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18 ตุลาคม 2018

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Puigdemont has spoken to AP, says validity of Catalan vote depends on turnout, but won't state a figure.
The other main Catalan indy organisation, @omnium, says its website has now been shut down. Leader already telling TV3 there is another.
El Diario has an interview tomorrow with Puigdemont: "A unilateral declaration of independence is not on the table".
Smolensk. 27.09 5pm Engineering troops to Krasny Bor
Ukraine Military cabinet lasts till night, Poroshenko vows to punish perpetrators of Kalynivka explosions
SAA securing buildings on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, Video shows Ukrainian flag on the wall, also Russian cigarettes(smoking kills in Rus) and magazine
Facebook says it removed tens of thousands of fake accounts in month before German election
DUP leader Arlene Foster says Prime Minister Theresa May has given her commitment to work to secure Belfast jobs in the Bombardier dispute
ATO HQ: A tank has attacked Ukrainian positions near Avdiivka
ATO HQ: A tank has attacked Ukrainian positions near Avdiivka
Police, rescuers and army removed UXOs from Salnyk village near Kalynivka
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg, US Defense Secretary Mattis and @USAmbNATO met troops at Gamberi base in E. Afghanistan today
Video of test launch of the RS-12M "Topol" intercontinental ballistic missile from the Kapustin Yar test range.
Germany's finance minister Schaeuble is to leave his post to become speaker of the new parliament: sources
Ukraine says 26 percent of its troops who fought in the country's east display symptoms of PTSD
Russian-occupied part of Georgia Abkhazia is going to recognize Catalonia
FSB plans to build 50kms of fence in North Crimea
A man has died after an "incident involving police firearms" in Portishead near Bristol
Funeral of Lt.General Valeriy Asapov in Moscow today
President @Poroshenko on the verdict against Ilmi Umerov
Schaeuble to leave German finance ministry: party sources
"We'll be a passionate opposition", says new SPD parliamentary chief Andrea Nahles. "But we'll fight to get back into power in 4 years."
Jeremy Corbyn has announced plans to control rents for private tenants and says Labour will "insist every home is fit for human habitation"
Corbyn: Labour would bring in opt-out organ donation for England - as in Wales. Currently opt in
[email protected] proposes new policies on social housing and rent control
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says his message to the Cabinet is "for Britain's sake, pull yourself together or make way"
Ryanair extends flight cancellations plan to mid-March
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says "we are not going to be passive spectators to a hopelessly inept negotiating team" on Brexit
Russia, United States agree to cooperate on building first lunar station: Moscow
Pictures from the scene so far in Portbury following apparent police shooting
Merseyside Police: detectives investigating reports armed man was seen at a nursery in Wavertree before fleeing with 2nd man on a motorcycle
Social Democrats @spdbt vote first female parliamentary group leader in over 150 year history - Andrea Nahles used to be labour minister
EU plans to allow Schengen border controls for three years for 'security'
Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon says Boeing's behaviour in Bombardier dispute "could jeopardise" its future defence contracts with Govt
Defense Ministry says 82 000 tonnes of ammunition were at Kalynivka arsenal
Defense Ministry says 82 000 tonnes of ammunition were at Kalynivka arsenal
UK Metropolitan Police: woman contracted to carry out work for Government department arrested on suspicion of offence under Official Secrets Act
EU unveils plans to take 50,000 refugees from Africa, Mideast
Reports of police incident involving shooting near Bristol. Witnesses say officers fired shots through a car window
Police surround car, 'several shots fired' in incident near Bristol - witnesses
11 people arrested across England and Wales in investigation into right-wing group National Action, Greater Manchester Police say
ATO spox: On Sept. 26, the ammunition depot in Vinnytsia region caught fire. Civilians were evacuated. Fire extinguishing is underway.
