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25 อาจ 2018

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Turkish Deputy PM: Migration issue may be more dangerous than a World War III
15-year-old arrested over British cyber attack on TalkTalk
#Dobova Twice as many #refugees as last night to sleep outside. Coughing and kids crying
ATO HQ confirming reports of attack on Ukrainian positions in Pisky-Opytne after 5pm
Official, final results of parliamentary elections in #Poland: PiS - 37,58%, PO - 24,09%, Kukiz'15 - 8,81%, Nowoczesna - 7,6%, PSL - 5,13%.
9 year old girl in camouflage and with rifle gun in Alchevsk
Soldier in #Pisky tells that separatists are firing grads tonight
Shelling from area of Donetsk railway station
Loud in Staromikhailivka
FM @HashimThaciRKS proposes an alcohol test for MP of the Parliament in #Kosovo
Positions near Donetsk airport is under artillery shelling from Donetsk
Far-right protesters attacked buses with refugees in Freiberg, Germany
#Donetsk "Two distinct heavy artillery volleys. Right now. Direction from the airport"
Anti-migrants rally in Neubrandenburg, Germany
700 - 800 people at LEGIDA rally in Leipzig
Pegida march in Dresden
At #Dobova Slovenian transit camps are crowded
#Pegida demonstration marching through #Dresden
Pegida demonstration marching through Dresden
Camps in #Dobova are full but more people arriving from Croatia
Heavy presence at Pegida rally in Dresden, up to 12 000 people
Preliminary results of voting at local elections in Ukraine. Opposition bloc is winning in 6 regions
#Pegida rally in center of Dresden
Infowar. Texts to soldiers in Ukrainian: "East will not forgive you, West will not remember you"
Fire in the center of Kharkiv - Karazina street
Report of one killed in battle in Opytne
Last 25 Armenian families remaining in Deir Ezzor abandon city and head to Qamishli, Latakia & Aleppo
#Refugees and #migrants arrive at #Lesbos island.
German frigate Hamburg, part of Standing #NATO Maritime Group 2 participates in Trident Juncture
Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral #Kuznetsov" hold SAM driils
Slovenia Gov Presser: Situation isn't ideal, we'll improve registration proceduress, services excellent coop w/ each other
Veszprem, Hungary - A10 Warthogs provide close-air support during live-fire training for #NATO exercise Brave Warrior
Heavy explosion in Proletarsky district of Donetsk
#USSPorter wraps up latest patrol in the #BlackSea
6.000 #refugees today at #Piraeus port #Athens #Greece. On the way - Ariadni 1.577 (Lesvos - Chios) - Venizelos 2.500 (Lesvos)
Another surge of sea arrivals in #Lesbos today. About 2k refugees so far, more than 3k expected by end of day
Dnipropetrovsk Mayor elections - 90% of votes processed, pro-Russian Vilkul 37%
#Brezice situation is getting tens more and more. Ppl are collapsing. Insufficient medical care. Far to little water.
The U.S. will allocate $1 billion aid for Ukraine
[email protected] met @PennyPritzker
2 soldiers of the #Ukraine Armed Forces injured in ceasefire violations last night
Imperator(Emperor) Palpatine was elected to Odessa city council
Shooting and mortar fire heard in area of Donetsk airport
#Flawinne assailant has been arrested
#Spielfeld: clashes between #refugees. Tense Atmosphere
Training ship "Smolny" passes the English channel
#Refugees and #migrants at sea
Google has released a "crisis info hub" providing hyper-localised info to help
Police helicopter circling over #Belgrade
#Russia's budget for 2016 allocates $50.5bn (over 4% of GDP or 19.6% of budget expenditure) on #defence
Police deploying in Belgrade.
Police deployments near the base in Flawinne #Belgium
The car of the #flawinne assailant was found
Crowd of refugees in Slovenia
Belgian media report that the car used in the attack has been found abandoned in Belgrade, near Flawinne.
Decisive victory for PiS in #Poland. Exit polls indicate overall majority, later polls suggest very tight.
