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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Patriarch Kirill sends peace letters 2 Poroshenko & Putin
Russian IMR combat engineer vehicle at Zaichenko
In Novoazovs'k distict- Russian tank and KAMAZ truck
The Supreme administrative court of Ukraine quashed the penalty of the Russian "Aeroflot" for flying over Crimea
Russian forces in village Zaichenko, Novoazovsk district
Belarus Receives $760 Million Loan From Russia
Mikhailovskaya square now. Orthodox rally
2 monuments to Lenin disappeared from Krasnohorivka
2 monuments to Lenin disappeared from Krasnohorivka
Russian Colonel-General Viktor Yesin: “Topol is able to reliably overcome the US missile defense as part of a massive nuclear strike"
Russian "Redoubt-2US" mobile telecoms system seen in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Rostov reg
US remains committed to support of reforms in Ukraine and efforts to eradicate corruption in all its manifestations
Volleys from the southwest of Donetsk
Poland’s food exports jumped 4.5% to $23.5 billion last year even with a Russian import embargo in place
Consequences of shelling in Donetsk
The defense has a new proof of the alibi of Savchenko - lawyer
Poroshenko: the state will not interfere in the process of unification of churches
Certification is not held 20% of employees of traffic police in Mariupol
Yanukovych is ready to testify in own business online - lawyers
Poroshenko has signed the improvement of the system of electronic administration
Tank in Eastern Ukraine have shot down a truck with alcohol for "Cossacks"
The defense of Mariupol is now holding the paratroopers, missile troops and Marines - Ministry of defense
Moskal: smuggling across the border has actually stopped for the last 10 days
Picket near Investigative Committee of the Kostroma region
OSCE mission says about the shelling of Stanitsa Luhanska
French deputies for the visit to Crimea are threatened till 8 years of prison.
Sweden: Defence forces confirm that the submarine found is likely Russia Som, sunk 1916
Russia's investigative Committee does not allow leaders of the Majlis to leave Crimea
OSCE: the Parties are ready for level of escalation, which we haven't seen
Ukrainian players have decided to support the fighters on the front line.
Captured Russian special forces troops Erofeev and Alexandrov will be judged in September
Lawyer: Savchenko has double alibi of innocence of an alleged charges
Kyiv negotiates with militants about the search of the bodies of the fighters in the area ATO
Aleksandrov right now.
Ereveev with SBU at now
Prosecutor General of Ukraine is required to investigate trip of French senators in Crimea
The first undesirable organization in Russia "The national foundation for democracy"
Ukrainian marines in Shyrokyne
Accession of Ukraine, Georgia to NATO will have catastrophic consequences — Russia’s envoy
Battalion "Donbass" declares the seizure of an arms cache of militants
Twitter page of Ukrainian envoy to UN @Yuriy_Sergeyev was hacked
Klitschko: Building on Nikolskaya Slobodka is frozen
Jaresko expects to attract another billion $ under warranty in November
SBU suspected the organization of workers in Transcarpathia in separatism
Public prayer in St Volodymyr's Cathedral on the occasion of Christianization of Kievan Rus'
The SBU reported that detained financiers of "DNR" – drug manufacturers
Russian electronic warfare systems “Borisoglebsk-2" at the border and in the zone of the ATO.
Russian transport of "maskirovka" tanks
Latvian Armed forces spotted Russian Merkury ship towing SAR ship near territorial waters
Air Policing jets in international airspace above the Baltic Sea near LV border identified RU AF 2x An-124, 1x Il-76.
The court of Kernes again postponed
The militants said that Ukraine is obliged to pay pensions to residents of DNR-LNR
Ministry of Defense: 2.3 thousands military killed in the Donbass since the beginning of ATO
Poroshenko presented new head of the Main Department of intelligence Valery Kondratuk.
Russia Ruble weakens beyond 60 per Dollar as oil rout continues.
The headquarters of the ATO will create a rapid reaction force in Donbass
Separatism in Transcarpathia there is only Russian propaganda , - @GeoffPyatt
The ATO forces near Shirokino are on battle alert - headquarters
The OSCE mission: Both sides return heavy weapons to the line of demarcation
SBU eliminated 3 channel of smuggling of fuel from Russia In the Luhansk region
SBU returned from Russia border guard-traitor who fought on the side of DNR
The meeting of the Working group on political settlement in Eastern Ukraine began in Minsk
Bomb threat in the Prosecutor General's office of Ukraine – Kiev police
1 soldier killed per day in ATO, 12 injured - headquarters
General Prosecutor's Office would soon report to Yanukovych on suspicion of treason and the establishment of a criminal group
The state office of public Prosecutor undertook citizens of the Russian Federation suspected of crimes against Savchenko
Shokin says that the General Prosecutor's Office is preparing to deprive of immunity of former regionals
Protest in Avdiivka against new fortifications
A rail ticket to Europe: After Serbia, @dilkoff takes the train with migrants across Macedonia
The Procession to the monument to the Holy Prince Vladimir begins In Kiev
Rally near the court of case of Kernes
The number of migrants in Ukraine more than 1.4 million – UN
Fighter of "Aydar" was sentenced to 6 years for carrying grenades
Court on Kernes in Poltava.
