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23 อาจ 2018

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Russian web search Yandex on request "Peskov clock" shows only sandglasses
Pilot of jet which crashed at Shoreham Airshow is in a critical condition in hospital, police say
Sussex Police say the Shoreham plane crash killed 7 people. All were on the A27 at the time. Possible more bodies will be found
Russian militants in Tel'manove
Russia Today's viewing figures are - contrary to myth - a near zero share of UK audiences
Russian tanks at Michurino
Mikalai Statkevich free
Eugene Vasykovich free
People sing "warriors of light"
Statkevich: for me is very unexpected the amount of people
People with flags of Independent Belarus
People began to shout "Glory to Ukraine" when NTV TV group arrived in Minsk
Journalists are Waiting Statkevich
Lukashenko has pardoned the former candidate in presidents of Belarus Statkevich
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Rumours that Zakharchenko left his residence in Donetsk.
All 1,500 migrants from no-man's land enter Macedonia
Russian MP @A_Sidyakin at TV : "Ukraine's BUK shot down Boeing MH17"
In Vysočany at the metro station Kolbenova burn the factory hall. Black smoke is seen from the Holešovice
Fire after shelling in village Makarove near Stanytsia Luhanska
Humvees in Kyiv
Lukashenka released 6 belarusian political prisoners
Ilya Yashin met with people in villages of Kostroma region
Ukrainian airborne troops at parade rehearsal in Kyiv
Russia successfully tested an ICBM RS-12M "Topol"
The helicopter crashed in the Moscow river on Rublevsky beach
Lithuanian MFA: Welcome the release of 6 political prisoners in Belarus. Right step to enhance EU-Belarus ties.
Tanks in Shakhtarsk
Vulcan is in the air at Bournemouth Air Festival 2015
Medvedev: the weakening of the ruble linked to the fall of oil prices
In Kharkiv SBU neutralize subversive group which was coordinated by the leader of the "Oplot"
Car is on fire in Kharkiv
Military communication vehicle in Chuhuiiv
Shoreham Reports the jet crashed onto 4 cars Westbound on the A27
Thalys shooting - suspect now in custody in Paris - apparently said he found the weapons "in a park" in Brussels
Smoke over Shoreham airshow after plane crash
Plane crashes during Shoreham Airshow in Southern England
Smoke still lingers in air after plane crash at shoreham Airshow. People on beach here saying pilot ejected.
A27 has been closed after a plane crashed at the Shoreham Air Show
Hawker Hunter plane has crashed at the Shoreham Airshow
At Shoreham Air Show Hawker Hunter jet crashes mid-display
Train gunman went from France to Syria, says Spanish intelligence
Protest In Moscow against the war with Ukraine
Rally in Moscow now
The days of frivolous pacifism are things of the past – President during the meeting with the military
Italy's coastguard says rescuing 3,000 migrants on 18 boats
I'm confident the friendship b/w our two countries will continue to grow. - @JohnKerry on Ukraine's Independence Day
Soldiers gift Poroshenko their battle flag
Enemy planned to annex min 8 more Ukrainian regions - Prez Poroshenko speaking to Ukr servicemen in Kharkiv region
Planes for army
Planes for army
In Starobilsk SBU detained the informant of terrorist with an Arsenal of weapons
The unarmed US marines who yesterday foil an attack by a Moroccan gunman with Kalashnikov on a train in France.
President Hollande will receive the Americans and French who prevented large-scale attack in train
Poroshenko: Minsk agreement, allowed us to gain time and increase the level of defense
Axioupoli People started running to the borderline. But nothing happened. Waiting now.