Your country needs you, France Inc says to French engineers,math whizzes who've taken their talent to Silicon Valley
No injuries reported, Attacker was covered in a balaclava, Fled the scene after ramming the gate, major search underway. #Belgium
#Belgium: shots were fired at a car that rammed the gate at the military base in #Flawinne
#TheJungle in Calais yest: some heated tents to arrive from Fr. govt soon. Current ones with basic/ramshackle
Shots fired at paratrooper barracks in Flawinne, #Belgium after a car ran the barricades
Peskov on victory PiS in Poland: We want good relations with Poland, but not be forced
#Visp, #Switzerland: Police car set on fire
Russian troops in Sevastopol before trip to Syria
Jobbik hails PiS victory and is happy that w/ Kukiz, their strategic partner, @RuchNarodowy got into the parliament. #polandvotes
Russian Navy planning big exercises at South China Sea next year
Standing #NATO Maritime Group 1 conducting an anti-air live firing exercise against a sub-sonic towed target. #TJ15
Markets not scared by historic win of Eurosceptic Party in #Poland. 10y Polish yields unchg.
In the state Duma of RF called elections in Ukraine "the political circus"
In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky introduced a state of emergency #Kamchatka
On election day the militants of "DNR" opened fire in Shirokino near Mariupol
Swedish Armed Forces new commander: "Russia's course of action is provocative"
Plotnitsky: LNR will hold elections according to OSCE standards and without Ukraine
Long que in Kharkiv Region Elections commission
In Kirovograd announced the survey results on renaming the city, most for Elisavetgrad
Russian propagandist Solovyov: "the very wording: "In Ukraine today the elections", - was ridiculous!"
Syrians protest against #Assad and Russian intervention in #Vienna.
Russian may cut Undersea Internet, Data Cables in case of conflict
Four school fires in just 5 hours in Malmö, Sweden during the night. Suspected arson
#Montenegro Prime Minister believes #Russia is behind opposition's actions.
EU Leaders Agree on 17-point plan of action: #WesternBalkansRoute
Young voters (18-29 y.o.) voted for PiS (26.6%) and Kukiz (20.6%) - only 14.4% for PO
Eurosceptic conservatives win majority in Poland election, according to TV exit poll
PiS 39,1% AFTER 23,4 Kukiz 9 Modern 7,1 Left to 6.6 PSL 5,2 CORWIN 4,9 Together with 3.9 #the turnout of 51.6% - wybory 2015 results
At Local elections in Kharkiv someone spoiled ballots with "Bashar Asad. For DNR. For Putin!"
Intense battle reported in the north suburbs of Horlivka
The opposition bloc declares victory in the elections in six regions
Map of attendance on 17:00 in the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2015.
#PolandVotes about to start.
Polls in #PolandVotes close in an hour. Then exit polls. #wybory2015
#Montenegro #protest organizers MPs Andrija Mandic and Slaven Radunovic just released from custody
#Serbia PM Vucic re quotas: what we will do if the #refugees don't want to stay in our countries? Put them in jail?
