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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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In Donetsk, the Ukrainian coat of arms off the building facades
Heavy explosion in Staromykhailivka
Suspended OSCE monitor in E.Ukraine confirms he's Russian GRU
Only several families left in #Myronivsky block of flats in #Ukraine 3 km to frontline
Sasha Borovik: many wants to gather new Maidan in Odesa
Sounds of battle near Yasinovata
Sounds of battle near Yasinovata
Activists filmed video for Russian killers in Syria and Ukraine
Activists filmed video for Russian killers in Syria and Ukraine
"DEATH TO JEWS" reads a slogan, shamelessly graffitied by anti semitic hooligans in heart of #London Jewish quarter.
Militants: on Bakhmutka road used tank against Ukrainian troops
UNHCR: In last two weeks, we provided shelter and supplies to 2,700 people in Eastern #Ukraine
Ukraine improve position in the ranking of Doing Business
Barriers to refugees in Europe
Battle near Verkhn'otorets'ke
Serbian politicians ask #Crimea and Russia to help them with #Kosovo
Serbian opposition politicians came to Crimea
#Austria builds something on the #Slovenia-n border that pretty much looks like a fence
M-04 road checkpoint, near Krasniy Partizan: fighting reported
Winter clothing for Peshmerga sent by Germany arrives at Hewler/Erbil
Results from Poland's parliamentary election
The minibus collided with two cars in the South of Moscow, seven people wounded
I urged Trukhaniv to stop fraud. Should be a second round - Saakashvili
1000 #refugees from the Croatian border across the fields to #Dobova.
Russian MFA: Moscow outraged by the refusal of the district court of new York to reconsider the case of Victor But
Serbia does not recognize Kosovo's Association with the EU
#Russia: pensions will fall in real terms in 2015 - the first time since Putin first became president.
US boxer Roy Jones Jr. gets Russian passport. "I'm Russian!" he exclaims, as The Surgeon drapes him in Russian flag.
7000 troops, 700 tanks from Poland,Germany,Canada,US andUK trained to respond to real world threats in Exercise Dragon
HU FM Szijjártó: EU sanctions and Russian embargo caused a lot of trouble for Hungarian economy, HU export to #Russia decreased by $2 billion
Spain PM vows to use 'all political, legal means' to block Catalan independence bid
Contact group In Minsk agreed to release 10 Ukrainian POWs
1 out of 5 missing refugees just rescued by Frontex (SAR), now. Search operation under way. #Lesvos
President @Poroshenko: #Ukraine approves anti-corruption measures, moving closely to visa liberalization with #EU
The first train with refugees arrived from Tovarnika direkt in Dobova
Danish F-16 aircraft crashed down at Rømø, Denmark
Just over #Simferopol flew heavy aircraft, followed by fighter
#EU and #Kosovo have signed an association agreement
The U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker visited Pryts'ky and Bila Church, where her family lived in the early 19 century
Turkish Task Group frigates TCG Gediz, TCG Saliheris and TCG Yavuz conduct helicopter operation for Trident Juncture.
Spain PM vows to use 'all political, legal means' to block Catalan independence bid
Refugees on the way from Croatia to Dobova, Slovenia
Germany's secret service warns the country is importing Islamic extremism
Anti-terrorist drills in Bryansk
Screenshots of convo b/t Kostenko colleagues. Left: serviceman who served w/ deceased Russian soldier.
In Moscow declared "orange" storm danger
Putin urged not to use foreign currency in the calculations within the RF
Soldiers of Russian military base in Abkhazia participated in more than 30 exercises during the year
Russian secret service looking for ISIS recruiter Bikmaev from Penza region
Russian TASS: Ukraine will not be able to the end of the year to accumulate enough gas for the winter season
Russia and Serbia have signed documents on cooperation in economy and military-technical cooperation
Russian soldier who knew Vadim Kostenko and unloaded coffin told me it is zinc-lined & sealed. Sister said she doesn't believe suicide story.
German Military truck overturn on A7 higway to Flensburg
Serbian delegates say they recognize Crimea part of Russia
Visualization of #refugees flow to Europe. 600,000 since April 2011.
"I will never believe this version (suicide)," says mother of Russian soldier who died in Syria. MOD says suicide.
