Map. History of Europe conflict

19 ตุลาคม 2018
Exploding shells in Poltava. Police says - the car with ammunition
The briefing of @PavloKlimkin after talks in the Normandy format in Paris
Ukraine is among the priorities on cooperation in education with France, - the adviser to Hollande
Ceasefire, exchange of prisoners, and elections according to OSCE standards - that`s important for us, - @PavloKlimkin
"Norman four" supported the devotion to the MinskAgreements
Luhansk. Towards Stanitsya Luhanska sound of battle, muffled explosions
Huge fire breaks out at Rosneft-owned Saratov oil refinery
Huge fire breaks out at Rosneft-owned Saratov oil refinery
GRADs in Zholobok and checkpoint 29 area.
The demonstrators decided not to meet the president as their demands are already clearly set. #ElectricYerevan
Loud explosion in Horlivka
US wiretapped France's last three presidents: media citing WikiLeaks
Ukrainian flag at #ElectricYerevan
Vitali Malikov headed the anti-terrorist center at @ServiceSsu
Greek PM to meet Juncker, Draghi, Lagarde Wednesday in Brussels: official
Prezident Sargsyan apparently agreed to meet with 10 representatives of protesters + journos + live stream
Shelling in Avdiivka
Protesters sit on the road in Yerevan
The talks between MFA of "Normandy four" have started
Poster: "The more you water us, we will grow" #ElectricYerevan
Police call protesters provocateurs, say they know that people have sticks & stones #ElectricYerevan
Guys bringing more trash bins from a side street #ElectricYerevan
Shelling from heavy armors in Svitlodarsk
Poster: "F*ck Bibin" (general director of "Electric networks of Armenia") #ElectricYerevan
The head of the protesters column in Yerevan #ElectricYerevan
Ukraine appeals to EU over 'illegal' Gazprom-Slovak pipeline contract
Soyuz 2-1B launches third Persona-1 spy satellite
Steinmeier: ceasefire violated on a daily basis
The fire at the refinery in Saratov
[email protected]_UA has allowed to withdraw private vehicles for the needs of army
Hungary suspends temporarily EU asylum agreement; won't take seekers from other member states
Protesters chanting "Freedom!" and "Serzhik, go away!" (an appeal to the President) #ElectricYerevan
[email protected] has called to guarantee the safety of journalists after the attacks in Armenia
Rows of riot police wait for demonstrators near presidential palace #ElectricYerevan. Protesters booing at security forces.
The protesters moving towards Baghramyan26 now, #ElectricYerevan
At 8pm, a march back to Baghramyan expected. Police surrounding the square
[email protected] handed the Deputy DM of Ukraine, the Flying Cross of US. Michael Smilskogo was a pilot in WWII.
The road accident in Kharkiv
Freedom Square Yerevan. Protesting against the Electricity price hike #ElectricYerevan
'The govt thinks we will abandon our struggle, but we will not acquiesce,' say protesters at #ElectricYerevan
[email protected]: Today as 70 years ago, U.S. and Ukraine are fighting together for freedom and the choice of peoples to determine their own future
The Chairman of Appellate court of Kyiv claims that he was illegally deprived of freedom for three days
There are a lot of people gathered in Yerevan today
Journalists report of 10 thousand protesters in center of Yerevan
Russian tanks at Donbas
Russian tanks at Donbas
Poroshenko expects the conclusions of the Venice Commission on Friday
Police blocking streets in Yerevan, Armenia
Protestors at Freedom Square Yerevan
Ukrainian swimmer won fifth gold medal for Ukraine in Baku
Chernivtsi: the ATO soldiers picketed the regional state administration demanding the status
[email protected] discussed with representatives of Atlantic Council about initiatives in support of Ukraine
In 20 minutes crowd is going to Baghramyan26 to president's office where they gathered yesterday ElectricYerevan
US to deploy military equipment in Poland & other countries on eastern flank of EU
The human rights activist reminded Mikhalkov about the case of Sentsov
"Luhanskteplovoz" decided to re-register in Severodonetsk
Jemilov asks the Ministry of culture to implement the Crimean Tatar written language on Latin alphabet
The largest Crimean Tatar flag will be deployed In Kyiv
Russian official feigned illness in order to enter the EU and circumvent sanctions
Shelves of shop in Donetsk
Russian "Nautilus Pompilius" will perform in the occupied Crimea
Nordic-Baltic-Poland NBP9 GDP $2.3 trillion, 1/3 more than Russia. Defence spending $33bn. Working together makes sense, says @edwardlucas
Rwanda's intelligence chief arrested in London, wanted for war crimes in Spain
Beaten girl by police in Yerevan
Russia equips checkpoints on the border with Ukraine by means of a compulsory stop
22-year-old boy was shot and killed near the commandant of "DNR in Horlivka
Nadezhda Savchenko thanked all Ukrainians for letter to her
Poland wants Ukraine has changed the law about the OUN-UPA
The car entered the market In Odessa region. There are dead
Libyan forces warn EU over migrant operation plan
SecDef Carter: "Pre-positioned European Activity Set includes tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, & artillery."
