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26 กันยายน 2018

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French Rafales also carried out attacks on IS positions near Alas oil field near Tikrit. #Iraq
Central Donetsk: shooting and flares after. Possible fireworks
Evacuation in Paris metro due to technical failure, traffic will be resumed not early as Saturday morning
Khodorkovsky to Support Russian Opposition Candidates
#Spain - Rajoy rejected mandate to form gov't. King Felipe VI will therefore start new round of talks with political parties on Wednesday.
Czech MEP, arrested in Swiss bank case, with ties to Putin dies in Prague
SG @jensstoltenberg on #NATO deterrence: we want to be strong to make all understand that any attack on any ally is doomed to fail. @Davos
Germany. Demonstrations in Berlin against Turkish violence in Southern Turkey
Kerry says effort and good faith could lead to lifting of sanctions on Russia: #WEF16
Marines in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Anti-migrants rally in Dortmund, Germany
#Turkey is monitoring #Russian troop movements near its border
Migrants Set Fire To Camp In Calais As Police Move In To Evict Them
#Slovenia urges #Armenia to withdraw from #Azerbaijan'i lands
#Zakharova: We're indignant about Washington's decision to withdraw accreditation of Russian honorary consuls in #US
Estonian soldiers fire the anti-tank missile FGM-148 Javelin for the first time
Meanwhile, on Iranian state TV, George Galloway blames Israel for killing Litvinenko
Meanwhile, on Iranian state TV, George Galloway blames Israel for killing Litvinenko
US strips accreditation of 5 Russian honorary consuls: State Dept
Bill Browder met in #Davos with Estonian President Toomas Ilves to discuss Russian aggression and Magnitsky sanctions
#Turkey agrees to 'do everything' to cut migrant flows: Merkel
72 killed by H1N1 flu in Ukraine - Ministry
#Turkish coast guards intervene in a boat carrying refugees in #Izmir, en route Greek Islands.
"Biker" Surgeon at pro-Kadyrov rally in Grozny
Today, Estonian Defence Forces @Kaitsevagi performed 1st live firing of US-supplied Javelin anti-tank missile system
It's propaganda
Basurin: DNR intel—US military involved in research at lab in Shelkostantsiya near Kharkiv. Produced Biological weapons H1N1 "California"
#Ukraine intelligence reports #Russia'n -militants #Grad MRLS still located in #Donetsk, #Makiivka and #Horlivka
China has blocked access to the Russian network "Vkontakte"
After only 4 days stay in Sevastopol, Russian NAVY BF Minsk 127 transits the Bosphorus en route to #Tartus #Syria
Russian navy ropuchas back in business. Azov and Minsk heading south. #SyrianExpress
Putin convened security council on Moldova events
[email protected]: Putin sent GRU chief Sergun to tell Assad he had to go
Suspected Syrian jihadist arrested in Germany for 'war crime': prosecutor
Column marching through Chisinau, Moldova
UA mil intel: To prevent the spread of pro-UA ideas among people of occupied Luhansk region, militants blocked access to 113 UA Websites
UA mil intel: Space reconnaissance confirms presence of 10 enemy tanks and 3 self-propelled guns near Mospyne
Russian VTB bank prepares lawsuits against 10 WADA officials
Kerry calls for 30 percent hike in international aid for refugees
The Russian military admitted his guilt in the murder of the Armenian family in Gyumri
Another day of protests in Chisinau, Moldova. Column marching to Constitutional court of Moldova, Moldova1 TV station
ATO spox: ATO forces found a cache near Stanytsia-Luhanska: 2 boxes of grenades, 3 rocket launchers and ammo for them
ATO spox: Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties, 1 UA soldier was wounded; 1 UA serviceman was wounded in a land mine blast
ATO spokesperson: Militants non-stop fired at UA positions to the east of Krasnohorivka and Maryinka
ATO spokesperson: The enemy intensified shelling of UA positions: occasionally mortars and BMP are used
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Military situation in the eastern Ukraine deteriorated
[email protected] #SkySoldiers land in Pordenone, Italy.
