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21 กันยายน 2018

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Russia's state TV lies that Mattis "annexed all of Ukraine" by referring to it as "our country." In reality, he said "THEIR country."
Russia should withdraw its troops from Donbass - Kurt Volker
Out-of-control dumping of water at Nizhne-Bureyskaya Hydro-Power station
Activist Ivan Skripnichenko died, whose nose was broken near the memorial on the site of the death of Nemtsov
Spain Barcelona - 95th issue of AlNaba comes with an infographic on last week's attacks. Fanboys call it a "blessed operation".
US Soldiers conducting an Air Assault Exercise at the 7th Army Training Command's Grafenwoehr Training Area, Germany, Aug. 24, 2017.
Car from the column of @NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg got into road accident in Warsaw
[email protected]: Reduction in @USEmbRu staff hurts Russian citizens. Russian Government knew the impact these staff cuts would have.
Military echelon in Rostov of Yaroslavl region
Two banks in Crimea have been cut off from SWIFT
Russia handed over additional radar data on the crash of MH17 to investigation team
PARIS: Explosion followed by a fire in a building on rue Brancion, in the 15th arrondissement of the capital.
#Macierewicz: Poland is on the side of Ukraine because it defends Europe. Without Ukraine Europe will not wholesome
Man (Israeli citizen) armed with a knife and a gun arrested near a permonfance venue in Warsaw Poland
Monument to ATO heroes was vandalized in Kyiv
US Navy C-37B 43,000ft over Azerbaijan
Poland Warsaw - Important detail: the arrest happened near a venue where Allah-Las will be holding their performance tonight.
Poland Warsaw - Man armed with a knife and a gun arrested. Allegedly an Arab looking man.
Putin met with Medvedchuk last week
In Surgut, at least 10 people were detained on suspicion of involvement in the attack on passers-by on August 19, two detained natives of Dagestan were charged with complicity in the terrorist attack
French Army increases intensity of artillery missions compared to the last weeks 09/08 - 15/08 : 13; 03/08 - 09/08 : 9; 26/07 - 01/08 : 6
The Ministry of Defense of Abkhazia promised to remove the military warehouses from the settlements
The Director of the Azerbaijani news Agency Turan Mehman Aliyev, detained in Baku
Police opened criminal case "Assasination attempt" after explosion in Central Kyiv
Сar of the Office of Government Protection carrying the former President Lech Wałęsa had a collision with another vehicle.
Car of Government protection agency involved in road accident
[email protected] head James Mattis next to @Ukraine's President, says US and Ukraine creating "lasting security partnership."
"Have no doubt. The United States stands with Ukraine in all things" SecDef Mattis tells Poroshenko "We support you in the face of threats"
@DeptofDefense Sec Jim Mattis says visit to Ukraine "a reminder to me as an American not to take something for granted" re freedom
"This is a day that is going to live long in my memory" per SecDef Mattis "the feel the refreshing sense of freedom" In Ukraine
US support for sovereignty,territorial integrity of Ukraine "clear cut position" per President Poroshenko in news conference with SecDef Mattis
Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko thanks @DeptofDefense Sec. Jim Mattis "for the clear support from the US administration"
Russia issues 4th Interpol Red Notice arrest warrant request for Bill Browder
Two people were killed in a wildfire in the Volgograd region
Albania - Albanian police heighten security against terrorist threat
Mattis in Kyiv: "We do not, and we will not, accept Russia's seizure of the Crimea"
A woman badly injured, and a man injured in the head as result of explosion in central Kyiv
A woman badly injured, and a man injured in the head as result of explosion in central Kyiv
2 people (man and woman) wounded in explosion on Kyiv's central Hrushevskoho Street, police say. Cause still unknown.
Reports of 2 wounded in explosion at Hrushevskogo street
Police is cordoning off Government blocks after reports of explosion
Police detained a man suspected in deadly shooting yesterday evening in Kyiv
Police detained a man suspected in deadly shooting yesterday evening in Kyiv
North Korea opens 1st tourist agency in Russia, promising its nuclear forces "guarantee safety and peace" for visitors
Poroshenko: at the occupied Donbass there is about 3 thousand Russian military, and armed fighters - 39 thousand
Spanish gave 'concrete information' of possible concert attack: Rotterdam police
Pentagon chief says Russia sanctions won't change until Moscow honours Minsk pact
Ukraine's National Guard gears up for information war with this "Mobile information and psychological support machine"
US Sec Def Mattis says US is actively looking at sending weapons to Ukraine. Says wouldn't be provocative
Minister of defense of Poland @Macierewicz_A paid tribute to the "Heaven Hundred"
Poroshenko: We have discussed international peacekeeping mission at Donbas
President Poroshenko and SecDef Mattis discussed questions of countering of Russian aggression
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia today: "Egypt's foreign policy is derived from the principles and rules stable in international law and has its roots in the history of civilized Egypt"
Belarusian volunteers on the March in the independence Day of Ukraine
Moscow expects soon to sign with Qatar a military-technical cooperation - Russian Ambassador
CTO government lifted in Ingush village of Psedakh
US Defense Secretary Mattis, Ukraine's president Poroshenko, US Special Envoy Volker, Amb Yovanovitch
Russia’s ambassador to UN about Moldova’s request: The reintegration process will not be a peaceful one
The Liberals gave Dodon a Medal "The Traitor of the Nation". Ceban: "Put it in Ghimpu's throat"
President Poroshenko welcomes SecDef Mattis in Ukraine
83 percent of Russians are happy with Putin's work as president - Levada Centre.
