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18 สิงหาคม 2018

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PYD say that PYD officials met with the Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Gennady Gatilov on the 25th April.
Armenia used the Osa surface-to-air missile
Dana Boente to lead DOJ's national security division, oversee Russia probe
Pope Francis, Coptic Pope Tawadros and Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew.
Two US F-35s land in Bulgaria today
Speaker Ilir Meta is elected as the next President of the Republic of Albania with 87 votes
In StPetersburg, Russia, police detained 12 @openrussia_org activists for handing out leaflets
Voting has started for the next Albanian President. MP Abazi just casted the first vote.
U.S State dept issued Security alert for France
1 soldier killed as Ukrainian army car hit a road-side bomb near Pavlopil
Montenegro's vote to join @NATO
Montenegro's lawmakers have ratified NATO membership treaty in 46-0 vote.
The United States condemns any attempt to harass or intimidate SMM monitors or hinders their mission in Ukraine.
Russia's prosecutor-general's office says materials to put former Ukrainian PM Yatsenyuk on the wanted list have been sent to Interpol.
Russia investigation committee accused ex-PM of Ukraine Yatsenuk in murder of 30 Russian soldiers, wounded 13 with AK. Submitted request to Interpol
[email protected] Flag Officer Sea Training instructors and @USNavy Sailors prepare to disembark USSCarney in Plymouth, U.K.
Activist of "Yabloko" Natalia Fedorova was attacked in Moscow, blinded
27 year old Terror suspect arrested with rucksack of knives in London Whitehall named as Mohammed Khalid Omar Ali from the Tottenham area.
SBU detained two Ukrainian officers who cooperated with the militants of "LDNR"
Israeli PM says German minister wouldn't take his call after snub
Interior Minister of Macedonia Agim Nuhiu, resigned from his post after last nights event in Parliament
Russia's FSB says information about Medvedev's properties is secret.
Macron’s campaign team bans Russian news outlets from events - because they aren't really news outlets.
Two F35 jets have landed in Bulgaria, for another day trip like with Estonia
Russia flag Heather Sea remains in the Liman accident area. Last 18hrs track attached
Russia flag Heather Sea remains in the Liman accident area. Last 18hrs track attached
Merkel, Putin to discuss G20, Syria, Ukraine in Sochi on Tuesday
Col. Lysenko: Over the previous day of hostilities, UAF incurred no fatalities, 3 troopers were injured
Col. Andriy Lysenko: The tensest situation was in Avdiivka, where militants opened fire with heavy weapons, including with 122 mm artillery
Col. Lysenko: Donetsk sector: enemy used heavy weapons in Svitlodarsk, Horlivka and Avdiivka areas
Ukraine seized $1.5B from Yanukovych
Opening of Alexei Navalny's campaign headquarters in Astrakhan. He can't go because he has to avoid light after chemical attack yesterday.
Opening of Alexei Navalny's campaign headquarters in Astrakhan. He can't go because he has to avoid light after chemical attack yesterday.
Russia isn't defending Assad as an individual, but is opposed to interference from outside - speaker of Federation Council
Macron said he would pursue a tougher line with Poland and other countries which were infringing EU principles
British police say thwart active terrorism plot after woman shot
EU's Tusk says UK must settle 'people, money and Ireland' first
Woman injured in Stockholm truck attack on April 7 dies, bringing death toll to five
Opposition leader Vyacheslav Maltsev was released from prison this morning and appeared on Navalny's YouTube channel.
Hungary PM says second border fence to keep out migrants finished
Damage after shelling in Makiivka
House is on fire in Krasnohorivka
Montenegro MPs Gather For Historic NATO Vote
From @FreedomHouseDC's new Freedom of the Press 2017 report. Russian-annexed Crimea among "worst of the worst" places designated "not free."
Russian forces are attacking Krasnohorivka. 1 Ukrainian soldier was killed, 4 wounded
52 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 3 soldiers were wounded
Russia flag Heather Sea ХЕЗЕР СН remains in the Liman accident area as of 04:45GMT
RUAF Tu-154 85563 Istanbul-Crimea last night
Putin, Erdogan may discuss S-400 sale to Turkey in early May in Sochi – Kremlin.
Picture showing protester who entered the parliament in Skopje attacking Deputy Chairperson of SDSM Radmila Sekerinska
Scenes of day 25 of Anti-Vucic protests in Belgrade
Macedonia parliament now calm. Police used concussion grenades to drive protesters out and evacuate MPs
Flash granades seen going off near assembly building
Oleg Larichev @kryw is disappeared. In early April, he was severely beaten by two men in civilian clothes right at home in broad daylight.
Nikki Haley gets in Russia's face, says Putin is offering "cover" to Syria
Parliament building in Skopje at the moment.
