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21 กันยายน 2018

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Merkel to convene German security council after Munich shootings: spokesman
Turkey's foreign minister says, "we stand in solidarity with Germany against terrorism."
Munich death toll reaches 11
Faylaq al-Sham claim responsibility for killing the Russian soldier fighting with Assad army in Aleppo after tipped off about his position.
Poroshenko: Ukraine stands with Germany shoulder-to-shoulder. No tolerance to violence and attacks against our democracy and unity.
Munich police report they have found 9th body; checking to see if it was an attacker.
Munich police tell CNBC that 9 people are dead following German mall shooting and investigating if 1 of the dead is a suspect
Death toll in Munich shooting rampage rises to eight: police
Members of Germany's elite anti-terrorism force are on their way to the scene of the deadly shooting in Munich
Donetsk: 5 tanks to Pisky near Zapadny autostation
State Of Emergency Declared In Munich.
Reports Munich gunman shouted 'you f***ing Turks!'
CNN reports munich gunman shouted Allahu Akbar and targeted children
Pegida in Thueringen Germany describes the #MunichAttack as the beginning of a war
Munich police set up info hotline +49(089)29101910
At least 20 artillery salvos North to Kyivsky district of Donetsk
Russian force shelling with artillery in Donetsk
Four salvos from Topaz, Donetsk
German police say no evidence of Islamist terror in Munich shootings
Munich police: At least 3 suspects armed with rifles still at large after deadly mall shooting
Munich police spokesman says no indication of a terrorist incident is linked to Islamist groups
Munich police spokesman Peter Beck tells AP: 6 dead, several wounded in mall shooting
Reports one of the Munich gunmen died by shooting himself in the head following the attack
Germany has tightened security on its border with the Czech Republic
Munich: reports that the border with the Czech Republic has been partly closed, police officers in Germany are on high alert
German media report that anti-terror unit 'GSG 9' are on their way to Munich, however, this has not been officially confirmed
Munich shootings being treated as "suspected terrorism", police say
Munich Authorities Declares Mass Casualty Event, Orders Doctors Back To Hospitals
Munich police warn of 'acute terror situation': report
Munich police are using the term "suspected terrorism" in connection with the shooting at a city mall
Obama: We Don't Yet Know What Has Happened In Munich
Several sources say suspect shouted: "I am German, I was born here!"
Three helicopters with German anti-terror police GSG9 enroute to Munich
Munich police are using the term "suspected terrorism" in connection with the shooting at a city mall
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Speculation this could be a right-wing attack in Munich: One attacker heard by witness shouting "Scheiß Ausländer" and Breivik anniversary
Police said witnesses reported seeing three people with guns near the Munich mall
Two RUS state Il-96s from Vnukovo towards Crimea. Those are for high echelon VIPs
Military Drill in Transnistria on 20-24 July
Police vans arrive at scene of Munich shopping mall shooting rampage
German special police unit GSG9 now moving reinforcements to Munich
Russian soldier Nikita Shevchenko was killed in Aleppo - Russian Mindef
Munich main train station evacuated, metro and bus transport suspended: official
Three suspected gunmen in Munich shooting are at large - police
German army now arriving to shooting scenes to assist police
Munich, place of shooting
Twitter users in Munich start offentür which means "open door" to help people who can't get home.
Munich police confirm they received reports of gunfire in two places besides the Olympia shopping center
US citizens in Munich advised to shelter in place. Media reports of shots fired at Olympia shopping mall
Three people with firearms, eyewitnesses tell @PolizeiMuenchen, who appeal for Munich public to seek shelter
Munich police urge people to stay home or go indoors as they hunt for mall shooter or shooters
Central train station in Munich evacuated, all trains moving to the city has been stopped
Pictured: The shooter on the car park roof of OEZ shopping centre in Munich
Germany shooting: "started at a McDonald's which is attached to the shopping mall," - a police spokesperson
Bavarian Interior ministry: at least 6 dead
Munich: Facebook issues 'safety check' for users in Munich, Germany, following the shopping mall attack
Munich police: eyewitnesses say there are 3 people with guns - public transit system suspended
Munich shooter
'Likely at least six dead' in German mall shooting: police source
Munich: all shops in the downtown Munich are closed, reports of 3 gunmen
Munich police now say three shooters in shopping center shooting and we don"t know where they are
#SeaBreeze2016 is underway
SeaBreeze2016 is underway
Video shows man opening fire outside Munich mall
Video shows man opening fire outside Munich mall
Munich shooters. Now in subway
RUS state Tu-214SR communications relay a/c is providing comms support at Sevastopol
Another Video of one of the attackers. Munich OEZ
Munich police advise people to avoid public spaces as gunmen still at large
Reports emerge possible shooting @ Marienplatz station Munich.nMain squares, the Stacchus, and station evacuating.