Moskal: “Tornado” and “Chernigov” withdrawn from Luhansk region
Russia does not poses a serious threat to NATO forces in Europe - Die Zeit
The consequences of shelling in this night in Marinka
MP: Grandson of Azarov is listed as a citizen of the Russian Federation in the most expensive school of Vienna
Heavy fire near Odesa
Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania And Poland Have Agreed To Military Equipment - U.S. Defense Secretary
USS San Antonio docks in Tallinn Harbor. Just finished participating in Baltops15.
Meeting of three sub-groups of the contact group began In Minsk
Pictures of wounded soldiers of ATO sold at a charity auction
Fired for separatism from canadian orchestra pianist Lisitsa performed in Donetsk.
The Commission on decommunization started inspection of Charter of KPU
Occupiers will reduce 60% of miners in Donbass
Police blast protesters with water cannons in Armenia's capital, over 200 arrests
Terrorism curriculum to launch in UK
Unknown posted bail at 5 million hryvnias for a suspect in the murder of Buzina
In Dagestan, Russian military used aviation against militants
A Fire at the factory "Red October" in Volgograd
A Fire at the factory Red October in Volgograd
Settlers came to the Maidan to protest against the system of passes
The consequences of thunderstorm in Kryvyi Rih: floating cars, downed trees, part of the city without light
SAM S-300 in the Khabarovsk on alert - drills
Lordkipanidze will take to Odessa team of police officers. Odessa police will be dismissed
Poroshenko has appointed two Deputy head of the SBU
Commission on decommunization decided to check three political parties
Militants with "Grad" shelled at builders who erect fortifications
Militants shelled Zolote with MLRS Grad last night
Police detained in Maryinka 5 marauders
Bomb threat: workers of three courts and 400 passengers of railway station were evacuated In Kharkiv
Enter in Marinka closed due to threat of life to the population of Marinka
Trilateral contact group on Donbass is going in Minsk
Ukrainian army seizes 2008 RPO-A "Shmel" near Oktyabr
Ukrainian army seizes 2008 RPO-A Shmel near Oktyabr
Russian opposition activist @alburov "is guilty for distribution of brochures" in Magadan
Russia has promiseed to build a pipeline to Crimea
Gimrinsky tunnel blocked because Anti-terrorist operation in two districts of Dagestan
Rwanda’s intelligence chief General Emmanuel Karenzi Karake is arrested in London on war crime charges.
Fighter of ATO has committed suicide In the Donbas
Issuance of Schengen visas is carried out by the new rules
Court in Magadan may equate the distribution of brochures to the organization of the rally
SBU blocked the channel of contraband military goods via LNR to Russia
ECB again increases emergency liquidity reserve for Greek banks: bank source
Fighter of Aidar who carrying out of the zone ATO grenade launcher and a machine gun was detained
Ramzan Kadyrov has "protected" his Instagram
The judge Chernushenko calls a search in the court of Appeal order
[email protected] left for Paris for a meeting of foreign Ministers in the "Normandy format".
Large batch of report #PutinWar printed in Russia. Sent to the regions.
Avakov admitted that has nothing to do with the illegal mining of amber in Ukraine
Crane ready to remove Lenin in Druzhkivka
One Ukrainian soldier killed in Mariinka
Water cannon attack on protesters in Yerevan this morning
Greek deputy parliament speaker says current offer to creditors looks difficult to pass
ISIS says it has accepted a pledge of allegiance from group of jihadists from Dagestan
During a special operation in Dagestan killed a serviceman of the Russian troops
USSLaboon conducts a PASSEX with Romanian sailors in the BlackSea
More than 230 people were arrested in downtown Yerevan #ElectricYerevan
In two districts of Dagestan introduced a counter-terrorism operation
Site of Russian Consumers rights association, who published recommendations on Crimea, blocked by media watchdog
Militants attacked Ukrainian forces 85 times yesterday
Reports that protesters in multiple police stations as far away as Ashtarak #ElectricYerevan
Reports that 18 people were arrested in Gyumri overnight during a solidarity protest #ElectricYerevan
A couple late arrests. they were taken the to hospital first for head trauma, suspected broken bones #ElectricYerevan
Police violent dispersed peaceful rally in Yereven, Armenia
Police and titushki disperse rally in Yerevan using water-cannon
Police and titushki disperse rally in Yerevan using water-cannon
[email protected] 's camera and live-streaming equipment was broken or damaged
Violence & clashes as police disperse crowds in Yerevan #ElectricYerevan.
