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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Jihadists claim kidnap of Swiss woman in Mali: Mauritania news agency
AQIM video shows abducted Swiss national missionary Beatrice Stockly and a list of demands for her release.
1 Ukrainian soldier wounded in battle in Mariinka
[email protected] requested Budapest accord signatories consultation to review the meaning Itm.2 and RU denials
Convoy of Russian military vehicles on the move in Luhansk region
Convoy of Russian military vehicles on the move in Luhansk region
Russian lawmaker blames the United States for the flu epidemic in Russia
"Vasilyevsky Spusk" is closed in Moscow
Calm now in Pisky: no artillery shelling or tank shelling
Red Square is closed again
Outgoing howitzers shelling reported in center of Donetsk, Makiivka
It's fakeThere was at least 2 reports of Putin serious illness in 2015, both false. No futher info for few time - likely fake
Russian reporter reporting on "inside info" on Putin's heart attack
Militants preparing mortars for fire earlier today near Horlivka
#Pisky tonight. Shooting, explosions
Pisky tonight. Shooting, explosions
Explosions heard in Makiivka from airport direction
Maryinka. Shooting. Small arms
UK continues to be deeply concerned by #Russian blatant targeting of Opposition not #Daesh in #Syria -this must stop
Russian TU-95MS Bear H bombers circumnavigated Japan, Jan 26
Dacian Cioloș, #Romania PM: #Moldova will receive funds only after Government starts real reforms
In Minsk ended talks of contact group on Ukraine
#Maryinka. Machine guns, occasionally volleys.
Syrian children 'protest' against Iranian intervention as President Rouhani visits
Unknown location
Militants vehicles now in winter camo
Booms heard in Proletarsky district of Donetsk
Militants hide the banned arms in Ternove - says OSCE.
Lavrov: No Budapest memo violation, as Russia poses no nuke threat to Ukraine
Alexander and Erofeev could be transfered to Russia to serve their sentences – Matios
Explosion near Aftonbladet shopping mall in #Stockholm, #Sweden: No one was injured
Police in have cordoned off street near the Mood shopping mall in #Stockholm #Sweden after an explosion, no injuries reported
#Donetsk. Intense battle in the north of the city
#Horlivka. Since over 1hour battle in Zaytsevo area, recently joined Hluboka. Powerful volleys, heavy shooting.
In Moscow girl was shot dead on the street
Tank attack launched upon positions of ATO forces in Pisky – Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk
Flights cancelled as French "Black Tuesday" protests turn violent
Britain First declares Britain is heading towards 'civil war' with UK Muslims
Police in #Cologne #Germany are hunting a middle eastern man who purchased chemical liquid substance also used for bomb making
Russian Twitter account reportedly behind Bomb threats that force pupils at 14 schools to be evacuated
Rally blocked Administration of President of Ukraine
Danish Parliament has passed a law that includes confiscating refugees' valuables and delaying family reunification to three years
Russia could sue UK Government over Litvinenko report claiming Putin 'probably' knew about murder of spy
Red square is on lockdown. Everyone evacuated
Swine flu death toll hit 50 in Russian Federation
Kasyanov complained in Brussels on Kadyrov and promised to reverse the situation in Russian
11 died in Kyiv cause of swine flu in last week
Strelkov and Limonov start union of national-patriotic forces
5,000 protesters march office of #Croatia media authority over three-day ban on TV station for anti-Serb hate speech
3 killed by swine flu in Tambov region
#Donetsk - From the airport began a full fledged battle with small arms and mortars firing without stopping.
Paratroopers in the ATO is improving the fighting skills despite bad weather
Bosnian Army Commander Naser Oric Goes on Trial
#Chammal - New raid against Daech this night to Mosul in Iraq
The Council of Europe will provide the dialogue of presidents of Ukraine and Russia without intermediaries
EU passports holders who visited Iran, Iraq, Sudan or Syria in the last 5 years can no longer enter the US without a visa
#Serbian #journalists use cartoon to make point at protest against Defence Minister #Gasic
#Bosnia said it received the 58-year-old who had been held by the #US for 13 years without prosecution or conviction
Russian Prosecutors have refused to investigate the death of 159 Russian military
Crowd stormed Raiffeisen bank office in Moscow
Russia stands behind the protests in #Montenegro - Prime Minister
Head of pres. admin. Ivanov called "nonsense" statements by officials of the Ministry of Finance of the USA about Putin
Ukrainians at parade in Melbourne at #AustraliaDay
#BombThreats: 6 schools in #Paris and 14 schools in the UK were evecuated today due to bomb threats phone calls
Litvinenko case will 'further complicate' bilateral relations with UK - Lavrov
Zakharchenko threatens to ban UN assessment mission from #Donbas if resorts to peacekeeping
Nude statues at Rome's Capitoline museum covered up for Rouhani's meeting w Italian PM #Iran
Kharkiv schools closing for flu quarantine
Police in #England are investigating after bomb threat calls were made to 14 schools in London, the West Midlands and Cornwall.
