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17 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Generals of Russian army- commanders in East Ukraine promoted by Putin's order of 11/06 No 276.
Turkey's FM Çavuşoğlu says Brexit reflects EU's unsuccesful policies on 'integration, expansion', security and economy. #Brexit"
Spain: "British Refugees Welcome"
People in Avdiivka falling asleep to the sound of this tonight. #ukraine
Obama told Cameron of his regret at decision to step aside: "trusted partner and friend, whose counsel highly valued."
Cameron spoke not just to Obama but EU's Tusk and Juncker, Merkel, Hollande, Renzi, Enda Kenny & Dutch PM Mark Rutte.
Russian militants training children at Donbas
Russian militants training children at Donbas
Ex-MP of Russian Duma Ilya Ponomarev got live permission in Ukraine
Avdiivka: incoming hits in Industrial zone with mortars and 152mm artillery
EU referendum: Martin McGuiness calls for referendum on united Ireland
German finance ministry says there are concerns France, Austria, Finland, Netherlands and Hungary could follow UK's lead in leaving #EUref
Poroshenko visited "The Bridge Republic"
Poroshenko visited The Bridge Republic
Readout from Secretary Carter's Call with UK State Secretary for Defense Michael Fallon
[email protected]_Sea: This clip shows how dangerous a rescue at sea can be. SAR saves lives but only SAFEPASSAGE will end deaths at sea.
[email protected]: We are off now to an Irish pub to get decently drunk. And from tomorrow on we will again work for a better Europe! Promised #EURef
Yesterday 1139 people rescued by @MSF_Sea
Jean-Claude Juncker says he wants to begin negotiating UK's departure from EU immediately and there is no need to wait until October #EUref
Trump interrupted by protester with swastika golf balls
Police say they have identified the Viernheim gunman as the German Italian Sabino M. (19) from Mannheim
Protest again new law on terrorism in St.Petersburg
Governior of Kirov region of Russia @NikitaBelyh after arrest
German Finance Ministry Estimates German Contribution To EU Budget Could Rise By 3 Bln Euro Following Brexit- @reuters
Iran Sees Brexit And The Potential Collapse Of The EU As Historic Opportunity
Governior of Kirov region of Russia Nikita Belyh detained in Moscow for EURO 400K bribe
The @OSCE_SMM spotted 4 Ukrainian army MLRS systems, 20 km too close to the front, acc. to Minsk
President Poroshenko on frontline signed decree of demobilization of "5th wave"
Maryinka: shooting all the day, no internet connection, fighting intensifies in the evening
Belarus, Grodno: Funeral of military who was killed in Syria
The tanks and motorized infantry of the WMD destroyed the imaginary enemy in the excercises near Nizhny Novgorod
[email protected] medical team keeps soldiers fighting fit in Poland during #opREASSURANCE
The New Yorker: British Lose Right To Claim That Americans Are Dumber
Heavy storm in Germany
Donetsk council issued decree on nationalization
It's simply "ridiculous" to wait implementation of the Minsk agreements From Russia - Putin
Dow down 538 points 3 minutes after opening bell
Hug: Surface-2-air missile and an anti-aircraft gun near “DPR”-ctrl Korsun day b4 SMM UAV downed in same place.
OSCE SMM: Sides shooting at OSCE SMM UAVs – UAF shooting near Stanytsia Luhanska on 17 May.
OSCE Monitors caught in mortar fire in government controlled Vodiane on Wednesday.
