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25 กันยายน 2018

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4 exclusion zones (area denial) covered by Russian missile systems and able to block NATO
House is on fire in Olexandrivka S-W to Donetsk
3 injured Ukrainian soldiers brought from Mariupol frontline to hospital in Dnipro city
The Russian military distributed medical aid donated by the Serbian government to hospitals in Western Aleppo today
In the Bulgarian city Harmanli a riot of migrants
Twin baby pandas at Vienna’s Schoenbrunn Zoo finally have names: Fu Feng and Fu Ban.
France and Ukraine sending planes to fight the flames in Israel
[email protected] spoke this morning to Merkel and Hollande. "There will be Visa Liberalisation for Ukraine before end of the year"
Soldier near Shyrokyne remarked attacks increase in winter so Russian troops can keep their weapons from freezing. Was minus 3 today.
The Ministry of justice wants to allow to take away the debtors only housing
Russian TV already switched to "Belarus mode" - says russophobia is growing
Kosovo expert says the Balkans faces little risk of terror attacks of the kind seen in France
Ildar Dadin's mother was hospitalised after trolls spread false rumour that he was found hanged in his cell
Organizers says "rally is finished", though no one going to go home
Ploshcha: crowd chanting "Independence! No to Lukashenko! No to Putin! Long live Belarus!"
On the border of Poland in Medyca, customs officers found 5.5 kilograms of amber
Opposition politician Statkevich: Belarus is ready for changes, Belarusians will bring back their freedom
A minute of silence on Viktor Gonchar, Yuri Zakharenko
Big rally this evening in Minsk, Belarus
Pavel Seviarynets: for 20 years they have broken all laws, but in the end, freedom wins. The square chanting the names of political prisoners
The rally in Minsk, In Liberty square (Ploshcha Svobody) sounds "long live Belarus"
Mikalai Statkevich in Liberty square: We want to remind you that crime, which happened 20 years ago
Reuters: Egypt removes 18,000 tons of bad Russian wheat - newspaper.
The Russian Navy Admiral Gorshkov frigate (proj. 22350) in St.Petersburg
In Astrakhan, south Russia, 600 people protest|ed against social spending
Belarus AIr Force received four more Yak-130s (8 ordered / Four delivered in 2015)
Poroshenko: Grateful to this summit for unwavering position of EU leaders not to acknowledge Russian annexation of Crimea
President Poroshenko: Sanctions must stay until Russia fulfills Minsk accords and Ukraine’s territorial integrity is restored – including Crimea
Turkish PM says EU is in total contradiction, EP decision on TR has no meaning
We are very satisfied wtih the quality and the tempo of reforms that Ukraine is delievering - J.C. Juncker, President @EU_Commission EU
Ukraine will receive a visa-free regime with the EU until the end of the year - President of the EU Commission
Ukraine will receive a visa-free regime with the EU until the end of the year - President of the EU Commission
Mortars or howitzers hiting Ukrainian positions near Shyrokyne
Ukrainian Border Guards: Maryinka checkpoint is closed due to attack
Tusk: continue to support the Minsk process, and our sanctions are linked to the full implementation of the Minsk deals
Tusk: we discussed visas. I'm happy all EU member states are happy for Ukraine to enter into the visa-free government ukraine
The President of TVP @KurskiPL: there would be no freedom, if not "Solidarity"
Çelik: While no new policies come up on Turkey, these EP parliamentarians come together on far-right's idea of suspending talks
Turkish EU Min: Decision that calls for a freeze on accession talks by European Parliament lacks vision
Comparing Russian media to ISIS is insane - Zakharova
If EU parliament resolution to counter Russian media implemented, retaliation will follow – Moscow
In Greece workers on strike
A Court In Moscow Freed The Nanny Bobokulova From Responsibility For The Murder Of A Child And Sent Her To Compulsory Treatment
The plane crash at the airport in Zielona Gora. Pilot is dead
Russian MFA Zaharova is about to speak about actual questions of Russian foreign policy
[email protected] says @Europarl_EN has prepared everything to ease visa restrictions for Ukrainians. But the Dutch referendum is a problem
FM of Ukraine @PavloKlimkin at @BBCWorld:we implemented more reforms in the last 2,5 years than in the whole history of post-soviet Ukraine
Activatica: Activist Pavel Podyachev, who exposed corruption in the Siberian Academy of Sciences, has died in prison.
Signing of new MoU with Spain on cyber defence cooperation - in line with NATO's cyber policy developments and evolving threat landscape.
Putin: Where does the Russian border end? 9-year-old geographer Miroslav:Bering Strait, USA. Putin: The Russian border doesn't end anywhere!
