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18 สิงหาคม 2018

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RU frigate signaled "restricted ability to maneuver" but matched US destroyer to interfere w/USS Truman in East Med
1:30AM Maryinka, Krasnohorivka, Petrovsky district of Donetsk reports of renewed fighting
Serbia says all passengers on flight TK1084 are safe and Bosnia says none of its citizens are among the casualties
Chubarov condemned explosions as Istanbul, urge to remove terror states from UN
Juncker: Britain was the main advocate of enlargement and free movement.
Poland wants to update NATO’s nuclear doctrine and capability due to Russia’s "modernizing nuclear posture & belligerent nuclear threats"
Greece's Tsipras Told EU Leaders That He Was Shocked UK Had No Plan For Brexit (via @nstamouli )
A pair of RAF Typhoons intercepted a Russian Il-20 over the Baltic today, Swedish and Finnish QRA also involved.
Merkel: I don't believe there is a possibility of Britain not triggering Brexit. The referendum has happened.
Donald Tusk: Art 50 can be triggered when the "dust has settled in the UK".
Toretsk is very loud right now even the windows are shaking. Ukraine, Donbas
Cameron pays tribute to euco and other leaders; tone of meeting was that of sadness and regret
#IstanbulAttack: At least 1 Ukrainian citizen injured at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport
Foreign Office 'urgently seeking further information' after attack at airport in Istanbul
Mogherini: Another tragic terrorist attack in Turkey. The EU stands by the Turkish people. Our heart is with them all
Avdiivka: launches on East to Avdiivka, flying to north
23:30 Avdiivka is still under heavy fire.
Heavy fighting in Maryinka - hearing in Kurahove audible
Donetsk Petrovskyi dstrict - both incoming and outgoing heavy fire now.
Alleged members of the Tambov gang arrested in Spain; possible ties to Russia politicians
Now: Westminster with the anti-Brexit demonstrators
Avdiivka: with darkness launches somewhere far and landings near
Angela Eagle to challenge Jeremy Corbyn if he does not resign. Most likely to happen tomorrow
Hundreds brave the rain at London's Trafalgar Square to protest Brexit and the rise of hate crimes.
Azov rally in Bakhmut
Large pro-EU protest currently taking place in Trafalgar Square
'Bog off Boris'.nAnti-Brexit protest underway in Trafalgar Square in London tonight
Riot police searching everyone coming in or out of Republique even shoppers from Habitat #manif28juin
Le Senate adopts a hardened version of the #LoiTravail by 185 votes for, 156 against
Jeremy Corbyn refuses to resign despite losing no-confidence vote: vote has no constitutional legitimacy
Tear gas deployed by police at Republique square
Turkish Presidency Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said Turkey's policies on Ukraine, Syria and Crimea will not change.
Westminster Bridge closed off due to suspicious car on it
"Republic of Kosovo" plaque erected in Montenegro by Kosovo opposition sparks anger
The owner is being escorted to his Smart car on Westminster Bridge
Kosovo: Serbs were attacked with Molotov cocktail,2 hurt
Incoming artillery shelling near Lebedinske
The robot is coming out on Westminster Bridge
MOD: Armenia is given right to manage united air defense system with Russia
Westminster bridge closed, police at scene
Halal shop attacked by petrol bomb near Birmingham
Belgrade refugee aid centre to close indefinitely
Paris manifestation #manif28juin: march arrived at Place d'Italie
Dokuchaevsk: single reactive artillery launches
#ExRT2016 Marines seized the dam during the exercise "Rapid Trident-2016"
ExRT2016 Marines seized the dam during the exercise Rapid Trident-2016
Guided missile destroyer The USS Gravely approached the Yaroslav Mudry, a Russian frigate
Ru MOD claims @USNavy USSGravely violated COLREGS but contradicts complaint w/ rules 13 and 15
France: Police teargassed the demonstration main column in Paris. #LoiTravail #manif28juin
SG @jensstoltenberg: NATO has become even more important as a platform for cooperation btw Europe and North America
Yavoriv, Ukraine—Exercise RapidTrident is in full swing, promoting cooperation between Ukraine and NATO
France's President Hollande says he can't imagine the British government will not respect the will of its people
Stephen Crabb declares he is running to replace David Cameron
US destroyer passed the course of Russian fregate at a dangerous distance of in Mediterranean
Turkey, Russia foreign ministers to meet in Sochi as ties thaw: Ankara
Aksenov said that on the southern coast of Crimea "disgusting nest of vipers"
PM Orbán: Law And Order Is Hungary's Advantage Over “Disorderly” Europe
Russian Mindef: The USS Gravely approached the Yaroslav Mudry, a Russian frigate, on June 17, passing across her course at a “dangerous” distance of 180 meters (55ft)
It's propaganda
Basurin of DNR: Ukrainian forces shelled "republic" positions 734 times in last 24 hours
Interfax: Putin calls army and fleet an argument against blackmail and pressure on Russia.
