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19 กันยายน 2018

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Police: 5 people, including attacker, dead in London terror attack
Police say 5 people killed and 40 injured, police name the killed police officer as PC Keith Palmer
Igor Dodon asked for observation status of Moldova within the Eurasian Economic Union
Attacker in London is believed to have been "inspired by international terrorism", British police say
Death toll from London attack rises to 5, including 1 police officer and the attacker; 40 injured
[email protected]: WikiLeaks cable documents the last vehicle born attack on the UK Parliament: the car-bombing of MP Airey Neave
Minsk: Detained activist Artem Levchenko is at KGB on Volodarskogo stret
British Prime Minister Theresa May condemns "sick and depraved terrorist attack" in London
Grodno region: Police searched house of parents of activist of "Movement for Freedom" Vadim Levon, seized documents, and detained Vadim
Police searched Dmitry Dashkevich @ZmDashkevich apartments, seized money and a cat
UK's "threat level has been set at 'severe' for some time, and this will not change," British PM May says:
[email protected]_may: "The values our Parliament represents... command the admiration and respect of free people everywhere."
[email protected]_may: "Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been affected."
[email protected]_may: "The location of this attack was no accident."
ATO HQ: despite new agreements Russian forces attacked Vodyane with 2 GRAD-P missiles
Ukrainian soldier was killed as result of attack on Ukrainian position near Avdiivka
[email protected]: How NYTimes, MSNBC and Democrats embraced a notorious Tory conspiracy theorist to lead Russia hysteria
Donald Trump Jr. slams London mayor after attack
Abu Izzadeen, who was wrongly named as the London attacker by Channel 4, is still in jail. Channel 4 admits it is no longer sure.
Readout of the Vice President's Meeting with EU High Representative and Vice President Federica Mogherini
C4 News now saying Westminster attacker isn't Abu Izzadeen after all
Identity of London attacker is still unknown. Name being circulated is unconfirmed and disputed by several sources.
In Mozyr banned rally at the freedom Day
[email protected]: : U.S. House Intelligence Committee confirms U.S. spies intercepted Trump team communications "on numerous occasions" #Vault7
[email protected]: Whoops: Did US DoJ just accidentally confirm WikiLeaks CIA leaks in court? #Vault7
British PM: thoughts with killed and injured in attack
UK investigators considering possibility that London attack was inspired by Islamic State propaganda - European government official
[email protected]: RT @dw_Sulta5: Now, new episode of #Fifth_Estate with @YosriFouda begins! Wait for #Assange exclusively in English in 10 minutes
Leader of opposition "Molody Front" Dmitry Dashkevich was detained in Minsk, also detained activists Sergey Palchevskiy and Artem Levchenko
[email protected]: 945 documents from our archives on David Rockefeller. a central figure in U.S. power, who died this week aged 101
MIA: during search in apartment of a 22-year-old resident of Mozyr found pistols, and the anarchist flag
U.S President Trump spoke moments ago to British PM May to offer his condolences and offer his support in face of the Terror attack
UK's top anti-terrorism officer says police operation is ongoing, can call on military support if needed
London police say they believe there was only 1 attacker.
London police say they believe there was only one attacker
Four people dead, including police officer, and 20 injured in UK parliament attack - anti-terrorism officer
Four people have died in today's attack in Westminster, police confirm
Scotland Yard says 4 dead (including attacker) and 20 injured in Westminster incident in London. Police treating it as terrorism
[email protected]: RT @dw_Sulta5: Watch #Julian_Assange speaking to @YosriFouda in exclusive interview on #Vault7 on @dw_arabic in few minutes!!
London transport authority says Canning Town Hall rail station in east London shut due to security alert outside
Traffic comes to a halt as emergency services work alongside the Houses of Parliament on Westminster Bridge during possible terror incident
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
[Factcheck: Likely False report]Reports name the Westminster terrorist suspect as hate preacher Abu Izzadeen (Trevor Brooks) from Clapton in Hackney
New York City Police Commissioner James O'Neill says the NYPD has "strategically placed resources around NYC" after the attack in London
MET Police say now there is no second suspect being looked for at the current time
White House says President Trump has spoken with British PM Theresa May about London attacks
UK PM Theresa May Has Spoken To President Trump Via Phone Following The London Terror Attack.
