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21 กรกฎาคม 2018

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FSB held special operation to get "Shaltai-Boltai" archive from Kyiv to Moscow
Fmr NATO Amb. on Russia: "I find it dismaying and objectionable that Pres. Trump continues to deny the undeniable."
Reports of renewed clashes in Northern Donetsk area this evening: Avdiivka, Makiyivka, North Donetsk city
Opening of the bridge in Kryms'ke which connected the village to road Serverodonets'k-Tryokhizbenka
Russian chatter heard in video from recent clashes in Eastern Ghouta (48th second)
Russian chatter heard in video from recent clashes in Eastern Ghouta (48th second)
Air ambulance just arrived at Kings Cross
@SpeakerRyan: My Nordic and Baltic counterparts and I are determined to work together toward a more safe and secure future for this generation and the next.
Three fire engines, police van, ambulance and helicopter in Kings Cross - smart car came off the road (lost control) and smashed into a store
Meeting Lavrov in Krasnodar, German FM Gabriel praises Russia for supporting political process in Ukraine once cease-fire takes hold.
Hungarian police took away license of Aurora, a Jewish community center known for supporting NGOs. Protest planned for tonight.
6 arrests (4 in Spain, 1 in Germany and 1 in UK) on suspicion of belonging to ISIS
National Guard launches tear gas in Nueva Barcelona. Arrested 2 people in Nueva Guaica and 2 in El Ingenio
Petya.2017 is a wiper not a ransomware. More Shamoon than WannaCry
Trump accepts Macron invite to France
Former Montenegro ambassador tells Senate intel 2 Russian agents have been charged in plot to overthrow his country's govt and assassinate PM
LNR says Russian citizen Viktor Ageyev, who was captured by Ukrainian troops, is a "citizen of the LNR".
Moscow preparing retaliation to arrest of its diplomatic property in U.S.- Russian foreign ministry
Latest cyberattack similar to WannaCry, but maybe 'more sophisticated': Europol
Half of jurors in Boris Nemtsov murder trial are in favour of leniency towards the defendants.
In Kachkanar, Sverdlovsk region, ~500-700 residents joined a protest against plans dismissals of workers
Police say 60 companies are helping with investigation into Grenfell tower blaze, companies not under investigation
80 people died or are missing presumed dead after Grenfell Tower fire, no one survived blaze in 23 of 129 apartments - police
In Petersburg have arrested the alleged member of "Hizb ut-Tahrir"
Updated Ukraine travel alert from @StateDept warns US citizens "to avoid all travel to Crimea and eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk."
The employee of security Service of Ukraine, Colonel Yuri Voznyi was killed yesterday at Donbas
Head of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic in 2011-2016 Yevgeny Shevchuk last night secretly left the region
Bomb squad deployed in Manchester as police evacuate Ashton Retail Park over suspicious package.
The mufti of Chechnya urged to rebuff Iran and spread of Shiism
NATO chief Stoltenberg says cyber attacks could potentially trigger mutual defence commitment
Reportedly GRAD MLRS launches in Western Donetsk
Russian foreign ministry warns U.S. against irresponsible actions like missile attack on Shayrat airbase Syria
Police and ambulance services are at Ashton Retail Park along with bomb disposal experts after a suspicious package was found.
Bomb disposal officers are attending Ashton Retail Park, following reports of a suspicious item
Putin: Only powerful armed forces can defend the country from pressure and blackmail by those who don't like powerful, independent Russia.
UK PM Theresa May is invited to Wrexham to reverse cuts to police budgets, PM responds saying police budgets are protected
Corbyn says cuts to local authority budgets puts public safety at risk
Corbyn to PM: "When you cut local authority budgets by 40% we all pay a price in public safety"
UK PM May: problems highlighted by Grenfelltower have happened over time and under Lab/Tory govts. She appeals to Corbyn to 'work together'
IED blast hit SBU car in Kostyantynivka area of Donetsk region yesterday. 1 killed, 4 wounded
Corbyn asks if further cuts to the Fire Service will now be halted, PM responds that the issue is the implementation of building regulations
UK PM May says Grenfell cladding was not compliant with building regulations
EC Cretu sees link between budget disbursements and refugee relocation in the future. 'Solidarity is no oneway street'
Cladding from 120 Tower blocks tested and failed - UK PM May
Corbyn asks PM whether Grenfell Tower cladding was legal. UK PM says it was non-compliant and they will "get to the bottom of it"
Jeremy Corbyn asks when a Judge will be appointed for Grenfell Tower inquiry, Theresa May says Lord Chief Justice will do so "soon"
Germany's Finance Minister Schaeuble presents draft budget 2018-21. More infrastructure/defence/research spending €14.8 Bn surplus by 2021
Theresa May says today will be a day of mixed emotions for the families of Hillsborough disaster victims
Sheryll Murray, Tory MP describes acts of intimidation during election period - says not "kinder, gentler". PM says acts aimed at women
"Build bridges, not walls” banner put up by activists in Hamburg ahead of G20 summit
Angela Merkel has welcomed a US offer to resume TTIP trade talks
Prime Minister Theresa May takes questions in parliament
Merkel said she could see lawmakers making the issue a "decision of conscience," voting according to individual preferences
British prosecutors have charged six people over the 1989 Hillsborough stadium disaster in Sheffield, in which 96 soccer fans were crushed to death.
