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18 สิงหาคม 2018

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Activists protested against Moscow church march
One of France church attackers identified as Adel Kermiche: prosecutor
One of the fighters in Rouen church attack was armed with a handgun and fake explosives, Paris prosecutor
Moscow Church march in Kyiv
Participants of Moscow church march entered Kyiv
Migration is 'poison' for Europe, says Hungary PM
Deputy head of regional FSB office was killed in Stavropol region
Ukraine to send food producers' mission to Israel
Two wounded in a shootout with police in Yerevan was arrested
Hollande: "We are a country at war, internationally in Syria and Iraq, domestically against extremists, fighters"
SBU detained group of drug dealers in Mykolaiv
France church attack: French president Hollande addresses nation on priest assassination by ISIS
Ukraine has no plans to repay Russia the $3 billion "loan of Yanukovych" - Ministry of Finance
The bus fell into the abyss in the West of Azerbaijan. The driver was killed, there are injured among the passengers
Finance Minister Danyluk says no prerequisites for default in Ukraine
Oil down $8
"President" of Abkhazia has accepted the resignation of "PM" of Abkhazia
NSDC Secretary Turchinov announced the increase of salaries in the UAFs because of inflation
Deputy head of the regional Department of the FSB were killed in Stavropol
Tim Farron: Theresa May did nothing to prevent Brexit
Poroshenko discussed with Merkel and Hollande escalation in thee Donbas
World Rowing Federation says six Russian rowers meet conditions to compete in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and 17 do not Rio2016
22 of 28 Russian rowers banned from Rio Olympic Games: federation
[email protected] repaired Odesa hospital for veterans in between SeaBreeze2016
The SBU said about the waste of money at the airport Borispol
Ukrainian PM Volodymyr Groysman met with Ambassadors of the Arab countries
One of France church attackers was charged for terror link: probe source
German police evacuate Thier-Galerie shopping mall in Dortmund, reason unknown - witnesses
A policeman died in a shootout in Ingushetia
The bodies of four men with cut wounds to the neck found in the Pskov region
Energy Ministry confirms: was an extraordinary situation at the construction site of the Belarusian nuclear power plant
Paris prosecutor to hold news conference on StEtienneduRouvray church attack claimed by ISIS 3pm ET/9pm CET
ATO headquarters reported Russian forces used prohibited weapons near Donetsk
The number of victims in the explosion at arms factory in Azerbaijan has increased to 24
Armenian police pulled the additional forces and equipment to the venue of a rally outside the seized police building in Yerevan
Russian force 13 times shelling at Ukrainian army position today
The Ukrainian government approved a Plan of urgent measures on repayment of salary debts
Defense Ministry of Ukraine showed how Ukrainian engineers help NATO to clear mines in Afghanistan
Pyatt: Ukraine has destroyed the Russian "energy weapon"
Police announced a reward 200 thousand UAH for information about the murder of journalist @pavelsheremet
Russian national team on weightlifting is not allowed for the Olympic games in Rio
Activists with eggs waiting for the participants of the procession near Kyiv
Police found one suspicious object on the path of the procession on Zhytomyr highway
OSCE SMM mini UAV comes under fire in Luhansk region
So called PM of Abkhazia Artur Mikvabia said he will resign
Two Russian warships were spotted near the territorial waters of Ukraine
A statue of Stalin may appear in Surgut, Russia
Ukrainian Central Election Commission declared elected five MPs
The number of wounded from the explosion at the factory in Azerbaijan has increased to 20 people
The procession turned to Irpin cause of "right-wing" activists
Labour leadership contest could be halted if High Court rules Jeremy Corbyn must seek backing of MPs
Normandy attackers forced slain priest to kneel before killing him and filming the murder, nun who escaped attack says
The mayor of the Mariupol promised to personally canvass the residents for the renaming of the Novorossiyskaya street
The Ukrainian national security Council started preparation of the defense budget for 2017
Britain should deliver 'full Brexit' soon, lawmaker says
Oil futures trade at lowest level since April
INFOGRAPHIC: BBC timeline of terrorist attacks in France from 2012-2016
Gazprombank expects a collapse of the ruble
"Orthodox oligarch" and MP Novisky meets Moscow Church march
Massive police presence on the way of Moscow church march
USA will give Ukraine another batch of military aid until the end of July – Pyatt
Head of Russia's customs service standing in his home while piles of cash materialize from shoe boxes
In Kyiv, Ukraine today there's a large trade unions protest against reform in coal mining
Shirvan, Azerbaijan: explosion and the fire in the military factory
The prosecutor's office and SBU conduct searches in the airport "Borispil"
French priest killed by attackers 'claiming allegiance to ISIS'
Novosibirsk residents protest against Yarovaya law restricting internet privacy in Russia. Moscow rally banned
Lifecell has signed a Memorandum with the MFA to support Ukrainian customers who caught in an emergency overseas
Traffic jam on highway Kyiv - Zhytomyr due to Moscow church march
Traffic jam on highway Kyiv - Zhytomyr due to Moscow church march
The court of Appeal is burning in Kharkiv
Moscow Orthodox priest: we will follow planned way
Moscow Orthodox priest: we will follow planned way
"DNR" group forces preparing Russian-supplied ATGM missile system in Staromihaylovka.
