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18 สิงหาคม 2018

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U.S. approves $3.2 billion sale of Boeing P-8A patrol planes to UK
Outrage in France after video shows police beating teen protester
It’s difficult for Ukraine to implement its part of ceasefire, when Russia isn’t doing enough either – @vBeckerath
Brussels attacker Brahim El Bakraoui was on U.S. counterterrorism watch list before Paris attacks: sources
General Prosecutors office open investigation of anticorruption NGO @ANTAC_ua
SBU detained Russian citizen at Fly Dubai Dubai-Kyiv after bomb threat
SBU detained Russian citizen at Fly Dubai Dubai-Kyiv after bomb threat
Donetsk. Fighting intensified at Pisky, small arms and heavy.
Soldier of 81 air-borne brigade was killed in Avdiivka Industrial zone
Russian gunmen in Yasinuvata
Now Wilayat Al-Khayr media office followed with a video re the Brussels Attacks
U.S. Officials Confirm 2 Americans Were Killed In The Brussels Terror Attacks
ISIS featured group of fighter praising BrusselsAttacks: Abu Abdullah al-Baljiki, Abu Mujahid a-Baljiki
Russia says intl tribunal creates myth Serbs solely to blame for war crimes in former Yugoslavia
NSDC approved Savchenko-Sentsov sanctions list
Military presence at Rue de la Loi, Brussels, Belgium
At least 9 foreigners among the dead in Brussels attacks, including a Belgian-French diplomat named André Adam - Belga
Paris suspect refuses to talk since Brussels attacks
ISIS cell org chart
IS releases its first official video celebrating the #BrusselsAttacks, presented as retaliation for killing Muslims
Amnesty International found Russian Vice-PM Rogozin flat worth $7M
Twelve Portuguese killed in French minibus crash
French soldiers deployed in Niger against terrorist groups and smugglers
Schaerbeek suspect had a girl with him, taken away by police, witnesses say, unclear yet why he was a target
Turkey president Erdogan now says bombs will explode in Russia because it allowed PYD to open an office there.
Russia says U.S. agrees not to discuss Assad's future for now
Police evacuating Brussels's the Arts-Loi metro station
Poroshenko asks the Council of Europe to send mission to Russia to monitor Ukrainian prisoners
Some refugees agree to leave Idomeni to govt run camps;others refuse and say "we will die here or open the border"
Prosecutors: 3 arrested in Brussels police raid are linked to a Frenchman plotting new attack
Kryviy Rig is preparing for elections of the mayor on March 27
Massive march in "Day of Freedom" in Belarus
March of "Day of Freedom" in Minsk
"Day of Freedom" in Belarus
Moment police “neutralize” suspect in Brussels raid earlier
Belgian CT aiming with a G3K at close range, maybe intel indicates terrorists have body armor
Unconfirmed - Suspect could be Mohamed Abrini.
Anarchists at March in Minsk "Death to Empires, Freedom to nations"
Belgium Suspect linked to BrusselsAttacks was shot in the leg earlier in Schaerbeek. ROV inspected him.
British militant arrested in Ankara linked to Isil, according to Turkish media
The first bus is being filled at Idomeni. It seems people are headed to a different camp.