It's propaganda
Basurin of DNR: Ukrainian army captured 8 sappers working near Mariupol
#manif28juin rally in Montpellier
The Place de la Bastille: in 15min of the start of the demonstration against the #LoiTravail #manif28juin
Toulouse: #manif28juin rally against the #LoiTravail
NATO, Partners Begin 'Rapid Trident' Exercises In Ukraine
Tusk says EU ready to start UK divorce 'today'
Richard Branson says Virgin Group has lost third of its value since Brexit vote and UK is heading towards 'recession and disaster'
Erdogan's letter to Putin is an 'important step' towards better relations with Turkey - @mfa_russia
One military dead after explosion in Khankala, Chechnya
#manif28juin Paris: The police search bags at the exit of the metro station Republic square and passers-by in the street
Racist incident on tram in Manchester. Man told to "get back to Africa."
ATO HQ: 1 Ukrainian soldier killed, 6 wounded in hostilities at Donbass yesterday
French far-right leader Le Pen: EU is totalitarian, applied pan nationalist globalist policies for decades
Marine Le Pen, French far-right leader, supports Farage, says to EU parliament "the British told you where to get off"
Poroshenko: we stay strong on path of Freedom, Democracy and European reforms
President Poroshenko: Constitution amendments will be voted only after dealing with security issues
Merkel on Brexit: Germany has a special interest in a successful unification of Europe
Jean Claude Juncker re Brexit - "I’m sad about this vote and I make no secret about it. I’m sad because I’m not a robot"
France charges Bashar's uncle Rifaat al-Assad, 78, with corruption over $100m fortune, including a stud farm and luxury apartments
Assad's uncle charged in Paris with corruption: anti-graft group
Turkish PM: We aim to improve our relations not only with Russia and Egypt but also with all countries around Black Sea and Med.
Brexit: Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijjarto urges Brussels to take “personal consequences”
RUAF bomber 63331 in contact with ground station OCHISTKA
RUS state Yak-40 RSD4 to Soltsy
Chancellor George Osborne says taxes will need to be raised and public spending cut following the UK's vote to leave the EU
John Kerry to Vladimir Putin: Russia is harassing U.S. diplomats
Rally in Gurzuf against restriction of access to the beach
Rally in Gurzuf against restriction of access to the beach
RuAF strategic air force HF-net active.
ATO HQ report: 71 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
Night fighting in Maryinka, West to Donetsk
Turkey is ready to pay compensation for SU24 if necessary says the Turkish PM
Almost 2am: Donetsk heavy salvos
Krasnohorivka: several booms one after another
Avdiivka: fighting intensified after midnight
Donetsk: Hits at Biryuzova street
Putilovka listens to loud artillery arrivals now
Statement: Damaged flight recorder from EgyptAirMS804 fixed in Paris today, CVR device to be tested tomorrow. France Egypt"
Roy Hodgson has announced he is stepping down as England manager
Roy Hodgson says England needs new coach following European Championship elimination.
