recent clashes
Violent clashes in Northern Donetsk this morning: Yakovlevka, Donetsk, North Makiivka, West Donetsk: Krasnohorivka, Maryinka
Avdiivka: a lot of hits
55 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions yesterday
White House: Donald Trump and Angela Merkel agree NATO is of "fundamental importance"
WH statement says Putin initiated call to Pres Trump to congratulate him on taking office. Says call lasted an hour and was positive.
White House readout of Trump's phone call with Putin
President of Kosovo: Serbia wants to divide Kosovo using Ukraine as an example
Peskov: issue of lifting sanctions in the conversation of Putin and Trump was not discussed
LY384 to Tel Aviv is returning to Rome, reason unknown
House roof caught fire due to explosion at gas station in Makhachkala
Heavy hits at Promka, Avdiivka
Russian forces pounding Vodyane with artillery
[email protected]@realDonaldTrump phone conversation today : @fhollande highlighted French views on EU, UN, NATO, Russia, Iran, Syria, Climate
St.Petersburg citizens held rally against handover St.Isaac cathedral to Russian Church
White House readout of Trump Merkel call
Column of Russian military vehicles entered Simferopol
Merkel invited Trump to G20 summit in Hamburg in July, and both agreed on NATO's 'fundamental importance' in extensive phone call
French President told Trump that sanctions on Russia will not be lifted until it fulfills its obligations in Ukraine
Trump has accepted German Chancellor Merkel's invitation to attend the G-20 summit in Hamburg in July - White House
French President Hollande, in phone call, urged Trump to respect and implement Iran nuclear deal and Paris climate deal - Elysee palace
Kremlin says Trump, Putin agree to work closely
French President told Trump that sanctions on Russia will not be lifted until it fulfills its obligations in Ukraine
Kremlin's on Putin-Trump call: no mention of easing sanctions
French President says he 'warned' President Trump in a phone-call about risks of not respecting Iranian nuclear deal
Trump and Putin discuss coordinating on ISIS and Syria, Kremlin says
Trump and Putin agreed to resume economic and trade cooperation, according to the Kremlin
Trump and Putin agreed in their phone-call to start 'real coordination' against ISIS
Kremlin says Putin and Trump discussed a "partnership" over the Ukrainian conflict
Kremlin readout says Putin and Trump agreed to meet soon to talk anti-terror partnership, renewed business contacts
Museum with a huge trove of World War II-era items acquires German document demanding US surrender.
Kremlin seeking improved relations with U.S.
French President says Trump is 'encouraging extremism' and Europe 'must stand together'
Gas station exploded in Mahachkala
Top Russian official: The Putin-Trump call will be "positive"
Video of heavy shelling east of Mariupol tonight. Filmed from the city
Video of heavy shelling east of Mariupol tonight. Filmed from the city
Swedish FM Margot Wallström: Deeply concerned about US decision not to allow entry of people from certain countries. Creates mistrust between people.
Loud battle near Mariupol, artillery, mortars, tank can be heard now.
Netherlands: 20 countries to support Netherlands abortion aid fund, following US move to halt foreign aid to groups that provide abortions
Heavy fighting East to Mariupol
Poklonskaya called Kyiv temporarily occupied territory
Area of Novoazovsk: more intensive fighting today than yesterday judging on sound
Ukrainian Cyber alliance debunked rumors that detained FSB officer overhand #SurkovLeaks to them
President Ivanov gave the PM mandate to a person w/o MP majority. He didn't say why he felt it's OK to brake the Constitution
Mikhail Gorbachev: Why he’s still worried about US-Russia nuclear war
Dutch government pledges €10m as it launches initiative to neutralize Trump's order to cut funding of foreign NGOs that perform abortions
Photo from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer shows Pres. Trump speaking to Russian Pres. Putin
PM Theresa May meets with Turkish president Erdogan, PM Yildirim in Ankara, sealing £100M arms deal on building 250 fighter jets for Turkey.
French Pres. Hollande urges Europe to unify against populist movements, resist calls to ban access to refugees
British PM Theresa May says 'US responsible for US refugee policy' after Donald Trump ban
[email protected] places phone call with Russian President Putin.
President Trump is currently speaking with Russian President Putin after a 45-minute call with German Chancellor Merkel - White House
President Trump is flanked by Pence, Flynn, Bannon, Priebus and Spicer in the Oval Office as he talks with President Putin.
Not only artillery is heard clear over the east side of Mariupol
France, Germany form united front in face of Pres. Trump's halt in US refugee program
Over 2,000 people rally in St. Petersburg against Russian cathedral handover to Russian Orthodox Church.
Trump-Putin phone call has GOP and European allies concerned
[email protected] in the Oval Office during call with Germany's Angela Merkel.
France's hard left faces off against center left in primary that could realign unpredictable presidential campaign
Russian security chief says Moscow has high hopes for call between Putin, Trump: "Everything will be positive"
LNR group said that blocking railway threatens catastrophe in Luhansk region
Britain's Theresa May calls on Turkey to maintain human rights after coup
Gorbachev urges Trump and Putin—who are slated to speak today—to introduce UN resolution banning nuclear war
China, Switzerland sign a customs agreement on AEO status, a move that will further boost economic cooperation
French Socialist primary ‘cyber attacked,’ says election chair
Pope Francis worried about what he calls a 'hemorrhage' of priests and nuns from the Catholic church.
French President says European Union must respond firmly to Trump Administration's policies
Ukrainian Mindef Il-76 from Cairo landed in Turkey after declaring emergency
Activists blocking railway to occupied part of Luhansk region for 3rd day
Russia sanctions must be tied to progress on Ukraine peace: Gabriel
OSCE came to Donbas blockade place and saying that "military on other side of frontline suffers too"
France and Germany express concern over Trump's executive orders
100-meter pontoon ferry for heavy equipment across the frozen Oka
Col. Motuzyanyk: Over the past day, UA Forces incurred no fatalities, 3 servicemen were WIA
ATO spokesperson: Mariupol sector: Totally, 34 enemy attacks, half of which - with heavy weapons
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Mariupol sector: almost all enemy attacks occurred on the stretch of the front-line from Pavlopil to Shyrokyne
ATO spokesperson: Over the previous day, militants conducted 11 attacks, 7 of which with heavy weapons, in Donetsk sector
ATO spox: 4 enemy attacks in Avdiyivka industial area. Militants fired more than 70 mortar bombs and 10 artillery shells here
Col. Motuzyanyk: Militants used heavy weapons along the front-line here
ATO spokesperson: Donetsk sector: combat situation remains tense
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Luhansk sector: In total, 15 enemy attacks here, 4 - with mortars
ATO spokesperson: The militants continue to fire our positions near Popasna and Bahmutska Road, but use much less heavy weapons
ATO spox: Luhansk sector: less tense here today
FSB cybersecurity officer Mikhailov and Kaspersky top-manager could be arrested in connection with earlier arrest of Vladmiir "Louis" Anikeev, head of Shaltai-Boltai group. Story connected with dump of #SurkovLeaks
Germany About 40 Turkish NATO soldiers requested asylum in Germany: media
Police officer wounded in the assault on the "Museum of Novorosiya" in St. Petersburg
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine January 28, 2017, 00:00 EET
First visit in office: FM @sigmargabriel in Paris to meet FM @jeanmarcayrault
Belorussia to grant 8 MiG-29s and 2 "BuK" AD battalions to Serbia in 2018 Serbia & Belorussia to talk also about S-300P/V AD system
60 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday
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