SBU has canceled counter-terrorism drills in Vinnitsia region cause of arsenal explosion
Puigdemont convenes a meeting of the Security Council for tomorrow
ATO spox: Over the previous day UAF incurred no combat fatalities, 1 UA service member was WIA
Colonel Lysenko: Mariupol sector: Invaders opened fire with IFVs at Vodiane
ATO spokesperson: Donetsk sector: 7 cease-fire violations were registered in Avdiivka area
Colonel Andriy Lysenko: Luhansk sector: Russian proxies opened fire at Lopaskine, Novozvanivka and Krymske
Photo: National Guard trooper from Kalynivka rescued his dog
Extra police called to Gothenburg to manage neo-Nazi demonstration
TASS: State Duma calls reform of education in Ukraine ethnocide of the Russian people.
Ukraine MFA condemned sentence and demand RF to free Ilma Umerov without conditions
Russia to destroy last chemical weapons on Wednesday, ahead of schedule – Kremlin
MLRS shells in the outskirts of the Kalynivka village. Photos: Jaroslav Minervin, ICTV
11 Russian nationals were detained in Malaga,Spain. Suspected in ties with Russian organized crime
Gen. Staff: 70% of arsenal in Kalynivka was not affected
Russian occupation authorities in Crimea sentenced dep. head of Majilis to 2 years in penal colony
NATO chief says today's attack on Kabul airport was a sign of weakness on the part of the Taliban
High Court in Catalonia rules Catalan Police (Mossos) must follow instructions from Civil Guard for anti-referendum operation.
Students shutdown Avenue Diagonal in Barcelona in protest for 1 Oct Referendum
Belgium Zaventem - Spanish terror suspect arrested -
Head of Dagestan was dismissed
Rescue services are working in Kalynivka
NATO's Jens Stoltenberg said organization supports new strategy as it doesn't want Afghanistan to become a safe haven to militants
Mattis says the three leaders discussed the new strategy and how it will be implemented in Afghanistan
NATO chief says 'We count on Afghan government to make good on its commitments on key reforms' and that NATO supports peace process
"Spanish nationalism is asleep, but it has opened one eye". Former El País editor Joaquín Estefanía, on a radio show yesterday.
NATO chief says 'with NATO’s help, Afghan forces have come a very long way and we will continue to train, advise and assist'
Stoltenberg: I welcome that many nations have pledged further troop contributions and US’ conditions-based approach to Afghanistan
NATO chief says the organization's troops in Afghanistan to make the country safer along with safeguarding NATO alliance countries
Our presence together in Afghanistan reflects our continuing commitment to bringing stability and peace - @jensstoltenberg
NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg says his presence in Kabul along with Mattis' reflects their commitment to Afghanistan
Afghab president Ghani says calls on India, Russia and other countries to come together to help mobilize the region to work for peace
Ghani says govt has drawn up 4 year military plan that has been approved by NATO
Intensity of blasts at military depots in Kalynivka has decreased
Ghani thanks NATO allies for helping Afghanistan and for all the sacrifices they have made
Azerbaijan accused Armenia of 131 bombardments per day
President Ghani to hold Joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and US Secretary of Defense James Mattis
Ivanna Klympush: Defense Minister @HarjitSajjan assured that Canada will continue to support UA security and defense sector reform according to NATO standards
VIDEO: Massive explosion at Kalynivka arms depot this morning
Ukrainian Navy receives additional two Gurza-class artillery boats
Bombardier spokeswoman says C-Series jet which is subject to 220% tariff imposed by U.S. is "critical to our future in Belfast"
93 new arrivals in Chios since yesterday morning. Refugees and migrants
President Poroshenko to convene military council after explosions in Kalynivka
PM Theresa May "bitterly disappointed" after U.S. imposed tariffs on aerospace firm Bombardier which employs 4,100 people in Belfast
Russia just alerted 600 men from the 22nd SOF brigade in Rostov
Explosions in the morning near Kalynivka
Russia has spent nearly 2 trillion rubles - $35bn - on subsidizing state banks since 2013. Bailouts by another name
As @NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg arrives in Kabul with US Secretary Defence Mattis, learn about NATO's support for Afghanistan
15 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded
Topol ICBM with "new advanced warhead"tested on 26.9.17. Video from Volgograd
Topol ICBM with  new advanced warheadtested on 26.9.17. Video from Volgograd
PM Groisman arrived at site of explosions near Vinnitsia
[email protected]: It was an honor to welcome President @MarianoraJoy of Spain. Thank you for standing with us in our efforts to isolate the brutal NoKo government.
