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19 กรกฎาคม 2018

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UNHCR officer watches the refugees waiting for food in despair
Fighting after midnight not stopped at Maryinka
Fighting in Avdiivka continues after midnight
Russian Pantsir Anti Air Defense System 1 km from Ukrainian border
Heavy explosion reported in Svitlodars'k
Russian self-propelled artillery
Russian self-propelled artillery
Today Donetsk airport looks like this
ICBM drills in Irkutsk region
UNHCR publishes map/details of migrant shelters around Greece
Clashes near Maryinka for 40 minutes
Terrorist tied to Brussels, Paris attacks lived freely on the Amalfi Coast for three months
Maryinka. Serious battle in the hospital, boarding school / horse stables area w large-caliber small arms, grenade launchers, mortars.
French president @fhollande will take part in the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington this week. #NSS2016
Armed police stand guard outside Ancienne Belgique concert hall - rock band "Enter Shikari" play tonight Brussels
David Cameron's Central and Eastern Europe adviser promotes article saying EU acting to suppress Polish democracy
Earlier today in Moria. Refugees and migrants chanting "Freedom"
It's fake
Russ internet runs poorly faked MinFin letter asking US to help postpone NL referendum on UA-EU AA
Ukraine launches strategic military drills to train in repelling large-scale aggression
Russian Strategic Missile Forces (mobile ICBMs) command-staff exercises at Omsk and Irkutsk bases. RU MoD 28 Mar
Cabinet reduced emmigration quotas for this year
Outgoing artillery shelling from Yasinuvata
Police laying roadblocks at Place de la Bourse, Brussels, Belgium
Russian tanks in Shakhtarsk area
Conscription notice for Yasinuvata to be at conscr. office on 29 March
Armed people tried to storm State enterprise in Kyiv region
Azov involved in anti-refugee protest in Yahotyn
Azov involved in anti-refugee protest in Yahotyn
Brussels Airport suspect Fayçal Cheffou released for lack of evidence
Colonel Lysenko: About 130 mortar shells launched at ATO troops’ positions near Avdiivka
FIAF QRA F-18 scrambled to Gulf of Finland
Sechin to Putin: Last year to stabilise the country's foreign currency market Rosneft sold about $45 billion.
Royal Danish Army during training with Iraqi Federal Police in Ain Al Asad base in Anbar Iraq
Wiesenhof: reports that a factory in Lohne is on fire, multiple explosions
President honored memory of the fallen ATO heroes near Sloviansk
Serbia arrests ex-interior ministry official, Radomir Počuča, who joined Russian militants in Ukraine
At least 8 suspects at large in Brussels, Paris attacks
SBU prevented attack on Ukrainian military
Kremlin's preemptive strike: Putin's press sec warns that a group of investigative journalists to publish allegations of Putin corruption
Maxim machine gun at frontline near Avdiivka
Maxim machine gun at frontline near Avdiivka
Russian militant in the area of Yasinuvata police post
Head of RuMOD general Shoigu arrived in Kaliningrad. His Tu-154 was escorted by Typhoon BAP and Su-27
Ukrainian intel: militants preparing provocations against OSCE Hug
In the Lviv region took the oath nearly five hundred contractors
Armyans'k and Chronomors'ke left without electricity
Poroshenko to Russian soldiers: get out of our Donbass. Ukraine wants peace
Ukraine MFA Klimkin: LahoreBlast is another despicable act of terror. We share the grief and extend our words of support the people of Pakistan.
Peskov: Putin will hold a prompt evening meeting with the permanent members of the Russian Security Council
Kremlin: Russian air forces to continue fight against terrorism and supporting Syrian army offensive
Russia's former counterintelligence head (now deputy foreign minister) Syromolotov says CIA director Brennan visited Moscow in early March.