Finnish Army, Navy and Air Force to participate in exercise #AURORA17 in Sweden
Zakharova: We are following the ongoing discussion in Japan for several years about the possibility of buying US missile defense complexes from the United States
8 people are missing after a rock-slide in the Swiss village of Bondo, Kanton Graubünden. Search and rescue operation underway.
Moldovan troops at parade in Kyiv
Zakharova: Russia does not interfere in the affairs of other states in any way, and moreover has nothing to do with the results of the elections in the United States
Netherlands Amsterdam - Hand grenade found. Bomb squad will defuse and take it away.
Bust of Zhukov in Odesa was removed
Another Hero of Ukraine medal is awarded posthumously to the son of a fallen hero
Netherlands Amsterdam - Possible explosives found. Amstelstraat and Blauwbrug sealed off.
Polish Minister @Macierewicz_A
Ukrainian partners at the parade in Kyiv
U.S. Secretary of Defense Mattis at parade in Kyiv
OSCE Representative urges Interpol to carefully consider arrest warrant requests from Turkey
Military parade for Independence Day is about to begin in Kyiv
Border Service: 2 columns of 53 RU trucks illegally crossed UA border heading Luhansk, Donetsk. Closed boxes inside
2 Ukrainian activists were detained in Simferopol
Turkey delegation headed by defense minister @nurettincanikli to take part in military parade in Kyiv
Azerbaijan announced 139 ceasefire violations by Armenia
Eastern Ukraine: 1 soldier was wounded in clashes yesterday. Total 18 attacks
Counterterrorism official says van detained in Dutch city not connected to recent vehicle attacks in Spain
Police in Rotterdam say no explosives were found in the commercial vehicle near venue of cancelled concert.
It's propaganda
Ex-MP of Ukraine, pro-Russian, Tsaryov: arrival of Mattis in Kyiv means U.S bids on war!
Man shot dead in Central Kyiv. 2 suspected assassins on the loose
Poland asks EU to drop legal case against Warsaw over migrant quotas
Firefighters are tackling a huge blaze engulfing a Poundland shop and the flats in East London
Explosive Ordnance Disposal from Dutch Ministry of Defence is on the scene
Rock band Allah-Las' Rotterdam show cancelled due to threat
Spanish van at Mijnsherenlaan. Driver was brought to police station
Van with gas cannisters found near concert venue in Rotterdam after tip from Spanish police, mayor says
London fire brigade says 15 fire engines and 97 firefighters and officers tackling blaze in a discount store on Old Church Road in Chingford
OSCE SMM Chief Monitor Ertugrul Apakan welcomes recommitment to ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.
The Azerbaijani army conducted air exercises in Nakhichevan
New ISIS propaganda video features 2 ISIS fighters speaking Spanish. This is first time ISIS featured Spanish-speaking fighters in its official media.
5 days after Barcelona Attack, ISIS releases a video praising attackers and urging for more
[email protected]: Not arrested. I am out of Russia last two weeks
It's confirmed information
[Fake - Denied by @Saleksashenko] Another Kremlin critic reportedly arrested - this time dissident economist and @BrookingsInst expert @Saleksashenko
SecDef Mattis has arrived in Kyiv
2 US B-1 bombers and a B-52 now in U.K. for exercises in Slovakia, Poland, and Czech Rep. over next 3 weeks
The head of the SBU has supported the introduction of a visa regime with Russia
In Dnipro city the SBU detained senior investigator of regional management of police on a bribe
Russian media report that an IT specialist Nikita Saburing who developed systems for Ministry of Defence was found dead in Tver
Hrytsak: SBU has a lot of materials about preparing provocations on Independence Day
The firefighters try to stabilize a fire next to the National Park of Ordesa that already has burned more than 50 hectares
Video "all you need to know about Zapad-2017" maneuvers in Belorussian
Video all you need to know about Zapad-2017 maneuvers in Belorussian
Finnish police arrests 2 new suspects over Turku knife attack
Pantsyr S-1 from video of 20 Feb 2015 geolocated near Hartsys'k
Pantsyr S-1 from video of 20 Feb 2015 geolocated near Hartsys'k
Chants of "shame" from the street as Serebrennikov given two months house arrest in controversial fraud trial with political undertones.
