Map. History of Europe conflict

20 ตุลาคม 2018
Russian border guards detained a Ukrainian activist Veldar Shukurdjiev
PM Cameron: I condemn today's attack on security forces in #Tunis. The world stands united against terror.
Russian TV pundit to Erdogan: "Constantinople is our city! We are the descendants of great Byzantium! We must take everything we can!"
I Front Page: 'Putin's Fury At Jet Attacks'
In Ulyanovsk, an attack on the brewery Efes, torn flag of Turkey
1 suspect killed after hostage situation at house in northern France; all hostages are safe - officials
Kadyrov in a Putin t-shirt on a treadmill making a video Instagram address
Russian media reports that several NATO members (esp Greece) don't believe Turkey's story about the #Su24 attack.
Saakashvili: always feel great respect for Turkey, and today this respect has been further strengthened
Hostage situation ends in French town Roubaix; all hostages safe
U.S. Embassy in Brussels informs U.S. citizens that the current threat level remains at Level 4
Russian supply convoy in Rostov
1 criminal arrested, 2 hostages escape, 2 still in pavillon – local media
Hungarian anti-terrorist unit TEK captured 6 people suspected from planning terrorist attack, guns and ammo were pound with them.
As France and US step up their campaign against ISIS,4 French Rafale fighter jets, alongside US air-force,targeted Tall Afar in Iraq
Deputy minister of Defence of Ukraine Gusev resigned
#Roubaix The police request residents to stay at home.
Hostage standoff in northern French town, say authorities, no immediate indication of link to Paris attacks
French Special forces on scene now, gunman have taken a family hostage at their home after robbery failed
#Roubaix Mayor says gunmen attacked bank before holding hostages-Reports.
France: Reports suggest robbery may be motivation for ongoing hostage-taking in Roubaix.
A Czech L-159 jet collided w/ vulture at the training exercise in Spain, the jet's wing was damaged but the plane landed safely.
A hostage situation has been reported in the northern French town of Roubaix. Several people have sustained gunshot wounds
"Russia is Putin!" people are shouting outside the Turkish embassy in Moscow.
Ukrenergo: Supply of electricity in the Crimea will be resumed tomorrow
Russian defense ministry says suspends military contact with Turkey
Abaaoud and other suspect had planned to attack La Defense Paris business district
Paris ringleader returned to scene of attacks, prosecutor says
Two explosive vests, an automatic pistol found in apartment in Saint Denis: Paris prosecutor
Police in #Belgium name Mohamed Abrini, 30 years old, as 2nd man seen on CCTV footage with Abdeslam
Pic released by @PolFed_presse of new #ParisAttacks suspect Mohamed Abrini getting into the Renault Clio used Nov 13
Hollande: France will not intervene militarily on the ground in Syria. |
Hollande: "France can work together with Russia if Russia concentrates its military action on [ISIS]."
France, US to scale up strikes on IS in Syria, Iraq: Hollande
Hollande on #refugee crisis: "If we were to abandon them we would betray who we are...I reject identifying migration with terrorism."
Hollande says fighter jets deployed from Charles de Gaulles carrier struck targets in Raqqa yesterday
International arrest warrant issued for Mohamed Abrini in connection with Paris attacks
PM Milanovic with the President of the European Council Donald Tusk
Military mined a checkpoint near Kurakhove
OBAMA: This wasn't just an attack against one of the world's great cities, it was an attack against the world itself.
[email protected] and @fhollande speaking now in Washington. Obama says the two countries are in "total solidarity."
President Obama to French President Hollande: "As Americans, we stand by our friends in good times and in bad."
#Raqqa #ISIS release new video shown 2 French fighters Threaten the west with new attacks And especially France #IS
In Yekaterinburg detained two truckers
Soon: Obama and Hollande speak from White House after morning of talks on ISIS, Syria.
Russia awaits NATO reaction to Turkish downing of jet: Kremlin
Lukashenka has postponed his visit to Moscow to discus a Russian aviation base in Belarus
#Zakharova: Visit of Russian delegation headed by Sergey Lavrov in Turkey is cancelled
Apparently some protests outside of Russian consulate in Turkey
Ukraine's @ServiceSsu detains a supporter of the Islamic State in a city of Vinnytsia as part of general anti-terror effort.
No one came at rally against Sobyanin, except police
Russian Defense Ministry: Downing Of Warplane is Hostile Act
Russian MOD: Russia won't stop military actions in Syria
Protest at Smolny in St.Petersburg
Truckers protest in St.Petersburg near Smolny
Attacks in ATO zone are mostly concentrated in Donetsk sector – ATO
Kadyrov: Turkey will regret for a very long time
#УдарВСпину, "stab in the back," is trending in #Russia after Putin's comments about Turkey shooting down Russian Su-24. Some wild images.
