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16 กรกฎาคม 2018

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G-7 Says Google And Facebook Must Step Up Efforts Against Terror
World leaders lobby Trump on climate change at the G7 summit
While declining to say if Pres Trump apologized for US leaks of UK info, British PM May says US/UK relationship continues to be "special."
Pres. and Mrs Trump arrive for G7 Summit Dinner - greeting hosts - the Pres and PM of Italy.
Singer @ArianaGrande announces she'll return to Manchester to hold benefit concern for victims of bombing that occurred at her performance.
DNR group military spox. Basurin show seized RQ-11 Raven UAV
Soldier Armen Arutyunyan was fatally wounded in Nagorno-Karabakh
At the ancient Greek Theater in Taormina, G7 leaders and other Summit officials attending sunset concert by La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra.
PM May says Pres Trump made clear that leak of info about Manchester investigation "was unacceptable." So UK again sharing with FBI.
G7 leaders "had a very good discussion" on climate change. " doubt around the table" how important is the issue, says UK PM.
Internet companies need to take down material promoting hateful ideology "more urgently, more rapidly," says UK PM @theresa_may.
“The person who made those comments said he didn’t make those comments” about @POTUS calling Germany “very bad,” says US official.
Decision by @POTUS on ParisAgreement will be made on "what’s best for the American people," two senior US officials tell reporters.
No one at G7 was disagreeing with @POTUS today, according to Cohn.
“We’re not lowering our sanctions on Russia. If anything we would look to get tougher on Russia,” says top @POTUS economic advisor.
At G7Summit @POTUS told other leaders “he did not want to go to a world of high tariffs,” says Gary Cohn.
“Trade dominated the discussion” today at G7Summit, says @POTUS economic advisor Gary Cohn.
A “great meeting” just occurred between @POTUS and Germany Chancellor Merkel, says a US sr. admin. official.
Melania Trump visits Sicily wearing a $51,500 designer jacket
Canada Min Freeland discusses CDA's position @g7, support for Ukraine and importance of G7 to reinforce shared values & common interests #G7Taormina
Bus caught on fire at Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station in Moscow
City bus caught on fire or exploded in Moscow near Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station
In talks on G7Summit sidelines @POTUS and @theresa_may commit to a post-Brexit trade deal, says a spokesperson for the UK prime minister.
UK top counter-terrorism official says police have made "immense" progress in investigation into #ManchesterBombing.
Obama is golfing today at St. Andrews in Scotland - and he's practically skipping he's so happy
SBU held anti-terrorist exercises at the airport of Mykolaiv
Test of Vilha missile in Odesa region
Test of Vilha missile in Odesa region
Footage of Frecce Tricolori, acrobatic team, flyover at the #G7Taormina leaders
Tillerson said US condemns unauthorized release of info about Manchester investigation. But said it shouldn't impair US/UK ties.
"All across America hearts are broken,” says SecState Tillerson in London with @BorisJohnson to deliver note of condolences for Manchester.
Germany is rejecting US suggestions that bilateral deals mightnbe possible between the US and single EU members
Estonia expels general consul and consul of Russia in Narva
The G7 Leaders take group photo at the Ancient Greek Theater of Taormina. Dating back to 3rd Century BC.
Tillerson in London: ‘we will drive out the extremists, every religious leader must condemn these attacks, we will defeat ISIS'.
The G7 leaders take in the spectacular view of the Med from a hotel terrace in Taormina, on Sicily's east coast.
UK's Foreign Minister Johnson says @NATO can play important role in addressing movements in people, especially in Mediterranean
Chechen parliament even won't discuss HRW report on gays torture in Chechnya
Before their formal talks, Pres Trump and other @g7 leaders take a walk around Taormina.
UK Brighton - Royal Mail sorting office in Brighton evacuated - police swoop
[email protected] and G7 leaders watch the @FrecceTricolori, @ItalianAirForce acrobatic squadron in Taormina
French 2nd gen VBCI 32T IFVs of 3e Cie / 2eRIMa in the ex Kevadtorm in Estonia
Flyover the @g7by in Taormina. Planes streaming the colors of host country Italy. Leaders seemed impressed.
EU says Trump agrees that Brexit 'an incident, not a threat'
[email protected] joins G7 summit on climate, trade and terrorism
Secretary Tillerson is welcomed by UK Foreign Secretary @BorisJohnson at his residence in London this morning ahead of joint U.S.-UK talks.
