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20 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Ahead of holiday travel season, State Department issues terror alert for Europe
Italian authorities work to identify mysterious, English-speaking homeless teen
Picture of the scene of shopping centre in Lyngby near Copenhagen, were two have been shot. Situation is not terror related - local criminal. Suspects on the loose
Denmark Lyngby - two people shot at shopping center Magasin Lyngby. Some reports believe gang-related
Nigel Farage: Trump is "a very loyal man"
Two people have been injured by gunfire in a shopping center in Lyngby North of Copenhagen.
Denmark - reports indicate ongoing shooting situation in Lyngby shopping centre in Kongens Lyngby.
Russian forces used GRAD-P 122-mm missiles against Ukrainian positions in Krasnohorivka West to Donetsk today
[Old photo (2014)]SAM Pantsyr S-1 with painted over signs reportedly at Donbas this November
Russia is "in no way a threat" according to French presidential frontrunner and Putin ally @FrancoisFillon
#BezStraha protests in Nis
#BezStraha protests in Nis
Russian Defence Ministry spent 52.3 million roubles on funerals of a thousand active servicemen in three years.
Serious clashes in Vodyane today. Unconfirmed reports of casualties on both sides.
Konashenkov: Real security threat is not Russia but saturation of the European arms and military far from European origin
Konashenkov: the Official representative of the state Department would do well to know that Kaliningrad oblast is an integral part of the Russian Federation
Germany's FM Steinmeier says 'we need a transition plan for political solution to end civil war in Syria"
European Parliament now debating call to end EU membership talks with Turkey
Putin and Lukashenko had a talk in Kremlin
Kosovo Serb leader Ivanovic claims his warcrimes trial unlawful as he was already investigated over same offence
Consequences of attack on Krasnohorivka village last night
NATO criticizes new Russia missiles near Poland, Lithuania
Country breakdown of landmine casualties in 2015: Afghanistan (1,310), Libya (1,004), Yemen (988), Syria (864), Ukraine (589).
2016 Landmine Monitor: Landmines killed, injured at least 6,461 people in 2015, vs. 3,695 in 2014. Civilians accounted for 78% of casualties
Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi concluded his three-day visit to Portugal on Tuesday by visiting the Portuguese Military Academy
Russian LifeNews showing last night attack on Inter TV channel
Lufthansa has canceled 876 flights scheduled for Wednesday due to a planned strike by the German airline's pilots
Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz announced that the Polish Army will release a battalion battle group in Latvia company of PT-91 tanks Hard
SCD chief Raed Saleh to U.K. MPs: "the coalition should drop aid to besieged civilians until there is a solution to get aid in on the ground"
Vladimir Putin awarded Patriarch Kirill the Order "For Merit"
SCD chief Raed Saleh in London: "we need direct action to protect the civilians of Syria"
Ambassador Arkady Rzegocki presented letters of credence to HM The Queen at Buckingham Palace
Vladimir Putin congratulates Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia on his 70th birthday
Russia's Defence Ministry Says Deployment Of Ballistic Iskander Missiles In Kaliningrad Region Is Russia's Internal Matter
Russian General Consulate in Odesa asks to organize meeting with detained at Chonhar servicemen
Lampart-16 exercise continues - Poland MOD 21st Mountain Rifle Brigade is training together with Czech 7th Mechanized Brigade. NATO
[email protected] detained 2 Ukrainian servicemen in attempt to sell ammunition stolen from their military unit
Amnesty International: We're at the Egyptian Embassy in London now, calling on Egypt to #freeShawkan, a photojournalist jailed for photographing protests
Putin: Russia will this year record low inflation: less than 6 percent. This is a very good indicator
Putin: Russia this season ranked first in the export of wheat in the world. In the Soviet time we bought corn abroad, now sell
Kuchma hopes tomorrow in Minsk to agree on opening a "Zolote" checkpoint
Sweden has redeployed the RBS-15 Anti-Ship fire-and-forget missile system on the island of Gotland.
[email protected] holds media briefing on 2 detained Crimean traitors
.@ServiceSsu holds media briefing on 2 detained Crimean traitors
Hrytsak: 2 traitors were detained near Chonhar checkpoint
Court sentenced 2 defected Ukrainian soldiers to 2 months
Putin ratified the law of the Joint group of troops of Russia and Abkhazia
Many reports from Makiivka of heavy explosion at 14:25
German far-Right extremists teaming up with gangs in America and Europe to plan attacks, intelligence chief warns
Undersecretary of State Tomasz Szatkowski met with the head of the General staff of the armed forces of the Croatian General Mirko Šundovem
Train on fire in Perm was filmed
Putin signed a law on a lump sum to retirees in January 2017 onwards all pensioners in Russia will receive 5000 rubles compensation
After Trump Farage tweet, Tory MP calls for Hilary Clinton to be made US ambassador to UK
Minister Antoni Macierewicz visited @Israel_MOD Avigdor Liberman in Jerusalem and held talks on security and bilateral coop during Polish-Israeli consultations
India & Switzerland signed ‘Joint Declaration’ for implementation of Automatic Exchange of Info between 2 nations to fight black money menace
In Donetsk region @ServiceSsu found 2 caches of ammunition: with artillery shells and C4 explosives
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Yesterday, Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: In Krasnohorivka, militants applied a tank and mortars
ATO spokesperson: Luhansk sector: Right after midnight, militants shelled UA positions near Krymske with mortars for 10 minutes
Antoni Macierewicz visits Israel. Cooperation of the Defence Industries
Russian forces shelled Ukrainian positions near Krasnohorivka with GRAD-P
Russian Ambassador in Cairo: It is not unusual that Egypt and Russia's Defense Ministries don't declare all military contracts.