Dozens of child migrants are living in abandoned buildings near the Greek port of Patras, trying to make it to northern Europe
Oettinger: 'Strict spending review in the EU has to be done. Budget cuts unavoidable' Higher membership fees likely
ATO Press Center: Crisis with water supply in Toretsk has reached critical levels as Russian forces refuse safe repair of damage supply line
Brexit will leave EU with a annual budget gap of 10 bn Euros after 2020. Who is going to fill the gap? - Oettinger
The head of Special Crime at the CPS comments on the criminal charges brought against six individuals over the Hillsborough disaster
Russian senators are considering blocking Russian-language foreign media.
NATO defence ministers will meet tomorrow on fair burden sharing of our security and to fight terrorism
Six charged in UK over 1989 Hillsborough stadium disaster
In Dagestan, the court quashed the fine to the organizer of the anti-corruption rally
The Regional Court in Ostrava, CzechRepublic decided to close the “DNR" group representation office located there.
Romania's justice minister Toader keeps post in new government, finmin out: sources
Russian Ministry of Defense says detained in Ukraine Russian citizen left military service in May 2016
Secretary General @jensstoltenberg assures there's no request/plan for NATO to resume combat in Afghanistan, but will adjust troop levels to train
[email protected]: increased US presence in Europe is tangible demonstration of commitment to NATO's Article V. "Good to see," he says
NATO'S secretary general says he hopes he will be able to give some indication on troop numbers after tomorrow's meeting
NATO's Stoltenberg says at tomorrow's meeting alliance members will discuss their future in Afghanistan and at troop levels
Russia's Defence Ministry denies report of "Russian soldier" supposedly captured in Luhansk
NATO 2017 defence spending to rise 4.3%, excluding US: Stoltenberg
NATO's Stoltenberg says an increase in defense spending helps fund NATO's operations in Afghanistan
NATO's Stoltenberg says an increase in defense spending helps fund NATO's operations in Afghanistan
NATO's Stoltenberg says defense ministers meeting tomorrow will end off with a discussion on Afghanistan
NATO's Stoltenberg says he will present progress report tomorrow at defense ministers meeting and will assess NATO's work to fight terrorism
NATO's Stoltenberg says NATO's defense spending for 2017 expected to be more then in the past three years
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg addresses press conference in Brussels ahead of Defense Ministers meeting
M.E.Doc update webserver is located at WNet servers
Photos of Russian SOF training with Western countries equipment
Clashes between police and Bank "Mykhailovsky" clients at Bankov
Yabloko politician Sergei Mitrokhin has been detained outside the Federation Council. He has been campaigning against housing demolition.
Microsoft also confirmed MEDoc as initial vector
[email protected]: Petya is fake Ransomware, not designed to make money. Designed to spread fast and cause damage, with a plausibly deniable cover of “ransomware.”
31 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties
Manafort firm retroactively discloses $17.1 million in payments from Ukraine political party
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort files as foreign agent for Ukraine work
U.K. confirms use of offensive cyberweapons against ISIS
No mention in just issued @WhiteHouse readout of @[email protected] call whether the President accepted the Bastille Day invite.
US House of Representatives votes 423-4 a measure reaffirming @NATO Article 5
More info on captured in clashes near Zholobok Russian citizen Ageev - he is currently on contract in Russian Army
To stop Petya create "readonly" C:Windowsperfc.dat or C:Windowsperfc . Is used for rundll32 import
Ukrainian Cyber Police on MeDoc vulnerability, -latest "auto update" of app was hijacked by Petya. And hit all computers with MeDoc
Statement By Me-Doc
Russians and Chinese actively engaged globally across the board using nuclear energy as a lever, says @SecretaryPerry.
Rick Perry: "One fact missing" from headlines about US withdrawal from Paris Accord: The US "already leads the world" in reducing emissions.