Komsomolska Pravda war reporters today in Simferopol, Crimea
Hounslow fire: 13 people rescued from restaurant blaze in west London
Kids yard in Makiivka
Monument to citizens of Belarus who were killed fighting for Ukraine was opened in Kyiv
Russian defense ministry to send more military personnel to Syria: troops and sappers will clear Palmyra of mines
The Russian defense Minister checked the preparation of Marines of the Baltic fleet
National Guard near Kyiv prosecutor office
In Chechnya conducted an exercise with units of the separate motorized rifle brigade of YUVO
#overthefortress demo in Thessaloniki against EU policies of #refugeesGr deportation
overthefortress demo in Thessaloniki against EU policies of refugeesGr deportation
At Idomeni refugees can apply for relocation program via Skype, but connection too slow, just 20 application per day can be processed
Following its Syria campaign, Russia secured military hardware sales for $6-7 billions
Brussels attacks death toll rises to 35: officials
President Poroshenko appointed head of the ATO Sergei Popko as commander of Land forces
Poroshenko in the ATO zone listen to report on the situation at the front
Students of Military academy learn how to use drones
1 Ukrainian serviceman KIA and 7 WIA over the last day in the warzone in E Ukraine
Protest of italian activists overthefortress and other collectives in Thessaloniki for #refugeesGr
CCTV footage of the 'man in the hat' walking into Brussels airport with suitcase bomb released by Belgian police
CCTV footage of the 'man in the hat' walking into Brussels airport with suitcase bomb released by Belgian police
Russian Defense Minister, Army General Sergey Shoigu arrived in Kaliningrad region
Airport in Warsaw evacuated after a bomb threat
Finland Foreign Ministry website : "Crimea is not forgotten"
Kharkiv. Demo against General Prosecutor
[email protected] in Mariupoll conducting public hearings w/local party branch of People Power on creating city charter
Clashes at demo near Region presecutor's office in Kharkiv
Russian Navy Kilo sub "Krasnodar" departed Kronshtadt today - first underway period in nearly four months
Three thousand military signalers of Russian West military district raised the alarm
Two more Americans confirmed dead in Brussels attacks
2 Azerbaijani soldiers killed in border clash
Huge crane left 'bent double' after Storm Katie batters London overnight
London mayor Boris Johnson after capturing of Palmyra: "Bravo for Assad"
SBU bans scandalous Russian radio host Kushinashvili for 3 years
Ukraine Today: Russia to send 51st supply convoy to Donbas
Poroshenko will visit Kramatorsk today
Reportedly DNR provocateurs already at Administration of President too
RUAF An-124 82041 Tver-Chkalovsky
RUAF VHF traffic in Baltic Sea. Consistent with Su27 fighters
Today's K.Pravda on Syrian army retaking Palmyra: "Without Russia's support this victory would have been impossible"
Kommersant: "Orders for RU weapons that surged as result of Syria showcase exceed several times the cost of the Syrian operation"
Foreign fighters from Europe to ISIS: 1 Russia 2400; 2 France 1700; 3 UK 760; 3 Germany 760; 5 Belgium 470
Only 17 migrants and refugees arrive at Piraeus on Monday
Kryvyy Rih mayor elex, exit poll: Vilkul 70,9%, Semenchenko 11,3%. Independent observers claim numerous violations
Protest near presidential administration of Ukraine against Gen. prosecutor Shokin
Militants since the morning increased attacks on Donetsk direction, - the press center of ATO
Russian occupation press in Crimea reporting on possible "near border" provocations
RUAF Tu-154 85686 from Chkalovsky is doing steady 34000ft and heading to Gulf of Finland
Aerial images show Calais Jungle migrant camp partly bulldozed as refugees are evicted
RUAF Il-76 78816 from Orenburg direction is approaching Vnukovo
Another banking license revoked by Russia's Central Bank. Moscow's "Smartbank"
50 attacks of Russian militants yesterday
8 killed in bus crash on Kharkiv-Kyiv highway
Yuri Vilkul at the elections in Krivoy Rog scored more than 70% of votes - exit polls
Counter-terrorism operation in Rotterdam
55% turnout at Kryvyi Rih mayor elections
Police operation in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Whole block is cordoned off
Frenchman arrested in Netherlands linked to Paris terror plot suspect: police source
Incoming shelling and flares in the area of Yasinuvata police point
4 terrorism-related arrests today in Rotterdam Netherlands, at least one was at the request of France - @NOS reports
Nayem Demands:-Immediate resignation of Shokin; -Public discourse on new,Att Gen; -Speedy appt of independent Att Gen.
