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24 กันยายน 2018

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Shelling on Kyivsky District of Donetsk, - hits right after launches
Russian forces shelling Pisky
Shelling reported on outskirts of Stanitsa Luhanska
Thunderstorm in Donetsk
Putin says Russia ready to resume ties with Turkey
Russian militants shoot in the air over OSCE monitors at Novoazovs'k
German Foreign Minister Suggests Gradual Reduction In Russia Sanctions
Multiple reports about fierce firefights near Avdiivka, glow in the sky from impacts.
Putin threatens retaliation over U.S. missile shield in Europe.
Parade of Ukrainian American Veterans in Chicago
Yakutsk newspaper informing on distortion of truth by NTV and Russia-1 tv channels
Poroshenko ordered to posthumously award the battalion commander of the 72nd brigade Andrey Zhuk
Fighting in Svitlodarsk
Putin called Athos a source of spiritual strength for the Orthodox
Artillery battery outgoing shelling from the area of Yasynuvata-Mineral'ne
OSCE UAV was shotdown with Strela-10 SAM near Ozeryanivka
Column of black smoke at Avdiivka industrial zone
Lightning strikes football pitch in western Germany, injures 35
Lightning strikes German football pitch, 35 injured, 3 seriously
Battle in the area of Avdiivka
Militants shelled Novozvanovka with antiaircraft machine guns, Opytne and Avdiyivka - with 122 mm artillery, - ATO
Toll in Paris lightning strike rises to 11 injured, 6 seriously: official
Commander of United States Army Europe Gen. Ben Hodges is on visit in Lviv
Images of @Max33Verstappen 's Q1 crash. #F1 #MonacoGP
Turchynov: Putin is now openly blackmailing Ukraine, threatening attacks if not follow Kremlin demands
Verstappen's car being cleared from the track Q2 F1 #MonacoGP
Onboard view Max Verstappen crash at FormulaOneWorld 2016 MonacoGP
Canadian CP-140 Aurora deployed to RAF Lossiemouth at request of UK was also used to search for Russian submarines
And the wall hit of Verstappen at MonacoGp
2d Cavalry Regiment conducts a combined static display with Romanian army in Brasov, Romania
Russian Media: During the meeting with the Holy Kinot of mount Athos Putin sits in the seat of the Byzantine emperors
NATOPA urges @NATO to show resolve with Russia and boost defence spending deterrence
Incident at Livepool one shopping area, suspicious object found. bomb squad on there way
Putin visits mount Athos
Putin began his pilgrimage on mount Athos
Russian artist Pavlensky led back to prison after court hearing for his work 'Threat'-where he set fire to FSB door
Greek representative in NATO Assembly committee: Instead of Macedonian we want to be used Slavic Macedonian term in reports
St. Petersburg authorities said that is impossible to finish the construction of "Zenit-Arena" .
[email protected] talking to even larger than usual Vitali Klitschko as prepare to set record for largest English lesson
Poroshenko: the Question of borders is key in the context of the implementation of the Minsk agreements
Google Earth shows huge explosion on Ukraine-Russia border btwn 16 and 20-7-2014
Mutko admitted the non-participation of Russia in the 2016 Olympics
Putin says Romania, Poland may now be in Russia's cross-hairs
28M PiazzadellaLoggia Today in 1974 fascist bomb explodes in Brescia 8 dead 100 injured
Transnistria's "president" asks for more russian troops and helicopters to patrol in the airspace
Dokuchaevsk in the morning after the battles
UAF 72nd brigade, 3rd batt - 8 WIA (3 heavy) and 1 KIA reported, near Volnovakha
In Moscow detained the son of the Vice-President of "LUKOIL"
Gas explosion sets off huge fire at business park
Consequences of last night battles in Donetsk
#DragoonRide is well underway in the Czech Republic
Ukrainian APC after road-side bomb explosion
Russia launched "Aviadarts" drills in Crimea
Stadium is on fire in Barnaul
Azerbaijan: Armenian forces violated ceasefire 28 times in last 24 hours
The Bulgarian Parliament approved the allocation of 1.5 billion leva (€750 million) for the purchase of 16 fighter jets. Most likely - JAS-39C/D.
'Evacuated refugees from Idomeni choosing to live in abandoned houses
Also Shyrokyne was under mortar, heavy machine gun and AGL fire again. Audible in Mariupol.
