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16 สิงหาคม 2018

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In Odessa unknown with firearms attacked two policemen
In Kapan, Armenia again held a protest
Protesters at ElectricYerevan chanting SIT SIT as lights are shut off on Baghramyan
Lights on the avenue have just been turned off. ElectricYerevan
Several arrests made, police say there were protesters with weapons ElectricYerevan, more reinforcements of security personnel coming
Protesters forming human shield, uncertainty at ElectricYerevan, standing a meter apart from riot police
Giants of American Jazz - Herbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter at Lviv Jazz festival tonight
Protesters closed the road in Yerevan
Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan screaming at protesters of ElectricYerevan, he's saying that you have paralyzed the city
Special forces and police on the move in Yerevan, preparing for something
Chechen strongman calls Islamic State governorate in Caucasus a "bluff":
The U.S. state Department accused the Armenian authorities of systemic corruption
Seams like more than 20,000 people in Baghramyan. More than ever. ElectricYerevan
Video report of the "unusual ammunition" fired at Ukrainian positions in Pisky a while ago
Video report of the unusual ammunition fired at Ukrainian positions in Pisky a while ago
Wounded in Tunisia, Ukrainian woman now in Hospital - MFA
Russian MFA: NATO "advancement on the East" diverts attention from the real threats
President @Poroshenko for Inter TV: Now we have one of the strongest army in the world, have 60K in Eastern Ukraine.
Russian ruling party "Edinaya Rosiya" welcomes the legalization of same-sex marriage in USA
"Refugeeswelcome" rally in the hundreds against rightwing demo outside refugee shelter in Freital Germany
Yerevan downtown: crowd is getting bigger. Chanting and singing all the time. Police looks relaxed
Italy raises terror alert after attacks
FiAF F/A-18 pictured & intercepted Russia IL-76 inside Finland airspace
Canada MP [email protected] Arrived in Kiev to underscore Canada's solidarity for Ukraine, and our opposition to Putin's invasion
Poroshenko wrote sheet to UN Secretary General
Hollande puts security alert at highest level in attacked region
Detained former "Berkut" officer still serving in the militia - General Prosecutor's Office
Latvians made a film about their assistance to Ukraine
Ministry of Foreign Affairs opened the access to archival documents about Ukraine's role in creating of UN
Russian catamaran for 300 passengers brought only 3 passengers in Feodosiya
EU urges Russia to stop the illegal flow of weapons into Ukraine
Flood in Zaporizhya
Jetairfly flight 5017 is returning to Brussels because of the terrorist attack in Tunisia
Prices on the eggs in Donetsk
Poroshenko met with Canadian Defense Minister Kenny
Donetsk the prices of vegetables and fruits today.
Attacks in France and the Arab world will bring more unity, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini says
Donetsk: Queue for petrol A92-24 UAH. stretched on 600 meters.
The Tribunal in the case of MH17 is untimely and counterproductive idea, - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia
Affected during Maidan will be able to get the status of disabled veterans
The court of Russia acknowledged a legitimate case against Roshen for tax evasion
Greece's Tsipras rejects EU 'ultimatums and blackmail'
Hundreds of trucks on the border with Crimea
Decapitated man in French attack was local businessman: source close to probe
Local Tunisia radio has said those killed in the resort of Sousse were mostly German and British. No names yet
Merkel urges Greece to accept 'extraordinarily generous' offer
Crimeans certificates of the Russian Federation will not be able to join in Ukrainian universities
French attack suspect had 'link' to Salafist movement: minister
Ukraine has asked the Oscar-winning Director to make film about Crimea
The court is considering the case of Vita Zaverucha
Atlasjet Ukraine has received permission to fly at six countries
Yatsenyuk wants to fund Ukrainian cinema at the expense of the legalization of gambling business
SBU detained one of the leaders of the "Berkut" who involved in the shootings on the Maidan
Poroshenko promises to introduce in Parliament a new draft amendments to the Constitution next week
[email protected] in Brussels: 'Mr. Putin is very clear that he does not want Ukraine leaning to the West.'
French interior minister: Isère suspect's name is Yassine Salhi
Poroshenko said that we took Polish model for decentralization
Zaporizhya is suffering from heavy rains.