Deputy of Shokin resigned
The court decided that the title of the Lytvyn does not violate the rights of Parasuk
In Kostroma detained the head of the local branch of opposition PARNAS party Andrew Pivovarov
DNR stated that the Donbass arena belongs to the people
DCM Hug: In the past days the SMM has faced three separate, targeted security incidents in certain locations in the conflict zone.
The man tried to hide in the forest RPGs and ammunition for air guns In the Zaporozhye area
Officially, there are $360B in Russia's foreign currency reserves. But $200B of that cannot be used. So that leaves $160B readily accessible
Patrol police in Kyiv were detained for violation car of Commission member of the city Council on Informatica
The status of combatants have already received 66 454 military
Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Arsen Avakov arrived on a working visit to Volyn
The SBU has blocked the channels of international relations of terrorists
The OSCE was involved in a shooting: the patrol leader is wounded
Russian army prepared tanks to storm rivers
[email protected]_Ukraine will promote the resolution on MH17 in UN Security Council in New York
International exercise "Rapid Trident 2015" in Yavoriv
International exercise Rapid Trident 2015 in Yavoriv
Lord Sewel resigns from UK Parliament after being filmed allegedly taking drugs with sex workers
SBU denied the info about the swap of Russians Erofeev and Alexandrov
Luhansk region blackout after morning shelling of TPP in Schastye
Battalion "Donbass" leaves Shirokino, volunteers in positions are replaced by Marines
SMM OSCE team caught in Shyrokyne fire exchange, one member hurt by debris
Russian media reports that captured GRU officers Alexandrov and Erofeev swapped
Echelon of painted over 2S1 Gvozdika in Rostov
Heavy damage and impact craters from regular Grad attacks on Opytne
Heavy damage and impact craters from regular Grad attacks on  Opytne
Pentagon Plans More Support for Ukraine as Buffer Zone Mooted
Since the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea, Ukraine has increased its agricultural trade with China by 56 percent.
Incoming shelling in North Horlivka
Putin explained the beginning of a new arms race by the actions of Washington
International military exercise "Rapid Trident 2015"
Resumed the shelling of the Stanitsa Luhanska
Putin: I don't believe that Blatter involved in corruption. He deserves Nobel Prize
Plane of "Red Wings" caught on fire in Simferopol airport
Putin about EU policies: We would like to see that EU is showing more independence and sovereignty
In Novosibirsk Arrested @leonidvolkov and members of "Democratic coalition"
UK judge gives Russian accused of poisoning ex-KGB agent until Tuesday to testify:
In the street, Navalny's Novosibirsk team is being herded into police vans
"Submarine is said to lie about 2,750 meters off Sweden coast"
Submarine is said to lie about 2,750 meters off Sweden coast
Lock of resolution on MH17 is an attempt by Russia to hide the truth any way
Netherlands: Russia bans the import of Dutch flowers
Netherlands: Russia bans the import of Dutch flowers
Navalny supporters withdrawn from the electoral Commission of the Novosibirsk region
Putin: Russia does not seek confrontation with other countries
Police at the rear enter of Novosibirsk election committee
Julie Bishop to push for MH17 tribunal
Images of the sub that has been found in Swedish waters
Sweden: Foreign small 20m x 3m submarine from the 80s found in Swedish waters
9 people from democratic coalition sat down at the table of Chairman of Novosibirsk regional election Committee in his office, three on hunger strike
Russian army position near Olenivka
Russian army position near Olenivka
Vladimir Putin will speak at the jubilee session of the UN General Assembly
"The path out of the Ukraine crisis is full implementation of the Minsk agreements"-Amb Lute
Humvee in Mariupol
Heavy fire in Kharkiv - medicine equipment institute
Russia's @UN envoy says Moscow will veto creation of tribunal prosecuting those responsible for shooting down MH17
In response to security incidents over past days -incl near Schastya Sun -SMM reviewing its monitoring operations in certain locations
Buzzer just issued a message
Incoming shelling in Opytne/Avdiivka
Rapid Trident finishes lane training and moves into FTX tomorrow
Record Ukrainian exports in 2015
The miners went on strike because of salary debts In Novogrodivka Donetsk region
DNR doesnt allow humanitarian aid for 10 days
Swiss army makes incursion into France for water for cattle
SBU has blocked the illegal scheme of hryvnia exchange, kidnapped in Luhansk banks
"Night wolves" were given the land in Sevastopol
Rail transport of painted over BMPs in Krasnoyarsk
The Uglegorsk TPP after attack: huge craters and burned-out equipment
British PM visits Southeast Asia with trade and push for cooperation in the fight against ISIS
French farmers are stopping lorries importing goods from Germany & Spain
Ukrainian filmmakers will make a movie about officers-patriots from Crimea
Strelkov said that the Kremlin ignores the project "Novorossia" In Crimea
The average salary in Ukraine in June rose almost to 4.3 thousand hryvnias
Veche in Slavyansk
Fighter of battalion "Sich", who took out the explosives from the zone of ATO, was arrested
SBU has blocked the creation of the fake people's Republic In Kirovograd
Poroshenko wants to introduce new titles in the Ukrainian army
Militants 61 times shelled on Ukrainian positions per day - MFA of Ukraine
Ships part of Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 arrive in Istanbul, Turkey.
