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20 สิงหาคม 2018

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Russia and former Soviet region more broadly, is the single largest source for foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq
IS insists to threaten FIFA world cup in Russia
Pro ISIS group behind series of images calling for Islamic State to target FIFA #WorldCup2018 publish poster threatening LionelMessi
Vaccination for the badrabbit- Create a file called c:windowsinfpub.dat and remove all write permissions for it. This should keep the malware from encrypting
New OCCRP investigation: Putin and the proxies
Ransomware BadRabbit spread in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Bulgaria via fake Flash using EternalBlue exploit
UK sees swift agreement on Brexit transition framework - PM's spokesman
"We should not resort to blows here." - Wolfgang Schaeuble said in his first speech to the Bundestag, after being elected its president
Tusk: Discussed with @Dragan_Covic of Bosnia and Herzegovina the need to focus on reforms and find cross-party consensus on electoral reform
Philippines, Russia sign military-technical cooperation agreement
Protests called after Porto court agrees woman's adultery was factor in attack
I look forward to working with you to further strengthen NATO - Bosnia and Herzegovina co-operation - NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg
The Defence Review agreed with Bosnia last year was an important step forward, the focus now should be on implementation - NATO secretary general @jensstoltenberg
It is important that all political leaders work together, for the benefit of all people. NATO is here to support Bosnia - @jensstoltenberg
I welcome the progress made by Bosnia in registering defence properties to the state and encourage continuous efforts - NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg
I know Bosnia’s important contributions in the fight against terrorism: in Afghanistan @ResoluteSupport and in various @UN peacekeeping missions – Stoltenberg
NATO’s partnership with Bosnia and Herzegovina helps spread security beyond Europe’s borders - @jensstoltenberg
Sisi: We are keen on human rights in Egypt, but we will not allow the spread of terror
Macron: We believe in the sovereignty of the Egyptian government and we will not teach the ruler of any country
Kyiv Metro claims about cyberattack on their infrastructure
Macron: We seek to maintain stability and independence in Syria and reach a political solution
Macron: I hope that the parties in Libya will work with the United Nations envoy to organize stable elections
General staff: there are about six thousand military of the Russian Federation left In Belarus
Now Press conference of President Sisi and his French counterpart in Paris
Now Press conference of President Sisi and his French counterpart in Paris
Turkey says doesn't want Greece to become 'safe haven' for coup plotters
Kyiv metro: bank cards not working to pay for services
New cyberattack ongoing - Ukrainian ministry of Infrastructure, Odesa airport, intranet of Interfax in Russia
Azerbaijan and Iran have discussed questions of military cooperation
Sweden issues weather warning for snow and strong winds
Russia's lack of transparency in Zapad-2017 will be raised at Thursday's NATO-russia council – says @USAmbNATO
With @1stAirCavBDE mobility of troops in Europe is a challenge NATO @USAmbNATO says
Catalonia vows to appeal the invoking of Article155 in Constitutional Court
Russia's prosecutor-general Yuri Chaika asks US attorney general to open a criminal case against Bill Browder.
[email protected] Hutchison meets US Army @1stAirCavBDE at Chèvres air base as they head to Germany for Atlantic resolve
Austria far-right party agrees to hold govt coalition talks
Parliamentary controversy neccessary, but sticking to rules, accepting outcome, says new President of Bundestag, Wolfgang Schäuble
Ukraine has denied asylum for Saakashvili, now he can be deported
German CDU candidate Wolfgang Schäuble has become German next President after winning an outright majority in the parliament vote
French president says it is up to the UK to come up with concrete proposals on Irish and British border issues during Brexit talks
UK ambassador to Somalia @Aynte resigns citing personal issues
German bank regulator urges EU to be ready for Brexit cliff edge
The NATO-Russia Council will meet on 26 October, followed by a press point by NATO Secretary general @jensstoltenberg
Sobchak: Due to international law Crimea is Ukraine
Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev to visit China from October 31 to November 2 at the invitation of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang
Mother of a man from Bournemouth who had been fighting I.S. in Syria confirms he has been killed while clearing the captured city of Raqqa
Minute of silence for murdered Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana in European Parliament
Crimea. Almost 70% of Sevastopol today was without of power due to another extraordinary accident
Polish PM confirms cabinet reshuffle “within a dozen or so days”
Ksenia Sobchak's campaign chief is Igor Malashenko, who led Boris Yeltsin's presidential campaign in 1996.