There were no exit-polls in Donetsk region at all
Georgia State Security Service launches investigation on coup attempt
Russian tank near front-line in Donetsk region
Dnipropetrovsk: Filatov got 41,6%, pro-Russian Vilkul 32%
"Titushki" massing near election commission in Krasnoarmiysk
#Odessa exit poll: mayor Truhanov got 47,6%, next to him Borovyk of President's party
Exit poll: mayor of Kharkiv Kernes re-elected
Schuster Exit-poll: In Dnipropetrovsk pro-Russian "Opposition block" got 27,1%
Lviv. Current Mayor Sadoviy- 48%. Koshulinsky of far-right Svoboda - 14%. 2nd round if so
Preliminary results of the voting on #Solidarity party in the local elections by Solidarity party. Kyiv Klichko 40%+
In Chernigov detained a group of young people who organized bribery of voters
Police detaining some protesters of anti-Hogesa rally in Cologne
#Germany: Police attack counter protesters against Hogesa demo in #Cologne
For 1st time in 2.5 months, OSCE patrol reaches Debaltseve. Few people on streets, damage still evident
Fighting in Pisky- Donetsk airport. Heavy machine guns, RPGs
The turnout of voters, according to OPORA at 12.00 – 18.5%
Police blocked intersection. Water cannons in use
Poland PM Ewa Kopacz votes at #wybory2015
The Central Elections Commission ordered the Krasnoramiysk election Commission to immediately hold elections
Aleksandar Vucic: Serbia is interested in the supply of arms from Russia
Snipers at the summit in Brussel
A column of #Russia|n tanks in Donbas filmed by #Russia-backed fighters from their car, Oct 20
Ukraine: Ministry of Interior receives 342 complaints about violations at local elections
Dobova, #Slovenia: The long wait at Rigonce border point w/Croatia is over as people walk to a reception centre
Police use water cannons to disperse far-right rally in Germany
Yulia Tymoshenko voted in the Dnipropetrovsk
In Lysychansk burned the car of the head of election commission last night
Election Commission in Odessa not allowed Darth Vader to vote
The #Russia|n army fires volley's of MLRS Grad rockets in #Donbas Oct 20
#Nikolaev Activists stopped busing to polling station
Jaroslaw Kaczynski voting
Turnout in #Poland general election 16.5% at midday, below 23% recorded at the same time in 2011 ballot. #wybory2015
Rogozin will hold talks with First Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia
At the independence square in #Kyiv. No campaign more, it is still a small protest against the war. And entertainment.
In Donetsk celebration of "flag day"
Hogesa rally in Cologne
The first #firecrackers flew. Estimated 200 #Hogesa participants are already on the #Barmer platz
Pro-migrants rally in Cologne
EU to seek to speed up repatriation of Afghan, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, iraqi migrants
Russian Orthodox Church named chips and energy drinks as "non-orthodox" products. Now it's a sin
Again several thousand #refugees cross from #Slovenian #Sentilj to #Spielfeld #Austria
Saakashvili for the first time voted as a citizen of Ukraine. Came to poll station on bike
Parliamentary elections in #Poland. Latest survey by #Ipsos predicts #PiS as clear front-runner
Musavat Party holds pre election rally in #Baku. Posters of #politicalprisoners taken away by the police #azvote2015
One Ukrainian soldier was wounded in ATO zone in last 24 hours - ATO spox
Poroshenko: this election completes the process of restarting the power
#Zhebrivsky: I spoke with #President. He said that there is no possibility to hold elections today in Mariupol
Donald Tusk @eucopresident votes @PLPermRepEU. Poland is holding parliamentary elections. #wybory2015
Odessa police detained Chewbacca for illegal campaigning
Child and mother drowned off Lesbos this morning. 13 others missing
In #Poland votes: - Officially no exit polls 'til 21.00 - Exit polls leaked all day as 'shopping lists' (with 'PiStachios', etc.)
Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia are going to close the borders for migrants
Titushki at elections in Luhansk region
Elections are canceled in Krasnoarmiysk
Just made it across from Turkey. another boat on the horizon - locals expecting thousands today #Lesbos
Now: D co 1-503d travels through Poland demonstrating freedom of maneuver throughout the alliance
Azov and RS captured & passed to @ServiceSSU a Russian extremist of #Crimea, chief of Fund for sponsoring terrorists.
Dutch IT security firm says up to 500 Dutch businesses, including media, are hacked by foreign services, mostly Russia, China and Iran
Empty polling station in Mariupol. No ballots
#Rigonce #Brezice. Overnight again, thousands of #refugees from #Croatia to come. Temperatures only just above Zero.
Tony Blair apologises for Iraq war mistakes
Local elections started in Ukraine at 8am. But not in Mariupol
Raid alarm check will be tested today in Donetsk
The air traffic between Ukraine and Russia halted. In Boryspil today there is no flight to Moscow
Russian tank in Novoazovs'k district
ATO HQ: Militants at 2:30 attacked positions in Pisky with AA-guns, machine gun, RPGs
Fire in the area of Donetsk airport last night
Strela-10 in Luhansk yesterday
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