Booms heard in Krasnohorivka
Iceland fans trolling before game #ENG #ISL #BREXIT
#ENGICE: It's Brexit at EURO2016 as ISL stun ENG 2-1 to book quarterfinals berth
Intense shelling of Maryinka, witness claims - first such since 3 June offensive last year
Algeria says it has killed 3 IslamicState jihadists involved in the beheading of French tourist Herve Gourdel in 2014
Ikea to recall millions of dressers after toddler deaths, report says; full refunds offered
NATO-chief @jensstoltenberg present at EU-top tomorrow, which is highly unusual. Agenda: Geopolitical risks Brexit
Maryinka under artillery attack
[email protected] argument w/ @DanielJHannan. He denies the Leave campaign ever said Brexit would lower immigration
Ukraine expects the extension of sanctions against Russia – President Poroshenko
President Erdoğan will meet with Russian President Putin on Wednesday or Thursday, PM Yıldırım
Fitch downgrades U.K. credit rating to 'AA' from 'AA+' on Brexit vote
Captured Russian militants,- part of saboteur group
Attack on Ukrainian positions and OSCE in Vodyane
Attack on Ukrainian positions and OSCE in Vodyane
Allianz Riviera: ENG 1-1 ISL within 6 minutes
B-52 recent deployment to RAF Fairford
Poroshenko met with EU leaders
President Adviser Butusov: 8 DNR militants Are Taken Captive Near Shyrokyne, 3 Killed With Reply Fire
Clashes in Mariupol court today in SBU officer murder case
At the @AtlanticCouncil, @RNicholasBurns says that he is proud ofNATO intervention in Kosovo,that stopped genocide
If NATO's core responsibility is to protect people and countries in alliance, then we must deter against Russia - @RNicholasBurns #FutureNATO
Gen Jones encourages US and EU to deploy its own hybrid strategy to counter Russia w/ North South energy corridor. #FutureNATO
Clashes in Mariupol court today
Gen. Jones: NATO and the EU should work together on cybersecurity. #FutureNATO
Gen. James L. Jones: New NATO members should bring value, not problems, and should have common values. #FutureNATO
We repudiate Yalta. Won't trade future of Ukraine and Georgia over heads of their people as Russia wishes #futureNATO
Ukrainian forces killed 3, captured 6 Russian militants. Group planted anti-personnel mines PMNs, prepared ambush
Italy 2 - 0 Spain. Italy will face Germany in next round
Two young boys aged 6 and 7 killed by power lines downed by shelling in Kominternove, Ukraine
UK downgraded from AAA to AA by @StandardPoors
Turkey allows German defense minister visit after air base row
Penny Pritzker: Today I met with former Ukranian PM @Yatsenyuk_AP to discuss the economic potential between our two countries.
Merkel, Hollande, Renzi agree no formal or informal talks before Britain triggers Article 50 to withdraw from EU.
Italy 1 - 0 Spain
23 people detained after attack on Ukrainian rally in Przemysl on Sunday
#EURO2016 #ESPITA Giorgio Chiellini Italy 1 - 0 Spain
Merkel says Ukraine’s accession to the EU is off table
German politicians file lawsuit against Erdogan, accusing him of war crimes against Kurds in SE Turkey
President of Ukraine Poroshenko arrived in Brussels
Polish Tv : Germany And France Are Contemplating Transition Of EU Into United States Of Europe
6pm ATO HQ report: 21 ceasefire violations by Russian militants, very active at Mariupol direction
Frankfurt: police say 4 people have been injured in the gas explosion in a restaurant in the Berger Straße
Half-naked @FEMEN_Movement protest during a lawsuit in Berlin today
Vodyane-Lebedinske 120mm mortar mines hits
Frankfurt: Reports that at least 5 People are down on the ground, major incident ongoing
The police is blasting a suspicious motor scooter at the Stade de France in Saint Denis in Paris
Prosecutor: France opens manslaughter inquiry into EgyptAir crash, says no evidence so far of terrorism.