The so-called “DPR” shooting at OSCE SMM UAV near Dolomitne on 21 May
Photo: Donbas militants commanders Zaharchenko and one-eyed Motorola
Hug: Upsurge in violence E and NE of Mariupol – 10% of total CFVs there. Worst in 10 weeks
Morgan Stanley says it's begun a process to relocate 2,000 key Investment banking staff from London to either Dublin or Frankfurt
Putin says #Brexit reflects unhappiness with migration and security worries
The recovery of the production of "Kolchuga" is one of our priorities - Turchynov
The recovery of the production of Kolchuga is one of our priorities - Turchynov
Donetsk: Abakumova last night
G7 warns of 'adverse implications' from Brexit-linked market volatility
Comedian Lee Nelson interrupts Donald Trump event in Scotland, handing out swastika-emblazoned golf balls #EUref
Combat pilots' graduation: > 200 flight hours. The first time since the independence of Ukrain
Ukraine and EU will hold consultations on #Brexit soon
4 paratroopers of Defense paratroopers school landed in Hofvijver
Anti-Trump protest in Turnberry
Putin signed a law on news aggregators
Angela Merkel urges EU leaders to maintain CLOSE relations with UK in wake of Brexit
MPs table motion of no confidence in leader of UK Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn after Brexit campaign
2 British members of parliament table motion of no confidence in Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn after Brexit vote
[email protected] preparing ground for second independence #Brexit #indyref2
Merkel warns EU against 'quick and simple' reactions to Brexit
Nicola Sturgeon press-cnference w/o Great Britain flag
Sturgeon says intends to take 'all possible steps' to secure Scotland's continuing place in the European Union
Scottish leader Sturgeon says Scotland voted to remain in the EU, calls Brexit for Scotland "democratically unacceptable"
"There will be no renegotiation. There will be no renegotiation" says @JunckerEU. Calls on UK to get on with it and start the leaving process
Grenade exploded in private house in Dnipro city, no wounded
Polish opposition wants ruling PiS to say it will never back a referendum on Polxit.
'No need for haste' on pulling Britain out of EU: Johnson
Fringe politicians and movements in Poland holding a meeting in an hour to discuss plans to call for an EU membership referendum here #polexit
France Pres Hollande says: we face a great danger of populism #Brexit
President Petro @Poroshenko on #Brexit
Boris Johnson: "There is no need to invoke article 50."
Fox News "UK voted to leave UN"
Ukraine UAH vs UK GBP
EU chiefs say Britain must start exit process 'as soon as possible'
United Ireland referendum vital after Brexit result
Cache with RPO-A Schmel was found near Siversky Donets river
Airplanes in Chuhuiv, piloted by Kozhedub University graduates
East Ukraine's Donetsk Zakharchenko: "I congratulate the people of Britain. You did what we did two years ago." #Brexit
EU Referendum and National Identity of Northern Ireland
Col. Lysenko: Artillerists of NGU performed firing training at the fire range near Kyiv
Airshow beginning at Chuhuiv airfield
ATO spox: Yesterday, UA Armed Forces did not incur any casualties, 5 UA servicemen were wounded in action
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, RU transported 160 tons of ammo and 100 tons of fuel to Krasnodon
Col. Lysenko: Donetsk sector: hotspots: Horlivka outskirts, Avdiyivka
Donald Trump on Brexit: I hope America is watching. #EUref
Exposion in central Donetsk, IED about 1 hour ago near the regional hospital
Exposion in central Donetsk, IED  about 1 hour ago near the regional hospital
Crews lining up for Merkel presser on Brexit
German FM Franz Walter Steinmeier in Luxembourg: This is a bitter day for Europe
Marine Le Pen begins victory Brexit press conference with 'warm' congrats to 'brave' Boris Johnson and Leave campaign
The Duma has just voted to adopt both packages of anti-terrorist amendments
Serbia Radicals leader Vojislav Šešelj tweets 'English have driven a stake into the heart of the corpse of the EU'
Operational Environment in E. Ukraine as of June 24, 2016, 00:00
Office of tour firm that sent people to Crimea was set on fire
Loud blast heard in Donetsk, smoke seen over airport area
Dutch PM Mark Rutte: out vote "must be stimulus for more reform in Europe" and decision appears "irreversible" but process may take long time
Donald Trump, arriving in Scotland to visit his golf course, calls Brexit a “great thing”
Tony Blair is close to tears: "For me this is a very, very sad day."