At #G7Summit US wants "an open dialogue. It's intimate, it's a small group, so you don't know where it's going to go," says Gary Cohn.
Pres. Trump arrives for G7 talks. In tweets, says trip a success. "We made and saved the USA... billions of dollars and millions of jobs."
Ukraine airforce this year will get 60 repaired planes: Mig-29, Su-27, Su-25, Su-24 and L-39
Repair and construction of roads for me, one of the priorities. - Petro Poroshenko
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Over the previous day of hostilities, UAF incurred no combat fatalities, five servicemen were wounded and injured
ATO spox: Militants used mortars, artillery and Grad-Partizan against Avdiivka, having discharged nearly 100 rounds and shells
Col. Lysenko: Donetsk sector: at night militants opened mortar fire at Luhanske, Zaitseve and Pisky
Authorities in Belgrade have demolished an unauthorised mosque in the Zemun Polje district, despite the protests of local Muslims including the city's Mufti
HRW report: Officials of Russian Chechnya took part in torturing of gays
Controversial broadcaster Katie Hopkins has been axed from LBC after calling for the genocide of Muslims in the wake of #manchesterattack
There will "be a particular focus on the North Korea problem" at G7Summit, says @POTUS.
Russian state-controlled TV dismisses alleged FBI probe into Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner as part of a "witch hunt" against the president
Krasnohorivka was shelled with "GRAD" - Abros'kin
Top manager at big Kosmos construction company Boris Kulchitsky murdered in Moscow
Emergency workers battle fires in Siberia to prevent them from moving into residential areas
Slovak authorities move to ban far-right party
Manchester police is carrying out a search at Moss Side in connection with Manchester Arena attack
Serious damage at Hospital in Krasnohorivka after shelling
Ukrainian border guards service: Russian forces shelled Maryinka checkpoint last night. No Casualties
Krasnohorivka: damage after shelling last night at Lomonosova street
Damage in Krasnohorivka on Sadova street
No casualties, but massive property damage in Krasnohorivka as result of last night shelling
57 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 5 soldiers were wounded. Near Avdiivka MLRS GRAD was used
The footage shows her daughter being relentlessly forced down onto the sharp end of a front garden fence as other children watch on and laugh.
Damage in Krasnohorivka after shelling last night
Damage in Krasnohorivka after shelling last night
Video: President Trump has had some buzzworthy moments with other world leaders during his first foreign trip
Terror cops arrest TENTH suspect in Moss Side in Manchester bombing raid. It is the tenth person to be arrested in connection with the atrocity – in which 22-year-old terrorist Salman Abedi killed 22 people.
Westminster Bridge closed amid "critical" security fears near Parliament.
Dramatic moment bomb disposal robot smashes window of suspicious vehicle in tense video. Shoppers and residents of nearby buildings were all evacuated during the scare.
Lisa Bridgett, 45, was speaking on her phone after the Ariana Grande gig at Manchester Arena when a nail bomb detonated.
Greek police say former prime minister Lucas Papademos has been targeted in a bomb attack in central Athens, with injuries reported.
The seven-month-old girl was in the car in Country Tipperary, the Republic of Ireland as temperatures soared to 23C today.
A man caught with a knife outside Buckingham Palace told police he was there to see his mum – the Queen.
An elderly woman has been jailed for three-and-a-half years for sending a death threat to Theresa May. Isabella Jackson, 72, sent a threat by email in 2014 – when May was Home Secretary – as well as making bomb threats to Harrods, London King’s Cross Station, and Edinburgh Airport.
Trump: "Germans are bad, very bad. See the millions of cars they are selling to the US. Terrible. We will stop this"
Clashes at North-west of Horlivka
Ex-Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos injured by explosive device concealed in an envelope
AlNaba, IS' weekly propaganda newspaper is out. It includes an article on the Manchester suicide attack.
1:40am in Avdiivka, reports of artillery shelling nearby
Russian forces shelled residential area of Krasnohorivka with mortars and artillery
Massive shelling of Krasnohorivka by Russian forces. Lasting after midnight
Top Trump adviser Gary Cohn after POTUS comments on Article 5 declined to say Russia sanctions stay in place: POTUS "is looking at it."