German authorities confirm three dead after Munich shopping centre shooting
Reports of shooting at Munich's Isartor where famous Hofbräuhaus is located
One of main ISIS propaganda channels is already celebrating Munich attack. 'Whole Europe is under our terrorism'
German NTV says Bavarian interior ministry confirms 3 dead in Munich shopping center shooting
Munich's Sueddeutsche Zeitung paper says city's transit system has shut down following shooting at a mall
A witness has confirmed to Sky News there has been a second shooting at a metro station near Marienplatz in Munich
Munich police ask people to stop posing photos or video of security movements. "Don't help the culprit!"
A Munich police spokesman told dpa the attack started at a fast food restaurant in the mall
International training at Yavoriv training center
Shots fired at a shopping center in Munich
Police have not detained any suspects and believe there may be more than one gunman in Munich
Germany's dpa news agency: Police say "we expect multiple dead" in Munich mall shooting
Reports of gunfire at Stachus Place. Disaster alert declared. Citizens of Munich urged to get off the streets and return home
Video of shooter shooting at people in Munich
International Paralympic Committee opens suspension proceedings against Russia
Emergency services at OEZ shopping centre in Munich
Munich @Abendzeitung newspaper reports possible 15 deaths in Munich shooting; German television @ntv says possibly 10 dead
Several dead in shooting at Munich shopping center, according to German media
One dead, 10 injured in shooting at Munich shopping centre: police source
Police operation is underway in the Munich mall area, but they do not have the gunman detained, yet. He's possibly on the loose
Mall in Munich
Police say the shooting spree at a shopping mall in Munich, Germany, is over. A large police operation is underway
Ukraine condemned visit of Russian Mindef Shoigu to Crimea
Munich police confirm several people are dead and that a "major situation" is unfolding
People seen running after reports of a gunman on the loose at Munich shopping centre
Munich shooting:At least 3 killed, 12+ injured. Witnesses heard at least 30 bullets
Munich police: Shots fired at shopping center, no word yet on casualties
France to send heavy weapons to Iraq: Hollande
Photo from Munich mall shooting, a victim seen lying on the ground
Shots in Munich. Reportedly 15 KIA
Shooting in Munich shopping mall OEZ. People running away to seek shelter
DNR commander Alexander Zakharchenko inspected frontine troops defense capabilities through snap military drill
Shooting in Munich shopping mall
ATO: Russian force 27 times violate ceasefire today
Breakfast of Ukrainian army cat
Ukrainian MP Tarasiuk resigned as Chairman of the group of friendship with Poland
Russian lawmaker expects more countries to recognize Volhynia massacre as genocide
Green men in Donetsk
Day of Severodonetsk liberation
MP Novinsky threats to dissolve Parliament and impeach President in response to searches at his companies
[email protected]_en-infographic on Russia's state defense order
In Primorye held Bastion anti-ship missile drills
Lavrov says Russia-Turkey relations depend on cooperation on Syria
Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Ross DDG71 transits Bosphorus and enters the Black Sea #SeaBreeze2016
Putin propose to create public commission for monitor the fight against doping
Putin: Our official state position - sport should be clean and no place for doping
A volunteer from USA was appointed Ukrainian Deputy Minister of health
Power supply is restored in Avdiivka, but water filter station is still suspended due to transformer damage
#ArleighBurke Class Destroyer of @USNavy on the Bosphorus northbound to join SeaBreeze'16 exercise in Odessa, Ukraine
Security cam appears to show woman planting car bomb that killed journalist Sheremet in Kyiv
Security cam appears to show woman planting car bomb that killed journalist Sheremet in Kyiv
Ukrainian Military Intelligence: 90 self-propelled artillery units in 25km zone at Donbas
Shoigu in Sevastopol awarded missile cruiser Moskva for Syrian op.
