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19 ตุลาคม 2018
Poroshenko: The issue of Syria can not be mixed with the issue of Ukraine
No toilets & no running water for refugees at Victoria Square #Athens
Public chamber of Russia asks to block Internet requests about "ISIS executions uncensored"
Police arrest woman, 35, after explosives discovered in Belfast
Refugees at Westbahnhof #Vienna
The regime of Counter-terrorist operation declared in the five districts of Dagestan
[email protected] honored the memory of three Ukrainians who died during the 9/11 attacks
Police guarding Government from citizens in Podgorica, Montenegro
The Russian delegation have left the building in protest at @poroshenko's #UNGA speech
David Cameron publicly denies Lord Ashcroft allegation for first time
Banksy’s Dismaland 'to move to Calais to provide shelter for refugees'
Pro-Kremlin party suffers rare defeat in local election
Fireworks at Donbas-Arena today
The President Poroshenko paid tribute to the victims of September 11
Vitaly Churkin: the Proposal to change the principle of the right of veto in the UN security Council — political declaration only
Chancellor Merkel underlined that safe situation in Ukraine and Syria are different
Record high turnout in Catalonia #27S2015 election
President @AndrzejDuda met with #UN Secretary General
Catalan separatist leader Artur Mas claims victory in regional vote
Leader Of Catalan Independence Party Says In Coming Weeks To Set Basis For Catalonia To Become Independent
29th special train went from Tovarnik in 21:42 & is due to arrive in Botovo in 4,5 hrs
Separatists win absolute majority of seats in Catalonia according to partial results
House is on fire in Mariinka
Lavrov in new York meets with the President of Cyprus
#Kyiv wants to deploy foreign peacekeepers in #Donbass - LNR
Poroshenko Began talks with Chancellor Merkel
Shooting in Krasnohorivka
Possible mortar shelling of Mariinka is heard in Donetsk
Moscow urges Poland to stop fanning hate
Poroshenko holds talks with the British Prime Minister in the UN building
Ukrainian President Poroshenko met with representatives of the Jewish community of US
'Will the war ever end?' - street art in downtown #Kyiv
Odessa railway station is evacuated due to bomb threat
Catalonia exit poll: pro-indy parties would win majority of seats, v. close in votes
[email protected] at the CGI meeting: Global security depends on the success of UA
Exit poll predicts pro-secession parties likely to win in Spain's Catalonia regional parliament
DNR terrorist group leaders Purgin and Aleksandrov now in Yalta, Occupied Crimea
Rally in New York against Putin
Border crossing between #Serbia and #Croatia: 5-8 buses with #refugees per hour arriving in #Bapska
#Catalonia exit poll indicates absolute majority for pro-independence bloc
President Andrzej #Duda meets with Polonia in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Refugees and migrants arrive with boats from Turkey to the Greek island of Lesbos.
#Montenegro opposition begins protest it says will last until demands are met for transition govt & fair elections
Poroshenko: Each day of the war in Donbas costs us around 5 million US dollars that we could have invested into sustainable development
Sergey Lavrov: the Practice of the imposition of unilateral sanctions should be terminated
As a result of Russia's annexation of Crimea and aggression in the Donbas, thousands of people were killed -Poroshenko at the UN
New York waiting for Putin
Protest in New York against Putin
#UNHCR helping #refugees at Strošinci border point btwn Serbia & Croatia
Lukashenko: the Bloodshed in Donbass may lead to another world war
‘Iran must be part of solution in Syria’ - @jeremycorbyn
Poroshenko: The Budapest Memorandum does not work, although Ukraine gave up the world's third largest nuclear Arsenal
Protesting Putin's aggression & #LGBT persecution at the U.N. Headquarters in NY
Ukrainians rally in front of the headquarters of the UN
In Baranovichy football fans who came to the picket against the Russian airbase, were detained by police
In Altay region opened memorial to mercenary, killed at Donbass
Hollande says #Syria needs political solution, President #Assad cannot be part of it
Fallen sign hit a car and blocked traffic in central Stockholm
Due to the terrorist attack. Odessa on Lockdown. Police blocked all exits from the city
Pro-government rally in Chisinau
Smoke at Rohan' near Kharkiv
The Russian foreign Ministry described the actions of France in Syria as "the destruction of international laws"
About 3000 Pro-government protesters in Chisinau
Peace March protesters met "NOD" protesters
"NOD"(Russian antimaidan) protesters in Moscow
Russian police detained man with Ukrainian flag at Peace March
Police detained several protesters at "Peace March" in Moscow
Military helicopters over motocross show in #Kramatorsk
Peace March in St. Petersburg
About 300 people at "Peace march" in St. Petersburg
Two teenagers, aged 14 and 16, arrested on suspicion of arson after Baitul Futuh mosque
Peace March in Moscow - singing Ukrainian anthem
Protest against #US Ramstein airbase in #Germany
Not many people at "Peace march" in Moscow
The police in Belgrade
Next week #Hungary will finish closing its #Croatia-n border as soon as the new fence is up. Govt sources say it might happen on Monday
"March of Peace" demo begins in Moscow
Baranovichi. Picket of Rygor Gryk in support Korotkevich and social rights of people
High police presence at demo in Belgrade
Azarov: Kyiv regime made Ukrainian officers "naked and barefoot"
Near Saratov derailed 17 cars with fuel and hydrochloric acid
Big protest today in Chisinau, Moldova
Big protest in Belgrade now against controversial Dubai-inspired "Belgrade Waterfront project
Yerevan informed the CSTO countries on the situation in the zone of the Karabakh conflict
Several thousands of protesters in Chisinau
The #Dignity1 has just rescued 107 people including 14 women and a 2 year old girl
In Slavyansk militia detained two militants of "DNR" terror group
1 Ukrainian soldier was killed and 1 wounded in a mine attack near #Horlivka yesterday
#Lukashenko with his son Kolya is already went to the 9/11 memorial.