Sobchak: I am going to try to get Navalny registered, he has done everything for this.
"We have broken our promises, violated the Budapest Memorandum" - Ksenia Sobchak at the press conference telling about the Crimea, about political prisoners
Sobchak: "From the point of view of international law Crimea is Ukraine. Period."
High Court in Catalonia confirms there are several preliminary investigations open into police actions or violence on October 1.
ATO spox: Pro-Russian militants committed a total of 22 ceasefire violations yesterday. One Ukrainian serviceman was wounded in action.
ATO spox: Mariupol sector – militants mortared Shyrokyne, attacked Vodiane, Starohnativka, and Maryinka areas.
ATO spox: Luhansk sector – militants committed four ceasefire violations at Krymske, Novozvanivka, Popasna, and Novooleksandrivka.
ATO spox: Russian proxies almost doubled the number of ceasefire violations yesterday, and used Minsk-proscribed 82mm mortars twice.
China frees jailed Swedish dissident book publisher Gui Minhai - Sweden says
HMS Dragon arriving in Gibraltar this morning. Photo @key2med
Criminal case opened after someone shot through the window of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin's elite apartment.
Doctors helping Kohanivsky as he felt bad
Austrian PM seeks coalition talks with far-right FPOe
About 600 000 people in Crimea is without power since morning
Michel Barnier warns UK: You'll get Canada-style trade deal with EU
30 supporters of Kohanivsky were detained - police
USAF RQ4 Global Hawk UAV 24hrs on - Heading over Poland at 51,000ft
Germany's ambassador to Pakistan @KoblerinPAK celebrates Diwali with Rawalpindi's Hindu community
The Finance Ministry has asked Medvedev to allow the Central Bank and the government to impose severe foreign exchange restrictions in a crisis
Police deblocked and detained barricaded Kohanivsky and his supporters
Former Russian Defence Ministry captain who joined ISIS on a fake Tajik passport may have done it because of debt for BMW X5, it's reported.
Reporter of Hromadske.Ua was beaten, his camera broken by law enforcement officers
Two rooms are still blocked in the Svyatoshinsky court of Kyiv. Mykola Kohanivsky is inside
Inside barricaded court in Kyiv in the morning
Jens Stoltenberg: Global problems need global solutions. The @UN is an arena for problem-solving and an actor that plays a vital role in many conflicts
Poland's PM Szydlo expects changes in government within weeks
22 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded
The leader of the "OUN" Mykola Kohanivsky and MP Ihor Mosiychuk in the hall of Svyatoshinsky court
MP Moseychuk and MP Ihor Lutsenko entered court, situation outside is calm - massive emergency services response. Many police
Bill Browder: My ESTA (US visa waiver) was restored. I successfully checked into a US flight. Now we need to fix bogus Interpol arrest warrant
Firefighters and ambulances outside the Svyatoshinsky court
Irregular situation at Svyatoshinskiy court in Kyiv, where OUN leader Kohanivskiy is under trial - his supporters clashes with police, stormed the building
@CustomsBorder says Putin critic @Billbrowder is cleared for travel to the US- Browder told @VOANews he cannot travel anywhere
Russia fired Bastion and Bal anti-ship missiles as part of training in Crimea
Egypt's Sisi discussed today military cooperation, 'war on terrorism' with France defence minister
Oleg Deripaska, EN+ and the first Russian IPO in London since Crimea and sanctions began in 2014 on the front of tomorrow’s FT
"Free Sentsov" banner by @pussyrrriot at Trump Tower
Brussels supports the measures of 155 article because they are part of the constitutional order of Spain
South Military District: Russian serviceman shot dead his comrade after shot dead himself in Armenia