[email protected]: I want to express our support and extend our prayers to all those affected by the vile terror attack in Spain last month.
Reports of explosions being heard in Kyiv, from Borshagivka to Kharkivskiy avenue
In the Belgorod region started tactical exercises with units of motorized infantry regiment of Russian Western Military district
Firefighting plane An-32P on the way to Kalynivka
Video of one of explosions at arsenal near Vinnitsa
Ukrainian railways company changed routes of their trains to avoid Kalynivka explosions
Moldova barred Komsomolskaya Pravda reporter from entering country
Harjit Sajjan: It is great to be back in Ukraine on my second official visit
Police of Vinnitsa, Khmel'nystsky and Zhitomyr regions on alert to help people
Buses from Vinnitsa on the way to Kalynivka, evacuation also from Pavlivka and Ivanovo
IRS agents had been working with the FBI to investigate Manafort prior to the election
IRS shares information with special counsel in Russia probe (CNN)
Police and emergency services evacuating people from Kalynivka
Airspace closed in radius 50kms off Vinnitsa
Chief of General Staff Muzhenko is on way to arsenal explosion near Vinnitsa
Buses to evacuate people from dangerous area near Kalynivka
Road from Vinnitsa to Kalynivka is closed
Road from Vinnitsa to Kalynivka is closed
2 firefighting tanks were deployed to the site of arsenal explosion near Vinnitsa
Kalynivka and Stryzhanivka is being evacuated due to military depot explosion near Vinnytsya
Photo of the explosion at military warehouse. Vinnytsia reg, near Kalinivka, from another angle
Video: fire at military warehouse in Kalynivka, Vinnitsa region
Video: fire at military warehouse in Kalynivka, Vinnitsa region
Another video of fire at military warehouses near Sal'nyk village
Military arsenal exploded near Vinnitsa
Video: explosions at military warehouse in Vinnitsa region
[email protected] asked about Catalonia seeking independence, says @POTUS says Spain should remain united.
Reports of explosions at military warehouses near Kalynivka, Vinnitsa region
Spain PM @marianorajoy: "I'm not thinking at all about calling early elections."
On Catalan Referendum @POTUS replies to Spanish reporter: "I'm just for united Spain" and believes Catalonian people "love their country."
"It's a really tragic situation." US and Spain have a lot of responsibility towards Venezuela and international community should be forceful.
"Venezuela is on the road to dictatorship," adds @marianorajoy.
[email protected] extends prayers to those affected by Barcelona terror attack and expresses appreciation for Spain's contribution to Global @Coalition
On Venezuela, @marianorajoy says Spain leading push to impose sanctions on it.
RS-12M with new warhead
RS-12M Topol' flight from Kapustin Yar
Trump: "I think Spain is a great country and it should remain united."
Decision to unilaterally declare independence by Catalonia "would be very wrong," says @marianorajoy.
"We will have to be forceful"in dealing with DPRK, says @marianorajoy.
@marianorajoy "We've exchanged views on the worrying totalitarian direction Venezuela is moving in."
[email protected]: "America greatly appreciates Spain's contribution to the coalition to defeat ISIS."
@marianorajoy "The defense security relationship is excellent but we would like that to spill over into other areas of the bilateral relationship."
@marianorajoy "We need to improve coordination in intelligence cooperation and cybersecurity."