SBU conducts searches at Smart-Holding of "Orthodox Oligarch" Novinsky in different parts of Ukraine in case of terrorism funding
President Poroshenko at Sheremet funeral
Tochka-missile brigade of Western Military district is on battle alert - snap military check
MT-LB of Russian force in Doenetsk region
President Hollande: France will provide the Iraqi army with long range artillery.
Hollande: France will not deploy troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria
President @Poroshenko on the @PLParliament resolution regarding Volhynia tragedy
Poland refused Russia permission to build the gas pipeline "Nord stream - 2"
Probable routes (detour approx. 150-250km) that civilians would have to take if Stanytsia Luhanska is closed
Poroshenko arrived to say goodbye to murdered journalist Pavel Sheremet
OSCE’s Hug: Last wk saw highest no. of ceasefire violations in Luhansk reg since Sept 2015. Stanytsia Luhanska bridge esp. violent Ukraine
OSCE’s Hug: Last wk 60% fall in no. of ceasefire violations on Horlivka’s north outskirts. This week - increased level of violence
Russia starts snap military drills in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Tajikistan with 26.000+ men.
Poroshenko on Sejm decision: we ask you to forgive us, together we need to fix mistakes of our history. But timing is not good, will be used in political speculations
Sejm of Poland declared the Volyn tragedy as genocide
Peskov: Moscow is preparing for the Olympic games
Lavrov: NATO is planning to tear away from Russia more and more countries
In the area of Marinka SBU found a cache with ammunition
ATO spox: Ukrainian and U.S. troops exchanged experiences of patrolling, defending military airfields
ATO spox: Sea Breeze 2016 update: Ukrainian Marines used heli to capture, evacuate enemy commander
ATO spox: SBU detained one militant. One more cooperates with law enforcement under rehabilitation program
ATO spox: On Jul 20, drunk militants robbed, killed family in Luhansk region.Their names: Taras Tretyakov, Alexander Kulagin, Sergei Chirkin
ATO spox: Militant casualties: 3 KIA, 7 WIA. Russia’s National Guard fighters among them: 1 KIA, 2 WIA
ATO spox: One Ukrainian serviceman KIA, 2 servicemen WIA during clashes by Maryinka on July 21
ATO spox: Other 2 hot spots in Mariupol sector: Krasnohorivka and Shyrokyne. Militants fired from mortars and a tank
Col. Lysenko: 1 Ukrainian serviceman was killed in action, 2 UA soldiers were wounded in action
Russian army of Southern military district is on battle alert for big drill/readiness check
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: 10 militants attacked Ukrainian position by Maryinka. Ukrainian troops retaliated.
ATO spox: Intelligence: Militants based in Donetsk started using modern Russian electronic warfare hardware “Shipovnik-Aero”
ATO spox: Other hot spots in Donetsk sector: Horlivka area, Opytne, Pisky. Ceasefire was holding near Zaitseve
ATO spox: Over 50% of violations took place in Adviivka area. Militants also deployed 40 mortar mines near Novoselivka Druha
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants violated ceasefire by Stanytsia Luhanska, Popasna. Ukrainian troops retaliated
Minister of Defense of Russia Shoigu in Sevastopol
The plane of Sergei Shoigu has just arrived in Crimea
"Russia has told the Permanent Council that SMM has access to the border. This is not true in any meaningful sense"
Turkish Justice Minister says death penalty is a legal matter and should not be of any concern to the EU
Olympics without Russia will deal a colossal blow to world sport - wrestler Gadisov - TASS.
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine July 22, 2016, 00:00 EET
Sejm of Republic of Poland adopted resolution which recognize "Rzeź wołyńska" as genocide
Kyiv says the last goodbye to a killed journalist Pavel Sheremet
Kyiv says the last goodbye to a killed journalist Pavel Sheremet
[email protected]_SMM: "In Donetsk City, a SMM UAV recently spotted a “huge arsenal,”including 23 T-72 MBTs"
Savchenko: Ukrainians should ask Donbas for forgiveness
[email protected] editor told @govoritmoskvaFM journalists have cleared the building of CIA pokemon
[email protected]_russia's channel @zvezdanews claims they are on CIA radar because a Pokemon Go gym appeared at their office
Workers of the Ural metallurgical plant have suspended their hunger strike
Ukrainians says goodbye to slain journalist Pavel Sheremet
US has deployed dock landing ship USS Whidbey Island in the Black Sea
Russian force 66 times violated ceasefire. Used 120 and 82 mm mortar
North Korea denies its nuclear weapons pose threat to UK
Donetsk without water
The flight deck of USS Whidbey Island was occupied by several containers and vehicles.
