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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Authorities of Occupied Crimea declared state of Emergency
Regional energy ministry has created emergency response center to deal with power cut in #Crimea
Crimea is cut off power. Pillar is down
Floods destroyed road to Dragobrat
The Dnepropetrovsk district administrative court refused satisfaction of the claim of Yury Milobog, the candidate for the post of mayor of Krivoy Rog
Blackout in Yalta
Burundi govt orders Belgians out of country
Grenade blasted in the residential house in #Kyiv (Svoboda st.). One person killed
No power in Simferopol, Sevastopol, Krasnoperekopsk
Clashes between law enforcement agencies and CrimeanBlockade activists earlier
Clashes between law enforcement agencies and CrimeanBlockade activists earlier
Power outage confirmed in "Krymenergo"
Kiva from National police: power pillars were blown up
Sevastopol, water pressure down. No water
Where requests to censor tweets came from this year:72% Turkey, 7% Russia, 4% S Korea 3% India, 3% France, 2% US
Reports of sounds of 152mm howitzers in Donetsk
#Horlivka. Three SPG Gvozdika (maybe tanks, but sounded more like SPGs) leaving through Stroitel
In Simferopol full blackout
In Feodosia the power went out
Blackout in Yalta
Sevastopol. No power
750 pp on the streets of #Nijmegen today in solidarity with #refugees
Russian MFA: Terror act in Mali is rooted in "the export of democracy"
Six killed in road accident in Odessa, 2 wounded
#Krasnohorivka. Continuous booms and assault rifle bursts towards Mayak
Just like two years ago people gather near the Independence Stella with flags of the European Union
#Dzerzhynsk. Booms all evening
Truck drivers of Dagestan and Chechnya are going to march to Moscow. "They have nothing to lose. They will stand up to the end"
People in #Belgium are now receiving mails from their employers to work at home on Monday and not come to work #ParisAttacks
The head of the Dagestani village was shot in his own house
Kadyrov: some Chechens who fought for ISIS are now back in Chechnya and cooperate with Russia's security services
Anti-fascism rally in Madrid
DNR and Russian media: Ukrainian troops open fire at Donetsk
Protesters chanting "Glory to Ukraine". Several MPs on the scene
#Kyiv: Leaders of #Crimea|n Tatars have talked w/ @poroshenko for 40 minutes, result: no force will be used against Crimean-Tatars
Putin congratulated Patriarch Kiril with birthday
#WinterOnFire event in London
Panathinaikos supporters clashed with a police before the derby match against Olympiacos today in Athens.
#Toulouse More than 10 000 people walk "against the barbarism and fillings"
In Lviv took place the Assembly on the Day of Dignity and Freedom
Crimea journalist Osman Pashayev: #Ukraine troops will attack #Chaplynka to resume electricity supp to occ. #Crimea at 23:00
#Germany: 1300-2000 protesters tonight for Silvio Meier, who was killed by fascists in Berlin in 1992
More police at Bankova now
#NewYork community and Ukrainian diaspora commemorating victims of Stalin-made #Holodomor at #St.Patrick cathedral
At least anti-terror 3 raids in Strasbourg and Vendenheim
Protest at Bankova. Riot police pushing to the site
Protest at Bankova. Riot police pushing to the site
Some masked guys on the road to Bankova, Kyiv
The body of the 6 Russians killed in #BamakoAttack will be repatriated next week. A day of mourning tomorrow
Rally on Bankova to police "You shot us 2 years ago"
Chubarov: someone doesn't want that Russian military units, SAM units in Crimea locked on Ukraine will be without power
Brussels mayor orders restaurants and cafes to close to close at 6pm local time.
"Automaidan" rally came to Vilkul house in Kryvyi Rih
MP Parasyuk speaking at Maidan now
Yasinovata: glows visible in the area of Spartak
Deputy director of ATR: Crimean-tatar journalist was beaten at Chaplinka today
Mosque is surrounded by police in Omsk
In Odessa lights in memory of those who were killed at Maidan
Investigators in #Brussels are looking for at least two terrorists, one of them probably a suicide bomber
OSCE could not find 8 Self-propelled artillery and 8 howitzers at Uspenka at storage
Ilya Kiva: police just wants to protect #CrimanBlocade protesters - pillar could fell and kill them
Battle at Pisky
Armed police at Chaplynka
Activist: Police completely surrounded Chaplynka area, they have beaten activists including women and elder people
Bomb disposal units on the scene at Prague castle
People gathering at Bankova in Kyiv
Explosions near Yasinovata
Police massing at Prorizna, ready to detain protesters
Roads near Prague castle are still closed. Trams at Pohorelec district too
Crimean tatars plan rally on Bankova to prevent "bloodshed" in Kherson region
Commander Kohanivsky invite people to gather Maidan tomorrow at 12pm
In Kyiv chanting "Kyiv wake up!", "Revolution!"