Dmitry Medvedev met with Chairman of the government of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic
#Slovenia: Plans to close this site in Brezice and move desperate ppl to new centre in Dobova - w/capacity of 4000
Zakharchenko: Only cowards repay their debts to Kolomoysky.
Nagorno-#Karabakh. During Line of Contact crossing, repeated gunfire forced @OSCE monitors to take cover
Kremlin says it has no information on reports of a Russian soldier's death in Syria
Near Shoigu house there are 2 houses owned by son and wife of Moscow region Governior Vorobiev
Italian artillery in action #TJ15
Russian defense Ministry confirmed the death of a serviceman at an air base in Syria. Cause of suicide
Oleg Navalny was threatened to be transfered from a colony to a prison.
1.700 people in #Russia in custody for terrorism, extremism — #Russian Federal Penitentiary Service
President of Latvia: #Latvia will never recognize annexation of Crimea
The #Dignity1 has just rescued a 2nd inflatable boat, this time carrying 118 #people, mainly from #Somalia
Refugees in Berlin create online map of essential resources for new arrivals
Activists found $18M house of Russian Defence Minister Shoigu
[email protected] visited the Holocaust Memorial in Bila Tserkva
ATO spox: In Zaporizhia region, UA servicemen undergo drills with artillery, aircraft, and helicopters employed
Trident Juncture in the Mediterranean- Standing #NATO Maritime Group 2 units participating in maneuvering exercise
Unknown preparing a terrorist attack in Kharkiv Pokrovsky monastery
Russian military vehicles at shooting ground near Antratsyt
Over 700,000 refugees have reached Europe's shores in 2015: UN
TalkTalk shares gain 10% in London
U.K. economy expanded by 0.5% in third quarter, less than expected
In a closed Federation Council meeting, Russia's set to equate Open Russia with ISIS
Donetsk. Few loud explosions heard in city
Russian soldier Vadim Kostenko from Kuban' was killed in Syria - relatives
[email protected]: Ukraine faces a long road ahead to reach its full econ potential,but has the firm partnership of US
Tripartite contact group to meet today in Minsk
Defense Ministry: ukrainian soldier killed as a result of attack of militants in the Donetsk region
Map: Recent fires at planned refugee housings, Sweden
Tymchuk: Sniper fire on UAF pos. in the area of ​​#Maryinka, N-E fr Shumy, S fr Popasnaya, nr Shchastya, in area betw Shyrokino and Zaichenko
UNHCR #map of displacement patterns in NW Syria since October 5th, totalling 120k. Most from Russian Airstrikes.
400 people reached #Dobova, Slovenia early in the Morning
The @OSCE Co-Chairs are meeting with the de facto authorities in Nagorno-#Karabakh today and then crossing the Line of Contact
Turkish Deputy PM: Migration issue may be more dangerous than a World War III
15-year-old arrested over British cyber attack on TalkTalk
#Dobova Twice as many #refugees as last night to sleep outside. Coughing and kids crying
ATO HQ confirming reports of attack on Ukrainian positions in Pisky-Opytne after 5pm
Official, final results of parliamentary elections in #Poland: PiS - 37,58%, PO - 24,09%, Kukiz'15 - 8,81%, Nowoczesna - 7,6%, PSL - 5,13%.
9 year old girl in camouflage and with rifle gun in Alchevsk
Soldier in #Pisky tells that separatists are firing grads tonight
Shelling from area of Donetsk railway station
Loud in Staromikhailivka
FM @HashimThaciRKS proposes an alcohol test for MP of the Parliament in #Kosovo
Positions near Donetsk airport is under artillery shelling from Donetsk
Far-right protesters attacked buses with refugees in Freiberg, Germany
#Donetsk "Two distinct heavy artillery volleys. Right now. Direction from the airport"
Anti-migrants rally in Neubrandenburg, Germany
700 - 800 people at LEGIDA rally in Leipzig
Pegida march in Dresden
At #Dobova Slovenian transit camps are crowded
#Pegida demonstration marching through #Dresden
Pegida demonstration marching through Dresden
Camps in #Dobova are full but more people arriving from Croatia
Heavy presence at Pegida rally in Dresden, up to 12 000 people
Preliminary results of voting at local elections in Ukraine. Opposition bloc is winning in 6 regions
#Pegida rally in center of Dresden
Infowar. Texts to soldiers in Ukrainian: "East will not forgive you, West will not remember you"
Fire in the center of Kharkiv - Karazina street
Report of one killed in battle in Opytne
Last 25 Armenian families remaining in Deir Ezzor abandon city and head to Qamishli, Latakia & Aleppo
#Refugees and #migrants arrive at #Lesbos island.