Swiss National Bank intervened in the currency market this morning to stabilize the franc
'I'll go before the autumn.' Watch David Cameron's full resignation speech
Former EU Commission President Romano Prodi tells Sky News the EU will survive; but warns "a few days of heavy storm" as a result of Brexit
Boris Johnson is "greeted" by crowd
Zagreb's powerful, long-serving mayor Milan Bandić declares he'll enter race to become Croatia's prime minister
Trump says Brexit is 'fantastic' in Scotland
Putin: SCO needs to counter terrorism emanating from Afghanistan
Boris leaves his house to crowds shouting 'scum' #EUref
US bank JPMorgan says UK jobs could move abroad
[email protected]: "A great thing" that people of the UK have "taken back their country" as he arrived at his golf resort in Scotland #EUref
Moscow's Mayor upbeat about Brexit: "Without UK in the EU, there's no one there who'll back sanctions against us so stridently," he tweeted
Trump on BREXIT after arrival in Scotland: "They took back their country and that's a great thing"
secdays Robert Cooper of European Council on Foreign Affairs: Perhaps we should call today's event 'INsecurity Day' given the current mood
Bloke on BBC who voted Out says he is shocked and didn't expect result or Cameron resignation, is now worried about uncertainty
Russia's rep to @OSCE, Andrey Kelin, slips up over NATO's recent exercises: "It's military pleasure, um, uh, pressure."
DonaldTrump says they "took back control of their country. It's a great thing" as he arrives in Ayrshire
Donald Trump arrives at Turnberry
Shadow cabinet meeting at 10am. MPs want them to call on Corbyn to resign
Bank of England 'stands ready to provide' £250bn
MFA Ukraine Klimkin: Now UnitedEurope has to overcome considerable current and further challenges. I see Ukraine playing a significant role in this process.
Putin and Russia have nothing to do with Brexit, Russian MP says. But it was a "personal failure by Barack Obama."
Context. Warsaw Index (WIG) has fallen 6.5%.nnThe largest single-day decline for the Dow was in 2008, when the index fell almost 7%
BOE Carney announces GBP 250 billion liquidity backstop
British PM David Cameron says his successor must launch process to leave EU
Moscow Not Giving Optimistic Forecast For Russian-British Relations Following Brexit Results - Russian Foreign Ministry Source
Dublin stock market down 11% #Brexit
'We now need the same referendum in France and in EU nations': France's Le Pen
#EURef redux: Leave wins 52-48, Prime minister resigning, FTSE down 8% (£160bn value), £ down a record 10% vs $, UK loses AAA rating
UK PM Cameron announces his resignation
Brexit: Spain proposes 'shared sovereignty' over Gibraltar
European stocks plunge after Brexit vote
German stocks plunge 9.94% on Brexit vote
London stock market plunges 7.5% at open
SACEUR visits HQ AIRCOM at Ramstein Air Base, Germany
Spanish stock market index IBEX 35 plummets 1,400 points (16.7%) at open
Highway Alushta-Simferopol burned tour bus. 37 children are safe
Tusk: I have offered an informal meeting of the 27 in the margins of the European Council summit next week
Czech Europe Minister: "Today is the end of the EU as we know it. It is not the end of the EU, but a new beginning."
Farage Says "we Need A Brexit Government"
Chairwoman of United Kingdom Electoral Commission officially declares that Britain has voted to leave the European Union.
Deutsche Bank called -21% in pre-market
50 ceasefire violations by Russian forces yesterday at Donbas
Bank of England says it will take "all necessary steps" to meet responsibilities for monetary and fiscal stability.