Vega rocket with Ukrainian engines with Sentinel2 successfully launched
Police issue a second warning, threaten to use force if protesters don't clear out in 10 minutes #ElectricYerevan
Yanukovych grateful to Putin for the fact that he saved his life
The Police are urging protesters to return to Yerevan's Liberty square ElectricYerevan
Yanukovych regrets Ukraine bloodshed
Yanukovych regrets Ukraine bloodshed
Protestors asked lights-on at Baghramyan Ave, in order to avoid provocations and clashes: police now considers request #ElectricYerevan
Police line in dark. Yerevan, Armenia
Yerevan's Dep. Police Chief doesn't deny rumors that police action is due ElectricYerevan
Most streets lights go off, police seem to prepare for action in Yerevan, Armenia
Pushkov: sanctions against Russia are extended, but they are not worsened and its good
Yerevan's Deputy Police Chief warns protesters, his words are lost amid loud singing
Police push heavy vehicles to the center of Yerevan
Greece accepts principle of extending current bailout
ElectricYerevan rally
Open air piano concert by Valentina Lisitsa in Donetsk cause of start of 'Great Patriotic War' 74yrs ago.
Italy is for dialogue with Russia – Italian MFA
IMF: Commitment of Ukrainian leaders in implementation of reform program deserves support of international community
We welcome decision by EU's Foreign Affairs Council to extend sanctions on RF for its aggression in Ukraine , - Kirby
The fire at the warehouse of plastic pipes in St. Petersburg
Poland and Lithuania deliver to Ukraine TV transmitters – Popova
Big protest in Armenia's capital Yerevan against electricity price hike by RU company
Standoff between police & protesters continues in Armenia re. electricity rate hikes.
Protest against the increase in electricity prices in Yerevan
Protests in Yerevan - The flags of Armenia and the European Union
Tusk wants to stop the "political gamble" with Greece
Russian Prosecutor General's office wants to prosecute Consumers Rights association for the call not to visit Crimea
3 civilians wounded in shellings in Avdiivka
Yerevan's Riot police are gearing up to breakup a peaceful protest over electricity prices
Heavy police presence in Armenia,electricity hike protest continues.Road to presidential palace blocked
Ukrainian biathletes have refused charges in Russia
Residents are complain about life in occupied Horlivka
Ex-Ukrainian president Yanukovich talks to BBC tonight: 1st interview w western media since war
EU is ready to give Kyiv $1 billion for Russian gas
Donetsk. Loud shelling from Azotny
[email protected] has extradited one of leaders of terrorists from "Islamic state" to Kazakhstan
Marinka today
Pro-Putin kids rally in Magadan, Russia
Militants opened fire from Donetsk
Head of state migration service resigned
The author of the film about "selfie soldiers" in the Donbass was denied accreditation in Russia
Saakashvili wants to completely renovate the regional state administration
Music of @okeanelzy and Brutto was banned at stadiums of Belarus
Former YUKOS shareholders filed papers in High Court of London. They seek payment of 50 bln by Russia on the suit
Russia decided to recognize the "certificates" of pseudo-republics in Donbass
General Prosecutor's Office suspects the head of the court of Appeal in corruption
Militants are shelling from Yasynuvata
A BMP with soldiers of the battalion of the OUN hit In the Donbass
Employees of the Vostochny space centre went on strike again
There was a fire In a psychiatric hospital in Kyiv
MPs are preventing searches of Kernes, - Avakov
Gas talks will be held on 29 of June
Greece stock market erases part of earlier gains, +3.7% ahead of Eurogroup presser
Greece's debt and creditors - how did it accumulate and who lent the money
Germany plays down prospect of extraditing Al-Jazeera journalist
A powerful attack on Luhanske
US Defense Secretary: Events in Ukraine "only one part of our larger concerns these days about Russia"
Ukraine protesters rally outside the EU office in Luxemburg where the foreign ministers meet for the FAC
In Zaporozhye large-scale fire. School burns
Gontareva wants to fire 50% of the employees of the national Bank
The consequences of shelling in Donetsk
Petrenko: Communists party can be denied under the law on decommunization
Celebration market in center of Donetsk
Mariupol remained without mobile connection
Hot water pipe broke in Kyiv
Iran hopes Luxembourg meeting can boost nuclear talks
Avakov confirmed the search in Kharkiv associated with crimes against Maidan