Aerial video: 635 new Ukrainian police cars
Macron walks towards Trump then swerves to greet Merkel. Handshakes others before finally greeting Trump
Reportedly hits at Novobakmutivka
After Trump's NATO remarks WH econ adviser Gary Cohn tells AF1 pool: "Right now, we don’t have a position" on Russia sanctions.
Obama: "As the father of two daughters, I am heartbroken" by the Manchester attack
Clashes near Avdiivka reported after midnight
#G7 Taormina Sicily Trump arrives
#HellenicCoastGuard RIB chassing TCSG109 after suddenly intrusion deep inside Hellenic Territorial Waters in south coast of Oinousses
The man Trump pushes is Dusko Markovic, PM of Montenegro who recently survived a Russian plot to overthrow his
Reuters: "You were my guy,” @POTUS today told @EmmanuelMacron and denied backing @MLP_officiel, according to French official.
On leak of information about Manchester investigation, Spicer said the president is "outraged" that someone in govt would do that.
[email protected] says @NATO leaders gave unanimous support for a resolution committing to 2%GDP defense spending and combating terrorism.
Pres Trump has departed @NATO. Heading to airport for flight to G7 Summit in Sicily.
“We still have to work together to replace fear with hope,” Pres. Obama says while receiving award
“Our freedom, our quality of life in the West, remains the envy of the world,” Pres. Obama says
“The next generation embraces diversity and respect and tolerance like never before,” Pres. Obama says
Sean Spicer explains Trump's position on NATO Article 5 after speech today didn't explicitly endorse it
Obama: “In the eyes of God, a child on the other side of the border is no less worthy of love and compassion than my own child.”
US "initiated appropriate steps" to end Manchester investigation leaks, per AG Jeff Sessions, adding they "undermine our national security”
State Dept.: Sec. of State Tillerson will make his first official visit to London Friday to extend condolences for Manchester attack.
President Trump push Prime Minister Markovic of Montenegro aside at the NATO summit
1 Injured in an explosion inside a car of the former prime minister of Greece Lucas Papademos
[email protected] met with Angela Merkel and @EmmanuelMacron
Pres. Trump greets British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson at @NATO Leaders Dinner.
So this is what Merkel did today before going to meet Trump and NATO leaders in Brussels…
Britain ready to send more troops to Afghanistan: official
May raises Manchester leaks with Trump at NATO summit: official
Alliance Leaders gathering in @NATO conference room for working dinner.
[email protected] on Manchester leaks.
NATO Leaders rose as flags of members nations were slowly raised outside new alliance HQ.
"Handover" ceremony concludes with flyovers by military aircraft of @NATO nations.
Belgium hands over new NATO headquarters in Brussels in presence of heads of state and government of the Allies
Russian forces used MLRS GRAD twice today near Avdiivka. 4 Soldiers were wounded during clashes today
VIDEO: Queen Elizabeth II visited a children's hospital to spend time with victims of the Manchester attack on Thursday.
Trump moves aside a NATO leader to make his way to the front of the pack
Pres Trump and other @NATO leaders at "handover" ceremony for new @NATO HQ facilities.
For 70 years, NATO has kept nations safe and we have constantly adapted as security challenges have evolved - @jensstoltenberg
Video: @POTUS's full remarks at NATO HQ.
President of the EU Parliament Antonio Tajani spoke with Turkey's President Erdogan about the freedom of press and European values
“We will never waiver in our determination to defeat terrorism and to achieve lasting security, prosperity and peace,” Pres. Trump says
Pres. Trump on terrorism: “All people who cherish life must unite in finding, exposing and removing these killers...they are losers.”
Trump says NATO must do more on terror, immigration and Russia
Trump at NATO does not specifically say the United States is committed to Article V, focuses on lack of spending by NATO allies.
Trump talks again and again of NATO funding: 2% is the bare minimum for confronting today's threats.
Trump says members of NATO must contribute their fair share, owe 'massive amounts of money' to U.S. tax payers
US President Donald Trump at new @NATO HQ in Brussels: "We must wipe them [militants] out and never ever let them back in."