DNR group forces preparing Russian-supplied ATGM missile system in Staromihaylovka.
A strong blast took place at an armory in Azerbaijan's Shirvan on Tuesday
Radio Svoboda: Ukrainian gets six years in case on terrorist attack in Crimea.
Gunshots at a Berlin hospital do not appear to be terror-linked according to German police
Two unidentified men beat the editor of "Еhe Business Censor" in the center of Kiev
"Exclusive" footage of @Lifenews 'journalists' directing rockets on Ukraine's forces in Russia occupied Donbas
#SeaBreeze2016 drill in Mykolaiv
SeaBreeze2016  drill in Mykolaiv
SBU warned the importation from Europe of drugs for the manufacture of psychotropics
UPDATE — French President Hollande suggests Daesh is behind church attack that left priest dead, others
Marchers affiliated with the Russian Orthodox Church are taking part in a multi-day march to Kyiv
Reports of shooting at University Clinic in Berlin-Steglitz. A man opened fire wounding a doctor, then killed himself.
Mining route of the procession was true
"The opposition bloc" protests against the blocking of the Moscow procession in Kiev
Hollande says two assailants in church attack claimed allegience to Islamic State
French Senator refused to participate in the delegation of parliamentarians in the annexed Crimea
France's Hollande slams 'vile terrorist attack' on church
Russia sends up to 40 'instructors' for Donetsk militants
Moscow procession in Kiev: the city Centre will block for all kinds of transport
Russian forses destroyed a private house in Avdiivka
Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin hit by a wave of mockery after flooding.
The consequences of the night shelling in Avdiivka
Romania: proposal to amend definition of family in constitution discriminates against LGBT couples @LGBTIintergroup
Pope 'pain and horror' at France church hostage-taking
Poland unemployment at 8.8pc = 25 year low says GUS
ATO spokesperson: Aviation military exercises South Wind-2016 go on
Col. Lysenko: President of Ukraine @poroshenko awarded 163 servicemen, ATO participants, with mil medals
ATO spox: Military divers trained underwater explosives neutralization within Sea-Breeze-2016 mil exercises
ATO spox: UA mil intel reports: because of lack of meds, during previous 4 days, 9 wounded militants died in hospitals in occupied Donetsk
French PM Valls expresses 'horror at barbaric attack on church'
Russian foreign minister says recent US-Russia agreements should help implement a truce in Syria.
2 militants of Russian forses KIA and 4 WIA near Avdiyivka
2 militants of Russian forses KIA and 4 WIA near Avdiyivka
5 Russian canoeists, including an Olympic gold medalist, have been banned from the Rio Games over doping.
Russian citizen tried to take collection of old banknotes and antique books to Russia
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Yesterday, Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties; 5 UA soldiers were wounded in action
ATO spokesperson: Enemy losses: 11 militants were killed in action, 14 militants – wounded in action
Dgemilev wrote a support letter to Turkish President Erdogan
Anti-terrorism judges to probe French church hostage-taking: prosecutor
The hostage-takers would have cried out "Daech" in entering the church of Saint Etiennedu Rouen
Poroshenko said the Day of the special operations Forces of the APU on July 29
The passage of the Moscow "procession" is blocked in Kyiv
One hostage (local priest) killed by the hostage takers another hostage was critically injured, both hostage takers have been killed
Slain hostage at northern French church was priest: police source
Two hostages dead in Rouen: a priest and a parishioner in an attack on a church
Priest killed at church in Northern France, 1 person seriously injured
President Hollande and French Interior Minister head to scene after hostage-taking in church
1 killed hostage was a priest who was beheaded by the hostage takers before Police stormed the church and killing both hostage takers
Poroshenko signed a law on special operations Forces of Ukrainian army
In Yerevan, police wounded two activists from the occupied base
The two assailants of Saint Etiennede Rouen neutralized, the priest killed
One hostage in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray #France apparently killed, 2 hostage takers KIA, so far only knives recoverd
Soldiers of Polish #17WBZ on exercises in Estonia
Kremlin dismisses US Democratic email hack claims as 'absurd'
Rouen: Police stormed church, 2 attackers killed, situation is over
Hostage-taking ended in Saint etienne du Rouen the two armed men was killed
The minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve on the way to site
2 F-1 grenades were found on Moscow church march way near Kyiv
France - 2 armed men entered the church and are holding 4-6 hostages. Reports: there may be casualties.