Three people arrested, two suspicious package found in a hotel in Dinant, Belgium
Police operation in Schaerbeek, Belgium
Closer video of person being searched by bomb robot in #Schaerbeek raid
Security force found explosion at railway road in Donetsk region
SBU detained citizen of Russian Federation for bomb threat at Kyiv-Dubai flight
Brussels anti-terror raid linked to foiled French attack: police source
Police anti-terror op in Brussels district of Schaerbeek
Brussels: One person shot at a bus stop, police ordered to remove jacket, now demining robot at scene
At least one suspect was killed during major police raids in Brussels
Macedonia: 6 sentenced for joining IS, recruiting fighters
2 explosions, 1 arrest during new police raid in Brussels. Anti-explosive brigade on site
Man has been "neutralised" during a police search of a house in Brussels borough of Schaerbeek, local media reports
Good Morning Britain taken off air this morning after fire breaks out at ITV Studios
Explosion heard during police operation in Brussels borough of Schaerbeek
New police operation underway in Schaerbeek, explosion and gunfire heard
D. Sakvarelidze: I stand up for my investigators, Shokin – for his “diamond” prosecutors
Vladimir Putin has appointed Ramzan Kadyrov to serve as acting head of Chechnya, until elections later this year in September
#OdesaSecForum recalling how Yankovich regime signed fake energy investments
Chinese embassy in Belgium: Chinese citizen among the dead in attacks in Brussels.
Refugees are getting wet in tents @ refugee camp in Piraeus, Greece
UK government has confirmed the death of British national, David Dixon, in the Tuesday Brussels attacks.
2 terror suspects w/ possible connection to Brussels / Paris arrested in Gießen and Düsseldorf Germany
Hug: It is significant that Luhansk region generally remains calm except in the area around Pervomaisk and Popasna
Idomeni update: Buses there w/out prior info to move 800-1k refugees to 3 sites. Offer for proper shelter welcome, coordin saves confusion
Hug: Yest, so-called ‘DPR’ refused to allow SMM to patrol in Yasynuvata, signalling further fragility of their commitment to de-escalation
Hug: Violence continues in Yasynuvata/Avdiivka. On Wednesday monitors recorded 178 explosions, and small-arms & heavy machine gunfire Ukraine
Defense Minister summed up the first in 2016 a sudden check combat readiness of troops
Igor Strelkov might run for Russia's Duma, says Venediktov. Also mentions Tsarev and Gubarev, but they're Ukrainians.
ATO spox: UA servicemen who repelled militants` attack on March 23 near Novotroitske were awarded by their commander
ATO spokesperson: Militants were active near Krasnohorivka, Novotroitske, and Chermalyk
Col. Lysenko: Donetsk sector: hotspots: Luhanske, Zaitseve, Avdiyivka. Militants attacked UA positions for 38 times yesterday
ATO spokesperson: Donetsk sector: militants applied heavy arms for 18 times (over 110 mortar mines were shelled at UA positions)
Smoke bombs and firecrackers: Students protest police violence in Paris
No KIAs, 6 Ukrainian servicemen wounded in military hostilities over past 24 hours – ATO Spokesperson
German police arrested man in Düsseldorf yday for planning an attack, he probably has connections to Bruessels attackers
'Moscow is thinking about setting up a naval base on the Kuril islands': Russia defense minister Shoigu
Belgian Prime Minister Michel expresses his condolences for the Americans killed in #BrusselsAttacks
Ukrainian artillery students held drills
Avdiivka: Saxons evacuating wounded
Russia to deploy missile systems on Kuril islands: defence minister
Ukr. Intel.: echelon with 200 tons of ammunition, arrived in Khartsyzk from Russia
1st time ever Ukraine border service spotted 2 Russian APCs at RU check point 'Krupets' at peaceful Sumy region.
Russian Investigative Committee suspects Khodorkovsky in stealing Yukos shares
Putin Jokes About Kerry's Briefcase: 'Probably You Brought Some Money With You to Haggle'
Unknown location
First integrated Uran-9 UCGV and infantry training
First integrated Uran-9 UCGV and infantry training
2 Americans confirmed dead in Brussels attacks
Ukrainian military register 6 new Russian Grad MRLS at Telmanove, near Mariupol
Rally near General Prosecutor's office in Kyiv
[email protected] receives U.S. Secretary of State @JohnKerry:cooperation to fight terrorism
Sakvarelidze: the System is afraid of us, she is afraid of openness, she is afraid of losing their diamonds.
New patrol police in Chop
Officials say suspect detained Thursday in France linked to Paris attacks ringleader Abaaoud.