[email protected]_Farage tells @susannareid100 it was a 'mistake' for Leave to claim there'd be £350M a week for NHS
Donetsk: Biryuzova 35a - another house was hit
Donetsk: Biryuzova 30 hit
The UK government "can no longer claim to represent" the interests of Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein official says
Dutch parliamentary party leader Geert Weilders calls for Netherlands to hold referendum on its EU membership. #brexit
Ipsos MORI say they've continue polling through the day - now say their final numbers are: Remain 54% Leave 46%
The pound has risen to over $1.50 - the highest level since December
Final opinion poll points to UK staying in EU - AFP
Donetsk: Many salvos from Durna Balka
YouGov 'on the day' poll puts 'In' at 52% and 'Out' at 48% #EUref
Farage says it looks as though "Remain will edge it" but that UKIP isn't going anywhere
Polls close, counting begins in Britain's historic EU vote
Polls close across the United Kingdom after millions vote in historic EU membership referendum
Boris Johnson arrives at polling station in Islington to cast his vote in the #EUreferendum
Hail in Valkenswaard, Netherlands
Two London polling stations closed after flash floods
Donetsk: Launches from North, seems Azotny, north to Durna Balka
Posted today, date unknown Avdiivka outskirts under evening shelling
Posted today, date unknown Avdiivka outskirts under evening shelling
Avdiivka: Intensive incoming shelling in the Industrial zone area
Sterling, global stocks rise as markets bet Britain will remain in EU
Kominternove, Vodyane, Lebedinske - artillery or heavy mortars fighting. Also BMP
Polls for the UK's EU membership referendum close in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar; polls will close across the UK in one hour
Syracuse PD release new video of Otisco St shooting. Officer Kelsey Francemone seen running
Fires in Berre-l'Étang: a man arrested, one year after
France: Dock workers today in the port of Le Havre against labor law reform. #LoiTravail #manif23juin
Ukrainian artillery responding to Russian forces artillery
The BrexitClub with Assange, MIA, Varoufakis and others discussing UK referendum to leave the EU #Brexit
Experts from Egypt , France and US will take #EgyptAirMS804 2 damaged black boxes to Paris-Investigation Committee.
"How was the boating?" ombudsman asks girl who survived storm—14 kids drowned/froze to death
PM Tsipras: Greece and bailout lenders will stop pretending to believe in impossible budget targets
North of Donetsk: Outgoing shelling from Putilovka wood/Butovka/Sheglovka
MFA of Ukraine strongly condemns mortar shelling of @OSCE_SMM in Donetsk region
Wounded Syrian activist Khaled Issa will get treatment in Germany
Two men have been arrested following a security alert outside the US Embassy in London. Armed Police were called to the scene.
Bloke dressed up as a crusader shouting vote leave at Westminster
Volkswagen to pay $10.2 billion to settle claims in emissions-cheating scandal
Moldova police seized uranium during anti-smuggling op.
Armed suspect that was shot dead by SEK special forces was as Local interior minister says "a disturbed man" and not terror related
Yerevan and whole Armenia is preparing for #PopeFrancis arrival
NYPD deploys extra officers to movie theaters in response to scare in Germany
Olympics: 'Clean' Russian athletes can compete in Rio as 'neutrals' - IAAF (AFP)
Riot police guard sushi restaurant and cinema just off Bastille square. Unions gone, only youths left
Several reported injured in shooting at Kinopolis Rhein-Neckar cinema in German town of Viernheim
In Ulyanovsk burning building of ammunition factory
The German interior minister confirms that the attacker in Viernheim Germany is dead
All injuries are believed to be from tear gas and not gun wounds, as of now there are NO fatalities, up to 50 people injured.
Shooting in Viernheim, Germany
Unconfirmed Reports suggest 40 people are being held hostage. Viernheim
German police special force unit SEK arrest the gunman who opened fire in the cinema in Viernheim killing and injuring many people
Reports suggest 25-50 injured in Germany cinema attack. No confirmation yet #Viernheim
GERMANY: According to local media cited by Reuters, between 20 and 50 wounded
The protesters leave the train Station Gare de Lyon
Viernheim, Germany: As many as 25 injured being reported so far, major emergency services response to the area, entire area in lock-down
Several Injured After Armed Man Opens Fire In Cinema In Western German
German media reports an armed man has opened fire in a cinema complex in west Germany
At Lisichansk in the Luhansk region military truck crashed into a post. 1 Fighter killed
At least 1 armed suspect has barricaded himself inside a cinema in Viernheim Germany, multiple victims reported
Labor Protests in France today
London on Brexit day. Storm's comin'
A/S Nuland has arrived in Moscow and is on her way into town for meetings w Russian officials on Minsk implementation.