In Warsaw, ultra-conservatives holding debate entitled "Is #Poland threatened by 'coloured revolution'?"
"Rain" has learned that the presidential Administration is dissatisfied with the leadership of Chechnya after the rally in Grozny
Hardcore #Russia|n #nationalists established a committee in #Moscow aimed at annexing #Ukraine and #Belarus
5 migrants killed, 16 missing in Aegean
Five high schools in Paris evacuated after bomb threat
Patrushev: US by all means seek to weaken Russia
Head of Russian security council Patrushev: Distancing from Russia Kyiv destroys Ukraine and economics
Patrushev: Russia is not a superpower
Lavrov: Russia is not going to discuss the return of Crimea to Ukraine
Another day of anti-gov protests in Podgorica
Mitrokhin, Former Yabloko Leader Detained at Presidential Administration for Kadyrov Protest
Barricades, tear gas and arrests as French cab drivers on strike against Uber. 20 arrested at Orly airport
#RuAF Il-76 RA-78784 returns from Syria (judging by the flight time), used new Russian airbase (callsign Topol)
1 militant killed in Dagestan in anti-terror raid
Ministry: 83 killed by flu in Ukraine
Female Worker Fatally Stabbed at Swedish Asylum Center #sweden
Nude statues covered at Rome Capitoline museum for visit of #iran's Rouhani
Putin holds meeting on fighting corruption
Taxi drivers clashes with police
Fabricated Russian propaganda story about "rape victim" upgraded to official Kremlin-endorsed lie against Germany.
Russian General staff stated that open information war against Russia ongoing
1 dead, 1 seriously injured following a landslide at an underground nuclear waste management laboratory in Bure, France
SYRIA: Russia says that they have not offered Syrian President Assad assylum
Groysman signed the law on elections of the mayor of Krivoy Rog
Heavy police presence today in Podgorica, Montenegro amid protests
Taxi drivers stand by their cars during a demo against the #VTC,at #Maillot in #Paris
Magnitsky case is not over – Lavrov
ATO spox: Near Mariupol, UA police confiscated a rocket launcher and more than 1000 ammo from a car heading to Kherson
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Near Kramatorsk, UA police found cache with antipersonnel mines, TNT, and ammo
Flu epidemic declared in St.Petersburg and Moscow. 2-5 times more ill than previous years
ATO spokesperson: Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties; 1 UA serviceman was wounded near Pisky
ATO spox: Enemy fired with tanks at UA positions near Pisky
Moldova PM Philip: the Government will face street protests
In Moscow officially declared a flu epidemic
#strike Taxi drivers block the traffic during a demonstration against the VTC in #Paris
In Volyn region SBU detained smuggler with 1 kg of meth
Lavrov says there is information that IS militants are using Georgia's Pankisi Gorge for training
#SkySoldiers from 173rd Bde. Spt. Bn. conduct sling load operations during Ex. #AlliedSpirit IV Hohenfels, Germany
Taxi drivers building barricades to block the traffic in Maillot in protests against Uber
Lavrov: we are not asking Europe to remove the sanctions, partners begging us to implement Minsk-2
It's propaganda
Lavrov: Yanukovych not used the army against its own people,but Poroshenko sent troops to those who protesting non-violent
Russia blocked the biggest torrent tracker in the country. Now users are desperately looking for ways to access it
Lavrov: Russia ready to help Ukraine in the return of the national consent
Policy of restraining Russia continues, though high time to drop it - #Lavrov
Informnapalm activists geolocated ammunition warehouses and prohibited self-propelled artillery 122mms 2S1 Gvozdika 10km to Mariinka
The drivers of #taxis blocks Place de la Porte Maillot,Paris
It's propaganda
"The transfer of Donbass to Ukraine - Lenin's mistake" - Putin
Justin Trudeau on why we shouldn't be afraid of the word "feminist"
Weather service in Dnipropetrovsk region recommend not to get outdoor cause of cold
The signing of the renewal Agreement between the U.S. Department of defense and the Ministry of defense of Ukraine
#Nantes: 100s in solidarity and in protest of expulsion of last occupants of #ZAD - ok'd by judge today. #NDDL #France
Ukrainian-Lithuanian-Polish brigade to be ready by Jan 2017 - Polish DefMin
Belarus activist @1863x reportedly detained by Russian security services. Last known location - Kyiv.
