Map. History of Europe conflict

21 November 2017
Tusk wants to stop the "political gamble" with Greece
Germany plays down prospect of extraditing Al-Jazeera journalist
Iran hopes Luxembourg meeting can boost nuclear talks
Protest demanding release of Al Jazeera reporter Mansour enters second day
Greece is offering to raise the retirement age to 67, as part of its negotiations with creditors, a European diplo source tells CNN
SecDef Ash Carter & Germany Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen inspect German troops
Germany's Merkel says must be clear that greeks are ready to move in order for there to be a deal
Italian prosecutors seek to try Bank of China over money smuggling
EU launches Mediterranean migrant military mission: official
AlJazeera journalist held in this Berlin police station
Britain extends commitment to NATO reassurance in Eastern Europe
EndAusterityNow protest
Hundreds travel from Bristol to London for EndAusterityNow protest against £12bn welfare cuts
Yemen talks in Geneva ends with no agreement
St. Petersburg - Greek PM tsipras says Greece problem is a European problem
OSCE calls for 'humane treatment' of migrants and refugees
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras expresses optimism about Monday's emergency summit
A stowaway has fallen to his death from a plane landing on a shop in west London, Scotland Yard confirms
Denmark Results forecast (96% counted) "Dansk Folkeparti" the right-wing populism party got 21,1%
Tusk convene an emergency summit of the EU through Greece
Pro-austerity protest covers steps of Greek parliament after no deal reached at debt negotiations
John Kerry praises Pope Francis’ climate change encyclical
U.N. extends Geneva peace talks on Yemen
France opens manslaughter probe into Germanwings crash
NATO just held a major training exercise 100 miles from a Russian base
EU condemns jailing of Bahraini opposition
Airbus wins $57 billion of aircraft orders at Paris Air Show 2015
Anti-austerity protest grips Athens as thousands rally
Spain court probes fraud case against Barca's Neymar