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16 กรกฎาคม 2018

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#BrusselsAttacks show 'no time to lose' reaching Syria peace agreement, UN envoy says
Belgium Police is actively looking for a Renault Clio and an Audi S4. 22y owner from Limbourg prov. is on terror watch list since last year.
Schaerbeek raid now over. This was the house where they found explosives and Isis flag. Top floor
U.S. Air Force releases statement on airman and family injured in Brussels attacks.
People being detained in Schaerbeek
The taxi driver that drove the suicide bombers to the airport, leads investigators straight to the safe house.
All a/crafts that participated in joint Rus-Tajikistan drill have returned in their home a/bases
3 arrestee near Rosenheim Germany. Police suspect they were part of a terror network in Belgium
ISIS fighters in Deir al-Zour, Syria, distributed sweets to children and adults in celebration of #BrusselsAttacks
ISIS is giving candy for people celebrating Bruxelles attack
UAF have 1 KIA, 3 WIA. Russians are shelling with 120-mm mortars Promka, Butovka, Zenit, Optyne, Pisky.
Russian MP Zhirinovsky: We benefits from terror attacks in Europe, let they die
Russian MP Zhirinovsky: We benefits from terror attacks in Europe, let they die
At least 9 Americans wounded in Brussels attacks, officials say
Cops find chemical weapons, nail bombs and ISIS flag in Brussels raid
Donetsk: The sound of battle coming in from the airport at around 20:10.
Donetsk: The sound of battle coming in from the airport at around 20:10.
People gathering at vigil in Brussels after terrorist attacks killed 31 people
New York National Guard troops on patrol at JFK, where security is heightened after #Belgiumattack
Ukraine tested new missiles
Ukraine tested new missiles
Belgian police searching for possible suspect captured on video at Brussels airport.
The Brussels subway station attack was near many European Union/Council buildings.
Russia's Markov warns Germany is the next to be attacked.
Bombs used in Brussels airport attack contained nails, hospital official says
Security tight in Brussels following #brusselsattack
Police in Antwerp Belgium have cordoned off the main train station due to a security threat
IS officially claims responsibility for BrusselsAttacks, says worst is yet to come - Statement. ISIS.
Hero airport worker pulled people to safety after Brussels attack
InformNapalm activists geolocated Russian artillery base near Dokuchaevsk
Third bomb deactivated in Brussels, Airport will stay shut till Thursday morning
RuAF redeployed 20 Il-76s airlifters to delivery airborne troops (alerted exercise) from Moscow region to Orenburg
February industry production in Ukraine leaps 7.6% y-o-y, reversing three-year decline.
In Stuttgart, Germany, police is patrolling trains with machine guns
Jaresko's statement "I am ready to assemble a technocratic government"
Almaz-Antey, manufacturer of BUK firing 30% of personnel
Sevastopol council fired separatist Alexey Chaly
Heavy traffic on RuAF strategic air force HF-net
ISIS claims responsibility for Brussels blasts: news agency close to group
Police searching residence in Brussels believed to be launching point for 3 suspects in today's blasts, US officials say
Poroshenko address cause of Savchenko sentence
Poroshenko address cause of Savchenko sentence
In Yekaterinburg unknown people attacked the picketer in support of Savchenko
Belgian media claims this picture shows 3 suspected perpetrators of Brussels attack. Unconfirmed at this point
Sudden military readiness check of Russian Air-borne troops
Obama in Cuba condemns attacks in Brussels: We must be together in fighting terrorism
Increased security in Times Square following Brussels attack
Belgium at top level alert; Brusselsatacks prompt new lockdown: schools and some public buildings will be closed, public transport shut down
Military completely closed area near Rue de la Loi
Tsegolko : wait for message from the President of Ukraine @poroshenko soon
Greek state TV running short bulletins in Arabic for refugees, urging them to leave Idomeni
14 dead, 92 wounded in Brussels airport bombing: firefighters
RU Sergey Ivanov abt Hrytsak: As a philologist I have to thank Medvedev for verbal felicity as for 'moron'. But I'd say a degenerate
Belgian police : 2000 people remain blocked inside Brussels airport waiting to be evacuated
22 year sentence for Savchenko by Russia
Belgium reportedly closed its diplomatic mission in Turkey
Belgian police scrambled to abandoned suitcase near Brussels Royal Palace - Bomb disposal robot dealt with item.
Surprise (not): the Lifenews report naming 3 Belarusian suicide bombers is wrong. They've been contacted on phone.
Tihange nuclear powerplant - people who are not strictly necessary on site can leave security measures
Pro-ISIS accounts hinting that the group was behind the Brussels attack (this is NOT a claim)
Belgium's Tihange nuclear plant evacuated: VTM
DONETSK, Russia (AP) — A Russian court finds a Ukrainian pilot guilty of complicity to murder two journalists in eastern Ukraine.