Electricity down at Brussels NATO HQ for couple hours. Some meeting rms have emergency light
Russia Advises Citizens Not To Visit Turkey
1 killed, 2 Ukrainian soldiers wounded at Nevel'ske after Russian offensive attempt
The third Il-76 76773 from Krymsk took off
RFF8137 78868 flies from Krymsk in the direction of Rostov
Minsk talks today: militants have to allow OSCE to border
The Il-76 76779 flying from Krymsk to Taganrog. The Manager called himself "Vulcan76779"
NSDC: Russia push storm groups to the Northern Crimea
Vladimir Zhirinovsky: We could have captured Turkey 100 years ago.
French President @fhollande has arrived in the US to meet with @BarackObama
Lviv: @realmadrid arrived
Downing of Russia jet a 'stab in the back'. UPDATE: This pic used by AFP is old pic from airshow
A convoy of truckers turned on Oktyabrskaya embankment. It is a direct way to Smolny. Column long
Tusk: In this dangerous moment after downing of Russian jet, all should remain cool headed and calm
Security alert lifted at Place de Repubique after false bomb alert
#Russia blocks all sales of gas to #Ukraine as tensions over #Crimea
Paris: evacuation of Republic square
Russia's State Duma proposes stopping of flights between Russia, Turkey, following today's jet incident.
Patris Metro lines 3, 5, 8, 9, and 11 are partially closed for "security measures"
Fresh sad news from #Karabakh: reports coming in of a farmer blowing up his tractor on an AT mine while cultivating
Place de la Republic evacuated cause of security threat
Russia 24 TV: Tense almost like Cuban Missile Crisis
Putin says of Turkey contacting its NATO allies after shooting down a Russian jet: do they want to put NATO in the service of ISIS?
Jet downing will have "serious consequences for Russian-Turkish relations," says #Putin. Calls the downing a "stab in the back."
#Putin: A lot of oil and petrol products going to Turkey from ‘captured territories’
Head of NSDC Turchynov: Ukraine will respond to Russian violation of Ukrainian airspace as Turkey did
Ukraine Intelligence: "DPR" Leader Zakharchenko sanctioned the use of any weapons on Ukrainian positions
Football: FIFA seeking life ban against Platini - lawyer
Yasinovataya. Donetsk. again heard the incoming shelling in side of the police post. Not often ,but strong
High Court of Russia decided to leave the sentence of Sentsov and Kolchenko unchanged.
Big Police operation underway in #Artigat in Ariège #France, Heavily armed police units supported by Helicopters involved
Military analyst Korotchenko on Rus TV: the US is to blame because it supplied the rebels with the weapons capable of shooting down our jet.
34 boats so far arrived on Lesbos today after lull over the weekend, no end in sight to crisis
Police supported by armored vehicles, deployed around #Artigat in Ariège
ATO spokesperson: At UA-RU border, SBU detained 4 UA citizens attempting to smuggle radar equipment to Russia
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Mariupol sector: Enemy was active near Bohdanivka and Shyrokyne villages
Deputies from Italy arrived in Donbas
Passenger train Kyiv-Vinnitsa derailed near Khmil'nyk after hit a Kamaz truck
Gen Hodges: Ukraine can be sure that U.S. will not be distracted by what Russia is doing in Syria or anywhere else
Russian President Putin to make a statement about the downing of the Russian fighter jet by Turkish air-force over Syria.
#Turkey's "shooting down of #Russianplane is an attack on world peace" - German MP [email protected]
Orbán at #ChinaCEE : Europe is rich and weak, this is the most dangerous combination. We must make decisive steps for security
Russia may stop coal supplies to Ukraine in reply to cutting power supplies to Crimea
Croatian PM Milanović will meet @VP of the USA @JoeBiden tomorrow at noon
The protesting truckers of Petersburg set fire to tires at Sofiyska street
Russia Media: Russian reporters in Syria was shelled with US shells
NASA delegation at Yuzmash in Ukraine
In #Lysychansk: stash w/grenade launchers found, In #Kherson: grenades and cartridges
In Marinka, #SBU detained gunner of militants
In Marinka, SBU detained gunner of militants
Truck drivers shut down "Tumensky Trakt"
#Lesvos: #refugees walk across a road after arriving on a dinghy
US begins second phase of Fearless Guardian mission to train and equip Ukrainian forces
Truck drivers burning tires in St.Petersburg
#US troops and #BlackHawks arrive in #Latvia to begin rotation in support of Ops #AtlanticResolve
Bomb explodes in central Athens, damages Greek business federation offices
#ParisAttacks gunmen and suspects
#Ukraine Interior Minister: Too dangerous to fix towers and end the #Crimea blackout
Despite blackout in Crimea, Putin's advertising is on
Zakharchenko on November 22, came to Horlivka
Official: Explosive belt found south of Paris contained bolts, same explosives used in attacks.