At least 21 migrants dead as boats sink off Greece
Celebration of Ukrainian Union day in Lisichansk
Moldova: Pro-Russian and pro-European leaders of the protest on the same stage
Usatîi proposes a People's Court to judge the current politicians and to nationalise their properties #Moldova
Russian tanks near Krasnyy Luch
2 died cause of swine flu H1N1 in Moscow
Pro-Kadyrov rally in Grozny
Chechen TV claiming a million people (more than 2/3 the population of Chechnya) at pro-Kadyrov rally
There has to be fear of breaking the law, or we will not fight corruption and tax evasion @njaresko #WEF16
Sanctions for Russia should be combined with more support to #Ukraine urges George Soros.
Ukraine did remarkable job in a short time says @richardbranson
Pro-Kadyrov rally in Grozny, Chechnya
Russian Navy ships near Syrian shore
69 violations of ceasefire yesterday. 120mm mortar used near Starohnativka
Kadyrov march in Grozny
Russian tanks in Donetsk region
#Russia's MFA: "#Ukraine must cease fire on both sides"
Friday's Independent: "Moscow rages at 'Kremlin killing' verdict"
Following #Litvinenko inquiry "Russia's return to the G8 is probably off the table" - former Polish foreign minister @sikorskiradek
FRANCE According to @France3MidiPy the military intelligence has identified 7 potential targets of terrorists
Explosion from Spartak direction are heard in Makiivka
#Quimper: situation stabilized: police on the one side, farmers on another. Tractors gone.
GUARDIAN: PM urged to act as Putin is linked to Litvinenko killing
#Refugees cross after #Macedonia reopens #Greek border
#Quimper : tires reserve near Crédit agricole
Intense clashes in Mariinka for 3 hours
Two Guantamo Bay jihadists are transferred to rehabilitation facilities in the Balkans.
This appears to confirm the US has passed on #MH17 related satellite and radar imagery to the Dutch
#France MoD: Coalition airstrikes on #IS in #Iraq and #Syria have killed 22,000 militants since start of air campaign in 2014
Farmers protest: situation tense in center of Quimper, France
#Slovenia closed the border to refugees who do not go to Austria or Germany
Clashes in the center of #Quimper
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with British Prime Minister David Cameron at the World Economic Forum in Davos
Clashes in Quimper, France between farmers and police
#Donetsk. Battle can be heard from #Maryinka, Trudovska mine
[email protected] Soldiers conduct convoy operations during Ex. #AlliedSpirit in Hohenfels, Germany
Kosovo has been ready for visa liberalisation since 2012, says Çollaku
SCALP EG air-launched cruise missiles loaded on French Navy #Rafale M jets
Russia central bank governor cancels visit to Davos after rouble hits new all-time lows
Russia's Central Bank call emergency meeting as ruble plunges for second day running, breaking 1998 lows.
It's seriously cold in #Calais. The river of mud has turned to a filthy, slippery island of ice.
"DNR" militant Sergey Zhuk/ "Moskva" is administrator of popular groups "Maidan 3", "Ukrainian revolution", "Patriots of Ukraine"
#Litvinenko killing was 'state-sponsored action': @David_Cameron
Police force #refugees away from a traffic jam near the #Eurotunnel using tear gas and batons. #Calais
Kremlin dismisses results of British Litvinenko inquiry as 'joke'
Russian Fighter Jets Pursued A Swedish AEW Flight Near Bolnholm Last Week
Russian terrorists commander Girkin: "I'm sure, I know too much to get to Tribunal(alive)"
The Gagauzian authorities urged to stop violence in Chisinau
Vladimir Putin: Lenin set nuke under Russia
Meeting of Moldovan opposition with speaker of parliament
Chisinau protesters arrived at President's administration. Heavy police presence
Protesters going to the President's Residence to ask for preliminary elections #Moldova
Maria Zakharova: Russia urges Turkey to stop "extermination" of Kurds
EU "irresponsible" policies amid migrant crisis threaten entire [email protected]_russia
European Central Bank Leaves Key Rate Unchanged
#Donetsk. Gorsad - more frequent salvos, and closer.
Machine guns shooting near Horlivka
Islamist militants in Aleppo, #Syria, got reinforcements from #Turkey - Russian Foreign Ministry
Picket of miners demanding unpaid wages at Lviv regional state administration
"Germany and Austria are planning to close the Macedonian border, and build “Mega-Camps” for refugees"
Five die after boat sinks off western Turkey
Aerial view of Chisinau protest
Russian MFA: Turkey systematically violates the sovereignty of Syria
#British MPs rule out banning @realDonaldTrump from entering #UK
Protests in Chisinau moved to Moldtelecom office
Artillery heard in Stakhanov
Lukoil CEO Alekperov Says $24/bbl Lower Limit for Oil Price
Hug: there is no reason why Stanytsia Luhanska bridge is closed for normal traffic.