Russia preparing for MAX-2015 airshow
Vehicles for Ukrainian army at Chuhuev
T72 in Horlivka
A Russian mortar attack on Zolote injured one Ukrainian civilian yesterday
Ukrainian Humvees
France train shooting: Victim 'fought to save life of passenger shot in the neck'
"Citizens of Alushta demands direct Presidential management"
Aksenov: Ukraine digging trenches on the border with Crimea, to deny its inhabitants to see how is good here
In Dagestan, unidentified men shot the family of member of special task force
Explosion in Rovenky last night
Explosion in Rovenky last night
Explosion in Mykolaiv near volunteers office
Popasna, Dniprovska St, shelling aftermath
Obama briefing on ArrasTrain attack. Expresses "profound gratitude" to US service members who subdued attacker.
1000 people demonstrate against asylum seekers in German Heidenau. They even took their children.
Heidenau - bus with refugees came
Europe|s migrant crisis: Crying children caught in crush of thousands of refugees at the Macedonian-Greek border.
Germany: Serious riots in Heidenau near Dresden where racist protesters try to block a refugee shelter
Pervomaisk - the battle in the area of Mikhaylovka-Rodina continues, something's burning
Azerbaijan to acquire military vehicles from Kazakhstan
India's purchase of French Rafale fighter jets could be concluded in about 10 days
Fire on Sartana corrected by employee fire and rescue unit - SBU
[email protected]_SMM is facing restriction of movement by DNR
Gas supplies from Russia to Ukraine requires only money, but Ukraine does not have - Miller of Gazprom
NATO Leaders Participate in Riga Conference on Strategic Communications
Syriza rebels announce new party
3 arrested in unsuccessful attack on refugee home in Berlin
Macedonia police fire stun grenades on migrants
MH370 debris exposes divisions over air crash investigations
Helicopter crashed in Moscow region
In the hospital of Simferopol died journalist of the newspaper "Crimean truth", previously beaten
Russia has blocked Alibaba, China’s Amazon, because of "Potpourri Incense Bags,” which it sold for under a penny.
No Ukr troops killed in the last day, 2 servicemen were wounded in action - ATO daily report
Two waitresses were shot in a cafe in Grozny
Switzerland arrested Bentley and 2 apartments of the ex-wife of former Moscow region Minister Joan Bulakh
In Illichevsk, Odessa region activists demand recognition of Russia as an aggressor and to demolish Lenin monuments
Opposition leader Meimarakis receives mandate to form new government
Migrants being teargassed in Macedonia
The case of Savchenko left in Donetsk, Rostov region – lawyer
Russian logistical troops in large-scale regrouping exercise 24-29th Aug. MD C: Donguz, Totskoe, Trigulay Chapaevsk.
Military prosecutors & @ServiceSsu prevented Indep. Day diversion, revealing a storage with grenade launchers, Kyiv map
Man, 60, arrested over IRA-linked murder
Tear gas fired on Macedonia border migrants
Russian ex-MP called businessman Barsukov the customer of murder of Starovoitova
Petersburg Cossacks raids shops for destruction of products under sanctions
Hamburg met the second group of our wounded military ahead - intensive course of treatment
British opposition frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn fights off accusations of anti-semitic links
Premier Mark Rutte urgently in hospital
The consequences of night shelling in Avdiivka
Macedonian police fire tear gas to disperse thousands of migrants trying to enter from Greece
A far-left faction of Greece's ruling Syriza party will form a new political party - 25 politicians will leave Syriza & become independent
Turkey says it expects BBC to pursue same editorial guidelines as it did when IRA bombed a police station in N. Ireland
Sector M: 7 RU attacks after midnight w 152-mm & 122-mm SPGs. Staroignatievka, Lebedinske, Bogdanovka, Vynohradne hit
Today Donetsk
Just after sunrise, these 8 refugee men motored up to the beach on Kos, surviving the perilous crossing from Bodrum.
Starohnativka - Volleys again.
Poroshenko: we do not have any brotherly Nations during the war
An F-35B joint strike fighter jet conducts aerial maneuvers during aerial refueling training over the Atlantic Ocean.
Smoke over Opytne seen from Avdiivka
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