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20 สิงหาคม 2018

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Puigdemont: "the 155 directly represents the liquidation of our self-government and democratic will of the Catalans"
Carles Puigdemont "The Government has made the worst attack on the Catalan institutions since Franco"
Puigdemont switches to English to appeal to Europeans, says democracy also at risk in Europe: "Catalonia is an ancient European nation".
President of of Catalonia: The institutions of the region can not accept the Madrid attack and attempts of humiliation
Puigdemont announces a session in Catalan parliament to debate "the attempt to liquidate our self-government".
Puigdemont: "use of indiscriminate violence against civilians is contrary to the rule of law"
Regional parliament speaker says Spain is conducting a ‘coup’ in Catalonia as tensions continue to mount
450,000 rally in Barcelona against the imprisonment of 2 pro-indy leaders and the suspension of Catalan self-rule.
Big rally in Barcelona
ANO party leads parliamentary election in the Czech Republic; populist billionaire Andrej Babis expected to become prime minister
Czech Press Agency: ANO Movement (Babis) wins Czech Republic elections.
SPD HQ (extreme right-wing party led by Okamura) now. Security and police on the scene. Conflicts with media - e.g. Public TV crew.
Catalan government to participate in separatist march in Barcelona at 5 p.m.
Catalan president to respond to Spanish measures and activation of article 155 in an official statement at 9pm tonight
Basque Nationalist (PNV) spokesman Esteban says Rajoy's "lax and abusive" use of Article 155 in Catalonia "sets a dangerous precedent".
42% voters made their decision just a week before the election - acc to @CT24zive
Polling stations closed in CzechRepublic Parliamentary Elections. Counting has just started. #volby2017
Ex-FM Andrei Kozyrev: Russia's interests are opposite to government's, whose leaders' craniums are turned back to KGB.
Rajoy announced the suspension of Catalonia president Puigdemont
Rajoy: It is a difficult moment, but asks companies not to go away: We can be calm, this will be fixed
Rajoy: "The autonomy and self-government of Catalonia are not suspended"
The Government will cease Puigdemont and its consellers and Rajoy will have the power to call autonomic elections
The Government will ask the Senate for authorization to remove all members of the Catalan Government
Rajoy will "propose to the Senate: dismiss the president, VP, and all ministers" saying that "Spanish ministries will assume power."
Slogan at protest in Minsk - Lukashescu stop robbing people!
Video of today's protest in central Minsk, Belarus, today
Spain’s PM says powers of Catalan administration will be transferred to central government
Spanish PM announces activation of Article 155 which allows to suspend the autonomy of #Catalonia
Spanish prime minister says he has approved implementation of Article 155 allowing the govt to strip Catalonia of its autonomous powers
Spanish PM says Catalonia never tried to talk to the Spanish government, never started any dialogue
Spain’s PM says government wants elections to take place in Catalonia
Spain's PM says government did not want to use constitutional powers to rule Catalonia directly
Spanish PM blames separatists for pushing government to take unprecedented measures in Catalonia.
Spanish PM Rajoy says Spain has decided to invoke article 155 of constitution
Czech president Miloš Zeman holds mock gun with "for journalists" written on it. Not funny.
Spanish prosecutor prepares rebellion charges against Catalonia's president, which could mean up to 30 years prison
Anti-Lukashenko rally in Minsk
Anti-Lukashenko rally in Minsk
The Senate will suspend the meeting on Tuesday at the request of the PP to concentrate work on the 155 article
La Sexta reports Article 155 cabinet meeting has just ended.
Police in Munich says one suspect was arrested, unclear if arrested person is the knife attacker
SBU in Kyiv seized another arsenal
Munich on lockdown after German police say knife-wielding attacker stabbed “a few people” #Rosenheimerplatz
Extraordinary Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Spain to deal with Article 155
Rajoy tweets photo of Article 155 cabinet meeting: "to approve measures to restore legality in the self-government of Catalonia".
Maillo (PP) on the application of article 155: Puigdemont has led us to this situation
Germany Munich - 5 victims, lightly injured: fire department.
Munich police: Police operation at Rosenheimerplatz. Offender injured a few people. Further information as soon as possible #München
Several injures after knife attack at Rosenheimer Platz, Munich, Germany
Minister of Defense gave instructions to the troops
Azerbaijan reported on 126 shelling from the Armenian side
Article 155 extraordinary cabinet meeting about to begin in Madrid. Press conference a bit later.
Kyiv police detained armed man near Verkhovna Rada
US will have to accept North Korea’s nuclear status – Pyongyang
HMS Ocean arriving at Gibraltar this morning Photo credit @86_dmjs
24 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties
La Vanguardia: "Article 155 will affect regional economy ministry, Catalan Police and public TV and radio".
Malaysia Airlines A380 (9M-MND) on flight MH1 from London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur is returning - reason unknown
Second time in a week manager of key Islamic State-linked Telegram channel has shown interest in possible attacks in Poland (No claim by IS)
Police: 8 people hospitalized in southeast Poland after man attacks them with a sharp tool at a shopping mall.
French defense minister: the abolition of the nuclear agreement a gift to the extremist trend in Iran
New @JITMH17 photograph now conclusively geolocated to 78 Ilycha in central Donetsk, thanks to a photograph taken by a local.
The @nab_ukr opens another case on Borislav Rosenblat - the legality of obtaining a diplomatic passport
Stalowa Wola: stabbing attack in the shopping mall, 6 people wounded
Macron: I called Barzani and Abadi to ease the ongoing crises in Kirkuk. Will call them again soon.