Two armed men with knives take hostages at a church in northern France, say reports
More than 3,000 migrants lost in Mediterranean since January: IOM
Rouen, France: according to the local police 2 armed men have several hostages
Radio Svoboda: Civic activist Vasily Nedopekin detained by police in his Moscow flat.
Two armed men have taken people hostage in a church in the northern French city of Rouen
Boryspil highway is completely closed due to Moscow church march
The center of Kyiv will blocked due to the procession
2 men were shot at bus-stop in Moscow
Construction has completely stopped on St. Petersburg's World Cup stadium.
Before murder in Kyiv, the Belarus-Russia journo Sheremet visited Moscow - military prosecutor Matios for Channel 5
2 bomb threats against Moscow church march near Kyiv
RUS state Tu-214SR is providing comms support at Sevastopol
Lavrov refutes alleged links between Moscow, #DNCLeaks
TURKEY: Erdogan to meet Putin on Aug. 9 in St. Petersburg: Deputy PM Simsek
Video of Lavrov responding to reporter Q about where Russia hacked DNC. "I don't want to use four-letter words"
Turkey's Deputy PM Şimşek says Erdoğan will travel to Russia's St Petersburg on August 9
Russian force shot down a drone of the OSCE SMM in Avdiivka
The consequences of Russian force shelling in Avdiivka
Situation in ATO: Russian force used self-propelled artillery, 120 and 82 mm mortars. Sabotage group tried to take under control Ukrainian checkpoints in Marinka
ISIS now also published the video of Ansbach attacker that police found on his phone.
Feds now briefing that Russian hackers had run of DNC emails for a year
ISIS (through Amaq) claims that Ansbach suicide bomber is called Mohammad Daleel. This is his pic
New Russian base on the border of Ukraine
People demand water/food/supplies for war vets in 9-day armed standoff w/police at Erebuni, Yerevan
[email protected] condemns Russia, where he has asylum for NSA hack, for DNC hack.
Trump says at rally one of “our many, many friends” hacked the DNC
Groisman discussed Chinese investments with the Ambassador of China
Two armenian military helicopters spotted flying above Yerevan
Russia denies its aircraft violated Bulgarian airspace
Rally in Yerevan
RUAF An-124 82030 Chkalovsky-Mozdok. Expected to fly to Latakia at night.
Drunk company with a gun attack on a patrol in Kiev
Massive rally in Yerevan
SecDef Ash Carter calls defeat of ISIL "certain"-says US will stand with Germany & Afghanistan and "take on ISIL wherever it might exist"
RUAF IL18 RF75478 departed Chkalovsky at 1631z to Khrabrovo - now currently over the Gulf of Finland
MFA: 19 trainloads of weapons came from Russia to the Donbass in July
Turkey FM: "We thank Russia, who supported us unconditionally, unlike other countries"
Shooting in Avdiivka
Three Ukrainian airports may be deprived of licenses
Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann spoke about Ansbach
Fitch affirms long-term rating of Ukraine
Advertising of Belarusian vodka in Berlin
The FBI helped to determine the type of explosives, which killed Sheremeta
The war in Avdiivka
Military camps for children – "DNR" prepares the young "soldiers"
Armenia refused to participate in the world chess Olympiad in Baku
Theresa May is preparing a Brexit fudge which will disappoint everyone
Russian force shelling with mortars at residential sector in Avdiivka
Игроки в Pokemon Go арендовали туристический поезд, чтобы искать покемонов во Франции
Игроки в Pokemon Go арендовали туристический поезд, чтобы искать покемонов во Франции
FINA bans 7 Russian swimmers, including Yulia Ekimova, from competing at the Rio Olympics
Reuters: "Ukraine, after war, becomes a trove for black market arms trade"
Migrants on Serbia-Hungary border go on hunger strike, want to enter EU
An armed group burned a police bus in Yerevan
The first child was born with microcephaly via Zika in Spain
The French delegation will visit a concentration camp and a winery in the Crimea
Belgium parliament to consider resolution on lifting EU sanctions against Russia
Shooting in Rtutny
Between them, Theresa May and Arlene Foster can ensure Brexit will not lead to a united Ireland
Moldova asks NATO to support themselves, Ukraine and Georgia
Russian military equipment in Kozatske, 25 July
#SeaBreeze2016 at Tendrovska island
The General Prosecutor of Ukraine has promised to name suspects in the murder of Sheremet
A group of employees of the SBU will be arrested - Lutsenko
The movement of the procession in Kiev
Shooting in Dokuchaevsk