John Kirby: In Brussels today with @JohnKerry to remember those lost in BrusselsAttacks and express heartfelt condolences to the people of Belgium.
Refugees in Idomeni waiting for food
Man arrested in York Street, Newcastle on suspicion of firearms offences: Sentinel
USUBC Roundtable with Amb Pyatt
Trafalgar class submarine on Loch Long this morning
Russia plans to deploy coastal missile systems, drones in Kurils in 2016
OSCE observed 15 anti-tank guns MT-12 Rapira in Zelene
Kerry calls on Russia to influence Donbas militants violating ceasefire
Yury Grabovsky–missing lawyer for one of two Russian spec ops officers captured in Ukraine–found dead
Several wounded and destruction in Makiivka after last night shelling
Russian militants attacked Ukrainian forces 52 times yesterday
Pro ISIS media grp Wafa warns UK: After ParisAttacks and BrusselsAttacks, London is ISIS next target
Still some military action at Avdiivka-Donetsk
Around 100 migrants are sleeping in Aristotelous square in Thessaloniki asking for OpenBorders
Operation is taking place at Boulevard du Général Delambre, Argenteuil
Unknown location
Ukrainian S-300 spotted in Kherson
1 man arrested in connection w/ alleged plot to carry out an attack in France, interior minister says; searches underway
Horlivka: explosion reported in N-W of city
Police raids in northwest Paris have just foiled planned terrorist attack, French Interior Minister says.
Kerry: Constructive meeting with President Putin this evening. Discussed several issues of importance to U.S. and Russia.
Locals, French media, reporting major anti-terror operation by police in northwestern Paris suburb of Argenteuil
It's propaganda
Lavrov on Ukraine: Everyone supports Minsk. "nuances" on implementation. Calls on US to pressure Kyiv. We will pressure Donetsk and Luhansk.
Lavrov: Kerry arrived in Moscow for the third time in 10 months. We see that there is no isolation
A new group of Ukainian wounded servicemen in Lithuania
Russian forces attacking Avdiivka industrial zone, positions near Dokuchaevsk
Ex-MP of Ukraine, separatist Tsarev posing as economist at Russian economics forum
Interfax confirms death of Russian special forces officer in #Syria. Says he was directing air strikes against #ISIS
5 BM-21 spotted near Krasnyi Luch
Dutch Just Min der Steur: Brussels bomber El Bakraoui was not on wanted lists and was deported fm TR to NED only once
Military truck in Donetsk
Mortars working at Staromykhailivka
Donetsk: Fighting at Maryinka - Trudovskie
Radical's leader and warcrimes defendant Seselj led rally against Karadzic verdict, NATO
Serbian Radical leader Seselj led protest against Karadzic verdict and NATO in Belgrade
A week ahead of his own war crimes verdict, Vojislav Šešelj slams Karadžić ruling at rally in Serbia's capital
Putin jokes after seeing @JohnKerry carrying own bag off plane, saying he thought US wasn't having economic troubles
Putin jokes after seeing @JohnKerry carrying own bag off plane, saying he thought US wasn't having economic troubles
US embassy in Skopje dismisses claims Washington backing Gruevski in Macedonia election
1 killed in small plane crash in Chesterfield County
Intense battle in Avdeevka right now
Intense battle in Avdeevka right now
Fighting started at Dokuchaevsk
Belgium attacks suspect sent to Netherlands by Turkey in 2015: Dutch officials
Hundreds of pieces of luggage wait for their owners at the Brussels airport
Donetsk - Petrovka reports of Tanks firing right now
Paris attacks suspect Abdeslam planned shooting and bomb attack in Brussels: Belgian broadcaster VRT
South Ossetia, 600 servicemen and 200 pieces of hardware held a live firing exercise.Tanks, arty and AA def
Karadzic protesters crowd is marching in front of the Serbia parliament
[email protected]: Putin created Kadyrov phenomenon. He's responsible for Chechnya and should be confronted about it
[email protected]: West shouldn't feel immune from Kadyrov–ambitious, hates W's values, creates conditions for ISIS support
Flares going off at Karadzic protest in Serbia
Sec Kerry offered President Putin US condolences for Rostov plane crash and confirmed NTSB support for investigation.
