Map. History of Europe conflict

19 ตุลาคม 2018
Sberbank office in Lviv was hit with firebomb
Sberbank office is on fire in Lviv
Kyiv police detained one of attacker of 17 channel office. Seized weapons
Boats refugeesGr now arriving again on Lesvos after 12h high waves. 2 landed last hour. 7000 ppl in last 4 days.
Jamala Will represent Ukraine on Eurovision 2016, with her song "1944". About genocide of Crimean Tatar by Soviets
Jamala Will represent Ukraine on Eurovision 2016, with her song 1944. About genocide of Crimean Tatar by Soviets
Russian militants in Nyznhne Lozove - positions with view on Vuhlehirs'ka power station
Ukranian Embassy in Warsaw disappointed that Polish TVN24 shown Russian propaganda inspired "Ukraine.Masks of revolution" yesterday
Avdiivka. Hit at Lermontova street
Erdoğan, Tusk have phone call over #AnkaraAttack
Evacuation of wounded from Maryinka
Map of FSB operations against Crimean Tatars
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Ukraine Army now successfuly shot down a UAV near Volnovakha
Russian TV continues attacks on Merkel - she's backing warlike Erdogan + putting herself on side of "radical Islam"
Tracers in the air - military trying to bring down UAV's over Volnovakha
Ukrainian military trying to shot down UAV over Volnovakha
Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry held two telephone conversation about the situation in Syria
Some explosions in Donetsk could be Anti-UAV defense
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Possible MLRS GRAD shelling in the area of Donetsk airport
Explosions heard in central Donetsk - witnesses
Avdiivka: Heavy incoming fire
Fighting in Yasinuvata
Homs Liberation Movement celebrate taking an enemy position near Harbinafsah, Hama, Syria
Homs Liberation Movement celebrate taking an enemy position near Harbinafsah, Hama, Syria
Maidan: Now about 300 people. Some time ago military come and convince that this protest makes no sense
Destruction at Tverskaya in Moscow. City authorities continue their campaign
Russian TV rubbishes Western media for blaming it for bombing hospitals in Syria. Earlier it ignored story totally
"Who needs a big war?" Everyone except Russia, Kiselev suggests
Mayor of London Boris Johnson confirms he will campaign for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union
Marinka today: due to careless handling of explosives several servicemen were wounded, no fatalities
It's starting in Marinka. Battle sounds can be heard
New tents deployed at Maidan
Explosions south to Avdiivka
Ukraine intel claims Russian army preparing for amphibious landing near Mariupol
(A few) tents and fires on Maidan again. Ukraine
Ukraine Armed Forces and NATO Special Operations HQ sign letter of intent on SOF cooperation
"RPS" speaking now at Maidan: Call for declaration of state of war in Luhansk, Donetsk and Crimea.
Maidan now
Viche at Maidan
Freedom House report: Freedom is degrading in Moldova
Coordinator of revolutionary right force in Kozak hotel. They want honest peace and Action from gov.
DNR's Basurin says "The situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic has sharply deteriorated".
3 Russian military killed, 5 wounded in clashes near Mariupol.
Explosion in Maryinka, at least 10 Ukrainian servicemen wounded.
Smoke seen from Kurakhove
SBU: about 80 people in "RPS"
RUAF Il-76 78790 Marinovka-Krymsk
Groups of young men shown on Hromadske feed, some with balaclavas, seems like they got 'orders' then moved on
Pro-Russian forces were attacked with brilliant green and eggs in Zaporizhie
Pro-Russian forces were attacked with brilliant green and eggs in Zaporizhie
Russian doping official planned book on 3 decades of cheating before sudden death
Near Marinka killed Ukrainian military
Amnesty International says Russian airstrikes in Syria amount to 'most egregious war crimes' it has seen in decades.
Rally at Maidan Nezalezhnosti
Unknown location Not Supply convoy, but usual truck
1 truck of Russian supply convoy caught fire
About a thousand people came to rally in support of the patrol police
Buses who brought pro-Russian protesters in Zaporizhie after "egg attack"
In Zaporizhiye pro-Russian activists who protecting Lenin monument were attacked with smoke-grenades and eggs
Lifenews reporting on attack on office of "17 channel" in Kyiv
One woman injured near Lenin Monument in Zaporizhie
Police near Kozatsky hotel
Russian Vice PM Rogozin launched new "Almaz-Antey" plant
In Zaporizhie rally against demolition of Lenin monument
Protesters succeed to install 6 tents on Maidan over the last night
Police standing on the Maidan. People shout shame.
3 KrAZ trucks of national guards arrived at occupied Kiev hotel. Authorities: 'Leave hotel until 12:00 or we will use force.'
