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18 สิงหาคม 2018

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Chechens rally in Sweden. "Kadyrov- pride of Russia and shame of Chechnya!"
Chechen Voluntary Battalion of Dzokhar Dudayev during the protests in Kyiv: Putin is ISIS, ISIS is Putin
Chechens rally in Berlin "Putin's FSB executioners out from Chechnya!"
THE SUNDAY MIRROR cover: 'Putin's killers left polonium trail at Brit embassy'
Helsinki. "Putin's hands are in blood! Stop Putin's terror in Chechnya!"
Helsinki. Chechen rally. Kadyrov- shame of Chechnya!
"Street art" on Putin in #Bratislava, #Slovakia
2 Swiss fighter jets escort Canada PMs plane as it leaves Zurich
Zacharchenko claims that local elections in Donetsk and Luhansk region will be hold on April, 20
#Vakarchuk appealed to #Poroshenko with a sharp statement: Mr. President, where are changes in the country?
Russian militants at firing range
Ilyushin 76MD returns to land at Moscow-Vnukovo Airport following engine failure
Militants activated electronic warfare measures near Luhansk
Ukraine to reclaim Donbas this year - Poroshenko
KOD demo in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Russian militants with flamethrowers RPO-A "Schmel" at Donbas
US 173rd airborne brigade #SkySoldiers conduct heavy equipment drop near Pordenone, Italy.
Chechens rally in Vienna "Ichkeria will Return"
KOD demo in Vienna, Austria
Constitutional Court of #Moldova : No violation in the voting process of Filip Government
Calais port is closed after migrants intrusion on ferry "Spirit of Britain"
"The Committee for the Defence of Democracy" rally in Rzeszow
Protests in Opole, Poland
Protests in Lodz today
Protest on Saturday in Legnica, Poland
Protest day in Poland: Klodzko
"Pro democracy" demo in Kielce, Poland
KOD demo in Gdańsk, Poland
People came to rally in Bialystok
KOD rally in Bydgoszcz
Large rally in Krakow
Aerial view of protests in Poznan
"For free media" - KOD rally in Wroclaw
Protesters on march in Warsaw
Protests in Warsaw
Superyacht belonging to 'Russian businessman' bursts into flames in Turkish marina
Superyacht belonging to 'Russian businessman' bursts into flames in Turkish marina
Temps in S Serbia have dropped to -15 C - tough conditions for refugees on the move
Rally in Koszalin
Refugee shelter in #Bismark #Germany attacked
Pro-#Russian militants in #Lugansk praising the head of Chechnya #Kadyrov and #Putin
Calais thousands of people to March in solidarity with migrants #jungle
Protests in Warsaw
In Poland, demonstrations in defense of democracy
Up to 10,000 people have taken over #Dublin in protest against #watercharges
Poroshenko threatens war with Russia in case of failing constitution amendments
The single-engine plane made a hard landing on the highway due to engine failure in Moscow Region
In Ivano-Frankivs'k region SBU seized arsenal of weapons
Jeremy #Corbyn arrives at a migrant camp near #Dunkirk.
Rally against political repressions in Russia
Rally against political repressions
Flight Moscow-Stavropol declared emergency over Moscow
Orbán in Slovenia: Without external border protection Schengen will be destroyed
3 killed in road accident with Tiger armored vehicle in Dagestan
At the Mariupol entrance someone asks pro-Russian people go back to "Novorosiya"
In Dagestan armored vehicle "Tigr" hit passenger bus. At least 3 dead. 15 wounded
IMF's Lagarde warns Europe's passport-free Schengen area at 'make-or-break' point
Croatia MPs vote on new premier amid economic, migrant crises
Russian Far-right Demushkin: "the Regime will collapse Russia, with no apparent opposition and nationalists, without any Navalny and Demushkin"
French frigate FS Jean de Vienne arriving this morning to Portsmouth
Russian far-right leader Demushkin: there was a goal to send all activists to Ukraine, - and they kill each other there
Tensions at court on members of "Right sector" in Dragobrat
Near Starohnativka militants used heavy self-propelled artillery yesterday. Total 37 ceasefire violations
[email protected] live-fire mortar training in Yavoriv is helping Ukrainian army become more effective on the battlefield.
Russian MP Kobzon, who supports "DNR" terror group suffered heart attack on the way to Kadyrov
French Rafales also carried out attacks on IS positions near Alas oil field near Tikrit. #Iraq
Central Donetsk: shooting and flares after. Possible fireworks
Evacuation in Paris metro due to technical failure, traffic will be resumed not early as Saturday morning
Khodorkovsky to Support Russian Opposition Candidates
#Spain - Rajoy rejected mandate to form gov't. King Felipe VI will therefore start new round of talks with political parties on Wednesday.