Interior minister Cazeneuve says, one of the suspects was detained by a "courageous" firefighter.
The constitutional Commission agreed on a draft of decentralization
Lawyers of Savchenko will publish all 40 volumes of case
Savchenko feared for the lives of her Russian lawyers
SBU seized weapon of ATO by the military in Chernihiv region
PACE has described Russia's actions against Ukraine as aggression
General Prosecutor's Office and SBU raided the family home of the head of Appellate court
General Prosecutor's Office and SBU raided the family home of the head of Appellate court
Hollande says attack in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier killed 1 and injured 2, Plan was to blow up gas facility
Video from Grenoble | France terror attack | 1 dead 10 others hurt | One person beheaded.
Children in Karlivka were collected on cellars under attacks to take on improvement
The flood in Chelyabinsk
Several explosions heard at scene where man was decapitated in Grenoble
The 200-meter flag of Ukraine was carried In the Odessa region
Established the identity of all those killed during the riots of may 2 in Odessa
Man decapitated at company near Grenoble, France, Islamist flag found on site
Former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov died
The national Bank finally eliminated the Bank Kyiv
11 cars from benefactors went to the ATO zone
SBU intercepted 10 trucks with products that were intended for militants
Former Russian foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov died
Ukraine has applied to participate in FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia
The SBU has stopped issuing of paper passes into the zone of ATO
First stand-car was dismantled in Kyiv
Five countries, that investigating the downing of MH17, want the international Tribunal – the diplomats
Ukraine Run: US Army's 173rd Airborne Brigade paratroopers & Ukraine's National Guard run & train together
Powerful rain flooded Voronizh
US pledges Ukraine to deliver 100 more armored Humvees in July
Crimean Tatar flag near MFA today
Jaresko in address to the nation said that will not yield to creditors
Militants in Debaltseve created assault battalion to capture strategic assets
Bryanka, Pervomaisk and Stakhanov were left without water because of the attacks.
Poroshenko congratulates with the Day of the Crimean Tatar flag
150 militants in army trucks arrived In the district of Donetsk airport – Tymchuk
Law enforcement authorities will investigate the shelling of Kharkiv minibuses as hooliganism
Blocking of route N-20 Mariupol-Donetsk because of the shelling in Berezove
Moskal: specialists of SBU hacked my site to discredit the head of the Antiterrorist center
Advisor to the President showed new rations for the Ukrainian military
Merkel stated the deterioration of implementation of Minsk agreements by militants
Almost 55 thousand soldiers of ATO received the status of combatants
Moldovan Communists' leader warns about threat of destabilization in his country
At least 1 wounded in Schastye
EU official said Greek part of discussion at EUCO took 2 hours and Tsipras was told his ministers should have proposals and mandate
Italy has supported sanctions against Russia
MP`s of State Duma proposed to extend the counter sanctions against Coca-Cola and PepsiCo
The militants have started shelling of Shchastya
Obama told Putin that Russia needs to perform #MinskAgreements and removal of all troops and equipment from Ukraine
Road accident in Odesa
Gas talks Russia-EU-Ukraine will be in Vienna on June 30
Sochi flooding aerial view
Fishermen found mysterious wreckage in the sea near Båtsfjord, Norway
Democracy on the Defensive: Freedom House releases 2015 Democracy Score Rankings
Empty shelves of electronics store in Makiivka
Azerbaijan, Georgia and Romania signed a Declaration on AGRI gas pipe
Two Azeri Soldiers Found Dead On Armenian Border
[email protected] has allowed the admission of foreign troops into Ukraine to host international operations
USA will give Ukraine 100 military vehicles HMMWV in July, - Defence Ministry Ashton Carter
Broken churches in Luhansk
Russian tanks T-72 in Donetsk
Russian tanks T-72 in Donetsk
The commander of Latvian armed forces Raimonds Graube visited Ukraine and met with Murzenko