@marianorajoy: "Combatting terrorism was something we talked about at length."
"Trade between the two countries is growing," adds @marianorajoy.
Spain Prime Min. @marianorajoy says his working meeting today with @POTUS was "very productive."
Together, Spain and US hope for peace, restoration of democracy and release of all political prisoners in Venezuela, says @POTUS.
President Trump: "We thank Spain for its recent decision to expel its North Korean ambassador."
@POTUS assures people of Spain "America stands with you confronting this evil (of terrorism) that threatens all humanity."
Russian Mindef: preparations of Tu-95MS bombers for combat sortie at Engel's airbase
In Rose Garden @POTUS says he concluded "a very productive conversation" with @marianorajoy of Spain.
EU must respond to Florence speech in same spirit, says May
Joint Trump-Rajoy press conference to take place in the Rose Garden. Will be Pres Trump's 16th joint QandA session with a foreign leader.
Pres said US and Spain working together in the fight against terrorism. Calls it "an unfortunate situation - but times are changing."
Then into the Cabinet Room for a working lunch with the Spanish PM. Salt and pepper shakers by the mikes.
Pres welcomes PM Rajoy to the Oval Office. Says US and Spain have "a very very close relationship." Will be discussing "trade and other things."
In Oval Office with Spain PM @marianorajoy, @POTUS says "we have a terrific relationship."
Russia test launches RS-12M intercontinental ballistic missile from Kapustin Yar range to test advanced warhead.
Rajoy PM of Spain in the Oval
Pres Trump at the door to greet Spanish PM Rajoy to the WH.
Ireland will hold referendum next year on whether to repeal constitutional ban on abortion in almost all cases, government announces
“Their strategy is open..they’re doing what they say, so don’t be surprised" per Sweden's Nils Svartz re Russia propaganda
“This is an overall strategy we can see in all countries” says Czech Republic's Jakub Durr re Russia support of the extremes
France's Macron urges EU-wide common corporate tax bands by 2020
Ireland says will hold abortion referendum in 2018
With social media - “They might do their part of the job by ensuring that users are real individuals” per Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Durr
“We cannot counter propaganda or disinformation with propaganda” per @NATO's Ildem “We need to strengthen the resilience of our societies”
"Incident" is reported at Gare de Lyon station
“It’s to divide us, to make us uncertain, to make us weak”-Sweden's Svartz, Director General, Civil Contingencies Agency
Brexit negotiations not ready for next stage yet, EU's Tusk says
A train has collided with a tank in Sweden, where military drill Aurora-17 is currently taking place
Russia “support the right wings. They support the extreme left if it supports their goals” - Sweden's Nils Svartz
France's President Emmanuel Macron has proposed a common budget for European countries sharing the euro currency
Putin fired commander of Air Force Colonel general Vikor Bondarev from his position and army
“We already have some signs of course of activities" by Russia with upcoming October elex-Czech Deputy Minister-Foreign Affairs Jakub Durr
A passenger train has crashed near Trosa in Södermanland. Rescue services are on the way
"To solve the problem of Russian propaganda…United States and Europe are going to need to have a common front"-Amb Daniel Fried
French President Macron sees potential for "more Europe" in every field: Foreign policy, environment, defence, digital markets. You name it
A passenger train is derailed after colliding with a tank in Trosa in Sörmland. Three people are reported injured.