@PressSec says @POTUS has called @theresa_may following London attack.
Body of the killed police officer who was stabbed by the Terrorist inside the grounds of parliament being covered
Around 600 MPs, peers and members of the public wait to be evacuated in Westminster Hall.
Image of the suspect in UK parliament terror attack
Apparently code was originally in morse code on 4chan, which led to the Pastebin
India strongly condemns Westminster terrorist incident and condoles loss of life. No place in democracies & civilised societies for terrorism: MEA
Three French schoolchildren were among the injured on Westminster Bridge
French PM says 'French students hurt' in London attack
Police are still looking for an unaccounted possible second suspect in and around the Houses of Parliament
Pastebin post from yesterday has a code in binary. Translates to Westminster.
Seriously injured woman recovered from Thames after attack: official
Multiple sources tell the BBC there were two assailants in vehicle on Westminster Bridge
British PM May to hold emergency security meeting after London attack
Nunes said information was provided to him by an unnamed source; was 'formal, foreign surveillance,' believes all was legal
Nunes says 'possible' Trump communications swept up in incidental surveillance involving his campaign, not related to Russia
Car at scene of British Parliament attack identified
[email protected]: Former New Zealand Minister of Defense admits civilian kills in Afghanistan after cover up tried to pin blame on US
[email protected]: RT @MuckRock: In a letter to the editor, #CIA Public Affairs Director corrected the record with a lie of omission b…
MET Police confirm counterterrorism investigation underway, a number of casualties including police officers
[email protected] head Schulz says he is "shocked" by the attack in Westminster: "Thoughts are with the victims and their families"
Woman pulled alive from Thames after falling/jumping from Westminster Bridge during the car ramming attack
House Oversight Committee requests documents from White House, FBI on any communications, payments between Flynn and Russia
Mayor of London statement on the incident near Parliament Square this afternoon
White House says Trump campaign was unaware of Manafort's dealings with Russian aluminum oligarch
At least one woman dead and a number of others critically injured
In March, residents of Avdiivka received 205 000 liters of drinking water.
No casualties today before 6pm despite 49 attacks on Ukrainian positions
Examples of growing posts re possible attack in London near British Parliament on IS-linked Telegram channels (No claim issued by ISIS)
[email protected]: How to tell if the CIA is listening to your Samsung Smart TV: The blue light on the back of the TV is still on.
Video footage from the first minutes at Westminster after the car and knife attack
Security being beefed up at 10 Downing Street and across central London after the Terrorist attack
Train crashed near Lucerne, Switzerland
London Police now say they are treating the parliament attack as a terror attack.
Britain 'must settle accounts' before leaving EU: Barnier
Press. Sec: [email protected] has been briefed on the situation in the U.K. Continuing to monitor and update
First pictures emerge of scene after eyewitnesses reports of car striking and injuring pedestrians at Westminster
EU sets Brexit talk conditions, priority for people, money, borders
UK Parliament and surrounding areas on lockdown after reported gunfire
Presumed reconstruction of attack parliament.