PHOTO: Loading Kalibr Missile on Russian Caspian Flotilla Gepard-class frigate «Dagestan»
France prepared to cooperate with the International Criminal Court (ICC) to hold ISIS militants accountable for war crimes in Syria — FM
Minister of Defense of Ukraine Poltorak visited Ukroboronprom exhibition in Islamabad, met with minister of Defense of Pakistan
Lavrov says that detention of military in Crimea is a provocation
Exercise Compact Eagle 2016 in Szczecin visited by commanders from Poland and Germany
PHOTO: Russian Baltic Fleet «Tor-M1» Airdefense Missile System in Kaliningrad
Again rally today in Kyiv
In Chernyhiv detained 3 men who attempted to access military airfield with air rifles
Russia deployed Bal and Bastion complexes on Kuril islands
Nigel Farage responds to Donald Trump's call for him to be a UK Ambassador
ATO HQ: RU forces 17 times violated ceasefirem shelling with 152mm artillery in Hnutove
Up to 10 wounded at clashes with police at Maidan
Polish tank unit to join NATO troops in Latvia
Moscow will deploy S-400 and nuclear-capable Iskander systems in the exclave of Kaliningrad in retaliation for NATO deployments - Russia
Putin: "We must take counter-measures, i.e. strike with our missile systems those installations that in our view are beginning to threaten us"
Putin: "When a country becomes NATO member. anything could easily appear there, counter-missile def system, new bases and new attack systems"
Putin says Saakashvili governorship of Odessa was "slap in the face" of Ukraine people
NYC man charged with providing support to ISIS and discussing a Nice, France-style attack on Times Square
Heavily policed, cordoned Maidan on the third Revolution anniversary
Polish PM Beata Szydło has been involved in a big crash in Israel
Heavy clashes in Yasinuvata-Avdiivka area, artillery pounding Promka area
SBU confirmed that they detain 2 Russian servicemen. 2 deserters were detained at Chonhar
Russia claims that Russian servicemen have been kidnapped by Ukrainian special forces in Crimea
Prince Harry kicks off 15-day, 7-country tour of the Caribbean on behalf of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.
The two Russian servicemen are named as Ensign Maxim Odintsov and Junior Sergeant Alexander Baranov.
Russian Ministry of Defense says that Ukrainian SBU arrested 2 Russian military in Crimea and brought to Mykolaiv region for prosecution
Fox in abandoned Pryp'at city(Chornobyl)
Strong crosswinds at an Amsterdam airport caused a plane to attempt a shaky landing, aborting at the last second.
China is going to build a 1-GW solar plant in Chernobyl's dreaded Exclusion Zone
Broken glasses at Russian State Bank Sberbank
Protesters attacked Russian Sberbank on L'va Tolstogo square
Photos of emir of Chechen Ajnad al-Kavkaz, Abdul Hakim Shishani and one with Military Emir Hamza Shishani in Syria.
Kyiv: Protesters set office of Medvedchuk on fire
Russia Today (Ruptly) is live from Kyiv
Russia Today (Ruptly) is live from Kyiv
Corbyn says British businesses are concerned about "hard Brexit" threat
Memorial dedicated to 3 years of Maidan in Warsaw
Protesters attacking office of Medvedchuk's "Ukrainsky Vybir"
Protesters attacking office of Medvedchuk's Ukrainsky Vybir
A crowd has converged in the area of Lva Tolstogo Metro Station where again there is a clash with police
A crowd has converged in the area of Lva Tolstogo Metro Station where again there is a clash with police
Motorcade of Polish Prime Minister involved in Jerusalem crash
Protesters from Maidan moving Khreschatyk
Maidan in Kyiv: people chanting "Revolution!"
Maidan in Kyiv: people chanting  Revolution!
Russian strategic aviation is online
Kyiv: Riot police deployed to Maidan
Clash between two groups of migrants in Serbia's capital sees one stabbed to death, another two hospitalized with serious wounds: state TV
Brawl at Maidan with police
Small clashes at Maidan now
Rally at Maidan: few tires on fire
Rally at Maidan: few tires on fire
Police pushing a crowd at Maidan
Police pushing a crowd at Maidan
Ukraine's far-right demonstrate on Maidan. Dumping gasoline on pile of tires at the Independence monument.
There can be absolutely no comparison between PM @narendramodi and Indira: Sonia
Pope Francis says sleeping six hours "like a log" each night is part of his secret for managing job stress.