Trump, at NATO, calls Manchester attack 'savage' and asks NATO leaders for minute of silence
Trump slams alleged US intel leaks as 'deeply troubling'
Trump: "Prime Minister May, all nations here today grieve with you and stand with you." Calls for moment of silence. #manchester
NATO is good for Europe and N.America. The 9/11 & Article 5 Memorial will be a daily reminder of our bond - @jensstoltenberg
German chancellor Merkel @NATO HQ: "Our alliance is united in the trust that it is not walls that make us successful but open societies"
“For the first and only time, NATO invoked our collective defence clause, Article 5” after 9/11 attacks - @jensstoltenberg
After the 9/11 attacks we saw NATO’s greatest strength: the enduring bond between N. America and Europe - @jensstoltenberg
US President Trump says in Brussels: "There is no relationship we cherish more than the special relationship between US and UK"
Trump: Administration will "get to the bottom" of leaks problem; orders review and possible prosecution
Those who enter this building will pass this memorial and understand that freedom will never be defeated - @jensstoltenberg
The Berlin Wall was built to keep people in and ideas out. In the face of division NATO Allies stood united - @jensstoltenberg
NATO meeting today is “opportunity to chart our shared future and to remember our shared past” - @jensstoltenberg
Protest of drivers of cars without Ukrainian registration near Verkhovna Rada
EU raises human rights in talks with Turkey's Erdogan: Tusk
Trump arrives for first NATO summit in Brussels
Official of General Prosecutor office was detained in Kyiv in bribe case
Libya says working 'closely' with Britain over Manchester attack
"I am not 100% sure that we have a common opinion about Russia" - EU Council President Tusk after meeting with Trump
The anatomy of the flypast for #NATOmeeting
British Transport Police to deploy armed police to trains nationwide for first time in history, in response to Manchester bombing
[email protected] met earlier today with European Council President Tusk. Two reportedly in agreement regarding support for Ukraine
German chancellor Angela Merkel threatens Turkish President Erdogan to withdraw German soldiers from the Turkish airbase in Incirlik
UK PM @theresa_may arrives at NATO meeting
Angela Merkel stressed upon arrival that NATO formally joining anti-ISIL coalition does not mean Germany will increase military commitment
“The Slavic alphabet and literature came to us from Macedonian soil”, Putin told Ivanov during the FYROM President’s visit to Moscow.
Clashes this morning in Los Cortijos sector of Barcelona
German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives at the NATOmeeting in Brussels
British Transport Police says; Armed police are patrolling on board trains in Britain for first time after Manchester terror attack.
Sect'y Gen. @JensStoltenberg: NATO has "to be able to increase defense spending when tensions are going up. And tensions are going up."
Lankford: "The British have already engaged to be able to do intelligence sharing with us" on Manchester attack
Trump was asked twice today whether the British could trust America with intelligence. He didn't respond
British investigators now think Manchester bomber built the bomb himself.
New photo of Russian 'Orion' UAV Assumed maximum duration of its flight +24 hours, maximum altitude of about 8,000 meters.
Russian Ministry of Defense launched new satellite
Meeting with the French President, @POTUS highlighted fight against terrorism as main topic. Macron: climate and economy also on the agenda
At NATO meeting, @JustinTrudeau says canada is "proud member" of Five Eyes intel sharing and both contributes and benefits from it
[email protected] and French President Emmanuel Macron joined hands in a firm grip as they posed for pictures at the U.S. embassy, Brussels.
Barricades are burning this morning in Barcelona, Anzoategui, Venezuela
“We have to push back against those trends that would violate human rights or...suppress democracy,” Pres. Obama said at event in Germany
Security officials say since 2013, 18 plots have been thwarted - including five since the Westminster attack in March.
