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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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French Socialists celebrate Mitterrand and slam Hollande
This is the 12th felt earthquake in Central Italy in the last 28 hours
KGB operated network of moles in Israel during Soviet era: report
Greek money boosts Bulgarian and Romanian banks
Passage of russian warships off the Portuguese coast
Images broadcast on Italian TV show damaged buildings in Visso in Macerata province; extent of damage unknown
Democrat Marian Lupu pulls out of the Presidential race of Moldova, declares support for Maia Sandu
Santander posts flat profit growth as Brexit weighs
LNR and DNR Russian terror groups have suspended elections on territories under their control
2nd earthquake rocks central Italy. 6.4 magnitude quake occured about 2 hrs after one that was 5.4. Near city of Perugia, 170 km NE of Rome.
Another major earthquake strikes Italy.
6.3 quake just hit Central Italy
In Autumn 2014, the Russian government seriously considered developing a Russian Silicon Valley (called "Digital Valley") in Crimea.
Heavy shelling east of Mariupol especially in Vodyane and Shyrokyne area
Marinka: Oct25 evening shelling aftermath
Russian Ambassador left talks at Minsk before end
Russia says did not ask for ships to refuel in Spain: Interfax
From a pro IS telegram channel - "Are Kadyrov's security forces fans of the Teletubbies?"
Quake magnitude revised @USGS to 5.4 from 5.6
Clearance of Calais Jungle camp accomplished, French prefect says
France: Between 300-400 now in Toulouse to pay tribute to RémiFraisse who was killed by police in Sivens in 2014.
Quake epicenter near Perugia, Italy
Greece names Total-led consortium preferred bidder for offshore gas drilling
Valencia fined, Barcelona censured for bottle incident
U.S. officials: Russian armada enters Mediterranean Sea.
Strong earthquake rattles central Italy and Rome, shaking centuries-old buildings in capital
M5.4 quake shakes Italy
Heavy hits at Shyrokyne and Kominternove
The Black Sea will also witness a buildup of naval power
Moderate earthquake measuring 5.6 hits central Italy, tremors felt as far away as Rome
Russia is adding Baltic Fleet warships w/cruise missiles to counter NATO, @Reuters reports Oct. 26.
A haul of cocaine worth more than $5 million has been found on a beach in Ireland
SG @jensstoltenberg announces national contributions to the Enhanced Forward Presence in NATO’s east
Russian Navy's Okhtenskiy Cls rescue tug SB-5 southbound on the Bosphorus with a barge in tow. Didn't have enough time to get to Sevastopol
Ukrainian Vice PM @IKlympush says sanctions v Russia are "pitiful" #WSF2016
Russian anti-Putin businessman Evgeniy Chichvarkin confirms authenticity of #SurkovLeaks he's featured in
Heavy shelling reported in Maryinka, there were no such shelling "for a while". People at shelters
Blackout in central Kharkiv
Fighting between security forces and militants in Tagirkent, Kazmlyar villages of Magaramkent district of Dagestan
Heavy smoke in Krasnohorivka, not clear cause of fire
Migrants are returning to the 'Jungle' camp in Calais following fires during demolition at the site
Russia tests nuclear-capable hypersonic glider warhead - Defense Ministry report
Ukraine's Government says ICRC delegation denied access to Ukrainian prisoners in separatist-held east, as agreed in Berlin
Lithuanian MFA reminds #wsf2016 Ukrainians are only Europeans dying in Europe for EU values and principles
Democrat candidate Marian Lupu pulls out of the Presidential race of Moldova, declares support for candidate Maia Sandu.
President of Ukraine accepted letters of credence from Ambassadors of Poland, Azerbaijan and Iraq
Berlin agreements violated: @ICRC reps have no access to captive Ukrainians on occupied territories – President of Ukraine met w/ Poland’s Ambassador
Russia will cut €23.8 million in interest from Bulgaria's Belene debt if it pays off the bill by December 15
Kosovo has filed indictments against 37 people in a major organised crime case, including former MP Azem Syla
Spain says Russia cancels Syria-bound warships fuel stop
Russian Supreme court confirmed the sentence of Karpiuk and Klych for participation in the Chechen war
Russia's embassy in Spain says that the request for Russian warships to refuel in the Spanish port at Ceuta has been withdrawn
ESPS F102 Almirante Juan de Borbón is currently approaching Osipov which has slowed down to 4kts about 100 NM east of Ceuta
NATO DefMin opens w/ first meeting of North Atlantic Council. Ministers discuss implementing defense and deterrence measures.