In Kyiv, was buried Georgy Gongadze
#Savchenko is singing Ukrainian songs in court
Judge orders a break as Savchenko starts singing a song at the top of her voice over his mumbling.
Russian court: Savchenko is guilty
University in Brussels tweets that explosion heard nearby was a controlled explosion
Belgian authorities to detonate suspect package at Brussels airport: crisis centre
In Moscow now #FreeSavchenko
Novaya Gazeta cites Sputnik: 3 Belgium attack suspects are Belarusian citizens. Ivan/Aleksey Dovbash, Marat Yunusov
Reports coming in of threat around campus in Brussels Etterbeek area Students and staff told to stay indoors #brusselsattack
Belgian foreign minister: "We fear people are still at large" following Brussels attacks
Belgian prosecutors ask reportsto abstain from reporting on ongoing investigations
A man tried to put himself on fire during a protest at a makeshift camp near Idomeni, Greece.
Belgian public broadcaster VRT raises Brussels death toll from to 34, 20 killed in metro blast and 14 in explosions at the airport.
Refugee child in Greece shows solidarity with Brussels
City centre of Brussels emptying as helicopter hovers above
EU FP chief @FedericaMog bursts into tears in the joint presser w Jordan FM in Amman
Russian PM Medvedev calls Ukraine Intelligence chief a "moron" on Facebook
Iran’s foreign ministry @JZarif condemns terrorist explosions in Brussels
Brussels police cordon off EU buildings
'The whole of Europe has been hit', French president says
Brussels metro says 15 dead and 55 injured in Maalbeek subway blast alone
Rail services at Schiphol airport is completely shut down. All platforms are closed off
Pres. Obama has been briefed on attacks in Brussels, White House official says.
Explosion in Kirovohrad. 1 wounded
In Brussels the police detained two men
Huge evacuation continuing outside brusselsairport, people waiting for buses to take them to a sports hall nearby
There are "dozens dead and wounded" - Belgian PM @CharlesMichel
[email protected] activates safety check after Brussels attacks
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Near Triohizbenka, Luhansk region, SBU found a cache with ammo and TNT
Charles Michel: "the military reinforcements are being deployed in Brussels"
New wave of passengers evacuating at airport. #brusselsattack
Medvedev: This incident once again underlines the need for coordinated efforts by the international community to combat terrorism
Police surround a suspect involved in the Brussels attack
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: Near Novotroitske, UA servicemen repelled back hostile attack of 10 militants
Bomb disposal team caused controlled explosion near Malbeek, no new attack
Explosion heard at Rue de la Loi was de-mining, acc to report. #brusselsattack
Hunger strike in idomeni. They will remain here without water nor food until they open the border
No KIA, but 3 WIA among Ukrainian servicemen in the warzone in east Ukraine over the last 24 hours
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: UA positions were shelled with mortars near Luhanske and Avdiyivka; enemy snipers were active in Horlivka outskirts
Brussels: 2 suicide blasts at American Airlines check-in desk at Zaventem airport. 1 blast at Maalbeek metro.
First photo of devastated Maalbeek metro station
Emergency services on the site of explosion in Kirovohrad. 1 wounded
Russian MFA implies that Brussels is paying for its "support of terrorism in the Middle East and North Caucasus"
Explosion in Kirovohrad. 1 wounded
There's been another explosion in Brussels, Belga news agency says
Ukraine's intelligence chief says he suspects the Brussels attacks are "an element of Russia's hybrid warfare."
About 10 people killed in blast at Maelbeek metro station
Belgian prosecutor confirms Brussels blast was a suicide attack
Putin expresses his condolences to Belgium's monarch after 'barbaric' attacks in Brussels
At least 21 dead in Brussels airport, metro blasts: firefighters to AFP
Security Forces are in maelbeek, Metro Station, suspicious element there
UK PM: I will be chairing a COBRA meeting on the events in Brussels later this morning.
Federal police confirm explosion at Maelbeeck metro station in brussels. no further details.
German police checking each car at Frankfurt airport after #brusselsairport bombings
Airline staffers emotional outside Brussels airport. People still being evacuated, orderly but lots of confusion.