Explosion in Frankfort restaurant may have been a gas explosion from the kitchen
Berlin: the alarm has been lifted, the suspicious package turned out to be harmless
Frankfurt: the blast occurred inside a restaurant in a shopping area, several people are reportedly injured
National Police Chiefs' Council: reports to online hate crime reporting site up 57% between Thursday and Sunday compared to four weeks ago
In the Commons, opposition leader @jeremycorbyn condemns yesterday's xenophobic incident at @posklondon
British PM Cameron: "British government will not trigger Article 50 at this stage,need to decide the relationship we want"
The Reichstag Building in Berlin Germany is on lockdown due to a suspicious package
Decision must be accepted and process must begin: - Cameron
David Cameron addresses MPs on the Brexit fallout
David Cameron making statement in House of Commons #Brexit
Presidential spokesperson Kalın confirms Erdoğan's regret for downing of Russian jet in letter to Putin
Duma MP Naryshkin: Turkey must fulfill all RF demands to normalize relations
Labour has agreed to no confidence tonight and secret ballot tomorrow.
Turkish FM Çavuşoğlu will attend Black Sea Economic Cooperation meeting to be held in Russian city Sochi
Poland FM Waszczykowski calls on EU leaders to resign, just like Cameron has done
Merkel: Elections at the Donbas is impossible now
Alleged killer of Russian jet pilot released from prison in Turkey
Russian MMA fighter Jeff Monson arrived at Luhansk
Turkey had just reopened prosecution of Alparslan Çelik, who allegedly killed pilot of downed Russian jet
Putin's spokesman says Turkey's president has apologized for the downing of a Russian military jet.
Russian operatives are breaking into the homes of US diplomats, defecating on carpet, killing pets, harassing kids
Embassy of the Republic of Poland on yesterday attack on Polish center
Merkel says she understands Britain may need 'a certain amount of time' to begin Brexit negotiations.
Ex Moldovan PM Vlad Filat sentenced to 9 years in prison.
A New Unit Has Been Created In The Cabinet Office To Lead Intensive Civil Service Work On How Brexit Will Work
Cameron To Rule Out Second Referendum In Parliament Speech
Ukrainian court used data from Mirotvorets/social networks accounts of separatists to jail one
Dozhd: Oleg Navalny refused parole.
Hearing Juncker will meet with Scottish representatives and Commission says no negoations with UK as long as no formal Brexit declaration
Russia is harassing U.S. diplomats all over Europe - The Washington Post
International drill Rapid Trident launched in L'viv region
PM of Ukraine Groysman arrived in Berlin
The incident occurred during the Ukranian rally in Przemysl Poland
Italian coastguard and navy rescue 3,300 refugees off coast of Libya
Merkel's spokesman rejects "informal" exit talks before Britain files formal notice of leaving the EU.
ATO spox: Rapid Trident-2016 kicks off today. 1,800 servicemen from 14 states to train until July 8 #ExRT2016
ATO spox: Ukrainian paratroopers finished driving courses for instructors on Humvees in Germany
ATO spox: Intelligence: Militant truck got in a road accident: 6 Russian officers were killed, 15 more were injured
ATO spox: 1 Ukrainian servicemen KIA, 4 WIA in the last 24 hours
Rally in city of Dnipro: biggest flag of Ukraine deployed
In Mykolaiv region SBU detained 2 men who made IEDs for sale
Secretary @JohnKerry meets with NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg today to discuss the US commitment to NATO and Europe
Flooding and landslides in Transcarpatian region - 2 bridges and several houses damaged
RBS and Barclays halted on big falls
USS Dwight D Eisenhower @TheCVN69: Flight Operations - June 23, 2016
USS Dwight D Eisenhower @TheCVN69: Flight Operations - June 23, 2016
Przemysl: Polish nationalists attacked Ukrainian rally on Sunday
MP Stephen Kinnock: It is with regret that this morning I have resigned as a PPS
There should be no rush to trigger Article 50 for Brexit, says @George_Osborne
UK Chancellor of the Exchequer @George_Osborne: "Britain has to adjust to the new situation it finds itself in."
Italy says 7,000 people have been saved from Mediterranean crossing in the past two days. safepasage
USAF RC-135V 64-14844 MARL94 heading east - Polish eastern border and southern Baltic Sea mission
UK Chancellor of the Exchequer @George_Osborne to make Brexit statement
ATO HQ: another provocation, house on Biryuzova street in Donetsk was shelled from area of Durna Balka by Russian street
36 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
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