Russian military base in Stakhanov
Eyewitnesses reported a large fire in Mytishchi, Moscow region
Eyewitnesses reported a large fire in Mytishchi, Moscow region
Russia rehearsed a military 'takeover' of Denmark
Militants have fired at Ukrainian positions 35 times during the day - press center of ATO
Defence Ministry of USA confirmed the military support of Ukraine
Consequences of storm in Luhansk
Consequences of storm in Luhansk
Storm in Luhansk
[email protected]: Britain and other allies announced that they will continue to supply non-lethal aid to Ukraine
[email protected]: NATO ready to support Ukraine in implementing reforms
Putin: We see challenges and risks right on our borders, thus, we need a strong modern army - RT
The people of Ukraine deserve our support, and we committed to our partnership with Ukraine, - Stoltenberg
More than 1300 persons are missing in the East Ukraine - PACE
PACE officially recognized the fact of Russian aggression in Ukraine
SBU reported about third bus, that was fired in Kharkiv
Police declared the plan-interception regarding the shooting in Kharkiv
Second bus was shot in Kharkiv
Fire in transport tunnel in Sochi
Mother urges Russia not to abandon soldier son captured in Ukraine, says he never quit the army
Merkel talks of going "backwards" on Greece negotiations
Activists brought a wreath with the inscription "From people to thieves" ElectricYerevan
Photos of the fired bus in Kharkiv
Unknown fired a minibus and wounded one person in Kharkiv
Owners of kiosks have burned a tow truck in Kyiv
The employment center in Kуiv has developed an employment program for veterans of the ATO
Gun shooting in Kharkiv. 1 people was wounded
Roskomnadzor has blocked access to the book "the FSB blows up Russia"
Movement of 15 trains delayed in Sochi because of rain
Results of Yerevan stormy weather
Meeting of Eurozone finance ministers has been suspended pending a response from the Greek government over the country's debt repayments
Turkish Airlines TK1 parked away and surronded by emergency vehicles
The legal status of the Mezhyhirya still undefined
Social activists passed 11 cars to the volunteer battalions
A cache of weapons and ammunition was discovered in Avdiivka
Patriarch of the Armenian Catholic Church, Nerses Bedros XIX passes away
Ukraine tells @MineBanTreaty meeting that Russia is using antipersonnel mines on territory of Ukraine through armed groups
Meeting of Poltorak and Stoltenberg
Battle betwean Ukrainian paratroopers with saboteurs of militants near Avdiivka
Battle betwean Ukrainian paratroopers with saboteurs of militants near Avdiivka
Tornado over sea in Sochi
In Berlin presented the report of Nemtsov "Putin.War" and the @AtlanticCouncil with evidence of the involvement of Russia to the war in Ukraine
Armenian PM Defends Energy Price Hike, Urges End To Protests
The court postponed the hearing of the appeal against the suspect in the murder of Buzina
Lavrov at the meeting of the Russian security Council expressed regret for the failure of "Minsk"
Russian senator asked Media watchdog to force Facebook to ban LGBT smiles
The border guards and the Red Cross were not allowed to check the 31st Russian supply convoy
Media: Minister-the fugitive of "LNR" Lapteva was taken out of Russia, held in Luhansk and tortured
SBU foiled the terrorists 'plans for the production of drone
Rocker @Courtney Love tells off French president over anti-Uber protests
Paris Taxi Drivers Are Burning Tires And Overturning Cars To Protest Uber
NATO warns of risk of return to heavy fighting in Ukraine
Ukraine's Defense Minister briefing press now at NATO Defense Ministerial
Russia has blocked
Russia always knew that US missile defense is aimed against it and China, and now it is confirmed - Patrushev
Lithuania had biggest defense spending growth in whole NATO. Similar trends in Poland and other Baltic states.
Sochi Airport
Goldman Sachs says Ukraine to default In July
Canada is ready to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons, but it will not act alone - Canadian Defence Minister
Jaresko: the IMF did not recognize the debt of Ukraine to Russia as state
SBU detained criminals who altered firearm in Mykolaev region
Only about 200 protesters at Yerevan Demo now, police have retreated.