Three shells in Donetsk
US authorities arrested and charged the Ukrainian founder of Kickass Torrents with distributing $1 billion of content
The investigators got a video of planting explosives under the car of Sheremet
Britain has choice between single market and free movement or 'other status': Hollande
Powerful shells in Petrivka
The Ex-Prosecutor of Crimea was arrested in the courtroom
Hollande agrees Britain needs time to 'prepare' Brexit negotiations
Flashes and thunders with the shooting in Dokuchaevsk
Russian court forcibly treats the activist, who supported the integrity of Ukraine
'I was ready to die' says man who tried to stop Nice attacker
French President Hollande holds news conference with British PM May
Very loud in Yasynuvata. Fight in Spartak-Yakovlivka
Shelling in Spartak-Donetsk airport
The American military-transport plane C-17 Globemaster III in Odesa airport
Law enforcement officers will ask Google and Facebook for access to correspondence Sheremet
Nice Attack: Mohamed Bouhlel planned truck massacre with five accomplices for months
Sheremet was the target killers – investigation
The head of Ukrainian police and representatives of the FBI met on business of the murdered Sheremet
Police find two dead bodies after suspected gas leak in flat in Parkside, Wimbledon
Somebody was trying to undermine the car of a volunteer of ATO near Kiev
French parliament officially adopts controversial labour law
Prosecutor says French truck killer Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel received logistical support from five suspects
French truck attacker 'planned attack for several months': prosecutor
French truck attacker had 'support and accomplices': prosecutor
Whidbey Island-class LPD USS Whidbey Island @WBI_PAO transits the Bosphorus and enters Black Sea
U.S., Ukrainian, Georgian, Moldavian soldiers at Sea-Breeze 2016 drill
Police take down two knifemen in Ramsgate and Brighton the day after RAF Marham kidnap attempt
US Navy's @USNavyEurope USS Whidbey Island LSD 41 northbound on the Bosphorus to join #SeaBreeze2016 in Odessa. Ukr.
Sheremet with Nemtsov on pic at Nemtsov bridge in Moscow
French media report 20 people arrested in Paris suburb during anti-terror raid.
SBU is ready to prove that it is not illegally holding people
Trump sums up war in Ukraine, revisionist Russia foreign policy, anti-Americanism under Putin as mere "drama"
Lynx cubs born in the Kiev zoo
Here's the full response from Clinton team on Trump's NATO remarks
The IMF may delay a board meeting on Ukraine’s next aid tranche, which had been expected this month
Poroshenko tried secure video conferencing
Moscow counting on Ankara fulfilling request for most severe punishment for those guilty of death of Russian pilot.
Paris suburb of Argenteuil: anit-terror op is ongoing
Counter-terrorism operation of the DGSI at a mosque and an Islamic bookstore in Argenteuil.
Greek court sentences 8 of Turkey's military personnel who fled to Greece during #TurkeyCoup attempt to 2 months in prison
Zakharova: By releasing Bundeswehr's White Book, Berlin has confirmed its long-term commitment to a confrontational policy towards Russia
Singing Pushkin robot
In Moscow found the body of the operator of TV channel "Russia 1" Andrei Nazarenko with five gunshot wounds
Zakharova: Russia condemns the seizure of a police station in Yerevan on July 17 and supports the measures taken by Armenian authorities
France : a security perimeter near a mosque in Argenteuil and the bookseller islamic al-Bayyinah.
