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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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French train attack suspect charged, in custody: judicial source
LNR concerned about the volatility in global stock markets and abandon the ruble in favor of the Hryvnia, US dollar and Euro
At the UN General Assembly veto power of Russia can be limited - Klimkin
In Berlin at the Embassy of the Russian Federation
Large convoy on the move in Malogvardeysk: 62 vehicles, of them: 30 BMPs, rest is Ural trucks, perhaps some Grads, 10 BTRs
Military convoy with artillery in Rostov-on-don
Military convoy with artillery in Rostov-on-don
Mayor of Kyiv Klitchko in Kyiv metro
Russian forces in Komsomolske garrison
MTS and Ukrtelecom connection down in Kirovsk
Massive movement of military vehicles in Donetsk
Russia conducts large ICBM drill in Western, Central districts. 10 missile regiments involved
North of Donetsk outgoing artillery
Avdiivka Incoming shelling, in city center
Picket in Nizhny Novgorod in support of Ukrainian hostages
Battle in Krasnohorivka
In Kerch for a photo with Ukrainian flag three Crimeans were convicted
The OSCE has recorded 120 civilian truck that transported the coal to the Russian Federation
Russian jet fly all the day on Ukrainian border
In Krasnodon no mobile communication
Russian troops prepare offensive in Ukraine, Turchynov says
French MoD will discuss the possibility of delivering to Malaysia the two Mistral-class ships initially built for Russia
Ten brand new and covered GRADs hauled by trucks moving towards Donetsk / Makeevka
Krasnohorivka after shelling
Russian Central Bank has advised banks to test exchange 100-120 rubles per dollar
Statement of @amnesty on Ukraine's activists Sentsov & Kolchenko sentenced in Russia today
US condemns today’s Russian military court sentencing of Oleh Sentsov, Oleksandr Kolchenko on groundless allegations.
Shell in Krasnohorivka
NSDC Claims Russian Troops Have Set Up Pontoon Bridges On Seversky Donets River
[email protected]: Sentsov and Savchenko are held hostage and must be released
Kyiv and Warsaw will consider the possibility of accession of Poland to "Normand four"
Russian arms exporter signs contract supply of 5 Tor-M2K missile systems to Belarus
Richard Vijgen created an app 'Architecture of Radiolets' that search WiFi signals pulsing around you
Belgian police raid two properties over France train attack
Ukraine's Ambassador to UN: protest of Sentsov and Kolchenko to be conveyed to the UN
RF Prosecutor General PR Markin: SBU will turn to FBI to extradite Google founder Sergey Brin to Ukraine
Four Britons among six dead in Canada plane crash
[email protected]: Strongly condemn judicial farce in Russia, which ended today with a prison sentence for Sentsov and Kolchenko. Disgraceful decision.
Celebration in Alushta
Arson suspected in fire at planned refugee shelter in Germany
Rally near Russian Embassy in Kyiv
Middle East conflict and Greek economic crisis led to improved Air Quality: study
At Russia's top air show, BUKs are on display for sale
Sentsov and Kolchenko sing the anthem of Ukraine in answer to the question "judges" whether the sentence is clear
Oleksandr Kolchenko gets 10 years in colony.
Commander of Odesa police major Bohdan Fedun
Rostov's "court": Crimean director Oleg Sentsov found guilty in many terror charges, punished for 20 years in colony
New police of Ukraine in Odessa
France offers to host international meeting on Boko Haram
At least 800 Islamist extremists are ready to launch attacks in Europe
Spanish woman crash lands plane after pilot lost consciousness
Near the Rogan overturned bus: six wounded
Hungary wants more European Union funds to cope with the worst refugee crisis
ATO spox: info on Ukr air border violated by Rus aviation is not confirmed for now, presser
Two Ukrainian servicemen killed, 9 wounded over last 24 hours
Military aircrafts of National guard of Ukraine
Greece's radical left Syriza party can win re-election with an outright majority without support from mainstream forces
Spain, Morocco arrest 14 accused of recruiting for ISIS
African refugees protest work authorisation in Italy
Germany exports to Russia drop 31% to €10.5 billion in first half of 2015, down €4.7 billion
European shares rise to claw back some ground after sell-off
Mariupol volunteer Halyna Odnoroh: 2 KIA, 5 WIA in overnight militant shelling of Sopyne, blockposts of Ukr marines
Ukrainian positions near Talakivka were shelled from two directions. 1-KIA, 1 WIA
MiG Project 1.44 MFI at MAKS-2015 static display
Multiple reports of aviation over Luhansk, Alchevsk, seen from Schastye
The General staff: air defense units did not record aircraft over Luhansk
Wikipedia has received notification of the deletion of article "Charas" from the registry of banned websites
Estonia wants to build wall on border with Russia
Ulyukayev: Russia's economy "at the bottom"
US Air Force sending F-22 fighters to Europe
Rally during Merkel-Poroshenko meeting
[email protected]:"We firmly reject Russia's efforts 2 point to Ukraine as the aggressor;no indication intends to conduct offensive operations
Demo in St.Petersburg to congratulate Ukraine with Independence Day
Truck with soldiers overturned in Kazan', Russia
Truck with soldiers overturned in Kazan', Russia
SAM 9K35 Strela-10 at Rozdol'ne
Fake elections at the occupied territories represent a serious threat to the Minsk process – Poroshenko
One more supply convoy heading to Ukraine
One more supply convoy heading to Ukraine
Odesa celebrates the Independence day
The USA denied a visa to head of Russian Senate Matvienko
Thousands of migrants cross into Serbia on foot on their journey to western Europe
Activists in Rostov staged a picket for the Day of Indepence of Ukraine
International Tribunal: the Russian authorities violated the law of the sea, capturing the Arctic Sunrise
Merkel makes clear why Putin wasn't invited to Hollande, Poroshenko summit: as long as Minsk accord is shambles, phoning him is enough
The collapse of the ruble stopped the sale of package tours abroad
Independence day march in Kharkiv
"We came here to implement Minsk agreement," Merkel says at meeting with Hollande, Poroshenko.