Scene on Maidan is captured by activists
Suspicious vehicle near #Prague Castle. Bomb disposal unit on the scene
#Maidan a third scene is improvised, Pravii Sektor and Svoboda take a micro
#Maidan: people are dissatisfied with the concert. a lot of people said - nothing to celebrate
Belgian Police Arrests 4 Persons Who Were In A Vehicle In Downtown
On the Maidan people were trying to break through the fence and to disrupt the concert to the second anniversary of #Revolution
Activist Islyamov: Police with draw rifle guns on us
16:00 #Donetsk- Budenogo Sq along Dimitrova at least 3 light armored vehicles moved, by traces
Largest police/military deployment in main tourist area seems to be around #Brussels Central train station.
#Belgium: Explosives and chemical products found during searches at #Molenbeek
Just shooting a clip. Pics from #Tirana str t'day go viral and become breaking news. #ISIS panic
Stamford Bridge
It is necessary to support Ukrainians - U.S Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt
National Guard now surrounded and storming camp of CrimeaBlockade activists
Anonymous says that ISIS is planning attacks against "Paris and the world" on Sunday
Iran claims Russian missile as their drone. Russian sentence reads: lock the folded position.
Now at Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv
Poroshenko signs laws for visa-free regime with EU
Pro-ISIS accounts on situation in #Brussels: "Long live atmosphere of terror and fear"
Maidan now
Hand grenades in package with nails found in Kryvyi Rih near cityhall
#US Embassy in Brussels issues security flash to US citizens after threat level rise
Police shut down Institutska street
Also FPÖ Council Wolfgang Zistler is at the extreme right-wing demonstration in Vienna
Institutskaya. People protesting that street is cordoned-off cause of "vip" persons
Christmas market is ready in downtown Brussels
Demonstrations in #Kafranbel against #ASSad brutal Regime with condolences to #Paris
Around 500 participants at the far-right rally at the Ballhausplatz
Novotroitske checkpoint was shelled with mortar
Anti-migrants and pro-migrants rally in Vienna, Austria. Police between
Far-right rally in Vienna want Ukraine "Antifas" to go to work
Poroshenko at the premiere of Winter On Fire, Kyiv
Pro-migrants rally in Vienna
#Kharkiv near the monument to Shevchenko rally sang the Anthem of Ukraine
Protesters shout "shame" to Poroshenko at Institutska
Pro-refugees rally in Athens
#Brussels today as highest level terror alert declared
Floods after heavy rains in Rakhiv
#Refugees 3 days waiting at #Idomeni Greece
Russian MFA: Russia is most of all interested that the topic of Ukraine did not go on the second stage
Terror level in Belgium downgraded to 3
Situation Greek side of border pretty tense. Iranians, Palestinians and others protesting. Some people fainting.
Rally in Kharkiv. Day of Dignity and Freedom
Protest of truck drivers in Russia "Rottenberg is worse than ISIS"
Increased security and checks on #refugees #austriay #slovenia border. More military drafted in since #paris
Brussels metro shut. Shops, hotels, tourist sites guarded by soldiers
In #Brussels - APCs on the streets as Level 4 terror alert declared.
Military out once again in the streets of Brussels
Refugees at Slovenia Austria border. Pissing rain
In Warsaw on the second anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity diplomats opened the exhibition "War. 11 portraits"
Turkish police detain Ahmet Dahmani, 26, suspected Islamic State scout in Paris attacks: report
#Brussels "..shutting the metro and warning public to avoid crowds because of a 'serious & imminent' threat of attack"
RuAF IL-76 76724 landed on Dzhankoi at 07:40 UTC
Vasiliy Gritsak in NATO: the security situation in Ukraine has a strong tendency to getting worse
#Explosion in Evangelical youth club in #Jüterbog
OCAM: Belgium raises terror alert level for Brussels to its highest level (4), warning of an "imminent threat"
Belgium has the highest proportion of Syrian fighters as a share of its population
In Dnipropetrovs'k region SBU found cache of weapons
In Dnipropetrovs'k region SBU found cache of weapons
UN calls on world to fight #ISIS as Security Council unanimously adopts French-drafted resolution
Downtown Brussels on a Friday night
A @RoyalAirForce #Tornado #GR4 returning to Cyprus after a sortie over #Syria / #Iraq
Video claims to show the moment a Greek coastguard destroyed a boat packed with refugees
Video claims to show the moment a Greek coastguard destroyed a boat packed with refugees
#Belgium deploys extra 300 soldiers to protect #Brussels + other cities
French Senate votes to extend state of emergency for 3 months
Paris attacks ringleader's cousin did not blow herself up in raid: police
In Chernyhiv region SBU detained member of Al-Nusra, wanted by Interpol
Andriy Lysenko: militants are using Grad rockets in the Donetsk sector
Kremlin pushed to Donbas 40 top officers with general Istrakov heading them
Tank shelling at Donetsk airport
#Syria: Tu-160 escorted by Su-30SM over the Mediterranean sea
Syria: Tu-160 escorted by Su-30SM over the Mediterranean sea
Russia says Naval exercises could affect "general airspace in region" and Lebanon "in particular"
Head of Germany's security service says #ParisAttacks are 'beginning of a terrorist world war'
Dmitry Peskov: the Russian military will not be involved in the ground operation
Russian bombs "For ours. For Paris"
Gear suspect was discovered at Airbus A330
Video. Russian Navy striked Syria with 18 missiles Calibr-NK from Caspian Sea
Video. Russian Navy striked Syria with 18 missiles Calibr-NK from Caspian Sea
ATO Staff: situation in the ATO zone remains tense. Milit attack most in the Donetsk
U.S. Embassy Rome names #Italy locations as potential targets. US citizens advised to remain vigilant.
