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22 กันยายน 2018

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Mexico-Poland: @EPN and @AndrzejDuda sign various agreements at the National Palace.
Blackout in Luhansk, no electricity in all districts since midnight
Luhansk, cascade/temporary blackouts, but in general there are electricity - report
Maryinka: volunteer was wounded as result of shelling
Israeli president: Le Pen's Holocaust denial 'disturbing'
Former US ambassador to the United Nations says she's "very sorry" the Obama administration didn't recognize the genocide of Armenians
Putin to spend few days at Valday residence, already arrived
Pavel Kanygin of Novaya Gazeta investigates Sergey Dubinski, and made a forensic analysis of SBU tapes
Demonstration in Budapest: The speakers said the increase in Moscow's influence over Hungary in the past few years was reason for concern
Protestors chanting "Europe!", "Democracy!" at Fidesz HQ
There appear to be more than 100 police surrounding Fidesz HQ, many in riot gear
Marine Le Pen says she's stepping aside as leader of far-right National Front party as she seeks French presidency
Budapest: Anti-Russia influence protest marching to Fidesz HQ
1000 protested against Russian influence in front of the Russian embassy in Budapest. Massive police presence
Novaya Gazeta ordered forensic comparison of voice of alleged MH17 BUK "guardian" from SBU tapes, and RU officer they interviewed. Match.
#MH17: ex-brother-in-arms of Sergey "Khmury" Dubinski, confirmed his voice on SBU recordings
Map of route of tomorrows protest in Belgrade: Karađorđeva - Crnogorska - Gavrila Principa - Balkanska - Nemanjina - Kneza Miloša - Skupština Grada Beograda
“It’s up to the people of France to decide who their next leader is,” says @PressSec.
Tonight protest in Novi Sad, Vojvodina
Demonstrators from Novi Sad tomorrow arrive in Belgrade on #protestnprotivdiktature
#EWB Albanian opposition’s protest ends peacefully, Basha: Unwavering to free and fair elections Albania
Protest "protivdiktature" went to Terazijama
SDSM/DUI candidate for Macedonia Speaker Xhaferi nearly caused an incident at the Parliament protest as he tried to cut in with his car
Among State aid program cuts(USAID): 68.8% cut to Ukraine, 100% cut to Poland
Albanian President grants the Albanian nationality to former rebel commander Ramush Haradinaj
Today is 22nd protest "against dictatorship" in Serbia
Trump budget would gut development assistance and merge the State Department with USAID.
Final French election results show Macron on 24.01%, Le Pen 21.30%
SBU seized MDMA worth $6M in Odesa
Budapest police erect barricades and wall of police vehicles around Russian embassy before protest against Russian influence in Hungary.
RAF sends Typhoons to Romania amid tensions with Russia
#Presidentielle2017 final results - Interior Ministry
13 people injured when out-of-control ferry crashes into concrete port wall in the Canary
Russia is responsible for the casualties among OSCE SMM - NSDC Turchynov
Trump didn't label 1915 Armenian killings as genocide, he used "Meds Yeghern" to describe the incidents as Obama has done
Ukraine offered Azerbaijan to launch joint production in defense sector
Damage in Maryinka after shelling this morning
Damage in Maryinka after shelling this morning
Since 15.01.2015 OSCE SMM faced 183 life threats: shooting at patrol, shelling nearby, severe physical/verbal threats and damage to assets
OSCE SMM: Damaged and accompanying B6 type armoured Toyota Land Cruisers transported to Kramatorsk for on-going assessment
SMM, US Embassy and Global Rescue, contracted company 4 medical services, ensure Joseph Stone’s body is returned home with dignity & respect
OSCE’s Hug: 23/04 evening our team recovered deceased colleague’s body, US paramedic Joseph Stone and transported to govt-contr area Ukraine
Top U.S. general says 'not refuting' reports Russia supplying Taliban
Police: 3-year-old girl, her father and grandmother were found dead after a murder-suicide in Manchester Township, Pa.
Irish High Court sets May 31 as date for a hearing in the case brought to decide whether the Brexit trigger can be reversed
French President François Hollande: "I will vote for Emmanuel Macron."
FM of Ukraine Klimkin: Lithuania and @LinkeviciusL personally are always there where we need them to support,promote&keep making UA real part of EU family. Thank you!
Macron agrees to participate in the TV debate with Le Pen. May 3rd on TF1 and France 2.
Estonia has welcomed troops from France and the UK as part of NATO’s #eFP
Based on EU-US position, today Russia's Peskov said UN mission to Donbas shall be agreed with "separatists" as Moscow is not a party of war.
French police union alliance calls to vote against Le Pen
Data is now a main strategic resource - @NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander
Putin: We should fight corruption actively so that various adventurers don't use this to their own ends. We need to intensify this work.