#France Police finds explosive belt (w/out detonator) at #Montrouge
Majority Of British Public Favors ‘Brexit’: Independent
Russian Parliament urged Montenegro not to join NATO
Heavily armed police tighten checkpoint controls at Bosnia mountain village where Islamists have flown IS black flag
Turkey PM to attend summit with EU leaders on November 29
#Pisky now. Mortars, machine guns, assault rifles
Pegida rally in Munich
Police: Explosive belt found in same area that fugitive #SalehAbdeslam's cell phone located on day of #ParisAttacks. Belt missing detonator.
Heavy police presence in Munich cause anti-migrants PEGIDA rally
Today, between 350 to 410 at #Legida rally in Leipzig
Belgium schools, work places and metro to open Wednesday, terror threat will remain the same.
LEGIDA rally in Leipzig
Novak: #Russia can soon consider counter-measures against #Ukraine for leaving Crimea with no electricity
Belgian police arrested suspect of #ParisAttacks. No further info on identity (federal prosecutor)
UPDATE: It's more likely a hoax. >>#ISIS threatens traditional lightning of the #Christmastree in #Prague, government tries to avoid bigger assembly of people
#France strikes #IS in #Iraq from newly deployed carrier
Ukrainian soldiers train to use counter-battery radars provided by US at Yavoriv training ground
#Syria ISIS Terror Group #DeirEzzor branch new propaganda video featuring Its Foreign Fighters and Praise #ParisAttacks
Belgian gov currently meeting with security chiefs #BrusselsLockdown
Rus MinDef #Shoigu presented the new commander of the West.military district gen A. Kartapolov
#Lyon 80 children hospitalized after carbon monoxide poisoning
Belgium arrests five in new anti-terror raids
Russian recession is over: economy minister
#Slovenia interior ministry secretary Boštjan Šefic describes #Macedonia approach to #migrantcrisis as 'constructive, active and responsible'
Citizens of Brussels are not cloistered despite terror threat level raised to maximum.Plenty of people in the center
#Toulon A customs officer shot and killed during an operation related to the arms traffic
Start of this sec phase of training demonstr US long-term commit to helping Ukr build a mod, NATO-stand fight force
The state border service has not confirmed information about concentration of Russian military equipment on demarcation line of Crimea
The anniversary of the Maidan - Ukrainian flag on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment in Moscow
The anniversary of the Maidan - Ukrainian flag on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment in Moscow
Fans of "Spartacus" were forbidden to hang out the banner against ISIS
The 1st missions over Iraq and Syria from the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle began
#SBU found three caches of ammunition in the area of the ATO
In Kherson and Mykolaiv regions preparing for the terrorist attacks - SBU
#Crimea shutdown did not effect the power supply in Kherson and Mykolaiv regions.- Ukrenergo
Poroshenko instructed the government to suspend transport communication with the Crimea
Putin's armored Mercedes S-600 Pullman Guard and 'Cheget' nuclear briefcase holding command codes to launch in Tehran
Avakov urged to cease trading and terminate the contracts with Russia for the supply of electricity
The casualty of Saturday's landmine accident in #Karabakh has lost his right foot and has shrapnel injuries to his face and hands.
Men from #Iran sew lips to protest being denied passage on #Balkans route, on basis of nationality
#Belgium detains five more people in overnight raids in Brussels and Liege regions: prosecutor
Barriers for queues at hi-speed train terminal, Brussels. All put up in last 48h
ATO Briefing: Militant attacks continued along the line of demarcation yesterday. 2 UA soldiers were KIA, 2 WIA
Brigade tactical exercises of the Ukrainian airborne troops
France's Charles de Gaulle is the largest west European warship in commission. It begins anti-ISIL airstrikes today.
#Mariupol - Ongoing planned neutralization of dud munitions, other explosions can be also heard then.
The power supply of the Crimea will be restored within a few hours - Novak
Citizens of Ekaterinburg asked not to stay away of windows during Putin's visit
Yalta in the night
Floods in #Tirana
The Metropolitan police seized grenade from one of the passengers of the airport "Kyiv"
Kiva: 12 Russian tanks arrived on the border of Kherson region
ATO Press Center: Militants 37 times fired on UA positions in all directions
The militants five times shelled Shyrokyne, UAV flight - sector M
IED killed 1 Ukrainian military near Stanitsa-Luhanska, 1 wounded
The first guests are allowed in den Michel. State funeral ceremony for #HelmutSchmidt
Report of explosion in Mariupol
Heavy fighting on Horlivka outskirts. Artillery reported
In Crimea without power 1.66 million people, - occupation authorities
David Cameron and Francois Hollande have visited the #Bataclan theatre where 89 people were killed during the #ParisAttacks on 13 November
Russian Defence Ministry says the country's air force carried out 141 sorties over the weekend and hit 472 targets in #Syria
#Greece-#Macedonia border where ~1,000 #refugees are on hunger strike and trying to block Afghans, Iraqis & Syrians
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