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23 กันยายน 2018

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Full readout of SecDef Mattis call with UK's Fallon
Per Pentagon readout, SecDef James Mattis also pledged to work with Britain to maintain focus on defeating ISIL ISIS
In call with Britain's Michael Fallon new US SecDef Mattis praises unique US-UK relationship, emphasizes unshakeable US commitment @NATO
Army truck stolen near the military base of Istres. An investigation is underway.
Rescue workers find 3 puppies alive at Italian resort hit by avalanche
Kalynove, Kadiivka area (occupied)
RT (formerly Russia Today) reporter charged with felony rioting in DC.
Pentagon says U.S. is not coordinating with Russia on Syria strikes
British PM Theresa May says she plans to discuss the importance of NATO when she meets with Pres. Trump on Friday.
NEW: Russia claims its warplanes have flown first combat mission in Syria with US-led coalition
Seems like the Russians are referring to Turkey as the U.S led coalition partner, no U.S direct involvement in the air-strikes
Russian Defense Ministry says its warplanes have flown first combat mission in Syria with U.S.-led coalition aircraft
Police in Dnipro city used weapons to stop a car during chase
Police in Dnipro city used weapons to stop a car during chase
Age and years in power of the post-Soviet leaders. Renewed list after Karimov death and Moldova elections
Defence Secretary: "Our Trident nuclear deterrent is completely operationally independent of the United States."
Protesting farmers blasted milk powder in front of EU buildings in Brussels against price regulations
Photos: Destroyed Butovka mine
Germany Foreign Minister says that the election of Trump means the 20th century world order is 'over'
Anti-drone gun at Davos
GCHQ director Robert Hannigan has decided to step down, the intelligence agency has announced
Near the Russian Embassy in Kyiv demanded freedom for political prisoners
Verkhovna Rada Deputy Savchenko called the Ukrainian authorities public enemy number two
People in Gurzuf rallying against new construction
People in Gurzuf rallying against new construction
Ukrainian authorities release photos of missile launchers (9P135) found on plane reportedly bound for Iran
Turchynov: Russian special services have moved to the political sabotage
Vice Chancellor says Trump was elected due to 'bad radicalisation in the US'
SBU found 2 caches of weapons in ATO zone
Russia: Military Engineers install a pontoon bridge over the Oka River
#USArmy: Footage from a M-1 Abram Tank part of the 1-68 Armor in Western Poland
Peskov: We Are Expecting Date Of Possible Telephone Call Between Putin, Trump To Be Coordinated Shortly; No Information About Meeting
Rogozin to Putin: As promised, in a couple of months MS-21 will have it's maiden flight
Dnipro city: opened the inner exhibition of the first in Ukraine Museum of the ATO
Downing St confirm the Prime Minister was briefed on the Trident test which reportedly went wrong when she took office
Poroshenko: Grateful to Estonia for the position of condemnation of Russian aggression that strengthens our Alliance with Estonian partners
Meduza: Gazprom supports small business. It gave contracts worth 8 billion to an office of five people.
President @Poroshenko arrives to Estonia for official visit
Hungarian FM and Lavrov discuss boosting trade ties in Moscow
Ukraine PM: our primary task is to create due conditions for those who invest in UA. If you are successful - Ukraine is successful.
UK PM @theresa_may reluctant to challenge Trump's 'unacceptable' sexism
Armenian soldier shot dead in Nagorno-Karabakh
Austria, Vienna - Bomb threat at Lorenz-Böhler hospital. Evacuation.
Ukrainian forces secured 500m of land near Pervomaisk
Ukrainian forces secured 500m of land near Pervomaisk
Finland Minister of Trade and Dev. Kai Mykkanen opens #SupportSyrians forum
Counterintelligence officials probe Flynn's links to Russia
41 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions on 22 January, 120mm mortars used near Pisky. 4 UA soldiers WIA
2 US soldiers hurt in ammunition truck accident in Poland. A ministry communique issued Sunday said the truck carrying tank ammunition skidded off a slippery road because the driver was going too fast for the winter road conditions.
Seeing hints of Russian propaganda outlets starting to undermine Trump
The current National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is under counterintelligence investigation for ties to Russia.
2am: protests in Bucharest still ongoing, people blocking office of ruling party PSD
A police officer has been shot and injured at a gas station in Belfast, Northern Ireland; police federation calls it a "terrorist shooting"
Kremlin says Putin will "call Trump in the next few days"
Russia celebrates Trump's swearing-in as Putin's spokesman warns differences with U.S. will remain
Europe's nationalist leaders gather at conference in Germany: "Yesterday, a new America. Today...a new Europe!"
