Map. History of Europe conflict

21 November 2017
Portugal President calls right (36,86%) to form govt against left coalition majority (50,75%)
British telecom TalkTalk says customer data may have been compromised, police investigating
Government of #Slovenia: "#Croatia is putting at risk the lives of people by unannounced arrivals"
PM: I welcomed President Xi to Chequers for talks on international issues important to UK and China
#Refugees directed to the border secretly by Croatia officials were spotted at river Sotla by a Slovenia police helicopter
Cameron got a pint of IPA and some fish and chips with China's President Xi.
Winter is coming: Migrants arriving in cold weather on Greece's Lesbos Island
Slovenia court allows referendum on halting gay marriage
Pretty much every problem is a crisis for Europe just now
HNLMS near Sierra del Retin performing deck trials with an osprey #TJ15
#Sweden: #Trollhattan Chilling image of sword attacker posing with unsuspecting students, who thought it a joke
Refugees waiting for registration at Patrick Henry Village registration center, #Heildelberg #Germany
Orban: we have to throw away political correctness and launch a big debate
Bamberg, Germany: right-wing extremists planned to use explosives and weapons against migrants
ECB holds key rate steady as weak inflation concerns grow
The 2nd big group with 1000 people arrived at border #Slovenia #Croatia in #Dobova today.
"This is a black day for Sweden" - Swedish PM after school stabbing attack
Submarine HMCS Windsor from Canada ready to participate in #NATO exercise Trident Juncture
Second victim dies in sword attack on Sweden school: hospital
Refugees and migrants at camp in Brezice, Slovenia, waiting for food
About 600 migrants had made last night attempt to get into a railway tunnel under the English channel to get to Britain.
Drone footage shows how Slovenia is the latest gateway for refugees heading to Europe
Waiting for arrival of yet 1000s refugees in port Piraeus, Athens. ETA ferry: 3pm
Officials say 1 teacher dead; 2 students, masked man seriously injured in Sweden school attack
Injured teacher died in Hospital after being stabbed at a school #Trollhätaan #Sweden, Four Students injured
One dead in Swedish school sword attack: hospital
Slovenian police in #Brezice again pepper sprays against #refugees. Situation tense
Migration routes to Europe
Police say suspect has been shot after at least one person was injured when a man with a sword attacked a school in western #Sweden
#Refugees in mud, dirtandcold in Berkasovo, SRB-CRO border, thanks to CRO "slowing" the influx
#Refugees in mud, dirtandcold in Berkasovo, SRB-CRO border, thanks to CRO
#Sweden: Masked man w/ sword attacked school in #Trollhättan: 1 adult, 4 student injured. Attacks shot
Record numbers of #refugees entered #Slovenia this morning, with official media estimating there were up to 5,000
Refugees making time for a snapshot on the bridge over the river Mur #Austria #Spielfeld
#Greece: Armed masked men attack/disable asylum seeker boats in Aegean -
#Brezice Under the direction of Civil Protection of #Slovenia, Red Cross forbid volunteers to distribute food among refugees
Tonight a wave of ~2,200 #refugees broke away from #Slovenia police at Šentilj reception centre and headed for Austria
Tanks, Bradleys back in #Baltics: US 3rd Infantry has arrived
Arrests after violence in Manchester ahead of Champions League
4000-5500 at anti-migrants rally in Erfurt, Germany
Protesters with banner "Refugees welcome" at anti-refugees rally in Halle
Refugees and migrants arrive at the Greek island of Lesbos after crossing the Aegean sea from Turkey.
Anti-migrants rally in Halle (Saale), Germany
2000-2500 at anti-anti-migrants march in Erfurt, Germany
#Slovenia: #Migrants walk from #Dobova towards a transit camp in #Brezice
Police at Marktplatz Halle before anti-migrants rally
Flow of refugees and migrants along Balkan route does not appear to slow down: near Dobova, Slovenia this evening.
Thousands broke through the SLO-AT border, marching through Styria.
Slovenian riot police in Brezice bring refugees and migrants to buses destined for Austria.
Lebanon turns back 53 people trying to leave illegally by boat
#Refugees at Šentilj camp on Slovenia border break away from police and begin marching to Austria's Graz: reports
Several parts of Trident Juncture--incl cyber, commandandcontrol, information operations
The turn of the Navy forces, Mailbag transfer #TJ15 #Mediterranean
Police raid Kurdish community centre and houses of activists in #Dresden after Merkel visit to Turkey
Volkswagen tells dealerships in EU to halt the sale of new cars with software linked to emissions scandal
The pilot of the US F-18 died after his aircraft crashed shortly after take off from RAF base near Lakenheath in Suffolk #England
Riot police and army present in #Brezice. Mediation and information for refugees amiss.
Cambridgeshire police confirm one person has died when a U.S. F-18 jet crashed near RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk
MoD photos of migrants arriving at RAF Akrotiri this morning
F-18 crash: Cambridgeshire Police say emergency services at scene of plane crash on farmland near Ely; casualties unknown.
US Air Force officials say they are investigating after reports jet crashed near RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk
PM Viktor #Orbán to attend extraordinary #EU summit on #migration on Sunday
Refugees going through Sutla river during cold night
#Brezice #Slovenia: first #refugees after a fire in the Camp in buses transported further to Austria
Bapska, #Croatia dispatch: 2k+ currently at Serbian border. No regular buses, so a 17km walk to the reception centre
Structure based on sample of 64.288 #refugees: men 35.208 (54,77%); women 13.635 (21,21%); children 15.445 (24,02%)
Mayor of the Slovenian border town of Brežice Ivan Molan says the town is full and cannot take any more refugees or camps
The blaze is under control in Brezice. No reports of injuries among #refugees who are outnumbered by police and firefighters
Firebomb was found at refugee shelter in Upplands Väsby, Sweden
EU president Jean-Claude Juncker calls a special meeting of EU leaders on Sunday to tackle Balkans refugee crisis
Firefighters contain the fire. Army helping. Brezice
Camp in Brezice is on fire
#Hungary is a #refugees-free zone now: 36, 22, 41 came in the last 3 day
Fire at the camp in Brežice, Slovenia
Ppl run across to field to Croatia. Police stopped some of them. Berkasovo - Bapska
Four boats carrying migrants have arrived at a British military base on #Cyprus
Everything back to normal in the no man's land between #Croatia and #Slovenia
Brežice, Slovenia. Soldiers deploying near the camp
A woman is unconscious, drained. Police helmet and wapenstok by the hand. Berkasovo
Refugees in Brezice camp are warming near fires