Petya Ransomware includes: Modified Eternal Blue exploit, A vulnerability in a third-party Ukrainian software product "meDoc", A second SMB network exploit
OTP Bank ATM in Ukraine
Avast: Petya-based ransomware spreading massively today via #EternalBlue like WannaCry. We have seen 12K+ attempts so far
Kaspersky Lab analysts say new attacks are not a variant of Petya ransomware as publicly reported, but a new ransomware they call #NotPetya
NSDC announced increased counter-terrorism measures in Kyiv after assassination of Maxim Shapoval
Kaspersky Lab malware analyst Vyacheslav Zakorzhevsky said infections were traced to a “new ransomware we haven’t seen before.”
Statement from @kaspersky. "Not Petya"
Russian neo-Nazi known as Tesak has been sentenced to nine years in prison.
NSDC Turchynov held emergency meeting on today's assassination of Colonel Shapoval
Oschadbank ATM in Kyiv
ESET: The ranking of countries most affected by Petya
Chernobyl's radiation monitoring system affected by cyber attack:spokeswoman
Current situation of Petrwrap/wowsmith123456 ransomware - percentage of infections by country.
[email protected] "urgently responding" to reports of the Petya ransomware attack hitting European businesses, per exec director
Pair of Su-25 over Liman, Donetsk region
US SecDef James Mattis visits @Marshall_Center in Bavaria to commemorate 70yrs anniversary of Marshall Plan
Chornobyl nuclear power plant has switched to manual radiation monitoring of site b/c cyberattack, says Exclusion Zone agency press service.
Cryptowarm attack hit a plant in Bobruysk Belarus
Norway's National Security Authority says ransomware attack ongoing, affects 'one international company'
Def Sec Sir Michael Fallon says earlier this year UK faced 188 cyber attacks over 3 month period
Demonstrators outside the German Foreign Ministry protest visit by Iranian FM Zarif
Ukraine's prime minister says cyberattack 'unprecedented' but 'vital systems haven't been affected'
Russia's @Vedomosti has posted pic sent by worker at oil company Bashneft of the lock-out screen seemingly caused by the huge cyber-attack.
Supermarket in Kharkiv, east Ukraine - all the payment terminals look to have been hit by the Petya ransomeware.
Computer networks in occupied part of Eastern Ukraine are also affected by "Petya"
IED in Shapoval car had about 1kg of TNT
Petya.A strongly looks like Psexec via SMB, uses Rundll32 to deliver itself. Needs remote admin rights. Analysis so far.
New global ransomware outbreak infecting targets in Spain, Ukraine, US, more. People told to leave desks
Files being encrypted by Petya Ransomware
Reuters: Ukrainian aircraft maker Antonov hit by cyber attack
Photo: Ukrainian ATM infected by cryptoworm is "demanding" $300 in bitcoins
Chornobyl NPP(not generating) computers, website and servers are out of service
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: our website is out of service cause cyberattack
Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration @dshymkiv instructed the team to help IT teams of other governmental institutions
Shipping company A.P. Moller-Maersk reported a computer systems outage on Tuesday which it said could be a global issue
Cyberpolice: we are aware of situation
Inter TV channel and Pershiy.UA TV channel are under ransomware attack
Group-IB says cyberattack with Petya virus is hitting Ukraine and Russia. Companies in Russia include Rosneft, Bashneft, Mars and Nivea.
Russia, Ukraine, Spain, France - confirmed reports about Petya ransomware outbreak
Ukraine's International Boryspil Airport in Kyiv now apparently under cyberattack. Flights maybe delayed says acting director
Even Kyiv metro is under cyber attack. Payments by banking cards aren't accepted
Computer system at Kyiv's Borispol International Airport now down. No information on arrivals and departures on website.
"Rost" grocery shops are not working in Kharkiv cause of ransomware attack
Big retailing networks "Citrus", "Foxtrot", "EpicenterK" are under cyberattack
Ukrainian biggest communication companies "Kyivstar", "Ukrtelecom", "Lifecell" computers are also infected by "Petya.A"
Privatbank denied that their systems are infected by viruses.
Cabinet Minister of Ukraine is under cyberattack
The banks, the media, the network of gas stations and power companies of Ukraine attacked by a virus similar to WannaCry Petya.A
Zaporizhzhya and Dnipro regions electric grids under cyber attack too
France MFA spokesperson today dodged Question re: if France has indications along lines of WH Syria Chemical Weapons warning. CW red line for Macron as well.