Protest demanding release of Al Jazeera reporter Mansour enters second day
Ex-assistant of the head of the defense Ministry of Ukraine moved to the side of the militants
Russian MFA: Cynically that decision to extend sanctions adopted by the EU on the day when Nazi Germany attacked the USSR
Sister of Savchenko has formed an international Committee to put pressure on Russia
270 people In captivity of militants, - the headquarters ATO
Tomorrow, the contact group will meet in Minsk with the new OSCE representative
Greece is offering to raise the retirement age to 67, as part of its negotiations with creditors, a European diplo source tells CNN
The militants of "DNR" state that the Donetsk in the blockade
Blue-yellow color during the visit of Pope Francis to Turin
Photos of explosion near "Sberbank of Russia" in Kyiv
Ukrainian Consulate in Rostov resumed work
Mikhail Dobkin arrived in the hotel to Kernes
SecDef Ash Carter & Germany Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen inspect German troops
People with guns at the hotel where Kernes, lives
Germany's Merkel says must be clear that greeks are ready to move in order for there to be a deal
Militants killed two Ukrainian soldiers, three wounded per day
Portugal's Air Force training in Romania--part of NATO's Assurance Measures.
2nd day of protests in solidarity with Aljazeera presenter Ahmed Mansour, detained in Berlin on Egypt's request.
Russian sniper was captured in Berezove
Russian sniper was captured in Berezove
Militants shelled Krymske, Nizhne and Popasna with MLRS Grad, mortars, RPGs
Security officers conduct their investigation at the hotel, where Kernes lives - media
Occupied part of the Luhansk region without water because of shelling
The accident with 3 cars at the Paton bridge in Kyiv
Poroshenko and Merkel have coordinated their positions before the Norman meeting of foreign Ministers
Peskov: an EU Military operation in the Mediterranean need to be checked on the legitimacy
Two of the ideologists of "Kyiv national Republic" will appear in court
Ukraine asked the OSCE to check the radiation level near Donetsk
In case of war, the Polish army will be chaired by the General Tomaszycki
Russia will respond to the extension of EU sanctions on the principle of reciprocity - Peskov
Russia has confirmed the receipt of interest from Ukraine on the loan of Yanukovich
Poroshenko honored memory of the victims of war in Ukraine
SecDef Carter: the US will not let Russia drag us back to the past, we want to move forward together
Preparations for the celebration of the anniversary of the German attack on the Soviet Union in Donetsk
Pororshenko honored the memory of war victims in Ukraine
Lithuania has not made a decision on supplying arms to Ukraine
Italian prosecutors seek to try Bank of China over money smuggling
EU extended economic sanctions in response to Russia destabilising role in Eastern Ukraine until 31 January 2016
21 wounded soldiers were delivered over the weekend in Dnepropetrovsk
The military was put on nearly six years for desertion and theft
Car with fighters of Azov hit the accident In Mariupol
A Russian company took off from hundreds of the largest in the world
The militants intensified subversive activities. More than 20 tanks thrown in the direction of Donetsk
Crimean Tatars were prohibited actions for the day of the flag
Former Akhmetov refills in Donetsk. instead of the Parallel - Republic fuel company
US help for Ukraine - speed boats, already in the water in Odessa
EU launches Mediterranean migrant military mission: official
EU extended economic sanctions against Russia until 31 January 2016, with a view to complete implementation of Minsk agreements.
Ukrainian triathlete won the Cup of Europe
Kharkiv power still has not designated bomb shelters in the city
"DNR" wants to complain about "Ukrposhta" to universal postal Union
4 wagons with ammunition came In Ilovaysk from Russia
Kuchma informed about the deteriorating situation in Donbass and the difficult progress of the contact group
There were explosions near the two branches of "Sberbank of Russia" In Kyiv
Russian organization recommended citizens of the Russian Federation to legalize trip in Crimea in Ukraine
Sevastopol residents at the rally threatened to "liberate" Kyiv
About 5 tons of ammonia got into the atmosphere as a result of depressurization of the ammonia pipe in the Voronezh region
Russian state Duma want to label goods of firms, working with Nazi Germany
Hackers target Polish airline LOT, ground 1,400 passengers
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