Photo of MP Sekerinska being beaten by protestors
Macedonia President Ivanov will address the nation in 40 minutes
Sources tell that Ilir Meta has accepted the proposal of Left-wing parties to be voted tomorrow as the next President of Albania
The police are bystanders while a new group is let in the parliament building. Skopje
Eight persons hospitalised in Skopje after masked demonstrators entered parliament and beat up parliamentarians
Serbia will issue diplomatic protest note and recall its ambassador from Paris over French court’s decision
Journalists and ER teams have been attacked by the protesters. Macedonia
At least four MPs were injured when supporters of the former ruling VMRO DPMNE party stormed Macedonian parliament
Special police forces don't allow people to enter the Parliament anymore. Macedonia
Lisne settlement, North Makiivka: artillery works
Avdiivka: It's loud here, allegedly impacts on the town's old part
VMRO has mobilised their members to come to Skopje.
Macedonia PM-designate @Zoran_Zaev and MPs attacked cornered by protesters in parliament, without any protection. Now reportedly safe.
Minister of internal affairs in Macedonia has no comment for the tonights events
Photo of Zijadin Sela being beaten up and dragged. Skopje Macedonia
UAV was shot down over Volnovakha today
Video - 12 sec. Protesters entering Parliament. Posted 35 minutes ago, happened 1-2 hours
Video - 12 sec. Protesters entering Parliament. Posted 35 minutes ago, happened 1-2 hours
Zijadin Sela, MP, is reported to be seriously hurt and fighting for his life. Macedonia
New attempts by protesters to enter Parliament. Macedonia
[email protected]: I condemn the attacks on MPs in Skopje in the strongest terms. Violence has NO place in Parliament. Democracy must run its course
Macedonia Parliament is surrounded by people. Some leave. Some come. Some stay. Police is here (Finally).
Masked men break into Macedonia parliament, beat up oppostion leader Zoran Zaev: reports
Opposition leader Zoran Zaev beaten up. His head is bloodied. Confirmed by Telma. Colleague saw him with her own eyes. #Macedonia
Video of masked men breaking into Macedonia's parliament. Demonstrators now occupying chamber after the opposition elected a new speaker.
Heavy artillery fighting near Avdiivka already for 2 hours
Italian minister says painting NGOs as migrant traffickers is a lie
Russian opposition politician Alexey @Navalny got his eyes burnt but continued with his campaign
Barricades broken through journalists attacked by masked men. Skopje Macedonia
Macedonia parliament was stormed after @SDSMakedonija appoint forme Parliament speaker
Russia's Putin, Japan's Abe call for talks, calm with North Korea
Mob in one room, opposition leader speaks to the media in the next room
Anti-Albanian/anti-oppos. protesters in one room, opposition in the next one
UK PM Theresa May accuses EU 27 of lining up to oppose Britain over Brexit
Crowd in Pristina to welcome back former Kosovo PM Haradinaj from France. Today a French court ruled he wld not be extradited to Serbia
VMRO MP's "defend" the Parliament Speaker seat, while the majority elects new Speaker on the floor. Macedonia
Todays protest in Belgrade, not much people, mainly students
Italy's Renzi set to regain leadership of weakened ruling party
Scottish parliament says suspicious packages sent to official are associated with upcoming election
Scottish parliament says three suspicious white powder packages sent to elected official between April 25-26
Northern Ireland power-sharing talks paused until after UK election
Johnson says Labour's Corbyn no harmless 'mugwump' but a dire threat
NATO's Operation Sea Guardian currently has 4 ships and 3 planes in theatre, also working to support the EU's op Sophia: @jensstoltenberg
NATO Secretary General confirms he spoke to Libyan PM al-Sarraj last week: expert teams to meet soon, refine areas of institution-building support
Picture of the Terror suspect who was arrested by armed police in Whitehall, London, at least two knives recovered
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg and Prime Minister of Italy @PaoloGentiloni meet the press in Rome's Palazzo Chigi
Police in Berlin say shots were fired by police after a man tried to attack them in Kreuzberg, man who was shot has been injured
Picture of suspect armed with knives at Westminster
Russian opposition leader Navalny was again attacked with green paint
MET Police say they arrested man had a number of weapons, was arrested following a stop and search as part of an ongoing operation.
Shot at Berlin hospital was fired by police, person struck was injured. No further details. (Reuters) #Kreuzberg
German media reports shots have been fired at a hospital in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg
Putin says satisfied with development of Russia-China ties. Mutual trust, cooperation at highest level in history
Appreciate support extended by Poland to India’s membership of missile technology control government and membership of NSG: VP Hamid Ansari in Warsaw
Five Russian sailors freed in Libya after negotiations headed by Ramzan Kadyrov, other Chechen officials
Man arrested near Parliament with 'rucksack full of knives.' Westminster on lockdown
A man arrested after an incident in Whitehall, Scotland Yard says. Knives were recovered from the scene, close to Parliament Square
US Department of Defense inspector general launching investigation into former Trump adviser Flynn
A 28-year-old German soldier who planned a false flag attack in Germany while posing as a Syrian refugee to stir hatred has been arrested when he went to retrieve a loaded pistol he had hidden in a bathroom at Vienna International Airport.