Downing Street refuses to explain how Theresa May would 'reform capitalism'
EU must not make threatening statements on Turkey’s accession: FM Çavuşoğlu
The IOC decision to allow Russia before the Olympics is unfair – Ukrainian sports Ministry
Russian forces shelling with artillery at UAFs position in Avdiivka
Baby born in Spain with Zika-caused microcephaly, first in Europe, hospital says
Rossiyanin Denis Kazarin from Ufa died in the Donbas on July 23
Kyiv presented the organizing Committee of Eurovision-2017 two possible locations for the contest
No water in Dokuchajevsk
Ukrainian MFA expressed protest to Medvedev's visit to Crimea
ATO: Russian force continues to shelling at Mariupol direction
A procession for peace organized policy – priest of the UOC-KP
On 15 Aug Ukraine's new Anticorruption Agency opens its electronic income and asset declarations
Syria: France calls for a immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Aleppo
Olympics: FINA bans seven Russian swimmers from Rio over doping
Ukraine Ambassador Yelchenko: alarmed by dozens of deaths and hundreds of injured as result of systematic shelling by hundreds of mortars & missiles in Aleppo
Amb. Yelchenko: humanitarian situation in Syria is of a grave concern. Regime and its allies continue to pursue military objectives.
National guard near Boryspil
ISIS official agency Amaq claims Ansbach bomber was "soldier of the Islamic State".
Moscow church march on the way to Kyiv
Moscow church march to Kyiv continues, police pushed back activists
RUAF Il-76 78764 Chernyakhovsk-Soltsy
Ansbach bomber “undoubtedly” had Islamist motives Germany: Bavarian Interior Ministry
Sands: Putin will not attend the opening of the Olympic games in Rio
Suspect in Ansbach suicide bombing pledged allegiance to ISIS in video found on his phone, German officials say
Bavaria's top security official says video found on Ansbach bomber's phone pledging allegiance to IS leader.
German Interior Minister has ordered increased police presence at airports, train stations, borders after recent attacks
Lavrov and @MinCanadaFA discussed bilateral relations, international agenda, Syria, Ukraine
In an interview with Rossiaya-24 right now Ukrainian "gray cardinal" Medvedchuk is preaching federalization
Air defense of 1st Tank Army practise @ Kapustin Yar.
3 persons died in accident of 8 cars on the route Odessa-Kiev
The participants of Russian "christ procession" has stopped a few kilometers from Boryspil
Protest of Bank depositors in Kyiv: the Protesters came to the building of the national Bank
Belarus government will equate kolovrat to the swastika
Kharkiv regional state administration evacuated cause of bomb threat
Institution of control and supervision over all customs will create in Ukraine
The President instructed Groisman and Klichko to keep control of Moscow procession
SBU liquidated the channel of illegal passenger transportation from "LNR" across the state border of Ukraine
Ukrainian farmers export 1.4 mln tonnes of grain since July 1
SBU exposed the embezzlement of 1,5 million of public funds on the repair of railway bridges in Dnipro
Russia deployed oil drilling platforms in Ukrainian territorial waters
Russia deployed  oil drilling platforms in Ukrainian territorial waters
No Brexit talks for several months, EU's Juncker concedes
Moscow authorities again rejected the application for a rally against the "anti-corruption package"
US officials say the FBI is investigating Russia's hack of the DNC and its motives, amid election interference concerns
A drunk man opened fire in a cafe in Kiev region: one person was killed, another wounded
UN Syria envoy to meet US, Russian officials in Geneva on Tuesday
Motorcycle robbers detained in Kiev
Ukrainian jet in Zatoka, Odeskiy region
A former police officer, the drug dealer arrested in Cherkassy
British PM heads to Northern Ireland for Brexit talks
SBU: the riots during the procession will be regarded as provocation from the outside
Russia uses the ATO area to test their new weapons – Turchynov
For Russian "christ-procession" will block streets in Kiev
Border guards detained foreigners with passports that are looking for Interpol
Lavrov: Unfortunately, our Western partners, seeking to preserve their domination,acted like a bull in a china shop
Russia welcomes International Olympic Committee's verdict allowing 'clean' Russian athletes to compete at Rio Olympics
TASS: Dmitri Peskov doesn't comment on reports of supposed involvement of Russia in leak of Clinton's emails.