Russia closely monitors deployment of US missile defenses in Japan -Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov.
Turkish President Erdoğan recevies U. S secretary of Defence James Mattis.
Russian Ministry of Defense Shoigu says the civil war in Syria has ended
French Foreign Ministry says France shares determination of Afghan authorities and allies to fight terrorism in Afghanistan
Ukrainian "Flag day" in Sevastopol'
People chant "Freedom!" outside court where a judge is deciding whether Kirill Serebrennikov will get bail, house arrest or jail.
Malware dropped from the Crystal Finance Millennium website appears to be a variant of the Purgen ransomware for Ukraine
YPG hold ceremony for Armenian Nubar Ozanyan, killed in Raqqa
UK Govt paper says "withdrawal will mean UK and EU will have own autonomous legal orders" and "bring about an end to direct jurisdiction of ECJ"
The UK Government has published policy papers detailing its position on the UK's relationship with the European Court of Justice
TASS: Kseniya Sobchak testified for Serebrennikov. She considers the case "completely unjust".
Hartford: police are investigating a shooting at a motel on Weston Street. One man was injured
Ukrainian chief of staff sends 2 monitors to watch joint Russia-Belarus drills on 16-20 September
Minsk ceasefire contact group meeting started
Explosive device was found at the bridge in Ivano-Frankivsk region
Chief of Staff of Russia Gerasimov arrived at area of drills of Russia and Belarus
The Prime Minister Theresa May says the Supreme Court will be the "ultimate arbiter " of UK law after Brexit
The Metropolitan Police says one of the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire has been formally identified as 50-year-old Ernie Vital
ATO spox: Over the previous day of hostilities, UAF incurred no combat fatalities, 4 servicemen were wounded
Colonel Motuzyanyk: Yesterday, 10 cease-fire violations were registered in the Mariupol sector, 7 of them were with heavy arms
ATO spokesperson: In the evening, invaders opened fire with 122 mm artillery against Hnutove, Vodiane and Talakivka
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: Immediately after midnight Russian proxies opened mortar fire at Marinka, having discharged 20 mortar bombs
Colonel Motuzyanyk: Donetsk sector: Russian proxies engaged UAF positions in Svitlodarsk, Zaitseve and Avdiivka area with mortars
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, 7 cease-fire violations, including 4 with heavy arms, were registered in the Luhansk sector
Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Luhansk sector: Russia-backed militants opened mortar fire against UAF positions in Popasna area
NATO SNMG1 ships train with Danish Task Group in Kattegat
Shoigu discussed fighting with Daesh with Lebanon minister of Defense at Armiya2017 forum
Spain Alcanar - Inside the remains of the exploded house, police found acetone (500 liters), peroxide
Chechnya's strongman Kadyrov forced nearly 1000 divorced couples to reconcile. He is planning to work on another 4000 more.
Court on Serebrennikov: Police is urging people to leave the road
Ongoing refugee evacuation in #Roma, camped at Piazza Indipendenza
Loud shout 'Kirill!' from supporters as theatre director Serebrennikov led into Moscow court
Kirill Serebrennikov is now in a cage in the courtroom
Meeting of Putin and Netanyahu began in Sochi
Journalist Leonid Parfenov: "I came for Kirill, for myself and because you can't stay at home when all this is happening."
Ambassador of Ukraine in Cairo: Egypt is a pivotal country in the region and we support President Al-Sisi
Sergei Shoigu visited the statistical aviation exposition at the ARMYA2017 forum in Kubinka
Viktor Shenderovich: Arrest of Serebrennikov is a clear signal of the start of Putin's re-election campaign, no fame will save anyone.
Poroshenko: Crimean activist Baluha will be free, and Crimea will
Fire at Georgian National Park breaks out with renewed vigour
"We are living in a completely irrational situation" says writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya outside court where Kirill Serebrennikov is to appear.
US embassy in Moscow says that if Russians don't like waiting, they could try getting a US visa in another country.
Three new Russian Su-30SM enroute Kaliningrad. Increase total to six Su-30SM. Side numbers 70 through 75
Law and Justice will not remove Lech Wałęsa from the history. We are solidifying the former president and historical leader of Solidarity - @AndrzejHalicki
Russia has moved MIG-31BM interceptors to the Khalino airbase 200km from Ukraine to support Mig-29SMT rgmt. Southern MD has C2 network act
Crews are currently investigating a fire alert on the Docklands Light Railway at Bank station.
Today's message from F06 ID 00052 had 07:20 Moscow Time today in its encrypted timestamp
Rally at RF Embassy in Kyiv demands to release all detained and kidnapped Crimeans
In treason case involving Kaspersky Lab employee and FSB officers, lawyer denies they gave information on Russian hackers to United States.
In Psedakh, Ingushetia, Russian security serviced held a CTO killing 4 alleged Islamist militants
Fighting with a disaster: Evacuated 39 people, a big fire on Mljet
28 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 4 soldiers were wounded
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