Czech MEP, arrested in Swiss bank case, with ties to Putin dies in Prague
SG @jensstoltenberg on #NATO deterrence: we want to be strong to make all understand that any attack on any ally is doomed to fail. @Davos
Germany. Demonstrations in Berlin against Turkish violence in Southern Turkey
Kerry says effort and good faith could lead to lifting of sanctions on Russia: #WEF16
Marines in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Anti-migrants rally in Dortmund, Germany
#Turkey is monitoring #Russian troop movements near its border
Migrants Set Fire To Camp In Calais As Police Move In To Evict Them
#Slovenia urges #Armenia to withdraw from #Azerbaijan'i lands
#Zakharova: We're indignant about Washington's decision to withdraw accreditation of Russian honorary consuls in #US
Estonian soldiers fire the anti-tank missile FGM-148 Javelin for the first time
Meanwhile, on Iranian state TV, George Galloway blames Israel for killing Litvinenko
Meanwhile, on Iranian state TV, George Galloway blames Israel for killing Litvinenko
US strips accreditation of 5 Russian honorary consuls: State Dept
Bill Browder met in #Davos with Estonian President Toomas Ilves to discuss Russian aggression and Magnitsky sanctions
#Turkey agrees to 'do everything' to cut migrant flows: Merkel
72 killed by H1N1 flu in Ukraine - Ministry
#Turkish coast guards intervene in a boat carrying refugees in #Izmir, en route Greek Islands.
"Biker" Surgeon at pro-Kadyrov rally in Grozny
Today, Estonian Defence Forces @Kaitsevagi performed 1st live firing of US-supplied Javelin anti-tank missile system
It's propaganda
Basurin: DNR intel—US military involved in research at lab in Shelkostantsiya near Kharkiv. Produced Biological weapons H1N1 "California"
#Ukraine intelligence reports #Russia'n -militants #Grad MRLS still located in #Donetsk, #Makiivka and #Horlivka
China has blocked access to the Russian network "Vkontakte"
After only 4 days stay in Sevastopol, Russian NAVY BF Minsk 127 transits the Bosphorus en route to #Tartus #Syria
Russian navy ropuchas back in business. Azov and Minsk heading south. #SyrianExpress
Putin convened security council on Moldova events
[email protected]: Putin sent GRU chief Sergun to tell Assad he had to go
Suspected Syrian jihadist arrested in Germany for 'war crime': prosecutor
Column marching through Chisinau, Moldova
UA mil intel: To prevent the spread of pro-UA ideas among people of occupied Luhansk region, militants blocked access to 113 UA Websites
UA mil intel: Space reconnaissance confirms presence of 10 enemy tanks and 3 self-propelled guns near Mospyne
Russian VTB bank prepares lawsuits against 10 WADA officials
Kerry calls for 30 percent hike in international aid for refugees
The Russian military admitted his guilt in the murder of the Armenian family in Gyumri
Another day of protests in Chisinau, Moldova. Column marching to Constitutional court of Moldova, Moldova1 TV station
ATO spox: ATO forces found a cache near Stanytsia-Luhanska: 2 boxes of grenades, 3 rocket launchers and ammo for them
ATO spox: Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties, 1 UA soldier was wounded; 1 UA serviceman was wounded in a land mine blast
ATO spokesperson: Militants non-stop fired at UA positions to the east of Krasnohorivka and Maryinka
ATO spokesperson: The enemy intensified shelling of UA positions: occasionally mortars and BMP are used
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Military situation in the eastern Ukraine deteriorated
[email protected] #SkySoldiers land in Pordenone, Italy.
At least 21 migrants dead as boats sink off Greece
Celebration of Ukrainian Union day in Lisichansk
Moldova: Pro-Russian and pro-European leaders of the protest on the same stage
Usatîi proposes a People's Court to judge the current politicians and to nationalise their properties #Moldova
Russian tanks near Krasnyy Luch
2 died cause of swine flu H1N1 in Moscow
Pro-Kadyrov rally in Grozny
Chechen TV claiming a million people (more than 2/3 the population of Chechnya) at pro-Kadyrov rally
There has to be fear of breaking the law, or we will not fight corruption and tax evasion @njaresko #WEF16
Sanctions for Russia should be combined with more support to #Ukraine urges George Soros.
Ukraine did remarkable job in a short time says @richardbranson
Pro-Kadyrov rally in Grozny, Chechnya
Russian Navy ships near Syrian shore
69 violations of ceasefire yesterday. 120mm mortar used near Starohnativka
Kadyrov march in Grozny
Russian tanks in Donetsk region
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