Paramedics desperately trying to revive injured in New Palace Yard
PM May was bundled into a car by and driven from the scene after the incident, attacker reportedly dead, police officer injured
Policeman stabbed inside parliament - leader of House of Commons
A car on Westminster Bridge reportedly mowed down at least 5 people
The terrorist was shot inside the grounds of the Parliament after injuring a police officer, seems second Terrorist was in car
Transport for London: Underground station at Westminster has been shut at police request
Knife managed to overpower police at the gates to Parliament injuring him with a knife and shouting before being shot
Huge emergency services response to Westminster bridge and the Parliament after a reported terror attack injured at least 12 people
British police say incident on Westminster Bridge being treated as firearms incident
Helicopter landing in Parliament Square
Car on Westminster Bridge has reportedly mowed down up to 12 people before hitting the gates of Parliament building in London
UK House of Parliament suspended - deputy parliament speaker
This is the moment Parliament was suspended as "sounds similar to gunfire" were heard outside
At least a dozen injured people on Westminster Bridge near UK parliament: Reuters photographer
At least six injured after person wielding a knife was shot near the Parliament building in London
Police cars arriving em masse at Westminster
Photo: Image allegedly showing the scene of the shooting outside UK Parliament
Terror attack outside UK Parliament: man with knife/machete got into Parliament and stabbed policeman; Building under lockdown
Man wielding a knife was shot by Police in front of UK parliament
Two people shot outside UK parliament, building in lock down - parliamentary official
Security lockdown in the entire area around parliament in London, reports of a sound of explosion before a man was shot and injured
Armed police seen running to exit from UK parliament
London: Shots fired outside Parliament. Loud explosion then shooting. Man lying shot outside gates to Parliament. Gun shots outside
Getting reports of shots being fired outside Parliament building in London
London: Gun shots shots outside Parliament now
At least 13 wounded as gas exploded in house in Moscow, building is on fire
2 emergency helicopters deployed on the site of explosion in house in Moscow
March 19, SBU detained 9 GRU agents in Odessa. The group consisted of former and active Ukrainian military personnel
"Stop the unspeakable Nazi comparisons," Germany's new president Steinmeier urged @RT_Erdogan to respect the rule of law
First speech as new German President, first message from Steinmeier to Erdogan: "Respect the rule of law"
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg will visit Hungary on Thursday, meeting Prime Minister Orbán and Defence Minister Simicskó
Nikolai Gorokhov is out of critical condition. He's conscious and responsive
Ukraine has banned Russia's Eurovision entrant Yulia Samoilova from Ukraine
Ukraine's SBU has banned Russian Eurovision entrant Samoilova from entering the country for 3 years
Ukraine's SBU security service demands explanation from Belarus concerning Lukashenko's claim about militant training camps in Ukraine.
Britain's May to meet Poland's Kaczynski
6 arrested in Bosnia over suspected migrant smuggling
Manafort tells NBC News his work for Russian billionaire decade ago "did not involve representing Russian political interests.''
Manafort had $10 million contract to benefit Putin government
Ukraine MFA is surprised by call of Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary for autonomy in neighboring countries
ATO spox: During the last day of hostilities, UAF incurred no fatalities, one serviceman was injured
Col. Lysenko: Militants opened fire at residential areas. A private house in Zaitseve was damaged
ATO spokesperson: Militants fired 30+ tank rounds and 60 mortar bombs in Avdiivka
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Donetsk sector: enemy engaged UAF positions in Svitlodarsk, Avdiivka and Donetsk airport areas
Kremlin says French media report on Fillon's Putin introduction is 'fake news'
Merkel's conservatives extend lead in Germany's Forsa poll
Turkish Presidental Erdoğan; "Europeans wouldn't be able to walk on streets safely if Europe continues attitude."
Trump's ex-campaign chairman Manafort secretly worked for Russian billionaire to "benefit Putin government," files show [email protected]
Russia's force in Syria has suffered losses since late January more than three times higher than the official toll, according to evidence gathered by Reuters, a tally that shows the fight in Syria is tougher and more costly than the Kremlin has disclosed.
China has blocked the Russian social network "Odnoklassniki"
'We not only need to spend more, we need to spend better' - NATO Deputy Seretary General @Gottemoeller in Budapest
[email protected]: Five Congressional staffers, including technical advisor to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, under criminal investigation
US Navy's Harpers Ferry-class dock landing ship USS Carter Hall LSD-50 southbound on the Bosphorus, returning from the Black Sea.