European Central Bank leaves key interest rates unchanged as expected
In the West of Moscow found the body of the operator "Russia 1" with five bullet wounds
Activists rally against coal trading with occupants
Donetsk: "Fine for Pokemon hunt: 120 push-ups and broken phone"
Turkish Deputy PM says TR to suspend European Convention on Human Rights for a while like France did
"DNR" has transferred 23 detainees to Ukraine
Press conference soon between PMs of Vishegrad 4 after meeting in Warsaw. Brexit, EU reform, & Turkey on agenda
Russian television shows the rally in the U.S. as catching of pokemons
Five tourists drowned in Anapa
More than 1 million hectares of forests burn in Krasnoyarsk region
Intelligence called ten more Russian officers who are fighting in the Donbass
Russian forces in Kominternove
Russian forces in Kominternove
The Kremlin did not like the word of Trump about a possible Russian attack on Baltics
Yanukovych is ready to cooperate with Ukrainian law enforcement agencies
Head of Irpen Penal colony colony was suspended after riot
ATO spox: In Mariupol, police held a training for children to prevent them from self-inspecting suspicious findings
ATO spox: President @poroshenko awarded 220 servicemen who fought in the Anti-Terrorist Operation
ATO spox: Near Lysychansk, UA police found a cache with 3 anti-tank mines, 2 rocket launchers, TNT, over 300 ammo
No KIA, but 5 WIA among UA servicemen in the war zone in E Ukraine over the last 24h - official
ATO spox:Intelligence: Russia transported 23 trucks to Krasnodon. 3 train carriages w/ ammo to Sverdlovsk, 3 self-prop howitzers to Makiivka
ATO spox: Residents of militant-controlled Makiivka detained a militant suspected of robbing and killing a local family
ATO spox:Residents of Alchevsk, Stakhanov held rallies against robberies, marauding. Names of suspect militants: Vitaliy Bayev and Naverkhov
ATO spox: Ukrainian Armed Forces didn’t incur fatalities, five were wounded in action on July 21
ATO spox: Intelligence: Militants use megaphone stations to deceive Ukrainian troops on Donetsk-Dokuchayevsk front
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: Militants fired 40 artillery shells by Talakivka, Vodyane; mortars on Talakivka-Shyrokyne front
ATO spox: Intelligence: 12 Russian snipers equipped with state-of-art sniper rifles arrived to Svitlodarsk area
ATO spox: Other hot spots in Donetsk sector: Troyitske, Luhanske, Novhorodske-Yasynuvata front, Butovka coalmine
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: Adviivka: Militants launched powerful artillery, mortar shelling from heavy weapons
ATO spox: Conflict zones in Luhansk region: Stanytsia Luhanska, Novooleksandrivka. 6 ceasefire violations after sunset
The IAAF is mired in corruption, it's strange that there isn't an investigation into it - Mutko
Russian sports minister says 'no legal basis' for CAS ruling
The Dutch government will allocate money for demining the occupied Donbass
Western sanctions prevent Russia to build new nuclear power plants – Reuters
Russian building "submerged" firerange for underwater tank driving in Armenia
Court of Arbitration for Sport rejects Russia appeal against IAAF ban: statement
Ukraine prepares lawsuit against Russia due to the use of Black sea resources
Russia loses appeal against Olympic ban on its track and field athletes.
OSCE SMM Status Report as of 20 July in published
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine July 21, 2016, 00:00 EET
General Electric becomes a partner of "Antonov" and "Ukrzaliznytsia"
Germany does not consider an adequate measure a three-month state of emergency in Turkey
136 people detained by police in Yerevan following protest. Armenia
On my commute, typical scenery in Moscow these days: propaganda mural of American piranhas in Russian-flag blender
Russian citizen was arrested at the request of the FBI in Thailand
The mayor of Irpin, who was convicted in the seizure of power, fled from Ukraine
Shawarma in Izmail brought 50 people to hospital
New "white trucks" Russian army supply convoy is set to arrive in Ukraine
Royal Navy Astute-class nuclear submarine HMS Ambush collides with merchant vessel off Gibraltar
ATO HQ: 70 ceasefire violations at Donbas on 20 July 2016
Azerbaijan handed several military objects to Turkey to deploy bases
Kotsybinske, Kyiv region: riot in colony, reports of 50 prisoners fled. Police denies, confirms 3
Trump: supporting Erdogan's purge, abandoning US allies if Russia attacks.
State Dept: We're shocked and saddened by killing of Ukrainska Pravda journalist Pavel Sheremet, a courageous & tenacious reporter
45 wounded as Armenia police, protesters clash over hostage crisis in Yerevan
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