Map. History of Europe conflict

23 ตุลาคม 2018
Sounds of war in Kyivsky district of Donetsk
Borei-class Yury Dolgorukiy missile submarine launched SLBM SS-NX-30 Bulava missile from White Sea
Loud battle in Spartak, Ukraine.
One of 2 SLBMs Bulava auto-destroyed in the air
In the North Donetsk one can hear small arms and smth larger, so far without anything heavy
"We didn't really set out to bring down the @England manager" says @_PaulHayward from The Daily Telegraph Allardyce
Report finds US banks have begun hiring for roles in European cities other than London after UK's vote to leave EU
For the second time in a week, Georgian politicians got into a physical fight during a TV debate ahead of the upcoming elections.
Bank of England begins corporate debt purchases
Sarkozy vows to offer UK exit from Brexit if he wins French poll
Lithuania aims to spend $115m on air-defense system amid NATO build-up in Eastern Europe
Sam Allardyce has been sacked by the FA as England Manager just three months after being named manager
A fire broke out in a refugee shelter in Bedburg-Hau, Germany
Russian and Chinese Marines invade an island during a massive amphibious assault landing
[email protected]: "I'm glad Trump found out that Crimea was part of Ukraine. By the way, I heard he was on the verge of acknowledging gravity." —@JoeBiden
Fire at warehouses in Brovary
Patriarch Kirill signed the petition for a total ban on abortions in Russia
Rus Mindef: Russian troops in Transnistria on drill
SBU published docs of KGB fight with Jewish community in Kyiv
Dodik said he'll consult lawyers on suing Muslim leader Bakir Izetbegović for saying he'll end up like ex-Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi
There's no connection between BudapestExplosion and the migration crisis - PM Orbán told the public television
Artillery salute today in Kyiv due to visit of President of Israel
Bosnia Serb President Milorad Dodik says only prepared to face questioning over referendum on territory of his entity
City bus drivers of Staryi Oskol wants Putin to help them
The Prosecutor General is leading the investigation after the bomb attacks in Dresden
"Donbas rebels" in city bus in Donetsk
"We think the referendum results are a step towards secure, stable and sustainable development of Azerbaijan" - PACE rep.
Zhirinovskiy called to annex Abkhazia and SouthOssetia or otherwise stop financing them from the Russian budget
German chancellor Angela Merkel weighs possibility of establishing a no-fly-zone in Syria.
Memorial: 2 more people lost by not known reason in Kaspiisk, Dagestan
Swiss parliament votes 88:87 and 10 abstained to ban Muslim women wearing the Burka in public
Russian Mindef says claims of danger approach of Russian bombers to Iceland civil plane are Russophobia
NATO says 'no contradiction' with EU army plan, after Britain says it will oppose
ICC finds Malian jihadist guilty of Timbuktu attacks
ATO spox: Recently, Donetsk police perfected their firing skills: fired with AKM and Makarov pistol
Col. Lysenko: 72nd Mechanized Brigade Performed Brigade Tactical Exercises
Rally near Russian Embassy in Kyiv demanding find kidnapped and justice for killed in Crimea
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Over the previous day, UA Armed Forces did not incur any casualties, 3 UA servicemen were wounded in action
ATO spokesperson: In Kharkiv region, NGU cadets performed joint military training with UA Armed Forces servicemen
Russian anti-aircraft missile governmentnt conducts live fire exercises with S-400 'Triumph' - Buryatia, Russia.
Northern fleet carries out launches of cruise missiles during exercises in the Arctic - TASS.
Rally near Russian embassy in Kyiv
Russian journalist Grigori Pasko attacked in Siberian city of Barnaul
2 shot men found in a car in St.Petersburg
Zakharova: What the US side is doing at the UNSC is simply devaluating the importance of this body
Britain 'will oppose any idea of an EU army': Defence Minister Michael Fallon
NATO SG @jensstoltenberg to attend informal EU Defence Ministers’ mtg today in Bratislava
2 bomb attacks in Dresden last night against mosque and conference
Video shows an US UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter flying over Dobruja region (Constanța) of Romania, BlackSea - September 2016.
Drill of airborne troops in Ryazan region
ATO HQ: Russian forces 40 times violated ceasefire, shelling with 82&120mm mortars in Zaitseve and 120mm in Nyzhne Lozove
"Another mobilization highly probable," - speaker for Ukraine’s Defense Ministry
C-32B special operations a/c heading into Slovakia- possibly for Romania.