Rally has left the square and now people are marching through the center, disrupting traffic #Karadzic
[email protected]: Was Nemtsov murder a challenge to Putin or gift? @IlyaYashin: Putin=politically responsible
18 attacks on Ukrainian positions today
Libya: Daesh celebrating the Brussels attack in Sirte handing out the statement and sweets also published pictures
Overwhelmingly men here on Trg Republike in Belgrade, Serbia #Karadzic
[email protected]: I have no doubt of Kadyrov's involvement in assassination of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow. Putin created this situation
Brussels: @ABC confirms bombing brothers filmed the head of the Belgian nuclear program outside his home
Idomeni. The protest continues, people blocked railway
Portrait of Russian dissident on the street in Moscow
Brussels airport says to stay closed to passengers until at least Sunday
Former Bosnian Serb leader Karadzic convicted of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity. Sentenced to 40yrs.
Shokin associated with "Diamond prosecutors" - Sakvarelidze
#OdesaSecForum: @OSCE_SMM's Hug delivering his speach during the 4th panel
Luhansk Dalia St - RU command vehicle
EU, shame on you. Moria protest
"Ladoga-2016": MiG-29SMT is launching AAM and gun shooting over Ladoga lake training area
UN Judge says Karadzic responsible for Srebrenica genocide
SRC striking a high school student in Paris: the police
Macedonia Jewish Community condemns Holocaust denial by propagandist Milenko Nedelkovski
RUAF Il-76 76649 Kubinka-Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad
U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry discussed the case of Nadiya Savchenko with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
ISIS-linked media using presidential candidate Donald Trump's interview in their latest video on Brussels attack.
Secretary Kerry found a bit of time for a short walk today in downtown Moscow
#KerchStrait: The Turkish cargo ship 'LIRA' has been put under arrest by the Russian Rostov arbitral court for the ramming of the bridge.
Rapid response brigade conducted exercises at the training center in Lviv region
The Ukrainian party informed the OSCE special monitoring mission about tanks and MLRS in areas of Yasinovataya, Horlivka, Debaltsevo and Donetsk
Budapest Police searching suspect in 8th district OTP bank robberyk
Multiple police operations ongoing in Bruessels, some areas near EU facilities on lockdown
50th Russian supply convoy arrived in Luhansk region
Near Kyiv city hall rallying for the sale of alcohol in the small shops
Donetsk Proletarka now - heavy single outgoing shots.
[email protected]_Inst poll: 75% of Hungarians say that Islam should not be judged because of some of its followers
Head of Europol expresses concern on @BBCr4today that there is "a more widespread (terrorist) network" than was at first thought
Lithuania supported OSCE event in Mariupol on dialogue btwn Ukraine's government and regions
Two women found dead on Teesside
RUAF W marker active. Tu95/160 up today?
Ukraine has a golden opportunity to change - @GeoffPyatt during @OdesaSecForum
[email protected] again reiteratd @VP's words: "US will never recognise Russia's annexation of Crimea" #OdesaSecForum
Belgian and French media report a second suspect is believed involved in Brussels subway attack.
Partially blackout in Luhansk region cause of emergency at Power plant
Report: Militants pushing MLRS and heavy artillery to Donetsk
RUAF VHF traffic in Baltic Sea. Consistent with Su27 QRA flighter
53 ceasefire violations at Donbass, widely used forbidden weapons
7:16AM Makiivka "The night was not quiet, and now the morning isn't calm. My feelings is that it's incoming"
Intense Il-76 traffic over Russia: #RA86863 #RA78815 #RA78805 #RA78795
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