Russian airborne troops drill in Occupied Crimea
Damage at Privokzalna steet in Donetsk after shell hit a house
Trump will travel to Brussels for first NATO meeting in May
Big Russian army exercise in Occupied Crimea
Big Russian army exercise in Occupied Crimea
DNR group office opened in Athens, Greece
Russian forces attacked Ukrainian positions 76 times yesterday, 1 Ukrainian soldier was wounded
[email protected]: VOA: Cyber Firm at Center of Russian Hacking Charges Misread Data
[email protected]: RT @teleSURtv: Hacking Justice, documental sobre Assange se estrena en mayo
Trump is going to the NATO meeting in Brussels in May, White House says
[email protected]: U.S. Assistant Attorney General for National Security (2009-2011) in recent paper on CIA regulation
"We're going to need to bring him in": Senate wants to know more about Paul Manafort's Ukraine dealings.
The column of military equipment in the Rostov region
The column of military equipment in the Rostov region
Breaux Bridge: man shot two suspects attempting to rob his home. St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Deputies arrested 26 year old Joseph Broussard of Morse, and 31 year old Drewe Schexnider of Kaplan on attempted robbery charges
Secretary of State Tillerson urges leaders in the US Senate to approve Montenegro membership in @NATO, reports @Reuters.
DNC chairman: Gorsuch shouldn't be confirmed until FBI concludes Trump/Russia investigation
Incoming artillery shelling in the area of Kodema, Semyhirya, Zaitseve- North to Horlivka
Artillery shelling at Toretsk
Incoming artillery shelling reported from Maryinka, West to Donetsk
Severe Thunderstorm Warning including Lewisburg TN, Belfast TN, Culleoka TN until 4:45 PM CDT
Artillery from Horlivka pounding areas near Toretsk
"Operation Wine and Cheese": Police in Italy arrested 10 gang members for stealing thousands of dollars' worth of wine and cheese.
At 10pm artillery from Dokuchaevsk started to pound positions reportedly near Volnovakha
US and Belgium officials increasingly worried that key figure behind Brussels bombings plotting a new terror attack
Massive rally against Tirana platform in Skopje
[email protected]: New Zealand led Afghan raid which killed and wounded 21 civilians then covered it up & tried to shift blame to U.S.
Chief of Shostka police detained in bribery case, weapons, money and flag of RF seized
Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov plans to visit Syria soon, according to top Chechen official Adam Delimkhanov
[email protected], MEPs in talks with @GruevskiNikola. Need new govt fast. See parl majority. Constitution must be respected.
Belarus TV show video as Ukrainian SUV broke through Ukraine-Belarus border. Also as grenades, grenade launchers, other weapons seized
[email protected]: Analysis of new CIA guidelines derived from EO 12333--yet note the order bans assassination but CIA does it anyway
Probe of France's Fillon widened to suspected fraud, forgery: judicial source
Roman Tsimbalyuk was released from Moscow police
Damage in Sarabash after last shellings
Tsymbalyuk refused to give explanations in Russian police
[email protected]: RT @TheEconomist: Leaked CIA travel guidelines make good common-sense business travel tips—for spies and sales managers alike
Northern Ireland parties could be given more time for talks: Irish PM
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg meets US Secretary Defence Mattis in Washington D.C. ahead of Counter-ISIL talks
Germany should ditch austerity, embrace EU investment: Gabriel
SecDef Jim Mattis welcomed NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg to the Pentagon today for a bi-lateral meeting. @USNATO
Ukrainian @unian journalist Roman Tsyumbaluk was detained in Moscow
Nikolai Polozov, lawyer who defended Savchenko and defends Crimean Tatars, may face criminal prosecution by Russia.