Kremlin: Mutko will remain minister of sport.
A journalist from LifeNews Ushan Umarov married with "responsible for human rights of DND"
Ukraine is preparing lawsuits against Russia, who made destructions of Ukrainian plants – Tuka
Moscow authorities have drafted a response to Pokemon Go with Ivan Groznij and Tsoi
Ansbach attacker was meant to be deported to Bulgaria, German interior ministry
Arrested Afghan boy met Munich gunman before attack, knew he had a gun and that he was interested in Breivik - police
ATO spox: Ukrainian military engineers de-activated 50 IEDs yesterday. Demined over 1,000 over last week
ATO spox: Russia continues military assistance to its proxies: moved 110 fighters, 3 howitzers
ATO spox: Militant casualties: 4 KIA, 7 WIA yesterday
ATO spox: 3 Ukrainian servicemen were killed in action and 3 were wounded on July 24
German authorities say man who blew himself up in Ansbach, Germany, was about to be deported to Bulgaria
ATO spox: Intelligence: Militants use drones: Novoselivka Druha, Avdiivka, Vodyane, Popasna, Kamyanka
ATO spox: Other hot spots in the area: Dokuchayevsk outskirts, Maryinka
ATO spox:Mariupol sector: intensive skirmishes in first 6 hours of July 24. Major hot spots: Novohryhorivka-Starohnativka, Talakivka-Vodyane
ATO spox: 2 days ago, as a result of unsuccessful attack at UA position near Novozvanivka, 2 militants KIA, 8 – WIA
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: Major spots along Novoselivka Druha – Avdiivka – Opytne – Nevelske. Militants opened fire from 82, 120 mm mortars
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants scaled down attacks after suffering casualties on July 23. Twice violated ceasefire by Orikhove
Activists set up checkpoint near Boryspil to stop Moscow Church Procession to Kyiv
The court arrested the vintage cars of Yanukovych
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine July 25, 2016, 00:00 EET
1 servicemen killed, 8 wounded in 120mm mortar explosion at drill at Shyrokyi Lan firing range
Iraqi man arrested in Poland on suspicion of preparing terror attack
Rally of Bank Mikhailivsky clients shutdown road in central Kyiv
Police have given the All clear now after an earlier security scare neat Golders Green underground station in London
RF sent in the Donbass region four trucks with mercenaries and cannons
The EU will suspend talks with Turkey on accession to the Union, if death penalty are restored – @JunckerEU
Police have cordoned surrounding area and have evacuated some Buildings in the near vicinity of the car as a precaution
Russian authorities fear that Pokemon Go can cause revolution
OUN Battalion is ready to stop "Moscow church march"
The police has damaged 60 official cars for the first part of this year
London's Golders Green underground station evacuated, police inspecting abandoned car outside station
The bomber in Ansbach, Germany, was likely driven by Islamist extremism, a Bavarian official said
Russian Navy Vishnaya class ELINTship Priazove SSV201 returned to BlackSea after 155 days of Mediterranean deployment
New Moscow app is like Pokemon Go except you catch Ivan the Terrible, Pushkin, Gagarin
Turkey in no position to become EU member any time soon - Juncker
Muslim prisoners organized riot in prison in Khakasiya
FBI team in Ukraine to make a statement on initial results of the investigation on assassination of Pavel Sheremet
Festival "Extreme Crimea" in the occupied Olenivka. To much people are in
Police in Bavaria: Syrian in Ansbach blast had asylum application denied,his deportation was temporarily suspended
Flash flood in Moscow
No signs of de-escalation. 58 armed provocations with intensive use of heavy weapons by Russian force last night
58 ceasefire violations on 24 July at Donbas
1 dead, 12 injured in Ansbach, Germany, after 27-year-old Syrian who'd been denied asylum detonates backpack bomb.
Germany Ansbach blast: 12 people injured and 2,500 evacuated from music festival
Ansbach suicide bomber had asylum claim rejected a year ago: Bavaria interior minister
Erebuni rioters burnt Armenia police bus
Erebuni rioters burnt Armenia police bus
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