President Erdoğan and newly elected French President Macron hold meeting ahead of NATO summit in Brussels
Anti-corruption journalist Dmitry Popkov was shot dead yesterday in Miusinsk, Russia
In Moscow FSB detained 4 suspected ISIS terrorists, who were plotting an attack
635 Mitsubishi Outlander for Ukrainian police were handed over today
All clear given by Army special bomb disposal units after a suspected package was found in Hulme, cordon being removed
LNR group extradited to Russia 2 suspects in mass fighting at cemetery in Moscow
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Over the previous day, UAF incurred no combat fatalities, 2 troops were wounded
Hug: UAV spots 11 multiple launch rocket systems in so-called “LPR”-contr Novopavlovsk, close to residential areas - in violation
Hug: UAV spotted main battle tank close to civilian housing in govt-contr Vodiane, in violation of withdrawal lines
ATO spox: Invaders opened fire at residential areas of Avdiivka. Enemy missiles damaged several private houses
OSCE’s Hug: In 2017 SMM confirmed 219 civcas: 44 killed and 175 injured which represents 110% increase compared with same period in 2016
Hug: 8–14 May, SMM noted 75% increase in levels of violence with 815 explosions: 434 from MLRS, 304 from other artillery and 77 from mortar
No EU common position on Russia with @POTUS, says @donaldtusk
OSCE’s Hug: 15-21 May, SMM recorded 144 explosions - 40% decrease in number of ceasefire violations compared to week before
Bomb disposal unit arrived, helicopter in the air, special forces patroling streets. A suspicious package reportedly found.
Police in Manchester also surround a high-rise residential building in Hulme, Manchester
Manchester Police say the army is on its way to a college in Trafford area, responding to an incident
Police at the cordon on Chevassut Street in Hulme. The size of the cordon is being increased all the time
Amid US budget talks to cut funding for health care, Obama says in Berlin he is "very proud" to have given 20 m Americans health care
Greater Manchester police are currently conducting an anti terror rai in Hulme, huge police presence including helicopter above.
Police blocking off access to Chorlton Rd. Armed police. GMP say they are responding to a call at a college in Trafford Manchester
The moment @barackobama and Merkel take the stage in Berlin. Ahead of dekt17 event they sent a message to the people of Manchester
[email protected] arrives for #NATOmeeting in Brussels today
Helicopters, cameramen, policemen, protester in EU Quarter as 1st meeting between @donaldtusk, @JunckerEU, @realDonaldTrump held
Talking in Berlin at Germany's Kirchentag, former US President Obama defends his signature healthcare
Gold, works of art, tons of cash seized from Kyiv tax service ex-Chief Nyzenko, - Interior Minister Avakov
Crowds are coming to Merkel - Obama podium discussion event in Berlin
Trump arrives at European Union headquarters for NATO meeting
People in Berlin gather at the Brandenburg Gate where @BarackObama and Merkel will speak soon! 80.000 people are expected
UK has spoken with Deputy U.S. Ambassador over "arrogant" leaks on Manchester bombing, plans to speak with Trump: BBC
Sir Ian Blair former head of the MET says; Intelligence leaks from US nothing to do with Trump as same thing happened after 7/7
Theresa May to urge Nato to formally join fight against ISIL
Trump meets EU's Tusk, Juncker in Brussels
[email protected] and @eucopresident shake hands. "Good morning," @POTUS says "Good morning" Now walking red carpet around Europa bldg's egg
New cars for National Police of Ukraine
In Leningrad region explosion at oil depot - 2 people died
NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg: "Our largest military operation ever direct response to 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States"
German intelligence services say Manchester arena bomber Salman Abedi was in Düsseldorf, Germany four days before the attack
British PM will raise the US intelligence leaks from the Manchester attack with U.S President Trump at NATO summit in Brussels today
Greater Manchester Police have stopped passing info on the bomb investigation to US after leaks to by US authorities to US media
Russia sends 65th supply convoy to Ukraine
#ManchesterAttack Salman Abedi was in Dusseldorf four days before attack, German intelligence says
Ukraine's @minfrastucture says reports trains will be stopped from Russia are false though he thinks move reasonable
NATO chief says alliance leaders to meet in next few hours. 2 main themes: NATO’s role in fight vs terrorism and burden sharing
NATO chief says Afghans have shown proficiency and bravery in how they handle the security situation
Stoltenberg says expanding support to Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS (Daesh) does not mean NATO will engage in combat
Stoltenberg says will agree to create terrorism intelligence cell at NATO to improve intel sharing, inc on foreign fighters
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg addresses press conference ahead of ministers of state meeting in Brussels
Father of ManchesterArena bomber who killed 22 people says he did not "expect" it during an interview with @Reuters, condemns the attack.
Today #NATOmeeting will adopt action plan to enhance NATO’s contribution to fight vs terrorism - @jensstoltenberg
The BBC has learnt that police have stopped passing on information about Manchester bombing to the US following leaks.
Two new arrests in Manchester bombing probe, woman released: police
50 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers were wounded
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