Death toll from migrant boat sinking in Aegean rises to 16
2 more photos from @HMSDaring 's northbound passage on her way to Romania. The last Type-45 passed through Istanbul in November 2015.
#Squawk7700 Emergency declared AF1045 Airbus A310-111 from Moscow to Paris
Poll gives May's Conservatives commanding lead ahead of June election
Royal Navy's Type 45 Destroyer HMS Daring D32 northbound on the Bosphorus towards Black Sea with a Wildcat chopper on flight deck.
Another cache found in Donetsk. Good shot of the markings on the PG-7M RPG warheads
6-grades student blown up a grenade in school in Dagestan
Dagestan, Russia: 1 killed, 8 wounded in explosion in school in Agvali village
Tractor hit a landmine in Luhansk region, 1 killed, 5 wounded
At Toulon, France today, @IndianNavy western fleet destroyer INS Mumbai, frigate INS Trishul and tanker INS Aditya.
INS Mumbai, INS Trishul and INS Aditya entered Toulon, France on a goodwill visit during overseas deployment in the Mediterranean
Labour will offer a "real living wage": Corbyn campaigns at Scottish Trade Union Congress
Cypriot President @AnastasiadesCY arrives in India tomorrow on five-day visit, to meet Prez Pranab Mukherjee and PM @narendramodi
Jeremy Corbyn campaigning at Scottish Trade Union congress
UK wants to delay air pollution report until Sept. 15 - May's spokesman
It's propaganda
LNR group: Ukrainian saboteurs who prepared attack on OSCE were trained by foreign instructors
Kamchatka Peninsula, MIG-31 conducting night flight training (23 of April 2017).
[email protected] to Lavrov: "We can't just pretend nothing happened in 2014".
EU cooperation with Russia not frozen. My visit here is a clear evidence of that, Mogherini after meeting Lavrov in Moscow
Sitting beside Lavrov in Moscow, @FedericaMog says "On Crimea...our opinions differ profoundly...we believe it is a breach of intl law."
Russian FM Lavrov says death of American OSCE member in east Ukraine should be investigated carefully
ATO spox: Memorandum of 20 Sep. 2014 provides for demining of frontline areas. Therefore, militants do not abide by the Minsk agreements
ATO spox: All responsibility for the explosion of OSCE SMM car lies with the militants, who has controlled the area since summer 2014
ATO spox: Over the previous day of hostilities one UA soldier was KIA, 2 were WIA
Col. Motuzyanyk: Yesterday 15 enemy attacks were registered in Mariupol sector
ATO spokesperson: Mariupol sector: the tensest situation was observed in Marinka and Pavlopil-Shyrokyne area.
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Yesterday, 11 enemy attacks, including 5 with heavy weapons, were registered in the Donetsk sector
ATO spox: Militants sporadically opened fire in Horlivka and near Donetsk airport
Col. Motuzyanyk: Donetsk sector: in Avdiivka and Svitlodarsk areas Russian repeatedly used mortars, having discharged 40 rounds
ATO spokesperson: Over the previous day, 8 enemy attacks were registered in the Luhansk sector
Col.Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Luhansk sector: main hostilities took place in Popasna district between 2 and 10 pm. Militants used mortars
Boat carrying refugees and migrants sinks off Greece's Lesbos, at least five dead
Lithuania Embassy in Kyiv was attacked with grenade, no damage, no casualties
1488 military and 49 vehicles to take part in parade in Rostov-on-Don
Albanian opposition supporters are blocking for 1 hour 5 important traffic points, in order to amplify their call for free and fair elections
Far-right French presidential candidate LePen says Macron is "weak" in the face of terrorism, has no program to defeat it
A group of protesters were detained near Stalingrad metro station in Paris, following clashes with police
German DAX stock market index hits new all-time high
Swedish prosecutors arrest second suspect in truck attack probe
Montenegro launches first war crime trial after 4 years. Ex-Yugoslav army fighter alleged for Kosovo war killings
[email protected] remarks regarding death of American member of @OSCE_SMM in east Ukraine, and US readout of Tillerson's call with @poroshenko.
#Presidentielle2017 map : which candidate takes the lead in each department
France, provisional official results : Emmanuel Macron (23,9%), Marine Le Pen (21.4 per cent). #Presidentielle2017
34 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier killed, 2 wounded
State Dept: Sanctions will remain in place until Russia returns control of Crimean peninsula to Ukraine, implements its commitments in Minsk agreements.