Zakharova: If the movement of Russian diplomats is restricted in the US, we will take reciprocal action against US diplomats in Russia
Interfax: Duma doesn't find reasons to deploy nuclear weapons in Crimea or Kaliningrad.
The Council of Europe condemns Turkey's call to its citizens abroad to report Erdoğan insults
French police say 85 people have been arrested in Paris ahead of a labour protest
Zakharova: Unfortunately, violence has not ceased in Syria even in the holy month of Ramadan
Turkey says visit by German politicians to İncirlik base ‘not appropriate’
Abbas connects with an ancient European tradition, telling European Parliament the Jews poison the wells.
Abbas connects with an ancient European tradition, telling European Parliament the Jews poison the wells.
"Gun truck" exercises in Krasnodar region of Russia
Ukraine hopes for $1 billion tranche from the IMF – Head of National bank of Ukraine
If Brexit won, the EU would become a fiction – Polish MFA
Reuters: Russia seen putting new nuclear-capable missiles along NATO border by 2019
The Ukrainian army is staging what it called its largest military exercises in modern times
Ammunition cache was found in Zaporizhie
An F/a-18E Super Hornet from VFA-143 of the @USNavy landing on the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75).
Eysk: MANPADS drill
New EU referendum poll puts 'Remain' at 52%
New EU referendum poll puts 'Remain' at 52%
Interpol says seeking 123 suspected human traffickers
ATO spox: Intelligence: Russia moved 2 self-propelled howitzers, 6 IFVs, 6 artillery pieces, 10 trucks to Luhansk
ATO spox: Russia moved so-called 53rd humanitarian convoy to eastern Ukraine. Neither Ukrainian, nor international reps inspected the cargo
ATO spox: SBU detained one militant near Maryinka
ATO spokesperson: SBU deported RU officer, member of JCCC, Volodymyr Cheban, for secret cooperation with militants
ATO spox: Ukrainian troops detected 7 flights of militant drones yesterday
ATO spox: Ukrainian troops detected 7 flights of militant drones yesterday
ATO spox: 1 Ukrainian servicemen KIA, 11 WIA in the last 24 hours
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Yesterday, 1 UA serviceman was KIA, 11 Ukrainian military were wounded in action
ATO spox: Militants fired in Popasna area in Luhansk sec. Fired from 122mm artillery in Kalynove village, 152mm howitzers in Horlivka
ATO spox: Militants targeted residential areas in Avdiivka, Pervomayske, Vodyane. The latter incident recorded by @OSCE_SMM present on site
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants use mortars, heavy artillery. Deployed 300 mines, 160 projectiles. Hostile snipers active too
Volunteer battalions are on rally near Kharkiv region council
16 wounded in road accident in Mariupol
Cover of the British newspaper The Sun
Avdiivka consequences of shelling at the night of June 23rd
#EURef time: polls will close at 10pm
Russian humanitarian convoy was half empty
German government approves expansion of military mission in the Mediterranean
British Prime Minister David Cameron casts his ballot in EU referendum vote
US: Guantanamo detainee Abdel Malik transferred to Montenegro, there are now 79 detainees left
Russian forces during an hour shelling Avdiivka with 120-mm mortars
The flag of Crimean Tatars in Strasbourg as a reminder that Crimea is Ukraine and should be de-occupied asap
OSCE Patrol hit by "pro" russian mortar shelling in governmen controlled Vodyane
Polls open in Britain for referendum on whether the country remains in or leaves the European Union
Polls open in UK's #EUref - voting ends at 21:00 GMT
Solar Impulse 2 lands in Spain after 70-hour transatlantic flight
46 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
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