Russian state TV presenter Soloviev says Felgengauer's attacker was "not pro state" and says he was always against personal smear campaigns
@StateDept responds to outrage that @Billbrowder's visa has been revoked-saying the Department of Homeland Security is responsible
Germania expels 18 people from the Army for right-wing extremism
EU offers $124 million in humanitarian aid for Sudan
2 Ukrainian citizens lost in Rostov-on-Don while traveling from Georgia
Moscow is ready to resume cooperation with Tiraspol
ANO movement (Babis) rule out a possibility to create govt with extreme right wing SPD (Okamura) - Czech Press Agency
Security service of Ukraine denied fake reports about foiled assassination attempt on President
During a phone conversation late this evening, President Barzani and President Macron exchanged views on the current situation in Kurdistan. The French President stressed on the importance of dialogue and his efforts in this direction will continue.
Ussuriysk, Primorsky Krai, Russia: Airborne Brigades are undergoing tactical exercises 190+- kilometers from the North Korean Border.
Hackers have targeted a high profile plastic surgeon in London. Celebrity customers; provided photos of surgery
Reuters: Widow of Russian major killed in Syria battles for compensation
[email protected] and @SenatorCardin call on DHS to “expedite an immediate review of the decision to revoke Mr. Browder’s visa.”
Prominent Putin critic @billbrowder says he is banned from traveling anywhere based on Russia’s illegitimate Interpol notice.
EU Commissioner Sir Julian King warns tech firms over extremist content
“You cannot just hope that at some point they’ll be nice guys" fmr SecDef Panetta says of Russia
“It means drawing lines… and then you have to stick to those lines” warns Panetta re Russia, adds right now @POTUS doing “Not so good"
As for Putin Moscow, US facing “new chapter of the Cold War with Russia” per former SecDef Leon Panetta
UK parliament to vote on Brexit deal before European parliament - May
Chechnya: Officer of Russian National guard killed 4 own servicemen and was shot dead by other guards
The fighter of Rosgvardia shot four of his colleagues in Chechnya
Tusk: Congratulations @AbeShinzo. A strong mandate to cooperate on free, fair trade and rules-based international order
The Labour Party is divided on Brexit but came to an agreement over the summer says Sir @Keir_Starmer
Poland will increase defence spending from current 2% to 2.5% GDP by 2030
UK PM May says she is 'ambitious and positive' about Brexit talks
MFA Russia: We call upon Ukraine, Poland to stamp out vandalism, prevent damage to Soviet war monuments and military gravesites
Juncker says U.K. must agree on divorce bill before trade talks
Czech president to ask election winner Babis to lead govt talks
TEYNHAM update: Serious collision said to involve a DPD transit van and train at a level crossing in Teynham. Pic John Ives
Rio police accidentally shoot dead Spanish tourist in favela: police #Rocinha
Nothing confirmed on a possible @POTUS-Putin meeting on sidelines @APEC summit in Danang, Vietnam.
Leaflets in Luhansk mocking Putin and Plotnitsky
Pro-democracy protesters try to disrupt Orban speech
Accident in Murmansk leaves 100,000 people without electricity.
We have started to train an additional 400 Peshmerga troops: Germany Defense Ministry Spokesman
Germany Defense Ministry Spox confirms Peshmerga have not used German weapons against Iranian-backed Hashd al-Shaabi. (the @bundeswehrInfo spox said "keine gesicherten Erkenntnisse", so "no verified knowledge", whether or not GER weapons were used)
Chief of border guards service Slobodian suggests that the FSB information about the shooting on the border is fake
Russian prosecutors are now claiming that Sergei Magnitsky was actually murdered by Bill Browder.