The Prosecutor's office of the Lipetsk advocated the dismantling of the bust of Stalin
1 soldier killed per day in ATO, 7 injured - the headquarters
Import duty will be canceled since 1 January 2016
Procession is dedicated to memory of Prince of Kiev Vladimir Great and anniversary of baptism of Kievan Rus
Russia began to supply electricity in Ukraine
Consequences of shelling of Avdiivka coke plant.
Russian investigative committee open criminal case on shooting of two citizen of RF in Rostov region from Ukrainian territory
The court extended the measure of restraint for the four commanders of the "Berkut"
Medvedev said that Russia for Ukraine's territorial integrity, but without Crimea
Putin honors more airborne troops, including the air defense regiment of the 76th division in Pskov.
Woman has died after shelling of Avdiivka
The 28th Brigade of the Ukrainian army is under mortar, RPG and BMP shelling in Krasnohorivka since the morning
Ukrainian footballer Zinchenko refused Russian citizenship
Employee of the appellate court of Odessa region jumped from the roof
The guards claim that didn't shoot in Russians
120 shells hit Avdiivka yesterday, Also 2 volleys of MLRS Grad
[email protected] asked not to rejoice in the sanctions
Mariupol is not related to the buffer zone at the contact line, its defense will be increases - Poroshenko
Poroshenko announced the card of soldier and housing loans with low % for soldiers
The entrance to the metro "Dorogozhychi" closed, police inside
Investigators have authorized the seizure of documents in "PrivatBank" in the case of appropriation of UAH 20 billion refinancing from the NBU
Patrol police will change GAI on the highway Kyiv-Zhytomyr already in August
Truck with 35 people has felled into the abyss in Transcarpathia
Presentation of new form of Ukrainian Armed forces
The police believes that the Deputy head of the headquarters of the "Azov" hanged
In the Orenburg region destroyed a large base of conventional fighters within drills
The leaders of the militants massively get Russian passports
Ukrainian is nominated for an Emmy for a story about the shootings on the Maidan
Refugee-crisis in Germany is escalating, car of a Die Linke (left-wing) party city councilman exploded in Freital
Kharkiv: participant of April clashes near State Administration in 2014 sentenced to 5 years in prison
Activists came with a flag of "Novorossiya" on trial of Sentsov and Kolchenko In Rostov
SBU detained on a bribe senior officer for particularly important cases of the criminal investigation In the Sumy region
The fire at the oil depot in Nizhny Tagil
The Ministry of social policy of Ukraine has registered 1.4 million migrants from Crimea and Donbass
In the accident with the Chairman of the constitutional Court killed three, among them - child
Meeting of Russian PM Medvedev with his Slovenian counterpart. Hope for Slovenian investment to RF
Buryatia air defense drills involve some 500 troops
In Moscow cause of a powerful storm declared "orange" danger level
Market price in Sudak
Savchenko held in solitary confinement in one of Rostov region’s jails
In Lviv honored the memory of victims of the tragedy of Scnyliv
The second session on the case of Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov began In Rostov-on-don
The official newspaper of group "DNR" "Donetsk Republic" has reduced the circulation. There is no money.
Militants shelled Vuglegirsk TPP
Explosion at oil depot in Sverdlovsk region of Russia
Horlivka: movement through checkpoint is closed because of the fighting.
In Transcarpathia and in Dnipropetrovsk will start a new patrol police
[email protected]_SMM is caught in fire in Shchastia but comes out unharmed on July 26
Dokuchayevsk. - Shelling of Mykolaivka
The area of forest fires in Siberia over the weekend rose to 43.3 thousand hectares
Ukraine may accede to the International Agency for renewable energy sources
The consequences of the shelling of Krasnohorivka
Two residential houses have burned in Donetsk
Two residential houses have burned in Donetsk
@MFA_Ukraine: We can make observations to OSCE, but their presence in the Donbas is no alternative
Militants have shelled 86 time at Ukrainian positions
Office of Russian "Sberbank" was set fire in Lviv
Avdiivka, a funnel after shelling
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