Russian Kamaz truck in winter camo in Luhansk region
#bbcpanorama: The US Treasury said that the Russian President has been amassing secret wealth #putin
BBCPanorama: The scale of corruption in Russia is estimated to be in the region of $30 billion - this is 10-12% of GDP
BBCPanorama: The US Treasury has told us that the Russian president is corrupt and that the US govt has known this for many years
Police of #Moldova to punish protesters who blocked Chișinău streets on Sunday
Man who caused the evacuation of Rome main train station was arrested at the station in #Anagni, southeast of #Rome with a toy gun.
#Donetk now. There is some shooting ongoing in the airport - #Pisky - #Optyne area.
Maj Gen. Lengyel and @GeoffPyatt visit special operations Forces Training at Khmelnytskyi
In the Rostov region already eight people have died from swine flu
Moody's says #Poland’s banks threatened by new tax, as lenders warn CHF conversion a "recipe for recession"
Italy: terror threat has forced the evacuation of the main train station in Rome.
Ukraine's Top Negotiator Now Believes POWs Held By Russian-Backed Fighters Have Been Killed
H1N1 ‘swine flu’ cases confirmed at Wirral’s Arrowe Park Hospital
In Kyiv red line of metro not working due to technical issue
Foreign investors are abandoning Russian stocks
Red line of Kyiv metro stopped
Today's clearance of plastic AT mines in Hadrut region, #Karabakh; productivity increases as the ground gets softer
In Kazan gunpowder plant is on fire
Czechs to send guns, ammunition to Iraq and Jordan to fight Islamic State
#Kosovo: @IsaMustafaRKS has changed his mind.Expected to be in #Brussels for Pristina-Belgrade dialogue on 27. Still no official confirmation
In Dagestan, in the village of Andi is fighting between security forces and militants
On burying Lenin, Putin says he's against anything that would divide society
Passenger bus capsized near Kharkiv
A hundred farmers protesting in #Quimperlé
#Russian aircraft carried out 169 sorties over last three days, hit 484 targets in #Syria
A well-known journalist Larisa Kaftan was brutally beaten in Moscow
Unknown location
Russian Mig-31 crashed in Krasnoyarsk region
Medvedev gave the government one week for anti-crisis plan
Russian Navy BSF Ropucha class LST Novocherkassk transits southbound Bosphorus en route to #Tartus #Syria
Victim of border attack a Pakistani national, police say
Putin: Russia is not going to interfere in Syria governance
EUROPOL: "no concrete evidence that terrorist travellers systematically use the flow of #refugees to enter Europe"
Dagestan Imam is sentenced for appeals to terror
Slovakia's Foreign minister: "If Schengen collapses, repercussions for Western Balkans."
Putin to attend All Russia People's Forum
Russian Navy BlackSea Aux. Fleet's Dvinitsa50 Bosphorus crossed southbound. Escorted by TCSG 25
Protest near Montenegro parliament
Bill Browder About to testify at @coe with @ZhannaNemtsova calling for international investigation into murder of Boris Nemtsov
#Serbia to host #Russian airborne forces for joint #military exercise this year
[email protected] says #ISIS planning 'large scale' attacks focused on Europe
Intelligence: Six combat vehicles, about 300 tons of ammunition and 70 militants entered #Ukraine
One refugee died and two others got injured after clashes at #Eidomeni border today
Cameron’s spokeswoman describes IS video as ‘propaganda’, says clear that IS in decline and in retreat
In #Lublin Ministers of Defence from Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine inaugurated start of joint LITPOLUKRBRIG Brigade
Col. Lysenko: LITPOLUKRBRIG opened HQ in Lublin: this is a decisive step towards mil cooperation between UA, PL, LT
ATO spokesperson: CIMIC officers safeguard restoration of gas supply in the direction of “Maryinka – Krasnohorivka”
Col. Andriy Lysenko: SBU detained militants` supporter – Dnipropetrovsk resident promoting hostile propaganda on social media
ATO spokesperson: 3 flights of enemy UAVs were recorded yesterday in the Mariupol sector
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties; no single UA serviceman was wounded
Anti-migrants rally in Wetzlar, Germany
Anti-migrants rally in Wetzlar, Germany
#France hopes to see #Russia sanctions lifted 'this summer' - French economy minister
Another snow storm is expected in Kyiv. Possible traffic shutdown
Militants attacked Ukrainian positions in Mariinka with RPGs and anti-air gun
Militants attacked Ukrainian positions in Mariinka with RPGs and anti-air gun
Russia bans imports of some agricultural products from Armenia, mainly dairy and meat, over swine flu
29 violations of ceasefire yesterday
10 bodies of Syrian Refugees found frozen inside a Truck while trying to cross France-Germany border yesterday
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