Protest in Malyi Mayak, Crimea against construction of camp for temporary workers from Russia
Consequences of shelling in Donetsk
Russian "Tigr-M" at Donbas
Shooting at the Donbas will not stop until Ukraine will not make changes to the Constitution - Putin
Shelling in Donetsk last night
Shelling in Donetsk last night
Shelling this morning in Donetsk
Shelling this morning in Donetsk
ATO: 40 ceasefire violations yesterday, near Novotroitske Russian forces used MLRS Grad
Putin says Crimea is Russia's "forever" and closed for discussion
Russian forces shelled Ukrainian positions near Novotroitske with 82,120,122,152mm artillery and MLRS Grad for 4 hours
Avdiivka is under strong bombardment from Donetsk
Russian forces using 120mm guns to shell Avdiivka. For 4 hours
100 people disarmed the police and took the body of a killed fighter in Nazran Ingushetia
This might be a Russian BUK near Kuybyshevo on July 16th 2014, prior to MH17 attack.
Russia will "aimed" some district in Romania in response to missile defense deployment - Putin
OSCE on today's incidents
Islamic State has Euro 2016 in its sights, German spy chief says
Ex-chief of NATO AndersFogh Rasmussen became advisor of Poroshenko
Russia Flight Tests Anti-Satellite Missile
"Partial truth is a lie" - protests in Macedonia
Supposed MH17 missile launch position area on 16/7/2014 is also available now in GE. 47.973°N 38.77°E
President @Poroshenko thanked @POTUS and @VP for facilitating release of Nadiya Savchenko
Girkin says he "spits on Hague Tribunal and its satanic new world order", threatens "it's all just beginning"
Putin tells Tsipras they must translate good bilateral relations to tangible economic coopertn, not just in energy
The President of Ukraine underline the need to strengthen sanctions against Russia – a telephone conversation with the Vice President of the United States
OSCE monitors under fire near Yasinuvata
OSCE monitors under fire near Yasinuvata
Strelkov: I don't give a damn about The Hague or its verdict
Putin in Greece
Putin arrives in the EU (Greece). Covered live by Russian TV. Anchor notes Putin "received with military honours"
Animals shelter Activists shut down Nauki Avenue in Kharkiv
Rally in Kharkiv
Protest in Kharkiv following morning events
"Last ring" for school in Ukraine
HappeningNow Soldiers of 2CR arrive in Ruzyné #DragoonRide
President Ivanov ordered to postpone elections in Macedonia
Bomb threats all over Poland today
PM @TaaviRoivas to German FM Steinmeier: Estonia expects increased presence of allied forces from NATO Warsaw summit
Sidewalk with vyshyvanka appeared in Kiev
The US ambassador condemned the publication of personal data of journalists in Myrotvorets
[email protected], Andriy Sadovy and Janika Merylo in Lviv
SSU was seized nearly 190 kg of illegally mined amber in Rivne region
Schoolboy is doing selfie with Klitschko and Groysman
The deputy of Kremenets City Council was beaten to death in Ternopil region
Odesa court released RF citizen involved in 2 May tragedy
Nadiya Savchenko in the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada
[email protected] on Ukraine: Your main advantage is your confidence that you can change history
.@GeoffPyatt on Ukraine: Your main advantage is your confidence that you can change history
[email protected]: I am sure the Ukrainian young people very energetic and want to build a business
Russia has recognized their inability to catch up with the US in the space industry
On Yasynuvata-Avdiivka road, Donetsk official Eduard Basurin uses shrapnel to map out Russian and Ukraine positions.