Hug: Despite legitimate security concerns, I ask that more crossing points be established along contact line,particularly in #Luhansk region
60 died in Ukraine cause of flu in last month
Teresa May: Litvinenko murder a blatant and fundamental breach of the most fundamental tenents of international law and civilized behavior
UK Interior Minister says Interpol notices, European arrest warrants in place for two main suspects of #Litvinenko murder
Treasury agrees to freeze assets of two prime suspects in Litvinenko murder and Russian ambassador summoned to Foreign Office - May
#Litvinenko Downing Street response: 'No way for a UN Security Council state to behave'
Anti-government rally in Moldova
6 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded yesterday - ATO HQ
Metropolitan Police: 22-year-old man from Maidenhead has been arrested on suspicion of commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism
Spanish Eurofighter intercept 2 Russian planes over Baltic Sea
Still not a word on Litvinenko on Russia's rolling state news channel. Its all Ukrainiam gas anf stuff.
#Litvinenko report: the killer teapot with polonium 210 radioactive hotspots
Tribute to Cyborgs in Kharkiv airport
Russia provides 4 billion rubles (over $47,5M) to pay pensions, social obligations every month to Donetsk and Luhansk
Journalist of LifeNews were not allowed into Moldova for coverage of the protests in Chisinau
ATO spox: UA policemen found 3 grenades and a pistol in a house in Novhorodske village
Maria Zakharova: the Litvinenko сase marred relations between Russia and the UK
Russian foreign ministry says Litvinenko inquiry was politicised, opaque + designed to produce the “needed result”:
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Yesterday, 2 flights of enemy UAVs were recorded near Shyrokyne
Tim Farron: "These assassins trampled over British sovereignty and we cannot let this go unanswered."
Russian Navy developing unmanned ‘drone’ boats — deputy commander
The march blocked the Bănulescu-Bodoni street #Moldova
Litvinenko inquiry: Lugovoi sent Berezovsky a T-shirt with "CSKA Moscow Nuclear Death is knocking your door" printed on the back.
Chisinau: The police is defending the Residence of the President
Lugovoi: the Litvinenko inquiry is an "absurd" attempt to get at Russia over Ukraine. He calls it "a theatrical farce with long interludes."
Wolfgang Schauble: Middle East needs a Marshall Plan to handle refugee crisis.
Alexander #Litvinenko murder suspect Andrei Lugovoy has called the accusations against him "absurd"
Russia will not give Britain Lugovoi and Kovtun ant will not subject them to criminal prosecution
Protests continue in #Chisinau today. Column of protesters on move towards the parliament now. Police too
Widow of #Litvinenko wants UK David Cameron to expel all Russian intelligence officials from the UK and impose economic sanctions
#Litvinenko widow says "very pleased that words my husband spoke on deathbed when he accused Mr Putin have been proved by an English court."
The General Prosecution Office of #Moldova started a penal case regarding the violent protests from yesterday
UK judge says Putin probably approved killing of ex-Russian agent Litvinenko in London
Belgium: 2 men arrested in Molenbeek during the searches conducted yesterday and this morning
Official report into Litvinenko's murder concludes Putin "probably approved" the poisoning. #Litvinenko
Inquiry judge Sir Robert Owen finds that Dmitry Kovtun and Andrei Lugovoi murdered Litvinenko “acting on behalf of others”
Reuters:Peskov: "I don't want to consider any exchange rate a disaster. Such forecasts shouldn't come from Kremlin."
Kyiv authorities recommended to introduce mask regime because of the flu
French PM says EU faces dangers, warns of bloc fracturing
Russian ruble hit 85 per 1 U.S. dollar
Protest at Chisinau ongoing
Commander of Russian Navy is in hospital after medical surgery. Admiral Korolev assigned as acting commander
"Serbia partner in migrant crisis, won't blame Merkel" - PM Vucic said in Davos
Russia starts sudden battle readiness check of aviation of Southern military district
Cover of relaunched Moscow Times
Viktor Muzhenko arrived at a meeting of chiefs of staff of the armed forces of NATO
Joint statement on counter-ISIL cooperation by US, AUS, ITA, GER, FRA, UK and NLD
Counter-terrorism operation declared in Tabasaransk region of Dagestan
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