State Dept: Secretary Tillerson reiterated to President Poroshenko the U.S.'s firm commitment to Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Jharkhand: Area commander of Jharkhand Jan Mukti Parishad, carrying a reward of Rs 2 lakhs on his head, arrested in Latehar yesterday
Emmanuel Macron pulls ahead of Marine Le Pen in partial results from France's presidential election (69% of votes counted)
Poroshenko asks Tillerson to revisit UN peacekeepers deployment in Donbas after OSCE incident
Macron; "There are not many Frances, only one. Our France."
Macron: The fight for being worthy of leading our country starts now, and we will win it
Macron: "I want to become the pres of the whole people of France, a pres that protects, transforms."
Emmanuel Macron: In one year we have changes the face of French politics
Macron gets a big cheer after calling for a renewed European integration
Macron: The challenge is not to vote against anyone, but to change the system thats has failed for 30 years
Macron: I will work in the next 15 days, so that we can bring as many people together as possible
Macron: I want to be the President of patriots, faced with the threat of nationalists
Macron: I never, never witnessed a european flag at a french election before
Macron: Now, I must reconcile France to win in 15 days, and in the future to lead our country
Emmanuel Macron says 'Our nation has responded wonderfully to challenges by voting in my favor'
Macron: "I will be the voice of hope and optimism, for our country's future and for Europe".
Macron: As of tonight, I must go further and bring together all of France
Macron: Tonight, my friends, I owe you, and I know. You must continue your committment
Boris Johnson: My condolences to family of @OSCE_SMM monitor who died in Ukraine and thoughts w/ injured. UK supports vital work of the monitoring mission.
Macron: I one year, we have changed French politics
Macron just had his audience clap for all candidates in the first round, and thanked Hamon, Fillon for endorsing him
Macron: Our country has decided to put me ahead in this first round. Honor and responsibility
Macron, who is projected to win the 1st round of the French presidential election, addresses supporters
'Anti-fascists' clash with Paris police after vote
New French polls show Macron would easily win 2nd round
Far-Left Mélenchon refuses to choose between a liberal centrist and a fascist. There you have the chavista scumbag
Melenchon: "Once official results are known, we'll respect them. You need to decide what your duty is."
1/2 votes (20m) counted in #Frenchelection. Le Pen: 24.38%. Macron: 22.19%. Fillon: 19.63%
France: Protests following the first round of presidential election
The latest standings from the Interior Ministry: Le Pen - 24,33%, Macron - 22,24%
Germany's @MartinSchulz: "All the democrats in France must now unite, so that he and no nationalist will become president"
Macron supporters in Paris
Belarusian DM pledges to use force in case of repeat air border breach by Lithuania in under-construction NPP area
Every day "protivdiktature" rally - tomorrow continue at 6pm
Far-left Melenchon writes on Facebook that he does't recognize preliminary results of 1st round of #Presidentielle2017.
FM @sigmargabriel on franceelections: I’m glad that @EmmanuelMacron is leading the field. He was the only truly pro-European candidate.
France's Hollande congratulates Macron on reaching presidential runoff
How votes are expected to split between MACRON and LE PEN in the 2nd round. This according to Ifop polling on Friday: #Presidentielle2017
Russia's state TV predicts Marine Le Pen might win №Franceelection2017: "Expect the unexpected, just like with the U.S. elections."
Le Pen tells supporters it's time to "free French people from arrogant elite", as she is expected to progress into next round of election
"We must liberate the French people" - Marine Le Pen
Le Pen: The "enormous challenge" of the election is the "wild globalization" that puts the "civilization at risk"
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen says she is offering 'the great alternative' in the presidential race
France's Le Pen hails 'historic result' after reaching runoff
Marine Le Pen speaking live, says ‘time to free the French people from arrogant elite’
French far-right candidate Marine Le Pen claims victory, says the debate over globalization is open
Far right candidate @MLP_officiel: France's survival at stake, all patriots should back her
Le Pen thanks supporters. Speaks against globalisation, mass immigration, for national identify. Time to free French people.
"I recognize the enormous responsibility" of this moment, @MLP_officiel says of reaching second round runoff. #Presidentielles2017
Marine Le Pen addresses supporters after 1st round of French presidential election
French President Hollande called Macron to congratulate him on making it through to run-off
Ukraine naval forces Commander, visited Turkey
Students involved in anti-government protests say that it is time to form proper mechanism to coordinate actions
[email protected] “Anti-fascist” protesters clash with police in Paris as election results come in
Student protesters clash with police, angry at first-round election victory of French presidential candidate Le Pen
There's no other choice but to vote against the far right - François Fillon
For the first time in modern French history, no major-party candidate will advance to presidential runoff
Centrist Macron, far-right leader Le Pen advance to French presidential runoff after major opponents concede defeat
Defeated French conservative Fillon calls on supporters to support centrist Macron against the far-right leader Le Pen
Police violently disperse crowds in Bastille Paris
Spot Report: 1 SMM patrol member dead, 2 taken to hospital after vehicle hits possible mine near Pryshyb
Police Use Smoke Pellets, Moving Toward Protesters in Center of Paris
Conservative candidate François Fillon calls on supporters to back Macron, says Le Pen would "lead our country to bankruptcy" and division
French prime minister calls on voters to reject far-right leader Marine Le Pen in runoff and vote for Emmanuel Macron.