German frigate Hamburg, part of Standing #NATO Maritime Group 2 participates in Trident Juncture
Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral #Kuznetsov" hold SAM driils
Slovenia Gov Presser: Situation isn't ideal, we'll improve registration proceduress, services excellent coop w/ each other
Veszprem, Hungary - A10 Warthogs provide close-air support during live-fire training for #NATO exercise Brave Warrior
Heavy explosion in Proletarsky district of Donetsk
#USSPorter wraps up latest patrol in the #BlackSea
6.000 #refugees today at #Piraeus port #Athens #Greece. On the way - Ariadni 1.577 (Lesvos - Chios) - Venizelos 2.500 (Lesvos)
Another surge of sea arrivals in #Lesbos today. About 2k refugees so far, more than 3k expected by end of day
Dnipropetrovsk Mayor elections - 90% of votes processed, pro-Russian Vilkul 37%
#Brezice situation is getting tens more and more. Ppl are collapsing. Insufficient medical care. Far to little water.
The U.S. will allocate $1 billion aid for Ukraine
[email protected] met @PennyPritzker
2 soldiers of the #Ukraine Armed Forces injured in ceasefire violations last night
Imperator(Emperor) Palpatine was elected to Odessa city council
Shooting and mortar fire heard in area of Donetsk airport
#Flawinne assailant has been arrested
#Spielfeld: clashes between #refugees. Tense Atmosphere
Training ship "Smolny" passes the English channel
#Refugees and #migrants at sea
Google has released a "crisis info hub" providing hyper-localised info to help
Police helicopter circling over #Belgrade
#Russia's budget for 2016 allocates $50.5bn (over 4% of GDP or 19.6% of budget expenditure) on #defence
Police deploying in Belgrade.
Police deployments near the base in Flawinne #Belgium
The car of the #flawinne assailant was found
Crowd of refugees in Slovenia
Belgian media report that the car used in the attack has been found abandoned in Belgrade, near Flawinne.
Decisive victory for PiS in #Poland. Exit polls indicate overall majority, later polls suggest very tight.
Your country needs you, France Inc says to French engineers,math whizzes who've taken their talent to Silicon Valley
No injuries reported, Attacker was covered in a balaclava, Fled the scene after ramming the gate, major search underway. #Belgium
#Belgium: shots were fired at a car that rammed the gate at the military base in #Flawinne
#TheJungle in Calais yest: some heated tents to arrive from Fr. govt soon. Current ones with basic/ramshackle
Shots fired at paratrooper barracks in Flawinne, #Belgium after a car ran the barricades
Peskov on victory PiS in Poland: We want good relations with Poland, but not be forced
#Visp, #Switzerland: Police car set on fire
Russian troops in Sevastopol before trip to Syria
Jobbik hails PiS victory and is happy that w/ Kukiz, their strategic partner, @RuchNarodowy got into the parliament. #polandvotes
Russian Navy planning big exercises at South China Sea next year
Standing #NATO Maritime Group 1 conducting an anti-air live firing exercise against a sub-sonic towed target. #TJ15
Markets not scared by historic win of Eurosceptic Party in #Poland. 10y Polish yields unchg.
In the state Duma of RF called elections in Ukraine "the political circus"
In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky introduced a state of emergency #Kamchatka
On election day the militants of "DNR" opened fire in Shirokino near Mariupol
Swedish Armed Forces new commander: "Russia's course of action is provocative"
Plotnitsky: LNR will hold elections according to OSCE standards and without Ukraine
Long que in Kharkiv Region Elections commission
In Kirovograd announced the survey results on renaming the city, most for Elisavetgrad
Russian propagandist Solovyov: "the very wording: "In Ukraine today the elections", - was ridiculous!"
Syrians protest against #Assad and Russian intervention in #Vienna.
Russian may cut Undersea Internet, Data Cables in case of conflict
Four school fires in just 5 hours in Malmö, Sweden during the night. Suspected arson
#Montenegro Prime Minister believes #Russia is behind opposition's actions.
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