Merkel: during the trilateral meeting in Berlin had a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin
On the main gas pipeline from Moscow to Stavropol in the Luhansk region there was an explosion
Patriarch Kirill has condemned the pursuit of wealth
Mariupol. Freedom Square. A festive concert.
40+ residents at the meeting of Ilya Yashin in Kostroma
In Simferopol Ukrainian activists were released after a two-hour detention
Syrian refugees from Kobani pose for a "selfie" after arriving on Lesbos
Poroshenko began talks with Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande
BlackMonday: London's FTSE closes down 4.67%, loses over £60bn
Kharkiv now the prayer for Ukraine
Preparations for JTEC is almost finished.To be opened by @NATO's @jensstoltenberg on August 27 in Krtsanisi,Georgia
US Army soldiers participate in wreath-laying ceremony for Ukrainian Independence Day in L'viv, Ukraine.
Lavrov: When Poroshenko said that the Russians are not brothers, is that what friends do?
Lavrov: When Poroshenko said that the Russians are not brothers, is that what friends do?
Lavrov: Our Western partners trampled the principles of the Helsinki Final Act when they bombed Yugoslavia in 1999
Ukraine is getting closer to debt restructuring deal. Rumor: 20% haircut
SecDef Carter: Russia's behavior "is an unwelcome strategic development. We are making a new playbook for NATO"
Seleznev said this is clear indication of a deliberate upcoming "friendly fire" provocation to blame
Russia informed Ukraine through the JCCC that Ukraine will attack Frunze with MLRS Grad soon.nUkr.: "All 50 km away."
Petersburg buying foreign currency. The queue is growing
Moscow accuses Kyiv of purposefully building up heavy weapons at contact line
Russian Media Watchdog Roskomnadzor ordered to block Wikipedia
Russian Foreign Minister Accuses Netherlands of Concealing Facts About MH17
US Army Soldiers conduct new equipment training w/Polish forces during SwiftResponse
Nazis warning each other for housesearches & to delete proof ZeltstaDD Freital & Heidenau data on PC & smartphones
Krasnodon - Ukraine Sending SMS "Independence Day of Ukraine!"
[email protected]: Today we mark the 24th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. Canada stand with Ukraine against Putin regime's aggression
Conscription reintroduced in Lithuania. Volunteers make up almost all conscripts this year
Sergey Lavrov said that Poroshenko's statement about Russian invasion are "unscrupulous and unfounded"
FBK accused Peskov of taking bribes in the form of renting a yacht for honeymoon for 26 million
Militants showed "captured" Knight XV, perhaps Yanukovych ones, captured by Right sector previously
In Makiivka burnt police station
Monument to Putin in Zaporizhia
Police operation ongoing in Paris Rue de Charonne, the street has been closed. Anti-Gang unit (BRI) on site
The oppositionist Leonid Volkov s was charged with the obstruction of the activities of journalists of TV channel LifeNews
Independence day in Slovyansk
Lavrov: Russia, China against imposing will over sovereign states, attempts to rewrite history
Basurin daily presser: Kyiv celebrates Independence Day with Bloodshed, Genocide & Nazi Tyranny
Police detained the man with the grenade launcher in Moscow metro
Sergey Lavrov: the Age of Western dominance is over website was blocked at Occupied Donbas by several internet providers
€230bn has been wiped off the value of Europe’s 300 largest companies this morning
In the occupied Donetsk staged a rally against the independence of Ukraine
Volodarske, Mariupol area -Blast of unknown object childred found, 1 4yo dead, 3 8-10yo wounded
Europe's FTSE EuroFirst 300 set for worst month since 2008, down 12 pct in August
Oil currencies hit by Brent drop below $45 -- ruble of Russia approaching all-time low
France Train Shooter Ayoub el-Khazani Past Travel
US Army Paratroopers observe the raising of Ukraine’s national flag during a ceremony in Lviv
Alexei Ulyukayev did not exclude the fall in oil prices below $40
1 US Dollar equals 71.00 Russian Ruble
Poroshenko: We are for peace, but we are not pacifists. We will increase the power of the army and increase contract component of the army.
France train shooting : Hollande presents 4 men with Legion d'honneur medal for Thalys
Steinmeier at AmbConf15: Still very far away from a real solution in eastern Ukraine
Parade in Kyiv
Flag day in Kharkiv - Korotych airfield
Already the dollar cost over 70 rubles, jumped up as soon as the currency exchange in Moscow opened.
In Dagestan, killed the leader of the "Makhachkala group"
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