[email protected]: New release of old CIA interrogation manual reveals CIA has long engaged in kidnapping, torture, use of proxies
[email protected]: The State of Internet Censorship in Thailand
French Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux resigns over jobs for daughters
#USNavy USS Carter Hall is in the Black Sea with 450 marines and anphibious landing/assault gear
Scottish parliament begins debate on new independence referendum
Irish PM to attend Brexit summit, keeps party guessing on future
Neil Gorsuch: "Goodness, no," the president doesn't have "inherent authority" to intercept Americans' communications
Secretary of State Tillerson plans to skip NATO meeting, will visit Russia in April - U.S. officials
UK Government announced same security measures for direct flights to UK from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia
36 attacks on Ukrainian positions today before 6pm
Magnitsky family lawyer Nikolay Gorohov is in intensive care of Moscow hospital after he have fallen from 4th floor
Russian state propaganda station publicly shows Russian latest precision sniper rifle ORSIS T-5000 and a Serbian mercenary
Successful launches of Ukrainian missiles were carried out today - @Turchynov
Ukraine held missiles tests today
Ukraine held missiles tests today
Economic blockade of Donbas leads National Bank of Ukraine to cut 2017 economic growth projection to 1.9%.
[email protected]: "I don't think we learned anything new" from FBI Dir. Comey's testimony on possible Trump-Russia ties
Putin meets president of self-proclaimed "country" of South Ossetia, actually part of Georgia, wishes him luck in elections.
Passengers flying to UK from some Middle Eastern countries will be banned from carrying most electronic devices
First solo display training of the new Su-30SM of the Russian Knights aerobatic team at LIMA 17. At dusk.
Military convoy in Rostov
Military convoy in Rostov
Today: Sounds of war at Topaz, Donetsk
Donetsk: Putilovka right now
Manchester: Shooting that happened in Grove Street, at Main Street, after a neighbor reported shots fired in the area, around 3 a.m. However, officers learned that no one was shot or injured
About 3 billion roubles was stolen in racketeering with shares of companies supplying food to the Russian armed forces - military prosecutor
Sberbank to exit Ukrainian market
Goldman Sachs will start moving hundreds of employees from London to other EU countries as it prepares for Britain leaving the EU
Butivka mine: Russian tank every day shelling Ukrainian positions
Butivka mine: Russian tank every day shelling Ukrainian positions
The national Council may cancel the broadcasting of the channel "Belarus 24"
In Belarus, over 80 participants in recent protests have been sent to prison for 10-15 days
Dutch forces have joined NATO's battalion in Lithuania today
Many wounded soldiers were brought to hospitals in Dnipro city
Lukashenko claimed that dozen of "militants" with weapons who prepared provocations were detained
A member of Parliament in Ukraine released documents that he said showed that Manafort took steps to hide payments
Top US diplomat Tillerson to skip NATO April meeting: official
Kommersant FM 93.6: Participants in hearings in US on "Russian interference" in elections are already confused about the situation - Peskov.
Manafort denies role in election-related cyberattacks
Turkish President Erdoğan says Turkey can no longer be threatened by EU bid and migrant deal, says "those days are over"
Moscow student who waved Ukrainian flag from dorm window during pro-annexation concert reportedly beaten by FSB.
SBU found in the area ATO a cache of grenades and ammunition
SBU exposed 10 administrators of anti-Ukrainian pages in social networks
SBU exposed 10 administrators of anti-Ukrainian pages in social networks
1,6 million IDPs registered in Ukraine, - Ukraine’s Ministry of Social Policy
Nasirov gave up his documents and can't flee Ukraine
Northern Ireland's former deputy first minister Martin McGuinness has died: BBC
TIllerson to skip NATO foreign ministers meeting and will head to Russia
60 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 3 soldiers killed, 9 wounded
[email protected]: New book reveals that New Zealand covered up SAS attack on civilians in Afghanistan for the last six years
Fox News suspends Andrew Napolitano over British spying claim: Report
[email protected]: Press conf: Nicky Hager book on NZ SAS civilian massacre in Afghanistan -- to which US provided support
[email protected]: Nicky Hanger book launch live stream
[email protected]: WikiLeaks partner ace New Zealand investigative journalist Nicky Hager will launch his new book imminently.
[email protected]: Left wing comedian Jimmy Dore on "election hacking"
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