Another startling case of Russian corruption: a retired senior policeman from Moscow owes Florida real estate worth $38 million
EU raids automaker BMW in anti-trust cartel case: source
Blogger Bozena Rynska says she is leaving Russia. "I'm leaving this country, I'm tired of living under Putin!"
Blogger Bozena Rynska says she is leaving Russia. I'm leaving this country, I'm tired of living under Putin!
President Poroshenko: real plan of the organizers of the rally in the center of Kyiv to destabilize the situation in Ukraine
Macron says UK 'a long way off' on Brexit bill
Spanish Senate Speaker's Committee to meet tomorrow (Saturday) at 1 p.m., after extraordinary Rajoy cabinet meeting on Article 155.
Rajoy: Catalonia is a matter of Spain
EU's Tusk says reports of Brexit deadlock 'exaggerated'
@marianorajoy All the measures we take by the 155 article will be announced tomorrow
Rajoy: 155 article does not presuppose the application of force
Rajoy: There can be no territory where the law is not enforced
[email protected] appearing to take on @EmmanuelMacron says @EU_Commission will do everything possible to complete Mercosur trade deal by year end
Germany, Israel sign MoU for purchase of 3 more Dolphin submarines
EU's Tusk says there has been progress on Brexit deal, hopes can open second phase of talks in December
Chechen leader Kadyrov announces he has repatriated 15 Russian citizens (4 women, 11 children) from former IS lands
Lorry knocks down two children at pedestrian crossing in Sevastopol, occupied Crimea, killing one and seriously injuring another.
The Senate will hold plenary session on Friday, 27th to approve the application of 155
OSCE’s Hug: Civilians on both sides of the line are very resilient. They want this conflict to end, it is not their conflict
Hug: The winter stands at the door. Sides must act now to repair infrastructure. Last chance to get real Ukraine
Hug: Sides must prioritize needs and well-being of civilians over their own requirements – prevent escalation, allow for repairs Ukraine
Hug: 2 civilian casualties 9-15 Oct= 400 total in 2017; 20 people @ Novooleksandrivka stuck b/w’n sides’ positions with no access to utilities
OSCE’s Hug: On 14 Oct, SMM in Kadiivka heard c.240 artillery and mortar explosions 10km W-N-W within 35 minutes Ukraine FactsMatter
OSCE’s Hug: Sides must act now and make the ceasefire sustainable and irreversible Ukraine
Hug: Increased violence, presence of heavy weapons – early warning indicators; sides must take immediate actions to prevent escalation
OSCE’s Hug: On 9-15 Oct SMM recorded total of 55 weapons in violation of withdrawal lines – 26 in Govt and 29 in non-Govt ctrl areas Ukraine
Hug: On 10 Oct SMM UAV saw 5 artillery and 3 Rapira guns in “DPR”-ctrl Novoselivka, 20 artillery in govt-ctrl Olerksandropil; all in violation
Hug: Causes of violence: Presence of heavy weapons and close proximity of positions in e Ukraine still remain; no change since last year
Hug: Saw this trend last year: Fall in violence in Sept 2016 but then began to rise: culminating in 36,000 violations from 30 Jan-5 Feb 2017
Hug: 3,335 ceasefire violations last wk, 45% more than prev. wk: This steady growth followed reduction after 25 Aug ceasefire deal Ukraine
Media briefing by OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug Ukraine
Russian deputy foreign minister says Moscow and Washington continue dialogue on North Korea and Iran - agencies
In Moldova, Socialist president Dodon calls for mass protests to trigger dissolution of the current parliament and the early election
British PM Theresa May says Brexit bill must wait until final deal with EU
SBU exposed weapons smuggling and sale network in Kyiv
Newest addition to the Serbian Air Force just got introduced to media. 6 MiG-29's all painted and (sort of) armed.
Checkpoints will be introduced on Russia-Belarus border
A tourist has been killed after he was hit by falling masonry as he visited a church in Florence
EU leaders 'green-light' internal preparations for Brexit trade talks - Tusk says
Kremlin spokesman says proposal to hold a congress of Syrian peoples is being actively discussed
ATO spox: On October 22, ten ATO veterans are to take part in 42nd US Marine Corps Marathon.
ATO spox: Mariupol sector – militants conducted 5 attacks on Vodiane, Talakivka, Hnutove, and Pavlopil. Ukrainian troops returned fire.
ATO spox: Luhansk sector – militants attacked Shchastia with small arms and grenade launchers, UA servicemen returned fire using small arms.
ATO spox: Russian proxies used no heavy weapons yesterday. Moreover, Ukrainian Armed Forces incurred no casualties.
ATO spox: A total of 15 ceasefire violations were recorded yesterday (compared with 53 the day before).
Activists with military background want own zone in protest camp near Verkhovna Rada with restricted access for other activists
Russian Navy DDG 'Admiral Panteleyev' and 'Admiral Vinogradov' Udaloy-class has arrived to Manila, Philippines at Oct.20,2017
Putin promises a “mirrored response” against U.S. media if Washington sanctions Russian-funded RT and Sputnik
Spanish government makes a deal with PSOE to force elections in Catalonia and to give to Madrid control on Catalan public media and Catalan police
Russian FM: Break-up of Iran nuclear deal would be alarming signal for int'l security system including in Korean peninsula
Blatter says he is going to World Cup at Putin's invitation
Spanish government agrees with socialist opposition to hold Catalan elections in January as part of 155 measures
ISIS recruiter was detained in Leningrad region of Russia
Morning near Rada: 150 activists, 60 tents, 300 law enforcement officers
RU A2AD systems become more integrated every year. RU potential constantly growing. Crucial elements: missile systems and electronic warfare.
15 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties
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