Macron tells @AFP: 'We're turning a page in French political history'
Poroshenko in call with Tillerson expressed condolence to family of killed OSCE monitor
The second round of the presidential election between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen
France, Ipsos exit poll: Macron (EM-*): 23.7%, Le Pen (FN-ENF): 21.7%, Melenchon (FI-LEFT): 19.5%
Last Polls in #France2017 elections closed
Armenia: Torchlight procession in Yerevan tonight in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.
Ukraine MFA: Russia responsible for intimidating the OSCE SMM and for today's explosion that hit monitors
[email protected] press conference: Hug confirms that an American citizen was killed in landmine blast. A Czech and German citizens are in hospital.
France, Harris poll: Macron (EM-*): 24.5%, Melenchon (FI-LEFT): 20%, Le Pen (FN-ENF): 20%, Fillon (LR-EPP): 18%
President Poroshenko has a phone call with State Sec Tillerson
France, Tight security: Long lines at LePen’s headquarters in Hénin-Beaumont
The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: we are Deeply outraged by the undermining of a car of the OSCE in Ukraine, which resulted in the death of a human and directed against international observers
Sources: intelligence community in France worried about civil clashes if far left Melenchon faces LePen in 2nd round of french elections
Big catch-up for Merkel's party in most populous German state - poll
In the ANNA News video of the OSCE incident it appears they are measuring the crater, including a compass inside the crater
Very graphic footage from ANNA News of the destroyed OSCE convoy in Eastern Ukraine
Very graphic footage from ANNA News of the destroyed OSCE convoy in Eastern Ukraine
Francois Hollande visits voters in Tulle after casting ballot
OSCE SMM to hold press conference in 1 hour 15 minutes on latest "security incident"
Merkel 'shocked and saddened' after roadside bomb kills @OSCE worker in Ukraine. Germany demands investigation
Ukrainian military TV video "Me and machine gun"
Ukrainian military TV video Me and machine gun
Spanish politicians in Madrid showed their support for Venezuelan opposition
18 attacks on Ukrainian positions today before 6pm, 1 Ukrainian soldier was killed, 2 were wounded
Snow today in Crimea
Ukraine officials say OSCE monitor killed in separatist controlled part of Luhansk was British. Militants commanders blame OSCE "route deviation"
#FranceElections turn out as of 17:00: Less then 2012, 2007
OSCE car hit road side bomb near Slov'yanoserbsk - Video
OSCE car hit road side bomb near Slov'yanoserbsk - Video
Trump: "Very interesting" presidential election happening in France
Russian media disinformation, RU MoD's Zvezda TV channel: "UA armed forces shell the place of the OSCE vehicle's blast"
Exit poll allegedly from midday: Macron 24%, Le Pen 22%, Fillon 20,5%, Mélenchon 18%
[Not confirmed by OSCE Hug, at press briefing - said citizen of U.S] Anton Gerashenko: OSCE monitor from UK Joseph Stone was killed in road-side bomb explosion, monitor from Germany was wounded
French Election - Huge Queues Around Lycée Ch De Gaulle In S Kensington
[email protected]: Very interesting election currently taking place in France.
97k French Londoners registered to vote. Thousands queuing determined to be heard in most unpredictable and tightest election for a generation
ATO HQ: OSCE car hit a road side bomb near Pryshyb, there are killed and wounded
Britain's opposition party promises more public holidays if it wins
Right wing populist AfD party decides on anti Islam anti immigration election manifesto at party convention in Cologne
In Birobidzhan, Russia's Far East, clashes between workers and the local police are reported
1 @OSCE_SMM staff killed, 1 wounded in blast on patrol in eastern Luhansk. First deadly incident in 3 yrs of Ukraine mission.
OSCE SMM: We can confirm that an OSCE patrol has been involve in a serious security incident in the Luhansk region
Britain's ruling Conservatives to focus on Brexit, energy in poll: minister
Candidates' posters in Paris' wealthy 16th: Fillon gets the worst of the vandalism
Germany not worried by U.S. corporate tax reform plans - Schaeuble
Alexei Navalny opens his presidential election campaign headquarters in Vologda.
Mig-29SMT training flight at Privolzhsky airfield
Outside the polling station in n. France where Marine Le Pen is voting
Russian singer/TV host Lolita Milyavskaya was deported to Russia in attempt to enter Ukraine by train
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