Bomb squad and multiple ambulances arriving at Malbeek metro station in Brussels. Many injured after bomb blast
People evacuated between Maalbeek and Schuman, Brussels
Many seriously injured at Maelbeek metro stations and Schuman
Explosions in Metro stations Schuman and Maelbeek, Arts-et-Loi
The EU Commission has ordered staff to stay indoors or stay at home. Brussels
An airport source in Paris is saying that security is being reinforced at the French capital's main hubs
Video of people being evacuated at Brussels metro Maelbeek
Brussels airport explosion was a suicide attack, Belgium media say
Brussels airport: 13 dead, 35 wounded
View of Maelbeek Brussels
Savchenko process: everyone asked to pass security check 2nd time
Near Maelbeek Metro station - first help to wounded
Shares in airline and travel companies have fallen sharply across European stock markets this morning after the explosions in Brussels
Brussels : several bombs failed to explode and have been discovered
David Cameron 'shocked' by events in Brussels
Athens Pireo. 6000 people slept in tents last night. NGOs are there, but aids are still needed
Just arrived at Schuman station after walking on the tracks.
Brussels metro system has been closed
Explosion at Brussels metro station close to EU institutions: Belgian media
Maalbeek metro station at Brussels
Brussels Airport after blasts
Reports from of an explosion at Maalbeek metro station in central Brussels, not far from EU institutions
People injured in metro station Maelbeek Brussels
Migrants block railway track on northern Greek border
It's old information
[It's fake - old video from Domodedovo airport] Surveillance video: The moment of the explosion at the airport of Brussels
Lesvos, the coast guard has rescued 70 migrants
Belgium raises terror threat to highest level following Brussels airport explosions
Assembly point outside airport. Everyone calm but nobody knows how long this will last. Brussels airport
A third bomb has been found was just told on Belgian Television
Brussels airport explosions were deliberate and preceded by gunfire
US official says two explosions at Brussels airport are presumed terror attack in retaliation for Salah Abdeslam arrest
Brussels Airport. Several flights have diverted to other airports. Big delays
11 killed, 25 injured. Passengers being evacuated from gates. Zaventem Brussels
'Several dead' in Brussels airport explosion, federal police spokesman tells
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Explosion at Zaventem: at least 10 killed, 25 wounded
People stopped on the road to Brussels airport
Firefighters report 11 dead and 25 wounded in Zaventem airport explosions
At least 11 dead, 20 injured at Brussels airport explosion
Terminal windows blown out from force of explosion and smoke rising into the sky
Damage at the Brussels airport shows the severity of the blast that took place near American Airlines desk
Damage inside Brussels airport
Injured at Brussels airport
Raw images captured just after the explosion at the airport of Brussels
Two explosions at Brussels airport's American Airlines check-in desk
Belgian media report several injured in possible explosion at Brussels airport
After reports of an explosion at Brussels airport flights are holding with no arrivals
Scenes of panic and chaos at Brussels airport, after multiple explosions
At least 10 injured some in serious condition after a double explosion at the Zaventem airport.
Double explosion happened at the Zaventem airport in Brussels, near the American Airlines desk
Explosion at the Zaventem airport in Brussels, airport being evacuated now
lesbos: 0 boats arrived this morning (South part of the Island) high control on the Turkeys side
Snapshot from tonight protest by refugeesGR in Idomeni
Leaked document reveals EU plan to deport 80,000 Afghans - or cut off aid to Kabul
Russia and Vietnam delegation in Moscow today agreed to strengthen cooperation in the military sphere.
Suspected Russian saboteur Krasnov arrested by court again. Fight in court after
An new angle on the Rostov-on-Don air crash
An new angle on the Rostov-on-Don air crash
Refugees looking at Greece Island of Chios from Turkey, they will go regardless of EU - Turkey deal
Gunman opens fire on passersby in Rostov, before being killed by police
Dokuchaevsk: Heavy outgoing artillery shelling
In Petersburg have detained participants of pickets in support of Savchenko
#FreeSavchenko rally near Russian Embassy in Vienna today
Pegida Dresden today as always well attended.
Scotland bus crash: One dead and 12 injured in collision in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire
3 Ukrainian military were wounded near Avdiivka in ATGM hit
Russia: Moscow region,a division of 1000 servicemen and 200 pieces of hardware started a command-and-staff exercise
Avdiivka filter station
Avdiivka filter station
Russia: Southern Mil. District,T-90's from the base in Abkhazia performed live firing exercises in Krasnodar Krai.
