Map. History of Europe conflict

26 กันยายน 2018

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Bank was shelled with RPG in Kyiv
Bank was shelled with RPG in Kyiv
Putin discussed the Russian security Council Ukrainian situation
Russian military base near the border of Ukraine
Positions of 28th brigade in Berezove under heavy shelling
OSCE's Hug: "Protest today was organised vandalism, 30 cars rendered unusable"
Tracked armor on Petrovskogo St heard in Donetsk, to Mariinka direction.
Militants has shelling at Stanytsia Luhanska
Yavoriv, Ukraine -RapidTrident underway as US Army trains with Ukrainian & Romanian forces.
Bridge was collapsed in Moscow. Two people were injured
Senator Rubio: Iran deal could 'go away' with Obama
Odessa police officers will be trained by the FBI
Explosions in West Horlivka
Saakashvili: Sakvarelidze not claim to be the chair of the General Prosecutor
Explosion in Lysychansk
EU will monitor the trial of Savchenko in Russia - spokesman of Mogherini
Protests in Donetsk is a direct threat to our security – Deputy chief of mission OSCE
The agreement on the withdrawal of weapons to 100 mm will sign for a few days - OSCE
Poroshenko has signed the decree about introduction of 4G in Ukraine
French MPs in Crimea have felt the sanctions and called to cancel them
Echelon with Russian military equipment in Voronezh region
Echelon with Russian military equipment in Voronezh region
Antigay checkpoint in Chernihiv
Russian MFA: Alaska and Chukotka introduce visa-free travel
Khodorkovsky: Putin may begin full-scale war from Ukraine
Regular taxi from LNR to Russia
Protesting representatives of small business partially blocked Khreschatik
Japan called unacceptable Medvedev plans to visit the Kuril Islands
The court allowed to judge in absentia former head of the Ministry of health Bogatyreva
Nalyvaichenko: need a law on volunteer army
Drills of artillerymen in Kharkiv region
Russia is preparing to arrest foreign assets
A Museum of the Soviet occupation will be created in Kyiv
LNR has released a postage stamp
Vilnius celebrates 75th ann. of the SumnerWelles Declaration - US non recognition of BalticStates annexation
The delegation of French MP`s arrived in Crimea
Ukrainian helicopter helix with UPS SAGADACHNY during SEASHIELD15 exercise in Black Sea
Paris confirmed the negotiations of leaders of "Norman four"
Cache of ammunition of militants were detected In the dugout near Stanitsa Luhanska
RUAF Transport Aviation transmitting 3-digit messages on SW
Avdiivka. People put out their burning house after being hit by a shell
Surveillance cameras were installed in Slavyansk
Rally of a small business near Administration of President. Brought the coffin and tires.
Russian border guards detain Ukrainian tanker off Crimean coast — FSB
Police prevented Assasination attempt on Kharkiv region head
Security forces eliminated near Marinka commando group of militants
SBU caught Ukrainian specialists who repaired the tanks for Russians
Ukrainian Helicopter over SNMG1 units at Sea Shield 2015
Dnipropetrovsk "Pivdenmash" Rocket plant partially out of power through debts
Detectives of Ukrainian National Anti-Corruption Bureau will be trained by experts from Britain
SMM OSCE denies reports for media that its observers were talking about the shelling the center of Donetsk on Saturday from the positions of Ukrainian army in Pisky
Channel of delivery of goods to the terrorists of "DNR" was blocked by SBU in Mariupol
Germany will help to restore the water supply on Donbass
Activist of Antimaidan Topaz left under arrest until 12 October
Three Russian TV channel were banned in Ukraine
In Nalchik killed six militants
No weapons withdrawal by Kyiv from contact line seen, despite Poroshenko promises — "DNR"
Ukrainian musician Nicholas Gordiychuk was killed in the area of ATO
Russia fakes withdrawal of troops from the border with Ukraine on camera - Deputy head of the ATO
The defense Ministry started Instagram
Spain raises minimum marriage age from 14 to 16
Frontier guards and division of Ukrainian army detected flight of 8 drones in Donetsk and Luhansk regions
Director of the port of Illichivsk Kruk was removed from post
The national Council fined the channel 112
Donetsk: meat prices in UAH in some shops in the city
Russian Navy Kilo sub "Krasnodar" on Neva River for Navy Day
The consequences of shelling in Avdiivka
Consequences of shelling in Avdiivka
The car of the leader of Automaidan was shot in Zaporizhya
Russia restoring defense infrastructure on Kuril Islands — PM
European Union opens antitrust case against 6 major US movie studios, including Disney