Rally at Maidan Nezaleshnosti in Kyiv, today - 3rd anniversary of #EuroMaidan
About 300 people in Kharkiv gathered on anniversary of #EuroMaidan
Former UKIP leader Diane James quits the party, saying it is time to move on
Resident of Livny town in Orel region attempted to burn local prosecutors office
Putin says Russia will strike NATO objects if it will pose a threat to Russia
Repeat warnings of terror plot keeps crowd small on #EuroMaidan anniversary
Montenegro press reports say 2 Russian suspects involved in coup plot have ties to GRU
Pope Francis indefinitely extends permission allowing all priests to absolve women of the "grave sin" of abortion.
2 Ukrainian AN-26 low-fly pass
French police arrest 7 people in anti-terror raids; police say authorities have thwarted a new potential attack.
French Rubis class Submarine and HMS Blyth exercising on Loch Long today
Head of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Parubiy met with President of Turkey Erdogan
In St. Petersburg on suspicion of involvement in "Hizb ut-Tahrir" detained 15 people
Tianjin FTZ launches China-Europe freight
Putin says he told Obama he'd be happy to see him in Russia in future "if he found it possible or necessary or had a wish to go there.”
Pro-Kremlin tabloid: "Trump's 'Mad Dogs' - Why's the prez-elect creating team of anti-Russians?"
Kharkiv Malishev plant repaired 6 tanks T-84 for Ukrainian army
Russia - Azerbaijan: Joint counter-crime operation launched in Khachmaz and Qusar districts
LifeNews: Pushkov: The battle for independence in the Maidan made Ukraine dependent on everyone.
Azov March in Central Kyiv
Spectacular landing of Emirates A380 during storm today at Amsterdam Plane plane A380
Spectacular landing of Emirates A380 during storm today at Amsterdam Plane plane A380
Kyiv: Azov rallying in the center
Kyiv: Azov rallying in the center
Unknown location
Giant golden Lenin head parked somewhere in fields of Belarus
Monument to victims of the Holocaust vandalised in Mogilev.
Russian President Putin Says Will Not Be Difficult For Russia To Freeze Oil Output
Deputy head of management of Federal tax service of Russia in Moscow has committed suicide at his home in Korolev
Large amount of tanks and other military equipment in Kamensk-Skhakhtinsky on the border with Ukraine
Strasbourg mayor said today annual Christmas market will debut as planned Friday, "barring a serious direct threat"
Pope Francis makes priests' ability to pardon abortion permanent
Frigate Admiral Makarov successfully conducts test of weapons system.
Pope Francis has allowed all Roman Catholic priests to forgive abortion - a power previously reserved for bishops or special confessors
France Interior minister: 7 ppl, 29-37yrs old, French, Moroccan, Afghan nationals detained in Strasbourg Marseille antiterrorist op
Donbas frontline: militant attack repelled and fierce firefight filmed
WADA urges Russia to admit state-sponsored doping
RU forces shelling with 152-mm artillery on Shyrokyne
Protest of students of Karpenka-Karogo university
Russian Patriarch Kirill said he will not allow the independence of the UOC-MP
Russian Federation Council: second runway will be built at Hmeimim airbase in Latakia
French police foil terrorist attack, arrest 7 terror suspects in Strasbourg and Marseille over the weekend.
French police foil terror plot, arrest 7: minister
SBU doesn't have certain information on terror attack place or time - Hrytsak
SBU doesn't have certain information on terror attack place or time - Hrytsak
Rally near National Bank of Ukraine
Another man with suspicious "Black package" is being checked on Khreschatyk
Russia's Putin Says Of NATO Expansion: Russia Will Have To Take Countermeasures
[Old Info] Moscow: protesters with invisible banners were detained by police
Small explosion/firecracker on Khreschatyk st near Tsum market in Kyiv
[email protected] found 2 caches of ammunition in Donetsk and Luhansk regions
Russia is prepared to work with Trump on Ukraine in mutually acceptable conditions - Karasin
The @royalnavy's fleet of warships "at a dangerous low" that risks leaving Britain vulnerable, MPs warn.
Russian forces cleared many of Chechen lands
2 more men arrested in Marseille France suspect of planning a terror attack
"Today, Ukraine and Europe are considerably closer than three years ago," says Ukraine's @poroshenko on anniversary of revolution's start.
Man thrown to ground, arrested by police for carrying suspicious package on Khreschatyk, Kyiv
Big rally to protest near National Bank of Ukraine
Khreschatyk is closed for transport today
Police found and checked suspicious package at Khreschatyk
2 more "Ukrainian saboteurs" were arrested in Simferopol, Occupied Crimea
Japan ex-minister warns resolving isles row with Russia not easy
Metal detectors at Khreshchatyk today
[email protected] found 3 caches of ammunition near Ivano-Frankivsk
ATO HQ: RU forces 15 times violated ceasefire, shelling with tanks, APC`s and 82mm mortars
Opera closed it's Moscow office after Rozkomnadzor asked them to filter traffic
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