#RefugeesGr and students protest outside Frontex offices and Ministry of Shipping in Piraeus port
Drug plane is captured in Italy, trafficing drugs from Vlora Albania to Italy by air. 3 people arrested
#FreeSavchenko support rally in Helsinki
President @Poroshenko passed Georgiy Gongadze's Star of Hero Order to his wife @MGongadze
Jets flying over Sevastopol. Low
Defense Ministers of Sweden and Lithuania: "sanctions on Russia cannot be eased until Moscow fulfills commitments"
50,411 refugees stuck in Greece - maps shows camps all over the country
Security upped after explosives claim at US military base in Kaiserslautern
Five family members killed in the Buncrana pier tragedy have been named
Belgium establishes identity of ParisAttacks ISIS suspect, 24yo Najim Laachraoui
"Syrian kids not animals" written on a kid at Idomeni
FlyDubai Black boxes from plane crash site are badly damaged
Refugees protest in Idomeni
Donetsk, Rostov region: After a scandal Ukrainian delegation of MPs and officials allowed to enter the court now – acc MP Ryabchyn
Ukraine lost $38 billions of State property in Crimea
Abu al-Zubair from France, Abu Yousef from Turkey have made their VBIED attacks against Iraqi army in Anbar
No restrictions on Putin. But many of his entourage are in the US or EU sanctions lists. From today's RBK
Nadiya and sister Vira Savchenko exchange a loving glance and smile
Suicide bomber detonates hand grenade in Belgrade city center
EU fails to protect refugees, Erdogan says
ATO: Avdeevka remains an epicenter of hostilities: Tanks, BMPs, mortars and artillery were active
Bulgarian, Romanian defence ministers in talks on boosting co-operation
Kosovo PM confirms his brother applied for asylum in Germany
A reporter at the scene for the N1 television network says the attacker was a man aged about 50
Foreign Ministers of Greece and Albania discuss bilateral issues in Athens
Petković cafe is a business reportedly owned by former culture minister Bratislav Petković
SBU seized MDMA on the way to Odessa
'Unity of Europe must be preserved': Polish and Hungarian presidents on Ukraine
Macedonia's Special Prosecution close to delivering first charges against top officials
The suspect entered the 'Petković' confectionary shop, told customers to leave before detonating an explosive device, says RTS TV
Boat arrival here this morning with 25 on board, 8 children, mainly Afghans. Boat was at sea for 4 hours
Loud blast heard in centre of the Serbia capital Belgrade: reports
Winds blow off roof from house in Krasnoyarsk region of Russia
Another group of Pakistanis enters Moria
Footage shows the moment Salah Abdeslam is shot as he tries to escape during a raid
RU Donetsk: Panorama near the court, improvised protest of pro-Kremlin youth is seen
Zakharova: This is not Russia took Crimea. Crimea arose, and went, as goes the stepson from a family that never liked him.
Demonstration of new weapons for Ukrainian security forces
Police in Serbia have arrested eight people suspected of smuggling seven migrants from Turkey and Syria across the Hungary border
Poroshenko spox Tsegolko wasn't allowed to enter Rostov court building
French President Francois Hollande to meet ParisAttacks victims after suspect captured
FSB Patrushev warned about the threat of destabilization of the situation in Crimea by West
Germany registers 2 million refugees
Russian tanks in Luhansk region
Col. Lysenko: 2 days ago, in New Haven, CT, USA, UA serviceman, that was wounded in 2014, died in a local hospital
Col. Lysenko: Militants were active near Svitlodarsk and Zaitseve: heavy weapons were applied, enemy snipers were active
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Mariupol sector: ATO forces repelled back an offence of enemy reconnaissance group near Novotroitske
Protest in Kharkiv near RF Consulate
Russian MP and chairman of foreign affairs committee in the parliament - "Ukraine is not sovereign"
In Makhachkala killed the leader of the international Lezgin national movement
El.Venizelos with about 1400 migrants and refugees just docked at Elefsina port from Lesbos
#FreeSavchenko rally near Russian Embassy in Riga
Russian "court" admitted that Savchenko was detained in Ukraine, then transferred to Russia
#Savchenko: The judge is reading out the prosecution's statement.The actual verdict is forthcoming.
Volunteers in Lesvos claim UNHCR has suspended bus transport to camp Moria. Principle decision as camp is now officially closed facility
Despite reports in media Savchenko is still not found guilty by Russian "court"
Ukrainian consuls, MPs and officials arrived to RU Donetsk court #freeSavchenko
#FreeSavchenko today
At the Savchenko trial spotted Graham Phillips
Turkish coast guard rescues nearly 130 refugees offshore
RUS denied entry to #FreeSavchenko trial to Repr of UKR in Minsk talks on hostages, MP and PACE delegate Iryna Gerashchenko
Rostov rgn: State employees, NOD members are carried to Donetsk for rally
Russian Donetsk: Savchenko is delivered to court under increased security
Terrorism has been ruled out as a cause of the fatal Russian airline crash
Refugees from Syria
Levada poll: Putin's approval rating fell by 10% within a year Crimea hype is down, also.
Stabbing in Tunstall
32 attacks of Russian militants yesterday
Quake-displaced teenager shot to fame after meeting Prince Harry in Nepal
Refugees: many arrivals today Lesbos, two Syrian men died on that boat
The Russian military will make observation flight over Bulgaria
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