Rally against the ban of trade in transitions In the center of Kyiv
SBU detained recruiters of terrorists of "LNR" in Kharkiv region
Berlin condemned the visit of the French deputies in the Crimea
No KIAs, seven Ukrainian servicemen wounded over last 24 hours – ATO Spokesperson
The government: the number of deaths of Ukrainians in of accidents in Poland increased to 6
Rally of residents of the left Bank of Kyiv against illegal building
Consequences of shelling of Horlivka
Pearson to announce imminently it has decided to sell the Financial Times newspaper to a global digital news company: source
People in Donetsk pasted on cars OSCE bloody dollars
Poroshenko tonight will hold a telephone conversation in the Normandy format
Building a new wall at the Odessa beach around estate of tycoon, where Saakashvili ordered to demolish a fence
Rally of people from shelled areas In Donetsk. OCSE is required to "open eyes"
The court postponed the hearing of the appeal on sentence of Pukach, because the lawyer still ill
Greek protesters hurl petrol bombs during chaotic demonstrations
SBU urges the Ukrainian patriots to strengthen its ranks
Meanwhile in Belarus, Lukashenko and Depardieu
Russian police: Militants in Nalchik involved in international terrorist organization
Explicit words on OSCE SUV in Donetsk
Russian Ombudsman requires information on location of Savchenko
The police found grenades in the van of volunteers
Russian Army supply convoy arrives in Donetsk, Luhansk
Estonian Kaitseliit and US Soldiers from 173rd jumping from Black Hawks @ Nurmsi. AlliedStrong
Kyiv does not intend to comply with the Minsk agreement - Russian Duma speaker Naryshkin
Grybauskaite: Russia increasing use of Stalinist methods
Border guards discovered cache of weapons & explosives on the outskirts of Stanytsia Luhanska
Russian Naryshkin: the Crimea from 1991 to 2014 was peacefully annexed by Ukraine,
Head of Russian parliament Naryshkin: There are no Russian troops on the territory of Donbas
OSCE mission was attacked In Donetsk by crowd
Checkpoint Chongar in the occupied Crimea is closed for second day
Illegal outlets are dismantled In Mariupol
Ukrainian bus came in accident in Poland. There are dead
Russian troops push 7 tanks from Komsomol'ske to Starohnativka
Security forces detained 21 trucks with products for militants
Ukraine and Israel has accelerated process of finalizing agreement on free trade area between countries
Vladimir Chizhov: US missile defense plans in spite of Irandeal confirms Russia’s worst fears
Russia sent the convoy 33 to Donbas
Russian propagandist: there are at least 7-10 thousands of Russian troops at Donbas
Counter-terrorist operation in Nal'chik
Russian scout group tried to attack Opytne
In 10 min (5:02pmET/21:02 UTC), three people launch to space
In Petropavlovka @GrahamWP_UK found another piece of mh17
NATO promise to run the system EU missile defense in a year
The contract between Russia and China for gas supplied via "Power of Siberia-2" is being delayed indefinitely
One hour until the launch of a US-Russian-Japanese crew from the Baikonur Cosmodrome
Roundtable w/ Canadian entrepreneurs, @HonEdFast and @TedOpitz re: opportunities opened up by Canada-Ukraine FTA
The Belorussian economy is in a recession,GDP -3,3% and Lukashenko blaming Russia
2 Tu-95 Bear bombers intercepted off Mendocino, CA
Destroyer USS The Sullivans Damaged After Missile Explodes After Launch, No Injuries Reported
Kharkiv. Fire at the roof of civil building at Petrovskogo str,
Militants opened fire on residential areas of Dzerzhyns'k. Wounded elderly man -
Guess tank shelling in Horlivka
Ukr border guards downed Russian UAV in Luhansk region
Tanks and small arms on the west of Staromykhailivka
Breedlove to visit military drills in Yavoriv on July 23
In Ekaterinburg military aircraft hard landed
Warehouses burned In Kyiv: the fire was assigned a higher rank
Ukrainian flags in Chicago
[email protected] has held a meeting with Vice-President of EU Parliament Richard Czarnecki
Filter station has occurred failure in the area stinks of chlorine in Horlivka
Shooting in Horlivka
Saakashvili demands firing of leader of the Illichivsk port
"LNR" show what they called Stinger in Luhansk airport
LNR show what they called Stinger in Luhansk airport
OSCE: Militants have concentrated weapons in Bezimenne
Head of @ServiseSsu in the Transcarpathian region removed from office
The Constitutional court of Ukrane started checking bill of Poroshenko
Large fire burning in eastern Berlin, visible from all over the German capital.