Rosneft computer servers underwent "powerful" hacker attack
Rada speaker Andriy Parubiy warned that after building Nord Stream 2 Russia would no longer hold off from a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
"UkrPoshta" post company, State "OschadBank" and "Privatbank" banks are also under attack
Parubiy: United States and Ukraine agreed on a list of lethal weapons necessary for our country
Today India and Netherlands work together in many areas, trade, environment, agricultur, logistics innovation, culture and science: Dutch PM Mark Rutte
Bonds between Indian and Netherlands goes back to 1947 and these relations have become stronger over the years: Dutch PM Mark Rutte
Netherlands is a natural partner in the economic development of India. Our trade and economic ties are increasing: PM @narendramodi
It is with the help of Netherlands that India successfully got membership of Missile Technology Control government last year, thank you: Indian PM Modi
The world is inter-dependant and inter-connected. We would discuss both bilateral issues and those concerning the world: PM @narendramodi
Ties between India and Netherlands are very old. Our bilateral relations are very strong: PM @narendramodi
This visit was decided at a very short notice, would like to laud your leadership for the way it is organized: Indian PM Modi to Dutch PM Mark Rutte
Would like to thank for the warm welcome accorded to not just me, but our entire delegation: Indian PM Modi to Dutch PM Mark Rutte
American 227th Supply Company making their way into Romania for Exercise Saber Guardian. 25 000 soldiers from 20+ nations will take part.
India is now a global economic power. We have plenty to offer to India: Dutch PM Mark Rutte
PM Modi and Dutch PM Mark Rutte issue press statement at Catshuis, in the Hague
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi received by Dutch PM Mark Rutte at Catshuis, in the Hague
Interfax: Peskov refuses to consider Russia an aggressor.
Ukrainian Government Bank "OschadBank", bank PUMB, Bank Credit Agricole Ukraine and KyivEnergo power company are reportedly under massive hackers attack
Security situation in Ukraine is of deep concern. Nearly 10,000 Ukrainians have been killed and the violence continues every single day – deputy secretary general of NATO
Bank of England raises UK banks' capital requirements by 11.4 billion pounds
Col. Motuzyanyk: Donetsk sector: Kamianka - Avdiivka area continued to be the hotspot. Militants opened fire with mortars and small arms
The Lithuanian Parliament has just voted for military aid to Ukraine - 60 military trainers for the Ukrainian Army to 2019
Google 'respectfully disagrees' with EU fine, considers appeal
Dutch appeals court rules the government was partially liable in deaths of 300 Muslim men in Srebrenica
PACE votes by 154 to 30 to set up a procedure to dismiss its high office-holders if they "no longer enjoy the confidence of the Assembly"
Video of Ukrainian army drills in Donetsk region
Video of Ukrainian army drills in Donetsk region
EU hits Google with record 2.4 bn euro fine: statement
[email protected]: we must continue to reform the security sector and be ready to apply for NATO membership
Dutch state partly responsible for Srebrenica deaths: appeals court
Nicola Sturgeon says she is seeking the agreement of the Scottish Parliament to make a statement on "the way forward for Scotland"
Ministry of Defense: colonel Maksym Shapoval was killed in blast this morning
Photo: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Amsterdam
Infrastructure Ministry plans to build a EU track to Lviv. UA still uses USSR standard with 10cm wider space between rails
PM Modi arrives in Amsterdam, Netherlands; to meet Dutch PM Mark Rutte and to call on King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Queen Maxima
Theresa May: 3 million EU citizens in UK must apply for 'settled status' to keep rights post-Brexit
Businessman Vachik Abgaryan was shot dead today in Moscow
"This is not money for the DUP, it's investment for N.Ireland," says Sir Michael Fallon ON where the £1.5bn for the DUP deal has come from
UK Defence Secretary says it was "inevitable" that "offshoots of IS spring up in other countries," and "it's a worldwide terrorist phenomenon"
Swiss call time out in push on EU ties as Brexit talks begin
Commander of Military intel. unit Maxim Shapoval was killed in explosion - Ukrainska Pravda sources
Ukrainska Pravda says the man who died in a car explosion in Kyiv was the head of special ops in Ukrainian military intelligence
Killed in explosion this morning in Kyiv was military man. Police consider this as terror attack
Launch of Bulava missile from submerged Borei-class submarine Yury Dolgorukiy (K-535)
Kyiv police confirms: driver is dead
Explosion of car this morning in Kyiv
Explosion of car this morning in Kyiv
1 killed, 2 wounded as car exploded in Kyiv this morning
RUAF strategic bombers noted airborne
OSCE witnesses Russian reinforcements arrived near Novoazovsk, east of Mariupol. OSCE not allowed to enter the city
18 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties
DNR group announces opening of a "mission" in France with Gérald-Hubert Fayard as a "representative"
DNR group announces opening of a mission in France with Gérald-Hubert Fayard as a representative
Russia continues consolidating its near-annexation of South Ossetia, transferring 3.3 billion rubles to the territory
President Trump to speak Tuesday by phone with President Emmanuel Macron of France 1015 EDT 1615 CEST
3 CNN journalists, including the head of an investigate unit, have resigned over a Russia-related story that was later retracted
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