Tania Felgengauer's condition is said to be serious, surgery is still going on.
Fidesz supporters gathering for Orban's 1956 anniversary speech. Average age 60+
EU carries out new antitrust raids on German carmakers: commission
Cache of ammunition and explosives was found near Mariupol
Justin Trudeau: Next week, I'll meet with Prime Minister @VGroysman in Ottawa to talk about trade and the Canada-Ukraine relationship
Puigdemont will only be able to go to the Senate on Thursday afternoon
The speaker of Parliament Andrian Candu will sign decree on appointment Mindef Eugene Sturzy instead of Dodon
The Civil Guard detains eleven children integrated into a criminal organization in Valencia
Trump says nobody asked him to participate in Russia probe interview - reports
Russian FSB says they have detained Ukrainian citizen who opened fire on them in Kursk region
EU states fail to agree reform of labor rules sought by France's Macron
First official train service to connect Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia [the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project] will start on Oct. 30
Russian Lifenews reporting shootout with "heavily armed Ukrainian citizen" on Russia-Ukraine border
Video: Night clashes near Avdiivka
Identitarian Activists Unfurl Giant 'Defend London, Stop Islamisation' Banner on Westminster Bridge
A second regiment of S-400 handed over to the army. "Almaz-Antey" has said that the acceptance tests have passed successfully
Russia's leading news radio station says its deputy editor-in-chief has been stabbed in the neck by an unknown attacker
UK says our democracy is secure after suggestion of foreign meddling in Brexit
Again searches this morning in Crimea
President @AndrzejDuda signed a law raising defense spending
European Commission says use of Article 155 measures "within Spanish constitutional order".
GCHQ foils Northern Ireland cyber attack - ‘hostile foreign states’ target our infrastructure
Tanya Felgengauer, well-known journalist whose throat has been slashed by attackers at Ekho Moskvy. Life not said to be threatened.
ATO spox: Ukrainian team won 10 medals at 42nd US Marine Corps Marathon.
France FM: “glimmer of hope” in Libya; pleased with headway made by UN-backd negotiations in Tunis. “Haftar will have a role in new govt.”
ATO spox: President Poroshenko visited the frontline, met the citizens living along the contact line and awarded over 30 servicemen.
ATO spox: Russian proxies committed a total of 12 ceasefire violations yesterday, UAF returned fire in 8 cases. Two UA servicemen were WIA.
ATO spox: Mariupol sector – four ceasefire violations recorded near Vodiane, Shyrokyne, and Starohnativka.
ATO spox: Luhansk sector – Russian proxies committed three ceasefire violations, used Minsk-proscribed 82mm mortars against Krymske.
An Azerbaijani serviceman has died today from the wounds sustained as a result of shelling by Armenia, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence (MoD) has reported. It has counted 123 bombardments from the Armenian side for the past 24 hours
The Azerbaijani side violated the agreement about the reduction of tensions on the contact line of troops, said today the defense Ministry of Nagorno-Karabakh
Merrill Lynch fined $45 million by British regulator for failing to report transactions
MP Leshchenko: Poroshenko ignored all demands in terms of anticorruption measures
«Sisi heads to Paris to discuss bilateral relations between the two countries
Catalan parliament session to respond to article 155 implementation will be held on Thursday
Thousands rally in Malta to demand justice for murdered journalist
Russia accuses Bill Browder of killing Sergei Magnitsky.
Anti-corruption agency NABU held searches in office and house of Odesa mayor Truhanov
Armed man on the loose in Dublin after 'series of incidents'
Now talk nice - EU script to help May settle Brexit bill
As AfD joins Bundestag, thousands protest racism in Berlin
Chief of staff Muzhenko arrived in U.S. for NATO meeting
USAF RQ4 UAV into Ukraine airspace
12 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded
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