TSN: Ukrainian military gained new positions near Stakhanov, comply with Minsk agreements
Neuss - Germany arrests 'accomplice' of suspected Austrian IS militant
[email protected]: "This has been a very interesting few days. We have set up meetings with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom."
New York Times Video account apparently hacked, posts fake news tweet about Russia attacking U.S.
Protesters heading to the HQ of the governing party, Romanian Social-Democrats
Bucharest, Romania: The protesters have reached the Government building
Romania: 30.000 people protesting now in Bucharest against amnesty and mass pardoning planned by Socialist government
Russian parliament expected to move closer toward decriminalizing domestic violence
17k people marching in Bucharest in defense of anti-corription measures, which are about to be weakened by current Gov't
Bucharest Romania: People protesting against government's attempt to pardon prisoners and decriminalise some offences through emergency decrees
More than 20000 protested today in Bucharest against gov plans to weaken anti-corruption drive
The President @KlausIohannis joins Bucharest anti-government protest
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has been reelected as head of the ruling United Russia Party.
Hungary in mourning after horror coach crash that killed 16
Bucharest now - Huge anti-government protest in main cities in Romania. President joins the protesters
In Buenos Aires, Argentina celebrated the Day of Unity of Ukraine and conducted a flash-mob
Russia's PM Medvedev said that the Russian regions should aim to become [financially] self-sufficient
Egypt Cheif Prosecutor Says To Allow Italy Experts To Salvage CCTV Footage Related To Murder Of Italian Student Regeni-Reuters
24 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions before 6pm today, 4 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded
UK PM May promises frank talk with Trump after women protest
Dalai Lama says he hopes Presidents Trump, Putin will work together for global peace
Pope Francis says he doesn't like "judging people early": "We'll see what Trump does"
McCain and Schumer: Don't end Russian sanctions without Congress
Three people died after an avalanche hit Krimml (Pinzgau) and the Bramberg (Pinzgau) mountains in the Salzburg region of Austria
15 men involved in shooting in the East of Moscow
French left-wing voters cast ballots in primary for candidate to confront conservative, nationalist rivals
Germany must prepare for turbulent times under Trump: foreign minister
Should give up illusions of sanctions being lifted soon - Medvedev
Sen. John McCain will vote in favor of Rex Tillerson, despite concerns about nominee's relationship with Putin
British PM Theresa May to visit GOP retreat
In Kyiv honored the memory of Sergiy Nigoyan and Mikhail Zhiznevsky, who were killed at Maidan this day 3 years ago
Heavy incomings at Promka, Avdiivka
[email protected]_astro: Where even the sea freezes in winter: Ukraine and the shores of the Black Sea. Today is Ukrainian Unity Day
US will not send delegation to Syria peace talks in Kazakhstan, citing demands of transition, State Dept. says
[email protected]: Reports on investigation into possible contacts between Russia, Trump associates "struck us as brand new information."
Unification day in Dnipro: opening of monument to UNR
Azerbaijan shoots downs Armenian drone, says Armenia keeps violating the ceasefire
Germany's Schaeuble tells Britain to look to Swiss for Brexit ideas
"Putin" admits on "SNL" that he made Trump president
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May to visit President Trump in Washington on Friday
Russia should not think sanctions will be lifted soon: PM
UK to expand support to Ukraine’s armed forces
Prime Minister Theresa May confirms she will meet president Donald Trump for talks in the United States on Friday.
Russia set to move closer to decriminalize domestic violence
About 300 advanced radiostations were seized from Akhmetov Fund humanitarian convoy trucks
FM Steinmeier: I am convinced that we will find alert listeners in Washington who know that even big countries need partners.
Steinmeier: With the election of Trump, the old world of the 20th century is gone. What the world of tomorrow will look like is yet unclear
Marine Le Pen: Europe 'will wake up' in 2017
Angela Merkel will seek compromises with Donald Trump
Police are looking for a suspect after shots were fired at officers near Manchester Ave at Ontario St.
Vatican: Pope Francis warns against populism in the US and Europe and cites example of German populism bringing Hitler to power in 1930s
33 attacks on Ukrainian positions by Russian paramilitary troops yesterday, no casualties
Anton Gerashenko was possible target of assassins according to media. SBU foiled plot. 2 detained
Overhead shot in Washington, D.C. shows massive crowds in every direction rallying for Women's March on Washington
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