France's Macron proposes EU-wide tax on financial transactions
France's Macron proposes European rapid response force by 2020
@SenWhitehouse: part of the problem is also special interests, which use the same tools-dark money/shell corporations-as Russia
[email protected]: transparency into shell companies necessary to fight future Russian active info measures
Russia making use of "political dark money and shell corporations" to peddle influence in the West, per @SenWhitehouse
“Transparency and sunlight are the enemies of Russian election interference” per @SenWhitehouse
"This ain't over folks. Russia doesn't even mind getting caught" per @SenWhitehouse
“What [Russia] propaganda is all about is disinformation, to get the people of Europe to believe you can’t believe anybody" - @SenRonJohnson
Russia meddling in US was "pervasive and undermining effort” per @SenRonJohnson “Unfortunately chaos is cheap"
@SenRonJohnson “We stand with you recognize how important our relationship with @NATO and Europe is" per @SenRonJohnson tells European allies Stratcom
“What I’m hearing now is where is America? What are we doing to deepen our relationships" with Europe? per @SenRonJohnson
Turkish Defense Minister to visit Azerbaijan
Turull says the government does not give details about 1 October because there is "a state of emergency"
Joint Sea 2017 military drills held by China and Russia came to a close Monday in Okhotsk Sea, Pacific Ocean.
Referendum in Catalonia: The Mossos begin to identify those responsible for voting points
The Government remembers to Trapero that the Mossos are "police of all the Catalans", not only of "the separatists"
Incident of small explosion/fire at Tower Hill station in London is not terror related, happened as passenger plugged charger into his phone
Plane crashed near Kostroma
Panic after 'explosion' on Tower Hill tube, London - stampede as passengers flee
Report of small ‘blast’ on a tube train at Tower Hill Station in central London followed by acid-like smell.
[email protected]: 'If some AfD members think Bundestag is stage to deliver racist ideology, will experience resistance of SPD.'
Outgoing SPD parliamentary leader @ThomasOppermann: voter's decision to go into opposition
European Council President Donald Tusk is at Downing St to discuss Brexit with PM @theresa_may
Outgoing SPD parliamentary leader @ThomasOppermann defends party's move into opposition. Speaks of "generational change", "re-orientation"
Netanyahu tells Merkel concerned over rise in anti-Semitism
Philippines President Duterte says that Austrians can't pull a fast one on him, claims he learned all about stealing from his extended stay in school
Philippines President Duterte slams Austrian gov't for offering grant money with conditions
[email protected] co-chair FraukePetry has resigned from the far-right party. "It's clear this step will follow," she said, without giving a time frame
Putin, Merkel hold phone call after German polls: Kremlin
Russian senator Klintsevich, dep head of defense committee, says that General Asapov was killed in Syria cause of treason. Investigation ongoing
Colonel Motuzyanyk: SSU exposed a network of militants' informants in Donetsk region. Two informants were detained
ATO spox: Yesterday at 4:30 pm Russia-backed militants opened mortar fire at Maryinka residential areas. 8 private homes were damaged
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: invaders opened mortar fire at Lebedynske
Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: 8 cease-fire violations were registered yesterday in the Donetsk sector
Colonel Motuzyanyk: Donetsk sector: Russian proxies opened fire at positions of UAF near Avdiivka and Horlivka
ATO spokesperson: Luhansk sector: No cease-fire violations were registered yesterday
ATO spox: UAF incurred no combat casualties yesterday
Chair of Jewish Labour Movement says Jeremy Corbyn should be "acutely embarrassed" about reports of antisemitism at event near conference
Moscow: US and allies with exercises near the Korean peninsula provoke Pyongyang
1 Georgian border guard killed, another wounded as gas cylinder exploded on Russia-Georgia border
The Civil Guard blocks more than 140 websites of Catalan Referendum supporters
Germany will not be able to form a government, Turkey’s Erdoğan says
AfD top candidate Gauland vows moderate stance: "language during election was different than in parliament."
Alexander Gauland, leading candidate, who brought AfD to success (12.6%) in election arrives for first parliamentary meeting
"Quick Response 2017" EUFOR-led (@euforbih) peace support operation exercise will take place 11 - 15 October in Bosnia.
Plenty of media outlets getting ready for the first AfD statement in the German Parliament
HMS Brocklesby exercising on a misty Loch Long this morning
Sweden Orebro - Mosque gutted in suspected arson attack
Maryinka, the consequences of attack yesterday
13 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties
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