A former Belgian ambassador to the U.S. was among those killed in the Brussels terror attacks
Russia claims Savchenko can`t be released according to Minsk agreements
In (conscious) echo of post that launched Maidan, M.Nayyem calls protest over sit w/ GenProsecutor tmrw @ Pres admin
The Turkish Coastguard intercepted 5 boats w ~350 refugees mainly from Myanmar en route to Lesvos
Refugees try to 'breach' Macedonian border in Idomeni
18 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions today
Pilots in Western Military District complete main stage of Ladoga exercise
Around 10 arrested as far-right hooligans riot at Brussels shrine: police
The fast train "Russia" was shot in Amur region
Brussels police chase far-right football hooligans after water-cannoning them
Brussels police use water cannon on far-right protesters who disrupted gathering remembering victims
Belgium: Police used water cannon to disperse far-right protest in Brussels
Crowds cheer as nationalists are forced to retreat - pushed out by police #Brussels
Brussels: Right wing protestors stamp across memorial flowers, raise nazi salutes - riot police on site
Anti-NATO protest in Belgrade
Brussels right now. Riot police forming a cordon around two groups of protesters in Place de la Bourse.
Rows of police facing off against hooligans, water cannon at the ready. Hooligans backing off.
Notorious @ThierryMARIANI also part of the French delegation reaffirming support for Assad
Severe weather warnings issued for London as Storm Katie approaches
Anti-NATO protest held in Belgrade
Fire in L'viv
Kremlin list of Russian troop deaths in Ukraine reveals $40k compensation for each Russian dying in military action
#EasterRising Army officer reads 1916 Proclamation originally read by Patrick Pearse on same spot
Anti-personnel landmine PMN at Donbass. Ukraine destroyed last such mines 10 years ago
Up to 50 thousands people at march in Chisinau for unification with Romania
No killed, 4 soldiers and 1 medic wounded - ATO HQ
Macedonian police is fortified - more officers and vehicles - they expect #refugeesGR
160 122mm projectiles hit Ukrainian positions yesterday
In Chisinau gathered for a March for reunification with Romania
Military truck in Donetsk
Pope Francis delivering a message of hope this Easter
Pope slams 'rejection' of migrants and refugees in Easter message
Rumours that activists that were stopped at the bridge before idomeni about to clash with police
Pope denounces terrorism in many countries and encourages efforts at solution of conflict in the Ukraine
Refugees now a few meters away from Greek police (but standing not marching) Idomeni
Exercise "Cold blade 2016" in Lapland
Exercise Cold blade 2016 in Lapland
Shelling near Yasinuvata checkpoint
Shelling near Yasinuvata checkpoint
Crowd 800+ Idomeni uneasy, police closes rows, some #refugeesGr deescalate. People start realize border stays closed.
Hundreds refugeesGr gathered because of rumors for open borders in Idomeni
Elections in Kryvyi Rih: First vioalations reported
Julien Rochedy, ex-president of the FNJ, seflies with Bashar al-Assad. Syria.
Tense situation at Idomeni. Refugees want to cross border, w help of activists and journos. Greece
Ukrainian forces repelled Russian scout group attack near Nizhneteple
44 attacks by Russian forces yesterday
OSCE: "Data indicate that Russia is directly involved in the war in eastern Ukraine."
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