Use of nukes most likely "by Russia or North Korea to try to coerce a conventionally superior opponent to back off" per Carter
Russia "nuclear saber-rattling and building of new nuclear weapons systems raises serious questions" abt commitment to stability, per Carter
Over three quarters of company chief executives are considering shifting operations abroad after Brexit
Refugees in Turkey to get pre-paid debit cards for food, clothing and health services. Financed by the EU, the project is part of a €6 billion aid package agreed between the bloc and Turkey
Russian strategic HF Tu-95 autumn frequency 8033 USB. Digital data going out, signal quality is strong.
Serious battle in Horlivka - tanks, small arms, mortars
True to his flamboyant reputation, Britain's Boris Johnson extols virtues of his "Turkish washing machine"
Intense shooting can be heard at north from Horlivka now, battle in Zaytsevo area
Russian Air Force - Open Skies observation a/c Tu154 RA85655 / RF85655
Heavy shelling on Stanitsa Luhanska
US official says inadequate EU emissions testing was widely known
French unemployment rises to highest level in three years
Zakharova criticises US UN envoy’s remarks on Russian 'barbaric actions'
Zakharova criticises US UN envoy’s remarks on Russian 'barbaric actions'
German minister sets March deadline for fight against online hate
EU has decided to "suspend" Colombia's FARC from its terror group list: official
Azerbaijan holds referendum on strengthened presidency
Boris Johson said he also saw a new partnership between the UK and Turkey following the Brexit vote
Armenian nuclear plant should be shut down: Turkey
Several US UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters with US special operation forces on board landed in Hungary for "unknown reason"
Bosnian Serb leader summoned over referendum
Markin denied information about Bastrykin resignation
US to donate pair of ex-USCG Island-class patrol boats to Georgia
Chief of Russian investigative committee Bastrykin resigned
2 Russian Tu-22M3 with turned-off transponder were danger close to Iceland passenger aircraft
Bosnian Serbs Vote on Republika Srpska Day Has No Legal Basis – EU Spokeswoman
Prosecutor's office of Bosnia has summoned Republika Srpska's President, Milorad Dodik for questioning over the referendum.
AFP reporting #PortMarly Paris shooter a man in his 70s. Saying he has wounded two in France supermarket shooting: probe source
Reuters: French police officials say a man has opened fire near a supermarket west of Paris and injured two people
Analysis of initial information refutes the possibility of a missile launch at the Boeing from the Snezhnoe district - Russian military.
Bus driver who attempted to stop policemen killer yesterday was awarded
The space photographs that the US and Ukraine talked about could explain the situation with launch of missile at Malaysian Boeing - Russia.
Russian MP Kobzon: Crimea is excessive burden for Russia
Russian Mindef: there was no any other aircrafts near MH17
Karachun TV tower: construction ongoing, already 112 meters
Poroshenko signed decree on demobilization of "6 wave"
Hollande vows to dismantle Calais 'Jungle' camp by end of year
13 killed in Kharkiv region as result of consumption of fake alcohol
Asked 'Do you consider of January 9 as suitable for (Statehood) Day of Republika Srpska?, 677,721 of 1,219,399 registered voters said 'Yes'
Commission announces final Bosnia Serb referendum results showing 99.81% voted for 'Statehood Day' to remain, with 55.67% turnout
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: In Avdiyivka, militants shelled UA positions with mortars having fired 50 shells
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, UA Armed Forces did not incur any casualties, though 2 servicemen were wounded in action
Leningrad region of Russia: infantry unit in Kamenka village(South to Vyborg) on battle alert for drill
Dnipro: funeral of killed policemen
Azerbaijan today votes at referendum on constitution changes
Kharkiv police honored the memory of Dnipro policemen
Labour to announce it will ban fracking if it wins General Election.
"LPR" shows weapon cache claiming its contents were to be used to assassinate Plotnitsky
TASS: Background radiation in Nizhny Novgorod after radiation leak is normal.
USNavy Boeing P-8A (168858) leaving NAS Sigonella for 7 hrs Black Sea mission
Russian Tu-160 intercepted by 4 Rafale in Atlantic near French coast.
ATO HQ: Russian forces 14 times violated ceasefire, shelling with 82&120mm mortars in Avdiivka
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