Fresh Russian airstrikes kill 18 in Syrias Idlib
Popasna came under shelling from Pervomaysk directions, 15yr boy injured - Police
ISIS claims attack in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Attack took place on October 23
AP: French authorities say they have finished clearing out the 'Jungle' migrant camp in Calais
25 people found dead in Mediterranean migrant boat: MSF
Osipov and Admiral Kuznetsov did not stop to refuel in Ceuta, but ultimately perhaps will stop in the enclave of Melilla
Putin met with "Russian People front" in Occupied Yalta
UK PM @theresa_may says Britain has raised concern with Spain about refueling Russia warships, monitoring situation
NOTAM and Nav warnings around Cyprus today. Turkish Air Force exercise showing.
PM Đukanović said there was a ‘strong connection of a foreign factor’ in the plot prior to the poll seen as a referendum on joining Nato
Russia President Putin's top security adviser Nikolai Patrushev in Serbia to 'discuss in detail mutual interests'
At start of 2-day conf of NATO defense ministers, Sec-Gen @jensstoltenberg declines to criticize Spain over refueling of Russian warships
Kremlin just said Surkov doesn't use e-mail
London police cordon off streets near St Paul's Cathedral in brief security alert
France says clearance of 'Jungle' expected to end Wednesday
Several fires burning in Calais jungle, gas cannisters exploding, people fleeing, riot police getting in position nearby
Heavy police presence at forum of Pro-Russian "Ukrainsky Vybir" in Mykolaiv
In Mykolaiv Azov and Svoboda activists blocked "South Forum" by pro-Russian "Ukrainian Choice"
In Mykolaiv Azov and Svoboda activists blocked  South Forum by pro-Russian Ukrainian Choice
NATO calls for more troops for largest military build-up on Russia's borders since the Cold War
Migrants can only watch from a distance as thick black smoke billows from their camp
DNR group says it detained Ukrainian Right Sector activist, claims she planned to abduct separatist fighters wooed online
Russian PM was evacuated after fire alert at "Open innovations" forum in Skolkovo
Reports of Kuznetsov having arrived in Ceuta could surface any moment now
Two of the victims of Russian bombing in the town of Has in the countryside of Idlib among the several children killed
LifeNews: Russia successfully tests hypersonic warhead.
Yasinuvata report: some new reinforcement on BTRs the way to Krasny Partisan
Huge flames in the "jungle" now #Calais
Rally of pro-Russian "Union of Soviet officers" in Dnipro
ATO spokesperson: In Kyiv region, NGU servicemen performed large-scale military training
Col. Lysenko: Since beginning of October, UA servicemen defused over 1800 explosive devices within 30 ha of inspected land
Col. Andriy Lysenko: In Kharkiv region, NBC protection units of the NGU underwent training
Col. Lysenko: Over the previous day, UA Armed Forces did not incur any casualties; 1 UA soldier was wounded in a booby trap explosion
Servicemen from the Russian 33rd Brigade spotted in Novosvitlivka
Denmark's feminist mosque founder challenges norms
#France extends mission of aircraft #carrier Charles de Gaulle until mid-December to support #Mosul offensive
Confirmed by inside source: SurkovLeaks from [email protected] are real. Yandex emails with the plot to destabilize Ukraine were faked
Fires burn overnight at Calais 'Jungle' as evacuation enters third day
Spain reviewing refueling permission for Russian warships
Two journalists from France reportedly injured in covering fierce clashes with ISIS in eastern Mosul front. Iraq
Russian Navy "Velikiy Novgorod" was commissioned today
RuAF Tu-160,-95,-22M3 strategic bombers, A-50U, Su-24,-25,-27,-34 and MiG-29,-31 participate in joint CIS Air Defence drill
Brexit will not cause UK trade 'disruption' - WTO boss
Fires last night have razed part of the Jungle. Gas canisters littered around #Calais
500 women, 68 children killed, more than 150 minors wounded, 2000 children orphaned in Donbas conflict – Irina Gerashchenko on UNSC debate
Warsaw Security Forum #WSF2016 today
After midnight Russian forces shelled Popasna with artillery, houses and pumping station hit
CIS countries start anti-aircraft defence exercises.
According to Izvestia, Russia to deploy "Bal", "Bastion" and "Kalibr" in the Baltic sea and Kaliningrad
Savchenko ex-lawyer thinks her visit to Moscow is very suspicious
Gold Hotel in Poltava on fire after attempt to seize it by unknown masked people
USS Carney (DDG-64) Arleigh Burke-class destroyer at Constanta Port, Romania
Russian aircraft carrier Kuznetsov and team passed Gibraltar
Aleksandr Zakharchenko was suggested to Surkov as possible DNR head 3 months before he really headed the "republic".