Heavy shelling reported in Avdiivka
In Kharkiv SBU neutralized Russian terrorist, which plotted attack tomorrow
MEPs and staff at EU Parliament have been warned: you won't get to #Strasbourg for next plenary without passport
Another victim dies after Paris terror attacks, raising death toll to 130, PM says
Bomb threat at Dortmund University. Campus evacuated
Bomb threat in Dortmund. Police on alert
Ukraine's president says @Pontifex accepted an invitation to visit his country during meeting at #Vatican today
UK fighter jets scrambled to intercept 2 Russian strategic bombers over Atlantic
Bomb threat at Airbus site: the device found in an A330 "does not contain explosive material"
Cazeneuve: 174 weapons found in hundreds of raids carried out since Paris attacks
[email protected] Typhoon intercepted Russian Tu-160 Blackjack aircraft last night, at no point entered UK airspace
France to keep border controls as long as 'terrorist threat' lasts: minister
Putin to meet Ayatollah Khamenei during Iran visit Monday: Kremlin
Cazeneuve: draft Schengen reform plan seen by year end
EU seeks major changes to passport-free border area rules to monitor foreign fighters.
A suspect device was discovered in a A 330 being assembled at the @Airbus factory in #Toulouse #France,part of the plant evacuated
Bomb alert at #Toulouse Airbus site: 3 cans connected by electrical wire found in plane
Hollande: France stands in solidarity with #Mali after 'barbaric' attack
#20N also in #Trento students protest against #war and #fundamentalism
Russian Finance Ministry says there's no decision on Ukraine debt restructuring yet
Slovenia now has the capacity to house 9,000 migrants, Interior Ministry data shows
The investigation Department of the Moscow police are searched
In Slavyansk #SBU eliminated informators network of terrorists
"I can see hostages being freed by Malian security forces", says @FRANCE24 correspondent outside #Bamako hotel
Air France: 12 staff who were in the Radisson Blu hotel have been safely extracted
Elite French unit heads to Mali amid hostage crisis: police
DS #Benčina with Minister Collaku: Slovenia supports visa liberalisation for Kosovo
Moment when suicide bomber detonated herself on French police during #SaintDenis raid
Reports of large military convoy near Snizhne-Torez
Prosecutor identifies female body found after Paris raid as Hasna Aitboulahcen
ATO Press: Pavlopil' and Shirokine is under intense attack with 82mm and 120mm mortars and RPGs
In Mariinka SBU detained militant of Vostok battalion
In Mariinka SBU detained militant of Vostok battalion
[email protected] meets the #PopeFrancis
Russian parliament gives blessing to security overhaul after plane bombing
UK Foreign Office is aware of situation in #Bamako and is in touch w/authorities. No info from French Embassy
Vladimir Markin of investigative committee is in intensive care after "serious trauma"
Reports reg FN-6 MPADS trafficking from Ukraine to IS in Syria is a propaganda attack. MoD confirms: Ukraine neither produces nor owns FN-6.
Air France flight Paris - #Bamako cancelled
ATO spokesperson: Ukrainian Armed Services did not incur any casualties; 1 UA serviceman was wounded in action in last 24 hours
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Luhansk sector: enemy cease-fire violation was recorded near Novotoshkivske village: small arms and AA weapons were used
At least 26 explosions in Donetsk on 18 Nov are belong to weapons over 100mm
Grote Markt Brussels evacuated. Police and explosive squad search terraces
Head of institute that provide technical assistance to MH17 inquiry was assassinate attempted in Kyiv
Pillar of power line to Crimea is damaged last night
#Paris prosecutor says three people are now believed to have been killed in the police raid in Saint Denis on Wednesday
#Bamako: at least 9 killed inc. Frenchand Belgian. 10 Gunman stormed #Radison hotel holding 150+ hostages
Govt says 1,099 #migrants entered #Croatia since midnight taking to 4,273 the number in the 24 hours to 0900 hours and crisis total to 421,188
Moroccan King to visit #France’s Hollande for security talks
Kosovo demands the removal of the Schengen barrier for its citizens
Russian NAVY ship "Vice-Admiral #Kulakov" entered Red Sea
Croatia no longer receives migrants from not war-torn countries
Kosovo police raid opposition MP’s flat
Refugees from Iran are making placards and protest. They ask for updates, no one knows anything
Interfax: "Islamic state" bought weapons in Ukraine
Ukrainian army ready for both for defensive and offensive actions - Seleznyov
Thousands stranded at the Greek Macedonian borders. No one is crossing ATM
PEGIDA protesters rally against refugees in Nuremberg
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