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20 อาจ 2018

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Moldova Elections - Pro-European Candidate Wins Chisinau City-hall With 52% Versus 48% For The Pro-Russian Candidate
Opera in Yerevan right now. Approx. 150-200 hanging out, nothing going on
"Unending lines at gas stations" in Greece
Dzerzhinsk, Heavy shelling
Banks not waiting for Brexit, but already leaving. Credit Suisse & ING preparing to pull activites out of London
The Euro has just plunged at the start of trading in Asia. Financial markets finally get a chance to react to Greece
Unmarked cars hidden close to Square of France in Yerevan
Tsipras says has asked again for bailout extension
Yerevan police forces retreating to President Palace
Italy today protesting against Russian military invasion in Ukraine
Mall is on fire in Zhitomir
The block on Baghramyan, Yerevan has been taken off. Newcomers regained access to the street
Investigators gone from MH17 crash site. Still hundreds of tiny metal fragments from plane lying in open field
Yereven police asks to take out women and children
USS destroyer Laboon in Georgia's port of Batumi today with a message of strong support
Greece to impose capital controls beginning from midnight, announces bank holiday, Tsipras TV address any moment
Hundreds remain on Baghramyan in Yerevan as police have warned imminent use of force
Yerevan police have announced the crackdown will take place at 9:30PM local time
UK contingency plans forsee massive airlift of tourists out of Greece if situation deteriorates
Russian forces bombed Druzhba with 152 mm shells
Odessa celebrates the day of the Constitution of Ukraine
Greece Financial Stability Council (Varoufakis, Stournaras, bankers etc) to convene at 1700 EET to discuss banking situation.
Medevac flight to Odesa - 17 wounded
ATO spokesperson: Ukrainian troops in Kryvyi Rih underwent military trainings with anti-aircraft guns
Building of patrol police is on fire in Ufa
Partially no power in Popasna after shelling
Donetsk, Military Ural truck destroy civil Opel
Bulgaria - US Army + Bulgarian forces maneuver across Novo Selo Training Area
Power substation near Novotoshkivske was hit
Pervomaisk, Militants MANPADS
Greek Parliament votes in favor for July 5th Referendum
The Russia-Ukraine cease-fire is a fiction - says @SenJohnMcCain
Marine LePen calls for action against Islamism in France
Marinka under heavy shelling from Donetsk
In Kharkov about 20 activists held a rally against the ban of abortion
Greek police got the special order on June 17th according to Kathimerini
€1bn withdrawn from Greece's ATMs today. Almost 1% of the whole Greek deposit base
Fire in St. Petersburg
Euro zone readies for Greek default after Tsipras referendum call
Evacuation of the terminal 2E of the airport RoissyCDG due to bomb threat
French Police Evacuates Terminals At Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport On Bomb Threat
2 dead after Porsche hit a pillar in Moscow
Greek default on debt due to the IMF next week would trigger cross-default clauses on €130.9 billion: EU official
Tanks on the move in Donetsk
Head of Golden Dawn party tells parliament that "these are weird times."
Armenian president suspends electricity price hikes in a bid to end 6 days of protests.
Eurogroup statement on Greece
Eurozone ministers refuse to extend Greece's bailout programme beyond Tuesday's deadline
Yerevan: protest leaders announced that protest continues despite the govt decision to freeze the electricity prices
Net minimum wages:1 Australia 2 Luxembourg 3 Belgium 4 Ireland 5 France .. 9 Canada 10 UK 11 United States
The first instalment of 200 @CanadianArmy troops being deployed to Ukraine to help train Ukrainian troops.
Sun investigative journalists expose IS plot to bomb Armed Services Day parade in London
The rain flooded another city in Ukraine. This time — Cherkassy.
After massive lines at ATMs through the night, ppl lining up at the few banks open today GreekBankRun
"Banker officials in Athens said they were expecting a shortage of euro notes by as early as Saturday evening."
Russia's Prosecutor General has ruled the transfer* of Crimea illegal (*from Russian SSR to Ukrainian SSR in 1954)
In numbers: Russia's invasion and illegal occupation of Ukraine
57% of Ukrainians would choose to join EU vs 13% who want to join the Russia-led customs union
Destruction in Berdyanske after militant shelling with self-propelled artillery
Russian government has allowed the MOE to be based at airfield Simferopol
"90% of Russians get their news primarily from television and the state controls all 3 of the major TV channels."
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