Calais Jungle clearance to resume after tent-burning, gas explosions overnight
RUAF strategic AF sw net up with voice traffic - Tu22m3 Tu95 Tu160 for CIS Air defense drill
Ukrainian MP Nadezhda Savchenko arrived at Moscow for court on 2 Ukrainains
Nadia Savchenko appears in Russian High Court in Moscow for the appeal of Ukrainian citizens Karpyuk and Klykh
ATO HQ: Ru forces 34 times violated ceasefire, shelling with 122mm artillery near Bohyslavske/Popasna
Protesters gather outside Tallahassee Trump rally
Sir @richardbranson: Trump is “vindictive” and “unforgiving”
Russian police raid homes of relatives of VKontakte + Telegram founder Pavel Durov
Italian troops in Atrush,KRG,Iraq for Peshmerga training
Heavy shelling reported in Popasna. Local blackout after several hits
American Paul Beatty wins the Man Booker Prize for fiction, beating out writers from Canada, the UK and the US.
Croatia ex President Mesic says Bosnian Serb and Croat leaders work to break up BiH - a goal that could lead to war
Labour hit with biggest fine ever levied by the Electoral Commission after an investigation triggered by the Ed Stone
25 y.o. man arrested under terror laws for unleashing a chemical noxious substance at London City Airport
Montenegro investigating Russian role in alleged election coup plot
Ireland bids to host EU bank regulator after Brexit
Hungary's top opposition paper sold to government ally
Moscow airport announces $865 mn expansion ahead of World Cup
Bosnia statue commemorating all war victims without religious or ethnic symbols could be removed
Italian PM says flow of arrivals must be curbed by March,without specifying what would happen if it was not
Russia positions two missile corvettes in Baltic Sea tonight: Swedish Armed Forces
Dusko Markovic, former Montenegro intelligence chief, to replace Djukanovic as PM, if ruling DPS secures majority
Greece finally completes first bailout review
Vatican gave guidelines to Catholics who want to be cremated: Remains can't be scattered, divvied up or kept at home
Russia is bidding for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council
Update on Russian aircraft carrier group - 13 minutes ago, closer to Gibraltar
Dutch unveil giant vacuum to clean outside air
2 Russian missile corvettes Zeleny Dol and Serpukhov entered Baltic Sea
Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor wants to restrict access to LinkedIn
RIA: Shoigu arrived in Delhi for a meeting of the intergovernmental commission
Slovakia bans far-right train patrols targeting Roma
Less than 3 months before little green men, Putin's aide Surkov holds a meeting "on Crimea's social and economic development prospects".
Azerbaijan sentences youth activist to 10 years in prison
Gov’t awaits Council of State ruling on TV permits
Italian navy officers probed over 2013 migrant shipwreck
Mark Carney tells committee the market may misinterpret Britain's economic prospects as he defends Bank's
EU Commission seeks extension to border controls inside Schengen zone
Residents protest as businesses welcome Heathrow expansion decision, @chrischoiitv
"Daily Ukrainian reports" were sent to Surkov before EuroMaidan
Libyan PM open to security cooperation with Russia
Obama scheduled to visit Greece on November 15
Ministers choice of Heathrow expansion over Gatwick could be politically risky for Tories, @chrisshipitv reports
France records biggest monthly drop in unemployment since 1996
Theresa May accused of promising the "undeliverable" by @BorisJohnson following Heathrow expansion decision
DNR official Pushilin sent a list of injured/dead to Surkov. His list includes a fatality who was described as "Pskov VDV." #SurkovLeaks
"Dramatic decline" experienced in number/value of firms listing on UK stock market in the wake of the EU referendum
Party spokesman says Conservatives will not fight by-election triggered by Zac Goldsmith who quit in protest over Heathrow expansion
British Government announces it will commit UK troops to Syrian training mission that previously ended in failure
A letter from the "public representatives of the Donbass" was sent to Surkov for edits/corrections a week before publication #SurkovLeaks
Surkov's aide AS Pavlov ran a lot of his stuff, including edits on announcement of DNR's establishment from address #SurkovLeaks
Hungary summons Russian ambassador over disparaging remarks on Russian state media about Hungary's 1956 anti-Soviet uprising
#SurkovLeaks: Russian oligarch Maloofeev email to Surkov with candidates for "DNR government" for approval
#SurkovLeaks dump contains only 2013-2014 materials, correspondence of 2015-2016 has been handed over to security services
Surkov's advisor considers Borodai's MH17 interview with @ChrisCuomo a win because he was called "mister Prime Minister." #SurkovLeaks
Fire at Lascentrum Ridderkerk B.V., Nieuwland Parc, Alblasserdam, Netherlands
Heavy fire in Alblasserdam, Netherlands
Occupied Luhansk: Karyakin fled to Moscow and said that Tsypkalov, who 'hanged himself', died from tortures
One of Surkov emails shows Abkhazia ask Russian Justice ministry for approval of their "laws"
Italy: Students protesting high prices at University canteen are met with police charges/violence in Bologna.