RF Amb to Poland: "Soviet's invasion of Poland was an act of self-defense, not aggression."
17 drown as boat carrying refugees from #Bodrum to #Greek island capsizes
3 French MP's (ruling majority) arrived in Damascus to meet #Syria|n officials, said visit is 'personal not official'
Russian EMERCOM announced a storm warning in Moscow and the region
Poroshenko awarded family of Mark Paslawsky with medal of Danylo Halytsky
Wizz Air #Kyiv City Marathon has started. Public transport traffic is limited untill 3pm
Training flights of SU-33 & SU-25 (RuNAVY 279 naval fighter regiment) at NITKA training area in Crimea
1000s of refugees left Izmir last night to go to coastal town for to go to a Greek island
At least 10 killed as refugee boat sinks off #Turkey's Aegean coast
One civilian was killed last Saturday by shelling villages of Agdam region of Azerbaijan from Armenia
The Il-76 223 LO RA-78847 new track to Iran through Armenia
#Armenia|n military to use heavier artillery against #Azerbaijan|i troops after Friday's casualties.
Catalans start to vote in historic parliamentary election on independence; from 9am to 8pm (CET)
For shooting medics in Crimea detained Bekir Nabiev, father of ATR channel cameraman
Poles furious after Russia blames them for starting WW2
#France carries out air strikes in #Syria
Ukraine has made genuine effort to live up to Minsk and shown considerable restraint in the face of provocations and attacks. -SecDef Carter
Odessa blast yield is about 5-7 kgs of TNT
Amb @GeoffPyatt: Corrupt prosecutors under Shokin 'making things worse by undermining reform'
Explosion in Odessa near SBU building
No casualties in explosion near SBU in Odesa
#Poroshenko in NYC: #Ukraine will overcome #Russian invasion
President Andrzej #Duda visits the WTC memorial to pay his respects to 9/11 victims & meet w/ first responders
Refugees leaving #Tovarnik train station to Croatian-Hungarian border.16 buses are expected to arrive to the station
Stryker MGS on the road in Hungary
Poroshenko promises to prevent the "fake" elections in the Donbass
Cereal Killer Cage was attacked with paint and fire by an angry mob of 200. Riot police are on the scene.
#Ukraine SBU discovered cache of Grad BM21 rockets near #Mariupol
#Lukashenko for the first time in 10 years, will visit the USA
Poklonskaya has not confirmed the arrest of the murderer of Simferopol physicians
Aeroflot has canceled four flights to Ukraine
Mikhail Novitsky at the Manege square in Moscow in support of Savchenko
Rallies across Poland to protest against pro-Muslim policy of government
Catalans hold pro-independence rally in Barcelona ahead of regional elections
Hungarian soldiers/police on guard as migrants board train toward Austria at Gyékényes on Croatian border
Tens of thousands of Poles on the streets today
Anti-migrants march in #Katowice
Last piece of the Hungarian-Croatian border fence #Magyarbóly railwaystation
Germany's Merkel says U.N. Security Council must be reformed
Explosions are heard in Krasnohorivka
2 killed, 7 wounded in attack on medics in Simferopol
#Blatter & #Platini face investigation by #FIFA ethics committee following #Blatter criminal proceedings
5 killed in Friday clashes in Karabakh
Chaos as #ME refugees arrive on the island of #Lesbos
#France’s foreign minister #Fabius: Accepting president Assad as part of #Syria’s future will only expose ourselves to failure
Ex-President of Latvia warns Belarusians: Learn from the experience of the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine
Czech military to help #Hungary army secure border against migrants from mid-october (20 men & equipment)
Art showing Isil menacing Sylvanian Families removed from exhibition in London
Russian 1st "Channel" blured portraits of Putin and Medvedev in the story about the detained on bribes head of Komi
Man shot in dead in London street
Festival of "Open borders" in #Ljubljana in response to anti-migrant march outside of parliament
Georgia festival in Minsk
VW scandal exposes cozy ties between industry and Berlin
Damaged by explosion "Strela-10" at tank show near Torez
Yerevan has threatened to open artillery and rocket fire on the Azerbaijani military
More soldiers arriving on Hungary-Croatia border. The military vehicle with tracks is laying the fence along border
Eston Kohver is safely home with his family.
#Iran FM & #EU FP chief Mogherini met in #NY & discussed high-level dialogue which will begin before end of the yr.
DNR: explosive device in Torez was in the SAM "Strela-10"
"DNR" terrorist group raised Syrian flag in the center of Donetsk
Hungary Croatia border. Lines of #refugees waiting for bus
Estonian officer Eston Kohver was swapped on the ex-officer of Estonian Ministry of internal Affairs
Philadelphia steps to stage for Pope Francis’ visit
New Kharkiv police
FIFA President Sepp Blatter to face criminal investigation
Spain on tenterhooks ahead of Catalan vote
Estonia's past plays into refugee debate
#Austria suspects Boris Lozhkin, Head of #Poroshenko's Administration of money laundering
#Austria's #Faymann , #Hungary's #Orban hold difficult talks on #migrantcrisis in #Vienna
Oath of new Kharkiv police
Near Simferopol occupation forces demolish houses of Crimean tatars
Poroshenko is off to #UNGA. President to meet Ukrainian diaspora among first.
UK spy agency snooped on everything users did online -- even porn
Netherlands to repatriate more MH17 bodies
5,000 rallied for humanity in Austrian city of Linz. Also solidarity with #HDP
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