Today the PACE will be to vote for the recognition of the aggressor, and the Crimea – occupied
Bus tickets are sold only with passports In Crimea
Border guards and soldiers has detected flight of 7 drones in he Donetsk and Luhansk regions
Riot police dismantle the tent of protesters at Moscow park
US paratroopers fire 81mm mortar in training with Ukrainian National Guard in Fearless Guardian
In the Baltic Sea - Guided-missile destroyer USS Jason Dunham departs Kiel, Germany
Performance in support of prisoners on Red Square
Yarosh revolted by parliament sacked his friend Nalyvaychenko
NATO announced the creation of Ukraine trust Fund for demining explosive devices
Photoes from place of explosion in Lviv
In Sochi are heavy rains. Almost all parts of the city flooded. Evacuation started
Artillery heard in Lysychansk
25 kilograms of explosives were found in house of 80-year-old grandmother in the Donetsk region
Donetsk. Reads something like "Will pay well for Obama's head"
Medvedev signed sanctions for EU countries
[email protected] @carlbildt w Ukrainian Amb Melnyk at @boell_stiftung @AtlanticCouncil conference in Berlin
Groisman offers to hold local elections under the old rules, but for 2 years – new elections
Zakharchenko called Yanukovych a traitor
France has ratified the Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU
The national Council will be at the door with checks on 10 TV channels
Militants threaten war if they won't be given the whole Donetsk region
Putin sent to the state Duma of the Treaty on the accession of Kyrgyzstan to the EEU
The Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak met with U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton Carter
Donetsk militants shelled a convoy of the Red cross
FT reporting that unless Greece accepts creditors' offer now (10am UK time) it's over
Bucharest Forum starting with a strong panel on the Energy Union regional dimension essensional
Polish police say they have detained a man who made a hoax call about an explosive substance on a plane at Warsaw Modlin airport
Dzhemilev wants to create a military unit from the natives of Crimea
Ukraine to get air-traffic data via NATO to help its security; new (6th) trust fund for counter-IED training. [email protected]
M7.9-flare now.Expect hamradio blackout, GPS & satellite phone issues
The court rejected the Melnychuk appeal
NATO SG @jensstoltenberg: Ukraine is making reform progress despite major challenges. “This is remarkable.”
EU offers counter-terrorism training to help east African security agencies improve cross-border investigations
Morning clash in Nazran. Killed 2 people,which are called the ISIS recruiters
The national debt of Ukraine for the month rose by $ 7 billion
Powerful solar flare has made High Frequency blackout in most of Europe. No signal reception.
SBU detained the man, who wanted to pay off the army for a thousand dollars, in Kyiv
Leaked SaudiCables allowed to trace an arms supply from Italy to the conflict in Yemen
Plane in emergency landing in Poland, police suspect explosives on board
[email protected]_Kim banning Russian state media was controversial in Ukraine because Ukraine is a democratic society
[email protected]: We see clear, irrefutable evidence of Russia command & control support of military ops in Ukraine
About 400 cars stayed at the checkpoint Volnovakha this night. Line stretched for tens of kilometers
SBU found a base of the "Islamic state" in Dnipropetrovsk
Consequences of storm in Kerch
Russia was not returned the right to vote in PACE because of the situation in Ukraine
The insurance Fund began to pay the depositors of the Bank Standart
Bomb threat at Kharkiv railway station: People evacuated
Battle near Berezove. At the moment the passage in Donetsk is closed.
Russia will show"Ukrainian neo-Nazism" in 3D in the second world war Museum in Moscow.
Zarif to fly to Vienna on Friday for Iran nuclear talks
Militants increased activity along the frontline mostly in area outside Mariupol: Shyrokyne, Berdyanske, Talakivka
The General Director of "electric networks of Armenia" went to Moscow
In Lviv car exploded near police office - one policeman wounded
Militants shelled Pisky and Opytne w/ incendiary munitions, struck Shyrokyne w/ Grad-P portable rocket launchers
Russian IFV crash in Buryatiya during drills
Russian IFV crash in Buryatiya during drills
Poroshenko aide supports the deployment of US missile defense systems in Ukraine
New Pentagon manual declares journalists can be enemy combatants
SBU prevented an attempt on the assasination of a police chief in the Luhansk region. Detained two fighters of "Tornado"
Greek Syriza official says lenders' proposals 'blackmail':
Russian forces tried to advance in Shyrokyne under Msta-B and BM-21 fire last night but were repelled
Russian forces tried to advance in Shyrokyne under Msta-B and BM-21 fire last night but were repelled
Chaos in Paris as cabs block road access to Roissy airport, city's periphery
Greece edges closer to default. Markets price default probability at almost 80%.
Russian Security forces imposed a anti-terrorist operation in part of Nazran
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