MP Zhirinovsky on Turkey "We should bomb,bomb and destroy Turkey. Armenians and Kurds will help us"
MP Zhirinovsky on Turkey We should bomb,bomb and destroy Turkey. Armenians  and  Kurds will help us
National guard at Maidan
Snipers today near Rada
Protest at Maidan Nezalezhnosti tonight
Tymoshenko demanded to convene an extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada
Journalist of Hromadske Andrii Bashtovyi on protests: very strange organization, very strange people, strange "party"
Right sector on "Revolutionary Right Forces": they are provocateurs
"Revolutionary right forces"
Pentagon says there is “no information indicating” that 2 Serbian hostages killed by US airstrike
RUAF Mi-24P RF-93091 and 2x IL-76 at Erebuni Armenia
Ukraine remembers those killed 2 years ago
FM Dacic: Serbia knew the exact location where the Serb hostages were being held. The U.S. did not communicate with Serbs or Libya-ns.
Odesa: "Heroes of heavenly hundred"
1 Ukrainian serviceman killed today in Maryinka by Russian sniper
HQ of "Revolution of Right forces" is in hotel at Maidan, seized earlier
Demo in memory of Maidan in Lysychans'k
Demo in memory of Maidan in Lysychans'k
Big tent of "Revolution right forces" at Maidan
Russia has sent 5 additional Mig-29 fighter jets and multipurpose helicopter to its military base in Armenia
Incoming shelling in the Pisky-Krasnohorivka area
Ukrainian Intel: 9 Russian military killed, 8 wounded near Maryinka
MP of Russia Duma Zhirinovsky: We need to occupy Ukraine as we did in Crimea
MP of Russia Duma Zhirinovsky: We need to occupy Ukraine as we did in Crimea
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Activists claims that up to 11 Russian servicemen killed in 18-20 Febr. hostilities
Man on the scene: "I respect Lukashenko, he holds everyone in his fist"
Someone brought a tire at Maidan
Hotel at Maidan still occupied it seems, there are guards checking people who enter
Protesters start to deploy first tent at Maidan
Russian Soldier takes selfie with Iranian Brigadier General Soleimani.
[email protected] Statement Commemorating the Second Anniversary of Ukraine's Revolution of Dignity
More riot police deployed at Maidan. More "camouflaged" men too
Protesters trying to bring a tent to Maidan, police stopping them. Tensions
The water shortages in Kerch, Feodosia and Leninsky district
Pro-Russian protest in Belgrade
Militants used 82mm mortars today near Hnutove, total 18 attacks with small arms and RPGs
German Intelligence investigates methods of Russian propaganda
Russia wants Ukraine to free all terrorists for all POWs exchange
Pro-Russian rally in Belgrade, Serbia
Speakers addressing a crowd on Kyiv's Maidan square, calling on them to protest there until govt resigns
Additional SOF forces deployed in Maryinka
Putin says he wants solution to Syrian conflict through diplomatic means
Protesters set barrels on fire at Maidan
Intelligence reporting on massing of tanks and GRADs by militants
Brawl between Svoboda and Batkivshina in Odessa
Camouflaged men seized Kozatsky Hotel at Maidan
France: A man flies a kite at the "Jungle" refugee camp in Calais
The police of St. Petersburg detained the protesters truckers
Protesters at Maidan wants impeachment of President and "full lustration" - to ban all officials of last 10 years
German diplomat: "We are not going to pay the price for a war started by the Turks"
Turkish police block convoy to support Artvin anti-mine protesters
NATO official: Russia's and Turkey's forces "both active in fierce fighting. just few kilometers from each other"
RUAF An-124 82041 landed Yeysk.
Russia says ‘regrets’ U.N. rejection to rein in Turkey over Syria
Maidan in Kyiv now
In Kyiv nationalists attacked Russian Alfa-Bank office
Britain to hold EU referendum on June 23: Cameron
Military exposition in Simferopol
New batch of aircrafts and helicopters delivered to Russian base in Armenia
HDP Demirtaş: Right-wing governments of Europe disregard universal values of humanity. It's a disgrace.
Memorial in Kharkiv
Militants reporting on escalation at Donbass on 23 Feb
RUAF group of Il-76s (76609 as leader) departed Ivanovo. Likely airdrop mission.
Protesters attacked Russian Sberbank in Kyiv
3 Ukrainian POWs freed from militants captivity
Police massing near Sberbank at Arsenal'na, Kyiv
A group with Right Sector Flags and Ukrainian flags throw rocks and bottles at office of SKM at Desyatinna street
Donetsk. House fire in the area of airport
OUN nationalists convoy on the way to Maidan
Rally at Schevchenko monument in Lviv
Rally near presidential administration in Kyiv
Russia Today streaming from Kyiv march
Petro and Maryna @Poroshenko honored memory of Heavenly Hundred heroes
Russian court sentenced single mother for reposting anti-war content on social media to 320 hours of community service & personal laptop ordered to be destroyed
54 ceasefire violations yesterday, UAV spotted in Shirokine
Two abducted Serbian diplomats among the dead by U.S. air strikes on Sebratha on Friday. Libya
In Moscow near the Evropeisky shopping Mall, there was a mass brawl
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