Armed police in London detain man with 2 knifes near Westminster
More pictures of police arresting one male suspect and recovering at least two knives
Rucksack seen on floor in pictures emerging of Whitehall incident as man arrested by police for possession of weapons. No injuries reported
Protesters from Novi Sad, Vojvodina to join protests in Belgrade on May,1
Russian Mindef confirmed that Liman intelligence collection ship have sunk in Black Sea
PM Yıldırım calls Russian counterpart to inform him and convey sadness about the collision in the Black Sea
A lieutenant of the German army was stopped at Strasbourg. He is suspected in ploting to commit terror attack
78 people have been rescued from Russian ship accident.
Russian warship collides with freighter in Black Sea off Istanbul. Turkish media say 15 Russian soldiers reportedly missing, 45 rescued.
Abe: Relations of Russia and Japan are developing very successfully. Today I would like to discuss a peace Treaty and security in the region
Turkish media: 15 Russian soldiers missing after warship collides with freighter off Istanbul
Russian Mindef AN-26 and other rescuers are going to incident site with Liman. Russian Mindef reports that all crew are safe
Speed graph and location of Youzarsif H. Sudden drop in speed is notable & shows the time of the incident. Liman supposed to be badly damaged.
Russian BSF AGI-ship Liman was damaged near Bosphorus after collision with another ship "Ashot-7"
Missile ship "Samum" for the first time, completed the task of air defense with coastal troops
Former Kosovo premier Ramush Haradinaj won't be extradited to Serbia
Far-right Pegida activists stage protest over ‘diversity’ monument in Dresden
Protesters throw bottles at store fronts in rally against #French presidential candidates
Russian customers will pay 2.5% more for electricity cause of supply to occupied part of Luhansk region
Estonia says Russia may put troops in Belarus to challenge NATO
Warsaw: Indian VP Hamid Ansari and Poland PM Beata Szydło witness signing of agreements between India and Poland
“Neither Le Pen, nor Macron” - Protests against French presidential candidates takes place in Paris
France Grenoble - Explosion at McDonald's, allegedly in the bathroom. Area sealed. Not yet known if terror related.
SG @jensstoltenberg stresses: NATO is working more closely with the EU, including cyber defence during Malta visit
Moldova’s new pro-Russian President bars military from NATO exercise
In Irkutsk, Russia, 200 small business owners held a protest against authorities' anti-business policies
At Ukrainian foreign Ministry began meeting Prime Minister of Ukraine @VGroysman with the Heads of foreign diplomatic missions.
Investigation denied version about UAV attack on warehouse in Balakliya
Explosion in the sky over Volnovakha, now cloud left. Possible anti-aircraft
Applause in German Parliament as Merkel says "must be clear" about fact that UK "will not have same rights" as EU countries after Brexit
In Memmingen, Germany, a neo-Nazi clubhouse was reportedly torched by anti-fascists
In Memmingen, Germany, a neo-Nazi clubhouse was reportedly torched by anti-fascists
Macron slower off mark than Le Pen in last French election lap - poll
Boris Johnson says if US asked UK to participate in military action against Assad government it would be 'very difficult to say no'
Police also arrested an accomplice of Austria to-be-attacker(24 y/o) in Offenbach, found weapons in apartment. Other raids were carried out in Austria and France.
Bundeswehr soldier arrested in Vienna, apparently planned a terror attack, hid weapon in airport.
Putin looks forward to meeting with President Xi at Beltand Road Forum in Beijing next month
Preparations for "Victory parade" in Luhansk
Preparations for Victory parade in Luhansk
Two police officers wounded during an anti terror raid in French Island of Réunion, Islamic terror suspect was arrested.
European Parliament says Le Pen 'fake jobs' cost 5 mn euros: probe source
Two police wounded by 'Islamist' on French island Reunion: official
NATO chief says Turkey must show 'full respect' for rule of law
Germany's Merkel: Britain must engage in 'constructive dialogue' with the EU about Brexit before negotiations can start
Post-Brexit UK won't have same rights as EU members: Merkel
EU-Turkey ties 'severely hit' by Ankara developments: Merkel
Merkel: Brexit negotiations will only start fully after UK election
French court refuses to extradite ex-Kosovo PM Haradinaj to Serbia
UK's Johnson says Labour's Corbyn no harmless 'mugwump' but a dire threat
LNR group drill legend includes forcing of Siverski Donetsk and make a base on other bank
LNR group drill legend includes forcing of Siverski Donetsk and make a base on other bank
[email protected] discovered 2 ammo caches in Slovyansk and Hnutove
Russian army drills in occupied Crimea
Russian army drills in occupied Crimea
Russian Mig-29sm and Su-34 drills in Kursk region of Russia
Russian Mig-29sm and Su-34 drills in Kursk region of Russia
U.S. army to move brigade’s worth of firepower into Poland
1 Ukrainian soldier was killed, 6 were wounded in 47 attacks yesterday - ATO HQ
Russia sent 64th supply convoy to Donbas
CNN: House Intel Committee has agreed on a witness list. Includes Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Roger Stone and Jared Kushner.
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