Looks like those leaked Surkov emails were legit. The .PST file lets you navigate inbox - header info is pretty convincing.
In Surkov Outlook PST file there's an email to Alfa Group owner German Khan
10 SAA soldiers killed by FSA during repelling the offensive on Owega area
In Raqqa, "our local Syrian partners will certainly collapse ISIL’s control as well," US SecDef said in prepared remarks
ICYMI: US targeted 35 ISIL ISIS commanders "including many of the highest" in and around Mosul in past 90 days-SecDef Ash Carter in Paris
Makiivka - day of DNR group flag
Surkov Leak: At least one document on Russian militants casualties at Donbas from "Donbas rebel Pushilin" - 67 dead on 26.05-06.06.14
Surkov Leak: Published docs and emails about Ukraine, Abkhazia, South Osetia, minor business issues, and even invite to Robbie Williams party in Skolkovo
CyberHunta hacker group as proof of Surkov email hack published his passport
Large fire visible in northern part of Calais 'Jungle': Reuters witness
Shakhtarsk "DNR flag day"
Hungary is erecting a new, strong barrier along its border with Serbia aimed at stopping all migrants: state TV
Hollande urges vigilance over jihadists returning from Iraq
Queue for migrants processing centre has grown again - these are mostly Sudanese. Calais
Poroshenko: New intel chief to give fresh impetus to military intelligence in Ukraine
Tkachuk: SBU checking information from "hacked Surkov emails"
Tkachuk: SBU checking information from hacked Surkov emails
Russian strategic troops launched ICBM RS-18(SS-19 Stiletto) today. Successfully hit Kura Range at Kamchatka
Mayor of London denounces @HeathrowAirport runway expansion plan
UK announces that it will resume training of Syria opposition to fight ISIS
Russia, St Petersburg "street art" sees giant image of DNR group commander Motorola appear
European Parliament has just waived the immunity of Jean-Marie Le Pen to give French authorities possibility to bring him to court
A Small radioactive leak is reported at Research Nuclear reactor in Halden, Norway. Small amount of radioactive iodum. Specialists working to stop the release
Authorities reporting radioactive leak at reactor in Halden, Norway
Col. Lysenko: In Pokrovsk, UA police prevented sending of ammo to Western Ukraine
ATO spox: Near Toretsk, 10 artillery rounds found by locals were neutralized by UA law enforcers
German police carry out 13 anti terror raids in Thüringen, Hamburg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Sachsen and Bayern due to concrete threat
Suhl: according to BILD, German Police are conducting raids in Jena, Suhl, Schmalkalden and Hildburghausen
Col. Lysenko: UA Armed Forces did not incur any fatalities, though 6 UA servicemen were wounded in action
Police conducting several anti-terror-operations in Germany due to 'credible terror threat': arrests made
German Police are conducting several anti-terror-operations in Thuringia Germany
Police raids in Hamburg, NRW, Saxony and Bavaria. Main suspect is a 28 y/o Chechen and ten more Chechen men and women
Apparently a credible threat of a terror attack. SEK and detection dogs on the scene to look for explosives
SEK carrying out raids against terror suspects in Suhl-Nord, Schmalkalden, Hildburghausen and Jena
UK government approves the expansion of Heathrow Airport
SG @jensstoltenberg: Tmr we’ll consider the future of our deployment in the Aegean and take decisions on NATO role in Central Mediterranean
[email protected] met with Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz
OSIPOV near Portuguese coast. Kuznetsov group tomorrow or late night today will reach Gibraltar
Cafe wall collapsed in Derbent
TASS: Russia is counting on Kyiv's partners to convince it to get down to business and stop playing out a geopolitical farce, Lavrov says.
Girls(18,22 y.o) with 10 grenades were detained at checkpoint in Dnipro region
Video of the stunning sunset as USSCarney pulls into port Souda Bay, Greece Oct. 21, 2016.
Eurozone approves 2.8 billion euros in bailout funds for Greece: official
Spanish police arrest two Moroccans accused of supporting Islamic State
Russian engineers show new ICBM RS-28 Sarmat
ATO HQ: RU forces 40 times violated ceasefire, shelling with 122mm artillery in Avdiivka
PHOTO: Russian exercise with «Iskander-M» missile system near the Estonian border last week
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