Ukrainian airforce at Vasyl'kiv airfield
1 Ukrainian soldier killed in Maryinka
Anti-NATO protesters clash with police at military base in Sardinia
Meeting of Poroshenko, Schulz, Tusk, Juncker
Students of Schevchenko University protesting against Saturday lessons, cause of lack of heat at rooms
National Assembly of delegates of solidarity in Płock. Invited the President and the Prime Minister
European Parliament votes in favor of temporarily pausing Turkey's EU accession
The first Polish conference on the territorial defence
Russia: 4 killed in a clash with militants in Nazran, Ingushetia
Col. Motuzyanyk: NGU servicemen from Zaporizhia visited kids at orphanage in Mariupol
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Cadets of Odesa military academy donated blood for the needs of wounded UA servicemen
ATO spox: In Kyiv, military exercises were held with specialists in military communications
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: Enemy snipers resumed their activity all across the frontline
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Over 200 mortar mines were shelled by the enemy on Ukrainian positions in the Mariupol sector
Col. Motuzyanyk: SBU detained a militants` informant who had been transmitting intel data about UA Armed Forces to so-called “LPR”
ATO spox: In Kramatorsk, police detained a 26-y.o. militant who had been patrolling enemy checkpoint in 2014
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: In the UA-RU border, UA border guards detained a person suspected in cooperation with militants
ATO spokesperson: Over the previous day, police found 2 caches with armaments – in the Luhansk region and near Mariupol
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Luhansk sector: Enemy violated cease-fire government in the afternoon in Krymske, Novooleksandrivka and Novozvanivka
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, militants shelled UA positions in the Luhansk sector for 14 times
Col. Motuzyanyk: Donetsk sector: Hostilities remain in Luhanske, Zaytseve and Avdiyivka where militants fired over 30 mortar mines
In Lipetsk opened a monument to pilot Oleg Peshkov, who was killed in Su-24 shotdown in Syria last year
EU Ukraine summit has just kicked off in Brussels with @eucopresident @MartinSchulz @poroshenko in attendance
Russia and Turkey have joined Greece, Italy, Croatia and Cyprus in the firefighting efforts, sending a total of 10 planes to Israel.
"Kolpino" submarine commissioned into Russian navy today
Lysenko says detention of "spy" in Crimea is just another fake
The defense Ministry of Ukraine commented on the "spy", "There are personal data on 10 thousand former military"
Ukrainian and Polish MPs met in L'viv to discuss trans-border communications
Made in Ukraine: Antonov completes assembly of first An-132 aircraft
Police: ISIL Coordinated terror attacks agt French Police HQ at 36 Quai des Orfevres and Homeland Security HQ planned for 1 Dec
The first ever take off of the A350-1000 here in Toulouse
Peskov: Russian security forces fighting provocation attempts from Ukrainian side
Ukrainian flag set on fire. Foreign Ministry lodged a strong protest with Russia
Ukrainian flag set on fire. Foreign Ministry lodged a strong protest with Russia
Putin: "We are seeing a degradation of democracy in Western society"
Ukrainian ex-pres Viktor Yanukovich will give a press conference from Russia's Rostov-on-Don tomorrow, 16GMT
In Kharkiv region border guards detained man from Donetsk region suspected in terror activity involvement
Border guards together with customs officers found contraband in the passenger Mercedes
Summit Ukraine-EU, Poroshenko is about to talk
Maryinka: video of last night clashes, some kind of flares
Volodymyr Groysman has arrived with official visit to Hungary.
The FSB has published a video of the newly detained "Ukrainian spy in Crimea"
Russia detains former Navy official in Crimea for spying for Ukraine: Interfax
Russian military supply convoy entered Ukraine this morning
PM Lee Hsien Loong, Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte speak of strong ties between Singapore and the Netherlands
Trump's son went to Paris to talk about Russia's role in Syria, organized by pro-Bashar group endorsed by Kremlin
Another Ukrainian "spy" detained in Crimea
Donetsk Scherbakova: Building of closed dolphinarium burnt down last night
SBU found several ammunition caches in Eastern Ukraine
2 Russian SOF killed in Nazran' in clashes with militants
Turkish delegation arrived in Occupied Crimea
Richard Spencer, wife is Russian Nina Kouprianova aka Nina Byzantina
French National captured by LNA forces in Benghazi alongside BRSC
ATO HQ: RU forces 48 times vioalted ceasefire, shelling with 82&120mm mortars in Avdiivka, Zaitseve&Luhanske
Ukrainian Brigade in Svitlodarsk is under heavy 120mm artillery shelling
Heavy clashes in Western Donetsk
A historian says Donald Trump's grandfather was kicked out of Germany for failing to do mandatory military service
Right-wing extremist found guilty of murdering British politician Jo Cox
Ukrainian helicopter over Severodonetsk
Heavy clashes reported from Maryinka
Jerusalem asks Greece, Cyprus, Croatia for firefighting help as heavy winds drive 3rd day of flames, PM says arson suspected.