Ukraine PM @Yatsenyuk_AP met with commander of US forces in Europe @PMBreedlove
Groisman demanded an explanation from the French Parliament regarding visit their deputies in the Crimea
U.S. and EU: Sanctions against the Crimea will not be lifted until he returns to the Ukraine
The Center of the patrol police opened In Kyiv
The French government has condemned the visit of its MPs to Crimea
The Deputy chief of Kyiv police announced the dismissal of four patrol policemen
LNR: we found US weapons in Luhansk airport including FIM-92 Stinger. But can't show it
Ukraine agreed to create a buffer zone in the Donbass
Nowa Deba, Poland - US & Polish paratroopers in air assault exercise training
Groisman asked the French Parliament to explain the visit of its members to Crimea
Zaporizhzhya Right sector denied any involvement in the clashes near the regional Prosecutor's office.
The European Union has sent representatives to the trials of Savchenko and Sentsov
In Krasnoarmiis'k at gas stations found explosives
Artem street in Kyiv will be renamed to Sechevyh Streltsov, Shchorsa street - Eugene Konovalets
2 civilians killed, 2 wounded in Russian shelling of Avdiivka
SBU detained spotter of militants
French MPs To Visit Occupied Crimea
The French delegation of MPs goes to Crimea without the consent of Ukraine
How the Austrians check Ukrainian roads
New graffiti on the Lviv square in Kyiv
The new head of Ukrnafta Rollins tells shareholders about himself
The President in Severodonetsk presented state awards to the military
Italy seizes mafia assets worth 2 billion euros in gambling sting
The monument to General Radko, who died liberating the city from Russian invaders, was opened In Severodonetsk
The interior Ministry announced the recruitment in patrol service in zone of ATO
Russia's Western Military District gets newest Tornado-G multiple rocket launchers
Shell hits Avdiivka. Barn burning at Kirova street 67
French farmers vow to step up protests over prices
Drone seized in Poland after near-collision with plane
Poroshenko instructed the representatives of Ukraine in the contact group to sign an agreement with the OSCE and the Russian Federation on creation of a 30 km buffer zone
Poroshenko: withdrawal of weapons under 100mm will start in a few days
The Cabinet has allocated 150 million hryvnia to Luhansk region
SBU will check Depardieu
Parasyuk hospitalized in Chernihiv region.
Today 11 universities of Crimea suspended operations, none of them restored on the territory of Ukraine
Rally in Lviv. The banner says "No Jews in Government"
Kolomoisky: I has not funded "Right sector" and will not
Avdiivka under another shelling- People in basement
We still can hear distant shelling in Severodonetsk. Thanks Heaven, we had strengthen our positions, — President
Poroshenko in the Luhansk region. Next Tuckа - the new head of the Luhansk region.
Igor Lutsenko, Semen Semenchenko, Yegor Sobolev take part in rally near Prosecutor General's Office
The head of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment was suspended from duty
Factory Roshen won the case in Lipetsk arbitration in tax against Russia
Event in support of Lozovoy near Prosecutor General's Office
The European Commission has allocated Ukraine 600 million euros of aid
Shokin reiterated that his life under threat
Russian official says Ukraine is training subversive groups to send to Crimea
Severodonetsk is blocked cause of inaguration of new head of Luhansk region
No losses in ATO per day, 5 fighters are wounded
SBU blocked the delivery of drugs to militants
Ukrainian National guard received the first batch of armored vehicles "Kozak"
Activist, who opposes illegal constructions was brutally beaten In Kyiv
No KIA and 5 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in zone of the ATO
The shareholders of Ukrnafta started a collection
Instagram has shown that DNR already near Tula
Russia's arms exporter to sell $13 bln worth of armaments in 2015
Volleys of heavy weapons in West of Debaltseve
UK soldiers join training exercise "Rapid Trident" in Ukraine
In Zaporizhya rally of "The power of the nation" was dispersed by "Right sector"
[email protected] has detained Prosecutor of one of the districts of Lviv region for bribery
ISIS suspects thought of plotting attacks arrested in Brescia, Italy
Russia has limited pass of cars in Crimea
DNR militants fired at the border guards in the Rostov region
Poland may invest $ 200 million in the metro to Troyeshchina
Avakov announced the creation of an elite special forces name of the Heavenly hundred
Six fighters of "Right Sector", who involved in a shootout in Mukachevo, were set
Weapons were found in the Prosecutor's office, the interior Ministry opened a criminal case
SBU has blocked 110 million in the accounts of the son of Yanukovich
U.S. could send tanks to Hungary for military exercises: report
The militants shelled with heavy artillery Troitske
Italy police arrest two suspected ISIS supporters
Poroshenko approved the application of Shishkin exemption with the office of the judge of the constitutional Court
The fire in Kharkiv
The national guard has adopted new drones KS-1
Poroshenko is going in Luhansk region
In Transcarpathia smugglers were caught and drafted to army - Moskal
Russia will deploy a squadron of Tu-22M3 in Crimea because of Romanian missile Defense
[email protected] has searched the illegal buyers of amber in Zhytomyr region
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