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23 กันยายน 2018

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23 y.o man was killed as result of explosion in Kharkiv
Czech PM warns of German AfD. "Today they rant against refugees, tomorrow against Czechs and Poles"
Puigdemont: "unlikely" Catalan police remove ballot boxes next week.
Puigdemont denies a unilateral declaration of independence—without any kind of a referendum—is currently a Catalan government option.
AfD is gaining more and more seats, now at 98
In TV interview, Catalan First Minister, Carles Puigdemont, confirms parliament would declare independence in October if 'yes' wins.
President @KRLS: There will be referendum on 1 October
Spanish MoD says US Secretary of Defense Mattis "supports Spanish state and defence of democracy".
Bosnia Minister of Security Mektić on upcoming NATO exercise in Bosnia: NATO exercise extremely important for BiH
France's conservatives retain Senate majority, Macron party falls short
Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed information that General Asapov was killed in Syria
Dramatic losses for Germany's two biggest parties. Lowest results since 1949
Hundreds of left-wing protesters near AfD election party in Berlin are screaming "All of Berlin hates the AfD"
German jewish council leader Knobloch says AfD result is "a nightmare coming true"
Russian TV used to praise Trump. Tonight it said his comments on North Korea were making "nuclear war in the region increasingly likely."
Italian Air Force Typhoon Crashes During Terracina Airshow Killing Test Pilot
"Nazis out!" chant [email protected] protesters in Berlin. Far-right party to enter Bundestag for the first time with 13.5%
AfD candidate in German elections told me Russian state media propelled their campaign. "They gave us a platform. We love them."
London mayor says Britain should not host President @realDonaldTrump on state visit
Germany's Angela Merkel: I wish we would have done better, but this was a difficult legislative period.
Armenia|n SoF troops in one of the frontline positions in Karabakh
Germany's SPD refuses new coalition with Merkel after vote drubbing
German hard-right AfD wins historic first seats, according to exit polls
Angela Merkel's party wins German general election, according to exit polls
Italian Air Force Typhoon down
"If you look at the full extent," of Russian manipulation of social media, impact on final election result is, "hard to say," says Schiff.
Schiff on Facebook ads: Russian algorithms used to "amplify" wrong information during 2016 elections
"Putin ought to work with us to denulcearize." China has made positive steps, says @SenCoryGardner.
Podemos and other MPs and attendees have now just left the event in Zaragoza
Police and Civil Guard vans and SUVs lined up in front of the Tweety Pie cruise ship in Barcelona
German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier voting today. #BTW17
London ‘acid attack’ injures at least five
Here's the ballot paper. Germans make two choices. "Erststimme" (L) for a candidate and "Zweitstimme" (R) for a party #BTW2017
Far-right AfD's top candidate Gauland: "We have the right to be proud of the accomplishments of German soldiers in two world wars"
Russian newspaper editor quits after owner bans coverage of @navalny rally in Vladivostok. Hundreds if not thousands showed up.
Today 19th election to Bundestag is being held. 61.5 milion eligible to vote. #Germany
#btw17 : overnight traffic on Wahlbetrug ("election fraud"): 5,700 posts. 11% from just one account. 20% from top-10 accounts.
18 attacks on Ukraine positions yesterday, 1 soldier was killed
Suspected mass acid attack around Stratford shopping centre, east London, not believed to be terror related, according to police
France says will consider with partners, particularly in Europe, ways to stop Iran’s destabilizing ballistic missile activity
Emergency situation declared in Berdychiv of Zhitomir region as hail damaged 2000 buildings
Acid attack on train station in Stratford, UK, leaves at least one injured.
Massive police presence in Stratford, London, UK after reports of an acid attack
US Navy USS Porter (DDG-78) visiting Montenegro and its Navy.
Traffic on the hashtag WahlBetrug (i.e. "election fraud") over the past week. Someone's building a narrative.
French service member killed in "combat-related incident" in Middle East today, coalition statement says. No immediate word on location.
French soldier killed in Iraq-Syria military zone, French presidency says
1 Ukrainian soldier KIA today, - was shot dead near Novoolexandrivka of Luhansk region
President Poroshenko: with @cafreeland discussed in detail the development of the situation in Donbas and the status of implementation of the Minsk agreements
Trudeau says government will add Ukraine to list of countries Canada exports weapons to
Mélenchon: the battle is not over, it begins
Catalan politicians are refusing to obey to order on Mossos
The head of the Mossos said the force will not accept coordination by the representative of the Spanish state.
"The Catalan government does not accept this interference from the state", says regional interior minister Forn.
Catalan regional interior minister has also been tweeting out refusal to obey policing orders from Madrid.
Catalan Government Refuses To Hand Over Control Of Catalan Police To Central Government
The government of Catalonia rejects the Spanish government control over the security forces in the province
Video from the area of today's morning attack on "Tashkent" in Donetsk
Video from the area of today's morning attack on Tashkent in Donetsk
In Slavyansk-on-Kuban a man approached a secure facility, shot at National Guard troops and then committed suicide
At the "anti-capitalism 2017" march detained Udaltsov and Limonov
The Spanish state takes control of the Catalan police. The Mossos is now controlled by the Interior Ministry
There is a meeting going on at the public prosecutor's office in Catalonia: Civil Guard, National Police, Mossos, Local Police in Barcelona.
HMS DUNCAN HMS Duncan arriving Portsmouth 23 September 2017.
1 man wounded at explosion at Ryazanskaya Thermal Power Plant in Novomichurinsk
Archer Artillery Systems in action on the motorway E18 - #Aurora18 drill
Swedish Army Strv 122/Leopard 2(S) MBTs during #Aurora17 - By Jimmy Croona / Försvaksmakten
Assasination attempt in Donetsk - "Minister" Timofeev was targeted. In bad condition in hospital. 7 other wounded
Transportation of military vehicle in Makiivka
Unknown location
Military convoy in Belarus on 22 September
2 cars blown up this morning in Donetsk
OSCE reporting about hundreds of tanks and artillery at occupied territories
27 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 1 soldier was wounded
Russian naval auxiliary designed for carrying ammunition Viktor Cherokov being pulled by tug Viktor Konetskiy to Black Sea.
[email protected]: "By the way folks, just in case you're curious, no, Russia did not help me."
Grenade exploded in Odesa. Building damaged, no casualties. Police on the scene
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