Russia pledges to improve US relations: "It's hard to make them worse"
Saakashvili invites 'democrat. forces' to an "open council" for Sunday afternoon in downtown Kyiv
Journalist Alexander Sokolov refused to admit guilt in the first hearing
European Union 'aware and acting on' report saying Russian tankers defied EU ban to smuggle jet fuel to Syria
Merkel: Germany must boost defense spending, unlikely to meet NATO goal soon
Bulgarian nationalistic coalition ready to form interim govt following the resignation of Borissov’s government
Another young Afghan is in a serious condition in hospital after being electrocuted attempting to cross from Serbia to Hungary
Polish journalist Tomasz Maciejczuk @tomekmaciejczuk was attacked at Russian TV show
Kosovo’s Foreign Minister lobbies in the Summit of la Francophonie
Croatian media claim 2 former Turkish military attaches applied for political asylum in Croatia after failed coup
Normalization of relations with Kosovo helps Serbia’s integration, says Johannes Hahn
New bird flu virus recorded in Sweden
Russian MFA says EU resolution on Russian media is informational crime
Male migrants stuck in Serbia have set up makeshift accommodation in derelict barracks in Belgrade refugeecrisis
Minsk Meeting today: Russia should pay bills for water and electricity of Occupied territories
MI6 spy headquarters on lock-down after suspicious package found #London
Media are reporting than an 18 y/o Afghan boy has frozen to death on the Bulgaria-Serbia border
[email protected]_Erdogan said European Parliament's vote Thursday on whether to suspend Turkey's talks on joining EU had "no value" in Turkish eyes.
IED was found at passenger bus in Moscow
In Moscow in the bus was found an object resembling an improvised explosive device
Putin: Fillon differs from other
Putin about the EU resolution on the Russian propaganda: We are all the time trying to teach democracy, but we are seeing its degradation in Europe itself
Putin thinks Ukraine being very unfair detaining deserters and cutting off electricity in Crimea. Didn't expect this kind of reaction.
Police arrest ex-Bosnian Army soldiers on suspicion of involvement in the killing of three Serb POWs in 1995
Neo-Nazi Thomas Mair has been handed a whole life sentence for murdering Labour MP Jo Cox
E-3 AWACS keeping an eye on Baltic air traffic from Russia
The US has identified a suspect believed to have been involved in the planning of ISIS attacks in Paris and Brussels
Stoltenberg: 'I strongly believe in the potential of NATO-Serbia cooperation. We can remember the past, but look to the future,' he told a joint presser
NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg apologises for 'innocent lives' lost in 1999 bombing of Serbia as Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić visits
Journalist was attacked by Yulia Timoshenko guard at press conference
Shoigu hails $3 bln in Russian-Chinese defence cooperation
The Kremlin wants to improve US-Russia relations, saying it would be "hard to make them worse"
European Parliament adopted a resolution to counter Russian propaganda
Kosovo: Disagreements on the budget may lead to early elections
Today hits at Krasnohorivka
Security service of Ukraine opened criminal case on attempt of saboteur/terror attack on Zaporishiya NPP
Putin at the Science Council: Despite the difficult situation, to save on basic science you can not, it will lead to the country's backwardness
Countries backing Syrian moderates to meet in Paris next month: France
Moscow's "TSUM" is on fire
Again very heavy explosion audible in all cities East to Donetsk
Vedomosti: Kremlin notes reaching bottom in relations between Russia and the US.
Croatia developing integrated ‘homeland security’ system to address risks from terrorism, refugeecrisis and more
Ruling on Bosnian military property dispute could open NATO membership talks, and spark showdown with Bosnian Serbs
ATO spox: During a previous week, in Zhytomyr region, UA servicemen were undergoing field exercises on first aid to the injured
Col. Andriy Lysenko: In ATO area, NGU servicemen performed tactical field exercises on countering enemy attacks
Yavoriv, Ukraine—Ukrainian soldiers clear a trench during a live-fire training exercise conducted with support of @USArmy's @3rd_Infantry
Col. Lysenko: In Rubizhne, Luhansk region, UA police found a cache with armaments
ATO spokesperson: Over the previous day, 1 Ukrainian serviceman was killed in action, 3 were wounded in action
Peskov: we support all initiatives to strengthen relations Trump of Russia and the United States. They are now at a level that is below the nowhere
2 of the 7 freed. Potential Targets were Police HQ and a Theme Park. Attempt on #EuroDisney already took place
Indonesia to work with the Netherlands to solve mysterious disappearance of World War II shipwrecks
Russian Kickboxer Musa Musalaev from Tatarstan killed in Neu-Ulm
Shoigu and Vice Chairman of Central Military Commission Xu Qiliang held 21st session of intergovernmental commission on mil. cooperation
De-motivation text messages for Ukrainian soldiers near Maryinka
President Erdogan says EU is aiding and abetting terror groups, upcoming vote on talks with Turkey at EU Parliament is a testament to that.
About 550 cars in queue at Maryinka, - checkpoint is closed after an attack
ATO HQ: RU forces 29 times violated ceasefire, shelling with GRAD-P in Krasnohorivka
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