Another blood drive at Mechnikov, trauma center for the ATO
"Estonia prime minister calls for constant NATO troop presence to deter Russia"
Russian Mindef suspects U.S anti-missile missiles to be undercover midrange missiles
US military equipment came to the Czech Republic
The President presented state awards to sergeants and foremen of UAF
Poroshenko in Zhitomir region observed trainings
New monument in occupied Lenine, Crimea
British ambassador Judith Gough says UK will help Ukraine combat corruption
SBU has unmasked the mechanism of interference in the work of mobile operators
Russian PM ordered to prepare propositions on food embargo until the end of 2017
Polish terrorist who planted bomb in bus had been campaigning against refugees, fearing they could be terrorists
Ukraine: publication of local Forbes will be stopped after almost two years of ignoring of US publisher's demands
Hug: OSCE SMM patrol came under small arms fire in the area of Avdiivka/Yasynuvata. Nobody injured
OSCE’s Hug: This is the current state of Stanytsia Luhanska bridge – only crossing point in entire Luhansk region
The first kibersport race passed at the NSC "Olympijskij" in Kiev
Ukraine has lost 53 billion on speculation of social prices for gas - Groisman
Ukrainian intelligence notes sniper active movement of militant groups in Donbas region
Insurgents shot down drone near Gorlivka, OSCE mission confirmed - ATO headquarters
OSCE’s Hug: Most of violence yesterday happened in area where “DPR” had last Friday disabled 2 SMM cameras
Hug: SMM UAV jamming took place on Weds after it recorded 20 infantry fighting vehicles, fuel and military-type trucks in “DPR”-cont. Horlivka
OSCE’s Hug: We’ve always noted the connection between restrictions on monitor’s activities and violence or other Minsk agreements breaches
OSCE’s Hug: SMM yesterday registered 3-fold rise in no. of ceasefire violations, esp. around govt-cont. Avdiivka and Donetsk airport
14 Ukrainian military injuring in the ATO аt the last 24-hours
Russian deputy PM Rogozin admitted that Russia will never able to compete with USA in space
Col. Andriy Lysenko: In Mariupol, “Azov” servicemen underwent heavy military drills
ATO spox: Canadian experts train UA servicemen to perform preliminary investigation and how to inspect crime scenes
Russian language Islamic State outlet Furat Media dropped a video on Azerbaijan
Col. Lysenko: In Khrakiv region, SBU detained a man willing to sell about 1000 Kalashnikov ammo and hand grenades
More than 30 citizens of Ukraine hold in Russia - human rights activist
Col. Lysenko: As reported by UA mil intel, yesterday, 9 flights of enemy UAVs were recorded all across the front line
ATO spox: Today in the morning, militants shot down OSCE`s UAV in SW outskirts of Horlivka
Col. Lysenko: Yesterday, UA Army did not incur any casualties, 14 UA soldiers were wounded as a result of enemy shelling and land mine blast
Cameron: I’m delighted to announce that the G7 has agreed to take forward a coordinated, ambitious global effort to defeat corruption.
Poroshenko ordered to increase salaries of sergeants
Poroshenko, Ukrainian Mindef met with soldiers in Zhitomir region
Manchester United confirms Jose Mourinho as the club’s new manager
Ukrainian government approved the Plan of priority steps for 2016.
Belgian Air Force' 1st Sq encounters over th Baltic during EAPM' deployment
Savchenko: Ukrainians, if you want me as your President, i will be your President
Savchenko: if there will be fighting at Donbass, i will go there and fight
First press-conference of Nadiya Savchenko in Ukraine
Politologist was attacked at Russian TV show after bad words on Putin
G7 commends Ukraine for implementing comprehensive reforms, encourages to continue and accelerate the process, incl anti-corruption efforts.
[email protected] begins DragoonRide through Czech Republic today on the way to Estonia
Titushki attacked animals shelter in Kharkiv
Ukrainian political prisoners displayed at venue of Nadiya Savchenko press conference
[email protected]:"Don't counter propaganda with the same. Truth is the best weapon."
[email protected]: the leak of private data of the journalists is stupid and damaging #lmf2016
Russian Mindef announced important briefing today
Ukrainian FM radio from Kherson region launch broadcast on Crimea
Biden: Power of Savchenko is an example for the Ukrainian people and the world
Russian forces pushing more vehicles to frontline: BTR-80, BMP-1, MTLB arrived at Staromykhailivka
Ukrainian soldiers destroy Russian BMP-1 near the village Novotroitskoye
Ukrainian soldiers destroy Russian BMP-1 near the village Novotroitskoye
Patriarch: English Words in Russian Language a 'Very Bad Sign'
Ukrainian APC hit IED near Starohnativka
President Putin's approval rating drops (to 80%)
Route of @2dCavalryRegt #DragoonRide through Czech Republic over next few days
The ruling Party of Canada will discuss visa-free regime for Ukrainians
G7 supported the continuation of sanctions against Russia
#DragoonRide tactical relocation exercise starts in #Baltics
30 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
U.S. not support referendum in South Ossetia
Tusk: Thanks PM @AbeShinzo for G7 progress on global challenges as maritime security, migration, Russia, trade and economy
Russia explores Kuril chain island as potential Pacific Fleet base
Montenegro protesters march against 'fake opposition' that they say entered into coalition with PM Milo Đukanović
Ukrainian activists interrupted RT live during Paris protests
Major General Kapanadze: Georgia to begin receiving airdefence systems from France by late 2016 or early 2017
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